Review: Honey Massage — Pattaya, Thailand

Honey Soapy Massage is one of the most easily accessible if not most well-known soapy massage places in Pattaya, Thailand. That’s so true that the road it’s located on is sometimes referred to as “Soi Honey.”

Easy to find a few meters up Soi 11 from Second Road, Honey is open from 11 am to 1 am seven days a week. Be sure not to confuse it with the Honey Hotel on the same street. This place is clearly marked “Honey Massage” and sits in a much newer looking building.

When you walk in you can immediately pass the reception desk where two women will be sitting and go to your left. There you will see the “fish bowl,” a room full of dolled-up women sitting down viewable through several large glass windows. Sit wherever you’d like.

There are a few people working here who will approach you and ask you which girl you’d like. You will probably also be approached by a young waitress asking for a drink order. I like to have a drink and take my time, shooing off momentarily any of the employees that try to rush me into taking a woman (especially the much older Thai guy who works here and has an incredibly rude disposition).

The prices are set and non-negotiable. The rate is 1500 baht ($50 USD) for the women with blue buttons and 2000 baht ($67) for the women with red buttons. The women set these prices themselves based on what they think their time is worth and how much they’re willing to work for. It has no real reflection on beauty or service levels.

The typical wisdom is to choose a woman who smiles or looks kindly at you. The idea is that she would be happy to go with you and thus will provide better service. I’ve found that that’s not always true. Especially at Honey, where the service is pretty much set and mechanical, it has no real measurable impact. So I simply choose the woman I think looks best.

When you are ready, summon over one of the employees and tell them the number of the woman you’re interested in. He’ll call her out of the fishbowl then you’ll head with her over to the reception desk where you’ll pay the fee.

Next you’ll be led up to the room. I will say that this place is new, spacious and clean. The rooms are very large, with big bath tubs, big mat areas and big beds. There’s also a leather couch and a big TV in the room.

You’ll disrobe and so will she. She’ll get the bath ready. She’ll bathe you and give a special scrubbing to your dick, nuts and butt hole. Then she’ll set up an inflatable mat. You’ll lay on it then she’ll soap up her body and slide all over you. You’ll flip over and she’ll do it again. It’s an experience worth having at least once in your life even if it can be applied mechanically by the women here who probably work on a half dozen sticks a day.

After the soapy slide, you’ll be rinsed off and sent to the bed. You’ll then get a blowjob with a condom and full sex. When you shoot off you’ll be quickly washed and dried, clothed and sent on your way.

The women at honey set their own hours. I’ve found that the best lookers start to show up in the evening, but if you wait too late, most of the best ones will be taken.

The women here all seem to be a bit hardened. It’s not bad or good. They make a lot of money and aren’t interested in any kind of romance. Still, most are well made up with nice hair, makeup, and quite often bolt-on titties.

With all the sex available in Pattaya you might wonder why you’d want to go to a place like Honey Massage. The reason is that it’s quick and convenient. If you just want to get a load out, or it’s early in the day, it’s a reasonable place to go.

Because it’s in Pattaya, it’s not that special. And the price is a big high depending on how you look at it (much than Beach Road or beer bar girls, the same or less than go go girls). If this place was in the United States and legal I’d be all over it. Here, I give it 2.5 stars as a reliable soapy.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, the other massage parlors up the road closer to Third Road (like PP Massage) all offer full service without the soapy massage for 1000 baht all in.

Honey Massage, Soi 11 between Second and Third Road, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for map.

Honey Body Massage in Soi 11 in Pattaya Thailand


  1. pedro says:

    Niced. Nce. Good looking

  2. dicxie says:

    What if my stick throws up once before the final sex?? wud the gal stop or wud she provide the whole thing?

    • rockit says:

      In one hour sessions the standard is one pop. The provider may help a customer out a second time if they want to, but it’s totally up to them. Honey is the kind of place that’s more business oriented, so extras aren’t usually as common as they might be elsewhere. Sessions that are 90 minutes or more usually allow for two shots, but there aren’t any hard and fast rules. Cheers.

