Review: Familia Nobre Sauna — Macau

Familia Nobre Sauna Macau girls

Hardly the hottest women Familia Nobre Sauna has to offer, this picture still gives you an idea of what the lounge and some of the friendly full service ladies on staff look like.

Dollar for dollar, Familia Nobre is probably the best of all of the amazing men’s saunas in Macau in my opinion. What makes it so? Keep reading to find out.

As I’ve previously written on this site Macau’s layout can take a little time to get used to, but once you have it figured out Familia Nobre is very easy to find. Those with navigational issues will be happy to know that there is a gigantic neon sign over the entrance bright enough to indicate the location from quite a distance. You’d have to be blind to miss it (though I think even our sight impaired brothers would be able to feel the warmth given off by the truly massive signage).

Guys who prefer to travel Macau by taxi should note that the Chinese name of Familia Nobre is Hao Men (pronounced a lot like “how moon”). Most cab drivers should know where it is. Even if they don’t they’ll probably just pretend like they do until they accidentally run into it anyway, so no worries either way.

Like any of the other saunas around town, things are pretty straight forward at Familia. You walk inside and past the front desk to the locker area where an attendant or two will help you undress and put all of your things in a locker. Then you’ll get a numbered wrist band which is used to track your purchases and open the locker on the way out. You’ll wrap yourself in the provided down, put on the slippers they give you and then head to the showers.

Despite being one of the most inexpensive saunas in Macau, Familia has a really exquisite layout. Even the showers are well done, and there are plenty of them. It’s quite pleasing that in many visits I’ve never been in direct site of a middle-aged Chinese man’s ass.

Every sauna in Macau has some sort of water you can plunk yourself down in. They’re usually pretty decent. Familia has a great set up.

After your done wetting yourself down you head to the drying area where you’ll be helped into a pair of shorts and a robe. Although it might not mean much to some, I really appreciate that the shorts and robe here are a little more modern than they are at some of the other saunas in Macau. Unlike the short shorts they dole out at Emperor Sauna the trunks at Familia go almost down to the knee. There’s enough eye candy in the saunas as it is. I don’t need to provide any more for the other customers.

Once you get dried off and robed up you can head to the lounge which is very large, very clean and very comfortable. There are a number of chairs filling several rows. The chairs are also spaced out nicely so that even in the off chance you had to sit near another punter you would still have a certain level of peace. That’s another plus.

As with any other sauna you will be covered with a towel and asked if you’d like anything to eat or drink. They have all the standards at Familia and the food is quite alright. That it’s free only makes it taste better. You can also eat in the dining area if you’d like. I prefer that when I get something hot or potentially messy. As a bonus it gives you a clear view of all the women on staff for full service as they walk past each and every time a line up is called by a customer. I once saw the women walk past me and back again four times before finishing a bowl of soup.

Familia Sauna also offers all of the lounge services customers like me have come to know and love. One set of ladies does foot massages. Another does ear cleaning and shoulder massages. The women are in their 20s, 30s or 40s. Most are attractive enough, but they clearly weren’t hired for looks. This is all standard. What makes Familia stand out in the floor services department is that the gals who do the “inner thigh massages” here are for the most part absolutely beautiful. They are easy to spot as they wear tight red shirts and sexy black skirts (as opposed to the usual outfits that look like they are just nurse scrumps with a piece of frilly fabric in the front, with Sanado being the notable exception) and heels high enough to pop their asses out like they are calling for you.

The inner thigh massages at Familia are done in a private room with a nice reclining chair and a television. You can lay back and enjoy a drink, watch some porn and get your meat gently lubed up and worked. It’s not heaven but it’s quite close. If you go for several sessions you can be made to cum this way, but it’s better to use it as a warm up and then go for full service later on. Another great feature at Familia is that the thigh massage girls can actually perform the full service if you hit it off and they’re up for it. Keep in mind this is totally up to them, but it’s nice that the option exists.

When you’ve had enough food, drinks, food rubs and cock cuddles, you can call for a line up. Familia is very good with this as the line up is done quickly and effectively. That’s some feat considering how many women are available for full service. I’ve seen as many as four dozen on duty during the day and even more than that at night. They represent a range of countries. On my most recent visit I saw one African gal, one Latina, two women from Russia or some CIS country (I wasn’t interested enough to inquire exactly which), and more Chinese and Vietnamese women than you could shake 10 dicks at. In the past I’ve seen women from many other countries on staff too.

The women are dressed in very sexy outfits for the line up. Very revealing bikinis and perhaps a tiny bit of lace, and of course high heels. Once you chose your lady she will take you by the hand and direct you to the full service rooms in the back.

The rooms at Familia are quite nice. You get the usual bed, shower and television set up, and it’s all very well maintained. Your session will start with the shower. You’ll be washed front and back, both by hand and also by your lady of the hour sliding her soaped up breasts, pussy and ass all over your body. This will be punctuated by blowjob after blowjob. If you get lucky you’ll end up with one of the girls who specializes in the hot water suck job. That’s a real treat.

After the shower you head to the bed and dry off while your gal cleans off the shower and herself. Then the real fun begins. Each woman on staff has their own style of foreplay. All are good. The mouthwash hummer is better than it sounds and some of the other stuff is out of this world.

Once that’s done, she’ll slide a condom on your engorged sword with her mouth and begin the journey. Expect a girl who really knows what she’s doing. I’ve seen some guys say they’ve had mechanical service at some saunas in the past, but at Familia that has never been my experience. There have been plenty of times that things have gone off script and I’ve even ended up with my finger and tongue in all sorts of places that most massage gals in the saunas will say is not available while they’re working. I’d like to think it’s because I’m such a good lover but instead I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Familia since they provide such good service in every other avenue.

After the full service is through you’ll be cleaned up and directed back to the lounge where you can get some more services or just hang out. You can get discounts on full service after the first woman you take or you can eat some more free food. You can also sleep. Most guys take a nap in the chairs but there are also nice little sleeping booths available. These look a little bit too much like the drawer beds at Kramer’s apartment to me, but that’s just my opinion. In a pinch I’d be happy to saw logs there.

