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Review: Hinomaru — Tokyo, Japan

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This is one of the women working at Hinomaru. Some look a little better. Some look a little worse.

Hinomaru is one of the more popular foreigner friendly pinsaros (blowjob bars) in Japan, located right in the heart of one Kabukicho, one of the largest red light districts in the world today.

I’ve held off on interviewing some of the better known places thus far, preferring to let readers know about shops that are a little more off the radar. Now I figure I should give some of the more popular places some coverage. Even the places those in the know are well aware of are probably still unknown to most people out there.

The main problem with Kabukicho is that the vast number of sex shops of all kinds that line its numerous roads and walkways are mostly off limits to foreigners, especially if they don’t speak Japanese. There are a few exceptions, like Asian Relax and Asian Feeling (though these are not staffed by Japanese women), New Hot Point, Happy Very (the women with globes next to their names take foreigners), and the shop being reviewed here.

Hinomaru is easy to reach on foot from either the Shinjuku or Seibu-Shinjuku Station train stations. View this map or see the website for directions. When on the ground, look for the yellow lights, the sign that says “4000 Yen,” and the tout in the street who will guide you inside.

You’ll head up the stairs to enter. There you’ll chose a woman from the pictures on the board. Keep in mind that these pictures are heavily worked and may not reflect the actual looks of the staff member who services your member whatsoever. The woman shown on the top row are immediately available. The women shown on lower rows are already busy. It’s better to pick one of the women already available to keep things flowing, but you can usually pick one of the others and wait if you really want to.

The fee is 2000 Yen (about $20 US dollars at current rates) for 20 minutes, with a charge of 2000 Yen more for each additional 10 minutes. You pay up front as you enter. You’ll be warned by the announcer when you have 5 minutes left, so you can extend your time then by simply pulling out the right amount of money and showing it to your blower if you need more time to shoot your wad.

After paying you’ll be taken to your seat. Hinomaru is basically a dimly lit room with two rows of booth type seats all pointing in the same direction. There is a walkway in the middle. Upon entering you will only see the backs of heads and possibly a little action out of the corner of your eye. On the way out you’ll probably catch a lot more. Be careful not to look or stair. Remember your blowjob bar etiquette and mind your own business.

It won’t be long until your chosen suckstress will show up. She’ll try to greet you a bit then have you take your pants off while she undresses. Your dong will be wiped down and the bareback blowjob action will soon commence.

You have a lot of free range with the activities at Hinomaru. Along with the standard blowjob, you can play with and suck tits and pussy. Finger banging and even 69’s are seen with some frequency. A few members on staff will also be open to ass play. There have even been reports of full action going down in the past but that’s not on the menu whatsoever these days and trying it will just cause a lot of problems for you and any foreigners that come after you. You can do some instruction with hand signals if need be, but if you don’t speak Japanese don’t push it too far (eg. deep throat or a full on face fuck is probably not available for you). Alternatively, you can just lay back and enjoy.

Once you bust your nut, she’ll wipe you up and then go away for a few seconds to spit and rinse out her mouth. She’ll come back to chat for any remaining time and then guide you out the door.

The staff is a little toward the older side, but unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily translate into improved skill or experience. Japanese sex shops that are wide open to foreigners tend to attract an older staff (with the exception of New Hot Point and Fukuoka Erotic Massage), but the staff at Hinomaru is probably on average older than those working at Ichigo or even Jan Jan.

Hinomaru is an old standby, but that seems to have more to do with convenience than anything else. It’s probably worth visiting for the experience, but I’m not sure why they have a lot of repeat customers (and all indications are that they do). Maybe I’m just missing something.

If I was in the area and sporting wood, I would probably head to New Hot Point to get some release. I can’t think of many situations that would lead me to revisit Hinomaru. It’s probably my least favorite of the pink salons open to non-Japanese people in Tokyo, but when you think about it, it’s still a place where you can drop in with no notice and get a nice no strings attached blowjob. For that reason I give Hinomaru a solid two and a half stars.

Hinomaru. Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Open nearly 24 hours a day, usually closing around 4 or 5 am and opening back up at 9 am. Website: Click here for Google Map.


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