  3. pattaya boy says:

    Yesterday during my free time cab over to have a try . But price have increase to 2000 baht and 2500 baht for blue and red tag

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t know the current price to a certainty, but I will say that places like this sometimes raise rates on new or unsuspecting customers. Cheers!

  4. Skanky says:

    This place is way overpriced and overrated, I saw good reviews before going but when I got there it was a bunch of skanky 40 years plus older ladies… Against my better judgement I paid a bitchy “mama san” 2400 bot for a supposedly 90 minute massage with the cutest girl i saw #86? She said that included “everything” but instead I got a quick bath and 5 minutes of hand play… Then the 40 year old skank said my dick was too big, and refused to finish the job I paid for and left the room? SCAM! Wow WTF, I am in my early thirties, respectful, fit and pretty decent looking,… 8 inches of fun that lots of girls at home have had no problem enjoying. I went downstairs to try and talk to the bitchy mama san … She suddenly no longer spoke English and they gave me the run around and said the old lady 40 year old skank had already left. Rip Off!!! DON’T GO TO SABAI DEE IN PATTAYA!!! they are scam artists and not quality girls. Thank you for posting a review making others aware of these shenanigans, stick to the many other options and don’t get ripped off!

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Chris says:

    Been there today and got a beutifull girl for 3000 bath
    She was so fucked so her pussy was bad her tits was in pain
    Was the worst spend 3000 ever

  6. LT says:

    Tried Honey 9.7.2014 around 5pm. Price was now 3000b for the blue badge girls (and 2500b for reds) and i think this was bcs blue girls were better looking ones. Yes, maybe i paid a little tourist fee too :) I dont really care bcs the service was amazing and polite from the very first moment. In fact i was escorted to this place from the other side of the 2nd road without extra fee.
    Ok… I’m around 30, european white guy with average outlook but still, i felt myself like the king…While sitting on the sofa, drinking my tiger beer i counted maybe 35 girls aged between 20-35, sitting in front of me at the bowl in three rows… at least 10 dropdead beautiful girls… Model quality type. And even the ugliest of these 35 was fuckable :) Just a matter of what i wanted.. Small or Big titties, short or tall.. Just amazing. I chose a girl who basically begged me to pick her. She couldnt shout but almost did. Maybe the most beautiful girl but such a unique face. Not going to tell u her name or number though :) She was 24 and from north-east Thailand. About 168cm with amazing C-cup breasts. She didnt want any alcohol to drink which is always a good thing.
    Anycase, she gave me 100% service (just like described above), no rush at all. Even when we finished, she wanted me to stay a bit longer… She was super friendly, asking questions about me and sharing lots of info about her too including her fb/phone nr etc. :) She was crazy for european men and didnt hide it :) Oh, i have to say that she gave the best blowjob ever. Ever!! Btw, i dont know if it’s normal but i was also offered sex without condom which i kindly (or sadly) refused. The best 3000b i ever spent. And the best thing is that if i want to see her again, i now have her number :) Sorry about typos bcs english is not my native.

  7. hash says:

    Amazing. Your reviews are spot on. Hates devils den. Loved honey2. Class apart. You rock.

  8. Bzav says:

    I’ve been reading your reports for a while and they’re one of the best reports I’ve ever come across. Absolutely amazing!
    I’ll be going Pattaya on 17th Jan. I would like to have your take on two most famous soapy massage parlors – Sabai Dee and Rasputin. Which one is better of these two? Also, is there any age limit to enter these establishments? Thanks in advance.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I will soon review Sabai Room and as you can see I’ve already reviewed Honey. I’ve been to others in the city but have no plans to review them yet. Overall I think the soapies in Pattaya are all basically the same, especially when it comes to service. In a word they’re pretty average. Don’t get me wrong they are a lot better than what you can find in much of the world but they simply don’t compare to the superior soapies of Bangkok. In fact I don’t even think they compare with a lot of the other options in Pattaya though they are certainly among the easiest places to navigate. Cheers.

  9. mark says:

    Cheers. Is there a place in Pattaya that allows you multiple shots per session like Cherry Massage in Bangkok?

    • rockit says:

      There are some oilies in Pattaya. I plan to review some in the future. None are all that great in my opinion. Multiple shots are sometimes possible in the soapies and always possible at the Devil’s Den. Cheers.