If you’ve read previous Macau sauna reviews I’ve written you’ll notice that I tend lose the number memory function of my brain while inside. This is as much because of how many different services I tend to go through as it is a sign of how relaxed I am when enjoying the services. I’ll stick with my previous practice and give you an idea of what a few hours of real fun costs. Luckily I still have a receipt so I can give you a grand total that I’m sure is right. During my last visit I went for three handjob sessions, four foot massages (one woman on each foot twice), two shoulder and neck massages, one ear cleaning, and one round of full service fun with a spectacular 19 year old Vietnamese woman who could even teach this old dog a few things. All that ran me 2700 Hong Kong Dollars, which equals about 348 US dollars. Not bad, especially considering the cash back I get on the purchase for using my Visa rewards card!

I’ll reiterate here what I wrote at the opening of this entry: Familia Nobre is probably the best sauna in Macau. That’s really saying something considering the competition. I do take price to account, and it’s really amazing that such service is available for as much as 30 percent less than what it costs at equally nice saunas only footsteps away. I give Familia Nobre five stars. This only the second time I’ve given out the top score in the history of this site but I am confident that my rating is completely fitting.

Familia Nobre, 249 Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao, Macau. Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Telephone: 2881 0000. Click here for a map of Macau’s male entertainment venues.

Familia Nobre Sauna Macau


  1. ed says:

    It sounds a wonderful place indeed and doesn’t cost the Earth. An upmarket BJ bar in Macau, $100 a pop would get me on a plane there.

    • rockit says:

      You know I’m a big fan of BJ bars but I have to say this is well beyond even the best of those. The ticket from Bangkok is pretty inexpensive. Cheers Ed.

    • Ss says:

      I was utterly disappointed with this place. Went around 10 pm. And it was empty but still no attention given by any staff. They were busy chatting . None of the lounge girls were attractive. Sorry to say left without full service just piad the cover charge.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. It’s the exact opposite of my experience but as they say your mileage may vary. Cheers.

    • CanP says:

      Is there a flat entrance fee for the lounge and food and drinks, separate from the services? How long can you stay in the sauna on one entrance fee?

    • rockit says:

      All Macau saunas have a flat entrance fee but it waved for customers who take a full service session or a certain amount of other services. Cheers.

  2. Mali says:

    Another great review, I love your work! I’ll be going over to HK soon and will have to give this a go when I boat over to Macau. A little nervous about finding the place…but I’ll make due and look forward to getting rewarded…

    I’ve got a new strategy myself. Call for a lineup right away, bone a cutie, then get the other relaxation goodies…when I’m ready to bounce, bust another one off in a different bell before I leave. Have you had any success in that?

    • rockit says:

      It’s incredibly easy to find. I’ve tried all sorts of things in the saunas. I usually hang around for several hours and quite often take more than one full service treatment. Meeting girls outside of the place is also an option. Cheers.

    • Mali says:

      Thanks for the reply. My thing is I can always get one off fast the first time, but the 2nd time and rarely more times takes considerable effort. Would love to see if the talent would be able to achieve this for me.

    • rockit says:

      I would say two things to that. The first is that you have between 12 and 24 hours in the sauna per entry. The second is that these are some of the most sexually skilled service providers on the planet. If you can’t get off twice in a 12 hour period with a tight 19 year old Asian professional, you probably can’t get off twice anywhere. The main thing is not to over think it. Cheers.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Rockit,

    Love the reports. Thanks for your hard work.

    Question about the saunas in Macau: I’m going to be in Macau for a week in May, and I’m intending to have it be a grand week of gluttony and debauchery, i.e. getting action in a sauna every day of my stay. If I’m comfortable sleeping in the saunas, do I even need to book a hotel room? I wonder what you recommend.


    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment Chris. I usually book a hotel room even though I spend most of my time in the saunas, but it all comes down to personal preference. You could definitely make it sleeping in the saunas, but after a solid week of that you might want some time all alone. Even the best saunas only offer small sleeping quarters and some only offer bunks in shared rooms. Check out the new site for a good hotel rate. Cheers.

    • Mali says:

      Lol, well done sir, that’s an idea I didn’t think about. When I’m going in a few months, I did look into getting a little room (barely big enough to fit a twin) with a shitter in it so I have as much cash as possible to frequent the saunas.

  4. mmm says:

    Was at FN today, not sure if I did something wrong, but I felt like a deer in the headlights at times. They didn’t let me pick from a line-up but I lucked out and ended up with a cute Vietnamese spinner that was really quite good for a good 90min. Maybe I should have asked for something else?

    • rockit says:

      You should never feel like that. The Macau saunas are truly places where the customer is king. It’s sounds like you took the cheaper managers special. They pick a Vietnamese girl for you and put you in a smaller than normal room. All it takes to get a line up and chose a lady is to say that’s what you want to a manager or attendant. Cheers.

    • mmm says:

      Oh well, stupid of me, but it worked out great. She was wonderful, cute and excited. She was really into it, turned into a GFE session. Very rare in a sauna/massage! Cheers for rec!

    • rockit says:

      Sounds good. Cheers!

  5. JJ says:

    Hello! Thanks for this wonderful review! I am going to macau next month and would like to try out this place…

    How much would a full service alone cost? I don’t really need a massage whatsoever, just want full service.


    • rockit says:

      One round is about 1800 HKD, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go to a sauna for one short romp in my opinion. There are lots of other places around Macau like Darling where one full service costs less. Cheers.

  6. JJ says:

    Thank you.. I heard about Darling 2, how is that place?

  7. JJ says:

    Ok thank you!

  8. Nate says:

    Rockit! How’s it going?

    So, I’m heading to Macau next month. Based on your experience, which of the saunas has girls with a cute/young look? I hate it when pretty girls get all done up with tons of make-up and crazy hair. I just like the natural, sweet look. Any thoughts?

    Keep up the hard work my man!

    • rockit says:

      It’s really tough to go wrong in any of the saunas. Famile Nobre would probably be my pick if I was heading back. Cheers!

  9. Mali says:

    Hey Rockit, Mali again. Just curious what your experience is with Lisboa Racetrack and the Lisboa hotel. I’ve heard various reports, from it’s impossible if you’re a foreigner to doable and worth staying at Hotel Lisboa so you can take advantage of the talent offered. Have you had any luck there?

    • rockit says:

      I’ve taken women from there but I wouldn’t call it getting lucky necessarily. They’re pretty much wham bam thank you mam sessions, quick and fast. Used to be cheap(er) but now not even so much that. I just don’t think it’s worth it, especially in Macau. Plus they usually ignore westerners all together (we’re pretty much all foreigners in Macau). The Lisboa is a good hotel though! Cheers.

  10. Dave says:

    Hi rockit. Love the site! I have a question about the thigh massages. If I had 2 in a row can I cum on the second one or can I have 2 or 3 spread out over 6-12 hours and cum during the second or third which I’m assuming would be with different women? Also are multiple pops allowed during the FS or do you have to pay for another girl to get a second one out? I’m looking forward to all the services but I’m not a rich man and don’t want to add costs unnecessarily.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Dave. I’ve only tried it by getting two in a row. You may be able to score a shot the other way, but it may involve having someone look up your number on the computer to see what services you’ve already had — certainly not the way I’d like to spend my time in a sauna. A guy goes there to relax after all. A round of FS is technically for a set period but protocol is to shoot only once. If you shot seconds into the service you might get another go, but no guarantees. Keep in mind that if you don’t take a round of FS you have to pay for spa admission. Cheers!

  11. J says:

    Just tried to get into FN but was refused entry into the venue by the twat in the red jacket outside. Despite my passable Cantonese he wouldn’t engage me and just said “no English”. Such a pity as I had been looking forward to it based on the strength of your report! Should probably mention that I’m a black guy.

    • rockit says:

      Hi J. Since the place is frequented by English speaking customers I would have to guess that you were excluded on the basis of your skin color, which is a real and true shame. Very sorry about your experience.

    • Lu says:

      Absolutely horrible J. I’m European but of Indian decent and going to BKK soon. I was wondering about Macau, but I’m glad I decided not to. Racist pricks, it’s one thing if you were dirt looking, but if you dress well, are clean and classy nothing should stop you.

      Anyhow, in BKK it’s also bad. I think the hierarchy for most Asian countries is:

      1) Asian
      2) White
      3) Indian & Arab
      4) Black

      I’m just lucky I’m not completely in the bottom of the pile, but it happens even in my hometown that I get discriminated in some places, and others not. Black people on the other hand are always discriminated.

      Basically, I slowly learned to adapt and only frequen high-end places that welcome all people, as long as they have money, and are clean, not drug-addicts etc.

      Believe me mate, there are places like that too. In the minority, but you find them although being black in Asia you must be careful!

      P.S. I’m Italian from Rome. You can imagine what it’s like…

    • J says:

      Just to add a follow up to this – I decided not to be defeated and headed to Golden Sauna instead. Had the time of my life there! You were right, these places really are a paradise. I was running short on time sadly, my only regret is that I didn’t spend longer there. The ‘Showtime’ was also utterly bizarre but a nice touch!

      For full service I paid MOP840, about HK$800. The staff were very helpful and honest and didn’t try to scam me. Ended up with a sweet Vietnamese girl with the silliest skin and most perfect tits ever, and got one full service and a handjob for the price. Gentlemen, get yourself to Macau!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Did you see my review of Golden?

  12. Lu says:

    Hey Rockit mate, I emailed you some time ago. I was right when I told you I fear being discriminated more in Macau than BKK didn’t I? You told me they accept all people in Macau, but that discrimination against Indian & Arabs in BKK. As you can see, Macau is bad and most likely worse.

    At least in BKK there are 100% certain places for all including all escorts, Oil Mp’s and some soapys.

    Many Indian-looking fellow, blacks and arabs would appreciate you write pages where they discriminate and where they don’t! Would help your business mate! ;-)

    • rockit says:

      Admittedly I’ve never seen a black person in any of the saunas in Macau, but come to think of it I’ve never seen a black person in Macau. I just assumed discrimination wouldn’t be a problem since I’ve seen East Asians, white Westerners and Arabs inside the saunas. A clear error on my part. If I had to guess I would say it’s more on the part of the customer base than anything, since the saunas are such an open environment. While a massage parlor can simply take a black or Indian punter straight into a room without other customers seeing them, that’s simply not possible in the saunas. And with Korea and Japan as my guide, I know that many local customers will not want to do business with a provider who has serviced people with dark (or sometimes white) skin. That’s why the mamasans of some of the shops in the red light districts of Seoul will call white or South Asian customers inside when there are no Korean customers around, but totally ignore them if there are Korean guys in sight. Sad but true realities of the world we live in. Cheers.

  13. Dan says:

    Hi rock ,
    Good review. How much is the thigh massage per session?

    • rockit says:

      As I’ve stated in Macau reviews before I never can keep track of all of the prices, but I think a thigh massage is something like 20 dollars for 25 minutes.

  14. ben says:

    Awesome site.
    Have you had any experiences of the infamous “shark pit” in the basement of the Lisboa Casino where hookers walk around in a circuit being picked up by punters? A review would be very much apprciated.

    Keep up the good work!

    • rockit says:

      Hi Ben. Thanks for the comment. I’ve talked about the Lisboa Race Track here before. Not a great option in my opinion. Cheers.

  15. Greg says:

    Hey Rockit,

    Great site very informative, have you been to or have knowledge on the JY sauna in taipa?

    It’s only around the corner for me so I was thinking of going there then I will hit FN over the weekend.


  16. Greg says:

    Hi Rockit,

    I did manage to make it to the JY sauna in macau, its quite small in size and there was only a few clients in there, but what a few hours I had amazing service it has to be said. So much so that I will be visiting FN tomorrow before I head off.

    Worked out at 2400 hkd for a few services and a FS with a gorgeous Vietnamese girl.

    I will be back to macau that is for sure!


  17. ben says:

    I visited this place last week. It was great. I was a little dissappointed with the thigh massage girls as they were not hot at all(it was a week night. bad timing?). Good massage though, about 25 minutes.