  10. procha nikima says:

    Had gone to honey massage 2 yesterday. The experience was worth the money. Nice professional girls. One session 2500 baht. I did 2. Paid the girl a little extra. Its negotiable though.
    If someone is looking to have a good time , this place is definitely recommend.
    Everything mentioned in the post is done with great skills and feel.
    Have fun and enjoy

  11. Esto says:

    Honey 1 is the best place for having sex and soapy in Thailand
    And I love the room for its purpose
    Wasted money so many times to pick new place but I came with regrets
    Honey 1:got a large selection of beautiful girls I did speak to many old ones with 2000 bath tag (in room) I mostly heard no one here work more than maximum age of 32 and those ones exceed 30 must be so beautiful and well at job but the oldest one I met was 29 and she was better than
    Youngsters there because I think you need younger lady to be tight one but when each girl in there have 4 customers at minimum each day you can’t think about tight lady
    Honey 2 :small selection of girls compared to honey 1 but new building and nice design but the girls beauty is the same level ass 1

  12. Ton Singh says:

    is the Girls in Honey 2 Body Message are safe, I mean to say that they have any Deceases.. Are they frequently tested ?

    • rockit says:

      I have no idea what the testing regiment is there or if one even exists. Even if they have one I wouldn’t trust it because people can buy false test results in Thailand with relative ease. The only way to totally ensure that you won’t get a sexually transmitted disease is to abstain from sex. Of course you could still get hit by a car. Cheers.

  13. Sid says:

    Visited the place in July and rates were:
    THB 2000 for red badge
    THB 2500 for blue badge.

    There were other categories as well but we didn’t venture in to those.

    This was my first time to soapie and experience was mixed.

    Overall setup and facility was pretty good. People were nice and welcoming. Room, linens, bath, and other areas were super clean and looked like a 3-4 start hotel.
    Girl and process seemed very inflexible and mechanical which was the biggest turn-off for me. Picked a blue badge. Girl was pretty on face but had extra pounds on the body but not at correct areas. Bust was way smaller than what it appeared to be.
    Even with these, she did try to make me happy and finish me off in/before time. I have a couple of numbers and their feedback from blue badges but was not sure if I should put these here.

  14. Gazza says:

    In your opinion rockit where is the best soapy or oily massage in pattaya or Bangkok

    • rockit says:

      I usually don’t make those sorts of judgement calls. Addict has the best looking women of any oily that I have seen. The Lord has the best facilities of any soapy. Every person has their own view of things though. Cheers.

  15. Jim says:

    As tonight 8 p.m., Honey 1 has tons of girls, they sitting left and right in a showroom and they have 4 price classes, blue and red for 2000 and 2500 and then black with M and V befor the number 3000 and 4000.
    Had a coke for 80 and a M girl for 3ooo, she was hot, funny and a little crazy.
    I feel clean now :)

  16. Sam says:

    Just had sabee dee b2b massage this week.Had girl wearing red badge for 2000B and yellow for 3000B. Both the girls were professional in their job and knew how to give maximum pleasure to guy with safe sex.gave bj with condom and then a quick fuck and hj. It felt great.
    I recommend it to other guys too.

  17. Al says:

    I went to Honey 1 in May for my first soapy massage, and have to say I was very disappointed. I may have been unlucky with my choice, went for the prettiest one in the cheapest price range, who was smiling and looked keen to see me. However when we got to the room she showed no emotion or affection, it was all very mechanical and her soapy massage was far too rough and fast, not erotic at all. It didn’t last long either. I was so turned off I couldn’t come so walked out after an hour. I complained to the mamason but she wouldn’t give me a refund and said she tried to recommend a better girl to me. Maybe best to take mamason’s advice or go for a more expensive girl. Nice clean modern venue.

  18. Dude says:

    I go to honey massage pattaya. Now i dont remember that it was honey1 or honey2 but i got very disappointed with batch no. M35 as she did not treat me nicely. I tried to call to honey massage contact number for complaint about it but they dis not pick my call so please every one be aware & keep distance from M35 batch no. girl

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