    I actually prefer Golden sauna which I visited a couple of years ago. All the girls give you an ice cube bbj which is certainly an experience! Also the “showtime” is really cool.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. As you could probably tell by my review, I also like Golden. Really though you can’t go wrong with either. Was your thigh massage girl dressed in a short red skirt? Cheers.

  18. Dave says:

    Do you know anywhere in Macau that me and my wife could visit – she wants to share a girl with me, but I can’t find any info on line as to where to go or what to do…. Doesn’t have to be a sauna…

    • rockit says:

      Your wife wouldn’t be allowed to enter any of the male saunas. Macau has a great number of venues that offer a wide range of services but it’s not as “wild” add the scene in Thailand. The best chance at something like that would probably be with an escort. Cheers.

  19. Mali says:

    Decided to try my luck here for my first experience. It was easy to find, having GPS and local SIM helped…I walked by first and again just to make sure it was right. The person at the front desk didn’t pay attention to me. I felt a little strange after walking up the steps, like I was entering a hotel or something…but then a Chinese man greeted me and walked me to the dressing room. It’s older, but not bad. I got naked with the man right there, but it didn’t bother me at all, and I liked having my clothes folded and not having to worry about that.

    After that I walked to the showers, which are right outside the dressing room. I didn’t see the plexi glass holding container for phones on the right, so I just put mine on a table with some towels next to the sink. I took the closet shower, just to watch over it a little just in case…good thing too, a guy nearly walked off with my phone until he saw me running out of the shower bare ass naked all lathered up yelling at him. Back in the shower…got rinsed off and dried. The two lady attendants were unenthusiastic and tired. I’d say maybe 3/10. Would have been a stretch for me to bang either one of them, even if they wanted to.

    I brushed my teeth, then headed by the hot tubs and proceeded into the main area. The towel girls were lookers, I was a little shy in fact getting naked in front of them. Greeted by a large plume of smoke, I entered the main area. It was nearly full, there were only 2-3 open chairs in the first part. I felt really uncomfortable…there is just a small TV with poor reception way up on the ceiling, on a Chinese news channel. Even if I knew Chinese I wouldn’t want to strain my neck trying to watch it. The service ladies were all very unenthusiastic, and most of the food on the menu didn’t sound good so I decided to spring for a paid meal (hell, I’m not here to save money afterall). Well, the duck in clay pot was all sold out…so I settled for some buns and juice. It must have taken 45 minutes to finally arrive, I was starving. I wolfed it down and requested some noodles, which took another 45 minutes or so.

    I went for the head massage, foot massage, and pedicure during this time. The two Vietnamese ladies were cheerful, talkative, and one was really stunning. She was flirtatious, but I don’t credit that to me. After talking a while she asked if I wanted to go back to a room with her. I declined, but asked for her number. She said no, so obviously she wasn’t really interested. I didn’t want to risk my nut for sub-par service after seeing some of the stunners in the lineup.

    I got a pecker massage from a nice younger girl, it felt good…so good I forgot my phone in one of the rooms deep within the bowels of the place. They retrieved it for me, no issues.

    After that I called for a lineup and got a model Chinese girl wearing a red outfit. To be blunt, she was mind blowingly hot. We walked back to the room and did the usual, she licked my ass, I ate her box and ass, the whole deal. In the shower she rubbed her clam all over me, she was really good at it. Went back to the bed and erupted after trying a few positions. Then we got left and it was over. It definitely was under 1 hour, maybe 30-45 minutes but when I was done she was too.

    Now I’m a 30s, fit, average looking guy. I’m not Brad Pitt but I can get my fair share. Don’t think you can come in here expecting the girls to swoon all over you. I think this is true especially if you’re a white man, like me. They seem to really prefer Asians. Which is fine, hey, it’s their country and I appreciate being able to partake at all…but it was WAY different from a place like Thailand, where the white man usually is held in very high regard.

    Like you Rockit, I didn’t pay much attention to price…but several massages, a round in the sack, pedicure, food, rod rub, and some other shit cost me around $6500 HKD.

    I was there maybe 5-6 hours and overall I was a little disappointed. Understandably, I think the results could be different on any given night but I prefer not to be facing other men during any circumstance, weather it be on the train or at this place…and I was surrounded, with really nothing else to look at. You can only look at your phone so much.

    I’ll report on some other places I went later.

    Cheers my friends.

    • Mali says:

      Please accept my typos and improper use of “weather” vs. “whether” ;)

    • Matt says:

      Nice report mate. Can I ask, what time did you arrive there and how many girls in the line up and what was the quality of the line up. Cheers mate.

    • Mali says:

      I arrived around 1900 or so. They have different lineups from different countries–when I was there had Viet, Jap/Kor, HK/China I think…then a mix of Black and East Euro. Jap/Kor were the most expensive but the girl I picked from the Chinese lineup was my favorite (price was no object, I wanted the best). Probably 15-20 girls per lineup. The Asians were all really nice, 8-9 and maybe even some 10s.

  20. Anonymous Chap says:

    Just finished my second session in 3 days here (Sunday evening and Tuesday afternoon). Overall very good current tips (but will go out of date very soon). #710 amazing service from this girl. #786 gorgeous and good service, but not up to the standards of #710. #799 avoid (apparently this is a new #799). I also suggest you ask the old dudes who work there for a tip on who in the lineup has the best reputation for service as the good one I got was their tip. Please note no girls before 13:00 and not a big selection before 18:30 (at least on a Tuesday).

  21. Andy says:

    I recently visited a place called Millionaires Grand Sauna its inside the Hotel Beverly Plaza, If you are on a budget this is the place to go, I got a voucher from the Hk ferry terminal for 998hkd which included return ferry tickets and a entry into the sauna for 16 hours free food and drinks off the menu the entire stay and a full round for service which included cat bath, hot and cold bbbj and full sex (they pick the girl but she looked good imo) The services are cheap too thigh massage was 168hkd for 25mins. The relaxing room is big and they had live football on the tv watch was good for me, I stayed for the full 16 hours had a sleep ate the food and relaxed in the pool hot tub and sauna and had some services my bill at the end after everything was 316hkd if I remember correctly plus the voucher. Cheaper than a hotel stay.

  22. bergwell says:

    Great source of information Rockit – many thanks for taking the time to put this out there! Heading to Asia in a couple of weeks and planning on two weekends in Macau. While I fully intend to spend some quality time in several of the Saunas and will start with FN, I have seen several comments indicating that it may be possible to meet one of the ladies outside of the sauna. Can you provide any guidance of cost for a day/night? Also, is this sanctioned by the sauna, or something just between client and girl? Again – many thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comments. It is often possible to arrange outside dates with the service providers and attendants that work the saunas. I mentioned this in my report on paying for sex in Macau. It is absolutely not sanctioned by the saunas themselves and it may even cause problems for the women at work. Because of that, such meetings are usually arranged discretely between the guys and the gals. Prices can vary and are often on the expensive side. Cheers.

  23. Henry says:

    Thanks so much for your review! Love it! I just have a quick question, you might have already covered in the review… how long does the full service including everything take? I saw a price chart from familia nobre says that it’s only 90 mins? Or if I’m having some misunderstanding? Thought it would be longer? Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      Entry fees typically allow for 12 to 24 hours of access in a Macau sauna. This entry fee is often waved when one partakes in a round of full service. The amount of time spent on a single round of full service varies, but most probably last about 90 minutes. I don’t know many guys who can last 90 minutes, so it’s usually quite alright. Cheers.

  24. Ryan says:

    Hey Rockit, truly appreciate your effort writing this review. I’ll be visiting Macau next month and I just want to make sure what time to visit FN sauna. Actually I’m planning to go in around noon, and spend the whole afternoon there. I would prefer more privacy rather than sitting at the lounge with strangers. Do you think it’s a good timing or maybe I would miss some hotties at the line up?

    • rockit says:

      Famile Nobre is open 24 hours a day and there are always women on staff. That said, the highest number of women are there in the evenings. Cheers.

  25. Rhetoryx says:

    Hi rockit,

    I will be in Macau tomorrow and have heard amazing things about FN.

    Do you have a rough price breakdown for the services in FN? From entry to foot massages and inner thigh massages, etc as well as the grand bonanza?


    • rockit says:

      Unfortunately I don’t. The entry fee is nominal and it’s waved for those who take a full service course. Individual services come out to be something like $20 per 20 minutes. Cheers.

  26. pokerfan says:

    @Rhetoryx Have you been to FN yet? I will be in Macau end of october and would like to read a recent review of the place.

  27. Andy says:

    Thanks, this site has been really helpful! Im heading to Macau next week and wondering what kind of service I can expect from the sauna girls. I know service might vary between girls but are things like kissing , giving the girl oral ,unloading on her face a usual occurence ? Also have you been to Hou Va? and how are the girls there?


    • rockit says:

      None of the things you mentioned are usual, though your mileage may vary. The service is generally good and often even great. Hou Va is mentioned in my post on sex in Macau. It’s an inexpensive place with pretty good short time service but not a sauna. Cheers.

  28. anonymoose says:

    Hi, thanks for all the great reports! Is it okay to get off on thigh massages or is it frowned upon by either the staff or the masseuse? And would you have to do some convincing to the massuese, since from what Ive read, by default they are careful to make sure you dont get off from a thigh massage?

    • rockit says:

      I’m not totally sure what the rules are, if indeed there are any. I believe that the customer is allowed to finish after the third thigh massage in a private room. They are pretty good at keeping things from ending early otherwise. I guess working the job for a while gives them the expertise to know how to prevent an accident. Cheers.

  29. Andy says:

    I forgot to ask but If I went for a session with a sauna girl and shoot my load in the first 20 mins, is that it? I know sessions can last up to 90 mins and its usually a one shot deal but I wouldn’t mind some cuddling with the girl afterwards for the rest of the time.


    • rockit says:

      I guess it depends on the provider but I’ve never heard of anyone being rushed out the door. The first twenty minutes is usually when the showering and foreplay happens anyway. Cheers.

    • Mali says:

      Andy, I blew my load with one girl in about 20 mins and she up and left–other girls were more cool though and let me play around with them some more. YMWV

    • rockit says:

      Hi Mali. Good to see you commenting again. I thought you’d disappeared. Cheers!

  30. Pat says:

    Hi Rockit, I am looking for some Russian, which is the best sauna that has more to choose from?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t think any have a great selection, but Rio or East probably have the best. Cheers.

  31. pat says:

    Thanks mate

  32. hornyguy says:

    hi rockit,
    great info, tks for the effort! I’ve only gone to sauna 18 and been disappointed with my selection everytime, I can’t really look or ‘leer’ at the girls as I feel embarrased. Is there a non evasive way to pick the right girl? I read you can ask the ‘manager’ but they give me blank looks and I feel even more embarrased!. Will def try FN next time…tks

    • rockit says:

      I don’t think 18 can measure up with FN, Emperor or East. I have a review of it planned though. Other than a lineup, the only other options are asking someone (manager or someone else on staff, even a shower girl) for a recommendation. At 18 that could be more difficult for many since there seems to be little English spoken. Cheers.

    • hornyguy says:

      tks for the info! is it better to buy a coupon from macau ferry terminal or go sauna to pay …if buy coupon which place/shop would be the best option,….tks

    • rockit says:

      Some buy coupons and packages from the Hong Kong ferry guys. It offers a discount but it may also limit what options are available. Often it includes some caveat saying that the management will pick the full service gal or something like that. Some guys swear by them and others don’t bother. Cheers.

  33. KOJ says:


  34. honryguy says:

    hi rockit,
    went to fn and it was ok I guess (I had bought a coupon ferom shun tak),… went early (5 pm) so I suppose there weren’t any ‘nice’ girls for service…however, I did get the thigh massage twice…and when I asked for handjob in the private room…she happily wrote out ‘1000’ !!! as my communication was limited I didn;t pursue it…is this a normal rate or was I being swindled…I mean 1000 for a handjob without any foreplay./… I wanted to ask the manager but thought better of it as it may sound weird to them…any way appreciate any advice/comment…tks

    • rockit says:

      Sorry, the situation isn’t clear to me. Thigh massages at Famile Nobre are done in private rooms and have a set price like every other service. Tips aren’t typical and they are almost never requested. Customers can’t bring money into the sauna for exactly that reason. Cheers.

    • anon says:

      This sort of happend to me as well, the first one told me I could release on the 2nd round if i choose to buy another (after i declined she was still going to make me pop on the first i had to stop her twice. I used my translate app to tell her how pretty she was maybe went a long way), however the second girl asked me for the price of 7 massages, thats the price of a good FS I declined, she said she’d do it for the price of 5 msssages which would have been around 1000 again I said no way. Easy enough to say no but YMMV if your going there just for that… maybe budget trying a few different girls

  35. honryguy says:

    well… to put another way how does one get a ‘handy” after the initial thigh massage w coupon…without being swindled/misunderstanding…tks in adv.

    • rockit says:

      The “thigh massage” is a “handie” with perhaps a little leg rubbing thrown in. I don’t know how anyone could get swindled in a Macau sauna. The prices are set and listed on a menu and tips don’t come into play. Customers choose what they want from the menu and pay the listed fee. Managers and attendants are around and they can clarify things as much as their English allows. Sorry but I don’t know much about the vouchers sold at ferry terminals. I would imagine the people who sell them and sauna managers would know the full details. Cheers.

  36. Hornyguy says:

    Hi Rockit,
    I had asked her to jerk me off after the thigh massage and I had to use sign language I suppose she thought I wanted something else and wrote ‘1000’ I’m also confused and I’ll ask the manager next time …btw is there a specific term in local language I should’ve used for jerking me off? ….Tks again!

    • rockit says:

      Sorry the situation still isn’t clear to me. A thigh massage entails getting jerked off in a private room. So I’m not sure what you asked for. Was it to get jerked off in a private room after getting jerked off in a private room? The thigh massage women in red skirts can do full service sessions with customers but they don’t have to. If they agree to it there is a higher than usual charge. Sorry again but this is all I can really say on the matter. Only the staff at the sauna could clarify things for sure. This site is just for entertainment. Cheers.

  37. Hornyguy says:

    Tks and understood!

  38. Newguy says:

    Hello Rockit,

    I will be making a trip to Macau next month. Never been to a sauna before, would like to try one out, but will only have time to go to one place. Any suggestions? Would going there before 6pm be compromising on the choice of avvailable ladies?


    • rockit says:

      Sorry but I don’t make suggestions like that or advocate anything. This site is for entertainment only. I’ve reviewed a number of saunas here and scored them according to my opinion. There are usually less ladies on staff during the day then there are at night but those who are there in the daylight hours are usually better rested. Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

  39. Newguy says:

    Hello Rockit,

    Thanks for the quick reply. What I meant was that I plan to enter the sauna before 6pm, but would most probably relax for a few side services and end up spending a good portion of the evening there., so time restriction would not be a factor here. I just wanted to know what might be the best time window for the prime time action. I don’t want to choose too early nor too late.


    • rockit says:

      The are women on staff around the clock but the biggest numbers are there starting at about 7 or 8 PM. Cheers.

  40. Newguy says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Would there be any issues with communication if one cannot speak Mandarin? As I understand, most of the PRC ladies speak Mandarin only. What about the Viet girls? Can one get by in Cantonese and English?

    • rockit says:

      One would have to be a master linguist to converse with everyone on staff in their native language. There are Vietnamese, Chinese (who speak various dialects), Indonesians, Russians, and more on staff. English is enough to navigate Familia even if might not allow for a lot of in depth discussions. Cheers.

  41. Fulham says:

    Hi Rocket
    I am a great admirer of your work….I am impressed with your integrity also…you have a balanced view on both the providers and punters….anyway it is appreciated.

    I am intending heading to Macau to sample the entertainment but I have been spoilt in the past by regular visits to Donguan where I used to get 3 girls for two hours for around 2000 rmb with and an incredible dedication to customer service. Sadly those days are gone now and now that I am in “withdrawal” and I am in desperate need of some RnR.

    I will try FN and maybe also some others and will report back if that helps.

    BTW I have also had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Miehn now a couple of times in Seoul….what a fantastic experience…one that I intend continuing as an existentialist experience….

    I just wanted to say thanks personally ….as a recent reader of Rockit for your balanced and articulate reports and reviews…

  42. Very Hungry says:

    Hi Rockit Sir,

    Have been reading your sauna reviews with much interest, and has proved very informative. Would like your advice on things to note if i’m travelling to Macau over the Grand Prix weekend. Will the saunas be ridiculously packed? Will I have problems with the ferries? Appreciate any pointers, thanks!

    • rockit says:

      I don’t give advice or recommendations on this site, which is intended for entertainment only. I can say that I’ve spent a few Grand Prix weekends in Macau and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary in the saunas. The biggest changes were with walking patterns as some barriers got in the way of street crossings. I’ve also seen some race-related promotions. That’s about it. Cheers.

    • Very Hungry says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience

  43. JOP says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Love your work — I’m a constant reader. Will be in Macau in mid-December and will most likely visit FN or others you’ve made a review on. Are the saunas in Macau strictly 1:1 when it comes to full service? Is there an option for 2 ladies at the same time and would it be 2 pops instead of 1? Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Most of the places have an option for 2 or more women, though it’s sometimes burried in complicated menus filled with strange terms (like “Chinese golden lotus petal massage”). Most English speakers just try to find a manager who can speak a bit of the language and ask for what they want. Cheers.

    • JOP says:

      I appreciate it, thanks!

  44. Pipe says:

    Hi, I’m going to hit Familia Nobre tomorrow. Will the accept if I came with a huge backpack? Will there be a safe place to store it?

    I intend to spend my money on their services rather than look for accommodation outside. And I think I could live with the Kramer drawers!

    • rockit says:

      I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve definitely see people show up with luggage before and the staff appeared quite happy to store it. Cheers.

  45. Pipe says:

    Thank you. Appreciate the response!

  46. Gallandro says:

    Hi Rockit: First off, thanks for compiling all of this information. It’s really helpful for those of us who are traveling to Macau for the first time. One question that I have: do any of these saunas have a dress code? Can I show up in shorts and a t-shirt (if the weather’s hot) or will I be turned away? Money isn’t the issue, I’m just more comfortable in shorts and light shirts if it’s hot out and I’m on vacation. Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I have never heard of a dress code. Frankly I don’t know what anyone wears because customers change into the provided robes and slippers as soon as they arrive. Cheers.

  47. Gallandro says:

    Great, thanks for the info. I realize that you change clothes immediately upon entering, but I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t be turned away if I wasn’t dressed as James Bond in a full Armani tux.

    Another question, and I’m not sure if you can answer or not: is anal on the menu of any of the women in these saunas? Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Like I said I can’t be sure because I don’t see people in their street clothes. I have heard of people being turned away at times. I’ve never seen that on the menu. Cheers

  48. Newguy says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Are the Macau saunas open for business during Christmas/New Year? And what about during Chinese New Year?


  49. Blaze1306 says:

    I just found your site and I must say I am blown away. I have always wanted to travel SEA and partake in the various extracurricular activities in Hong Kong/ Macau of BKK but I was always nervous about going it alone. Your reviews and honest feedback have given me the confidence to jump in on my virgin trip soon.

    As an African American I appreciate your honest response to feedback from other darker skinned punters (hobbiest?) that have experienced and overcome hardship because of our darker complexions.

    Now my question, since finding your site I have diligently scanned Rockit Reports, educating myself for a trip I plan on making soon. I speak some Mandarin (very poorly) but I am partial to PRC girls. I have never been lucky enough partake in my fantasy of a beautiful PRC girl and I think a Macau sauna like FN may be a good choice. I am not just looking for a quick slam-bam-thank you. If I do this I want an experience I will remember forever with a PRC 10, where are some of the best PRC higher level girls that will give a good performance (hopefully without any discrimination) in Hong Kong/ Macau? I understand the going rate is under $450.00US but in order to get the experience I am looking for I am willing to pay double, suggestions?

    Once again thanks for the site.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry but I don’t make recommendations on this site, it’s for entertainment only. I don’t have any experience with places keeping out dark skinned people since I’m not dark skinned myself. In Thailand and Japan it is a lot more obvious. In Macau I just know what I’ve heard. I would say that I’ve seen the most beautiful Chinese women in Macau at places like 18 Sauna and Rio Sauna. These are some of my least favorite saunas but they have some of the prettiest Chinese girls. I don’t know what kind of prejudices they have. Cheers.

  50. Microchip says:

    Just got back from a day trip to Macau. I prefer petite, younger (19-22) girls. I’m vacationing in Hong Kong and was a little disappointed in the local talent (too, much bait and switch or doctored images). Though, I did find one good sexy, curvy lady. Anyway, at the last minute decided to check out Macau. I visited Darling 1 first. There I got a 19-years old looking vietnamese girl. There were about 8 girls available when I arrived. I picked a 19-year old looking vietnamese girl. The rooms are nice, with a full bath, lights, and mirrors all around the bed. We did a bath, with a hot water bbbj, then a massage on the bed, followed by the main event, including all the positions. After I popped, I was tired, so we spent the last 15 minutes or so sleeping. Not sure if another round would have been available or not. Total 75 minutes for 1700 HKD. The girl was friendly, although not much GFE. I did get a few kisses on the lips, though, and they were good.

    Then headed over to Familia Nobre. Spent the first couple of hours enjoying some of the food, massages and other services. No one batted an eye about me being a foreigner and not knowing the language, but some of the staff would tend to ignore me because they didn’t know English. After about 2 hours, I asked for a line up. They brought up about 20 girls. There was a second group of girls that went off to another client at the same time. None of the ones they sent me were the “model types,” but I generally don’t care for those anyway. Even among the 20, there were quite a few that I could have easily picked. I ended up picking the girl that gave me this great big smile whenever I looked at her (as for the other girls, many of the girls looked friendly, whereas some looked kinda indifferent). Anyway, this girl was also Vietnamese, was quite short (~4’10”), with sizable breasts for a girl her size. The service was good, though not quite the best. More PSE style than GFE, but again she gave me a few light kisses on the lips here and there. She played up the moaning a little too much, in my opinion. We just about used up the full 60 minutes. We chit chatted a bit (her English was fairly decent). She’d apparently been in Macau for just two months. She seemed genuinely glad that I picked her. Great experience. My only regret is that I only had 3 hours to stay at Familia Nobre before heading back to the ferry. Would have loved to just crash and sleep there for the night or enjoy a few more of their services.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers!

    • Microchip says:

      Oh, and the damage at Familia Nobre was only 1800 HKD. Their pricing scheme is kinda confusing. Not exactly sure how I got it so cheap.

    • rockit says:

      I can’t keep up with the exacts in any of the Macau saunas. There are too many options and too many ways of describing them. I just go with the flow and things usually come out about the same. Cheers.

  51. Boney Facer says:

    FN was pretty so so.

    I went Saturday 5pm. Place had maybe 6 or 7 punters. First lineup had 5 tired looking girls.

    Asked for a thigh massage to the manager. Had to ask again in 10 minutes later.

    Finally a fully clothed girl dressed like a parking lot attendant leads me to a private room. Proceeds to massage my left thigh for 10 minutes and my right for 10 minutes. Works my balls for 2 then asks to me if I want to extend the massage to 2 sessions.

    No thank you Ms high pressure sale.

    Walk out and see the full lineup ready. It’s about 630. 2 dozen girls only Viet and Chinese. Some good looking girls there but overall impression is not of the top quality.

    There’s a difference between a pert 19 year old and a slightly jaded 25 year old. Those girls had been around the block a couple of times.

    Maybe you can’t tell the difference but I can.

    Placed our of there to the far superior Eighteen

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. As they so often say “your mileage may vary.” If every experience was like the one you reported here I doubt the place would last long. As it is the place has been around for years and is fairly popular. Beauty, level of performance and other factors are all subjective. I can say that there are many women in the 19-21 age range working though I cannot say who was or wasn’t available when you visited. I’ve been told most women don’t show up until 6:30. I much prefer FN to 18 but I can only speak for myself. I’ve never heard of waiting more than a minute for a massage or a lineup of less than 20 women. Cheers.

  52. Eugene says:

    Hi rockit,

    If cost is not a factor, which sauna in Macau would you say is the best with the prettiest range of girls?

    • rockit says:

      My favorite sauna is Famile Nobre for a number of reasons. While they have a wide range of girls that includes some real stars I don’t think they necessarily have the best lookers. Golden Sauna has some really beautiful girls. Rio or Eighteen probably have the best facilities and some of the most beautiful Chinese women but the attitudes aren’t so great in those places. Cheers.

  53. Eugene says:

    Ah thanks, rockit!

    Think I’ll probably check out Golden sauna then. Thanks!

    • Eugene says:

      Or might Emperor be a better choice if I’m looking to be serviced by good-looking girls with at least decent attitude?

      Oh my. choices.

  54. klutch says:

    Once again thanks for your reports. everything exactly as you said. However with one difference which I think you mentioned. After my thigh massage, my girl offered her fs instead. 3k for two hours and guaranteed two ” boom booms” as she called it. She was native Macau, pretty cute and great body. Great gfe also. What made it even better was she gave me an extra go for free. so three pops for two hours at 3k is well worth it. Advice to others, try to do at least one thigh, be super nice and you might get the 3k offer.

    • klutch says:

      I also forgot and I’m not sure if it was mentioned. Covers areexpensive bring your own

    • rockit says:

      Sometimes this kind of offer can be extended but it isn’t guaranteed by any means. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  55. Paddy says:

    Thanks your reviews & sharing your experience. It helps a lot.
    I will be in Macau next month with an old friend. We usually like to have fun together.
    Do you think it is possible to have a 4some in Macau saunas ?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Paddy. Thanks for the comment. I don’t know if such a thing would be allowed or not. I’ve never heard of it or seen it but that doesn’t necessary mean it’s not available. Only the management in a particular place would be able to answer that. Cheers.

  56. Brandon says:

    Hi rockit,
    I’m going on a business trip to Macau next month, based on reading your reviews on saunas in Macau I had shortlisted golden sauna and familia nobre as the preferred destination. However, I can only choose one out of both due to budget so may I know in your opinion which is better in terms of the girls looks and service offered?

    I know that this question is pretty subjective as our mileage may vary and you do not make recommendations but I just need an advice which one to go for my first macau sauna experience. I notice you give FN a 5 star whereas golden only receive a 4 due to the mechanical nature of the service during showtime but I do think that is expected because it’s not what you paid for.

    Thus, if you would consider factors of price, looks and paid service quality which sauna have an edge in your honest opinion?

    • rockit says:

      I like both. If I only had time to visit one I would be hard pressed to decide. It would depend on my mood. Everything being equal I would probably end up at Familia Nobre. Cheers.

  57. vinc says:

    I am in writing this in a sauna right now. A hk friend recommended me this place As alternative since china is dangerous now. This sauna is in the landmark hotel. I was given a price ref from my hk friend, since they have jap, korean, eastern europeans and chinese. But to my shock there is a 20% surcharge on all services due to the festive season. So even a chinese gal cost 2300.
    i chose a hangzhou gal.. very friendly throughout the session but abit mechnical. Anyway just wan to know if prices for other sauna have risen its price due to festive season or only this one.

    • rockit says:

      I wouldn’t be able to answer that but some other reader might have info. This would be a good topic to bring up on the new forums. Cheers.

  58. Paddy says:

    Thanks rockit. I forgot to ask how the sauna payment appears on your bank statement when paying by credit card ? Is it something very clear “sauna familia nobre” or something you are not able to understand (like a company name). By the way do they charge an extra for paying by credit card ? Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      From what I’ve seen the charges show up under regular business names and there are no extra fees. Cheers.

  59. Manny says:

    Thanks for your awesome reviews. I am a 65 years young Indian American. I will be visiting Macau in a few weeks. Being an ethnic Indian, I am concerned about possibly not being welcomed in some places profiled on your website. I would love to have a truly great experience (bj, full service etc) with some beautiful girls but am not looking to spend more than several hours in any given sauna or facility. Money is not an issue. Could you recommend a few places that may be best for me?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comments. Sorry but I don’t give recommendations or advocate anything. This site is meant for entertainment only. Some Indian and black people here have said they were refused entry in various saunas in Macau and in their view it was due to their skin color. I can’t confirm but I have no reason to doubt them. It’s a fairly common policy in parts of Asia. Thanks for the kind words about the site. Cheers.

    • anon says:

      If it offers you any hope, there was both a very dark indian man and a medium skinned arab man in today. The ladies didnt seem to discriminate but i only saw them briefly.

      I cant say what the situation was but I wish you all the best.

  60. Manny says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I should have known that you don’t recommend or advocate anything. I guess my question is whether there are certain categories of establishments (Massage parlors, for example) that are more welcoming to people of dark skin or if the color is a barrier across the board in all kinds of establishments. I would welcome any comments that you or anyone else reading this may have. I know we live in an imperfect world so no problem with reality of life. Keep up the great work that you have been doing.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t have any direct experience so my only base of knowledge is what I’ve seen or heard. I’ve never seen anyone be refused in Macau but people have commented here that they’ve been excluded from a few saunas. I can’t remember the exact details but it should be contained in the comments on the various reviews of Macau establishments. I do recall that one commenter said he was refused entry to one sauna but allowed into another, so it the policies seem to depend on the individual place rather than the type of place it is. Cheers.

  61. Gerbera says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Thank you for you report. I went recently to FN had a great time. I am looking forward to going again shortly.

    Question. during my inner thigh massage (I only had one), I was offered a release. I declined as I wanted to relax and enjoy the whole experience. If I had accepted would it have cost more? I never got the chance to ask.

    • rockit says:

      There’s no extra charge to finish that I know of though getting there usually requires at least two massage sessions in a row. Cheers.

  62. koj says:

    Hi ROckit.Is there any sauna or brothel open in the morning between 10-12 am for FS.Because last year I went to FN and golden sauna about 12AM and they told me you have to come 3 hours ever they claim they are open 24hours a day.

    • rockit says:

      When a place says they’re open around the clock it just means that customers can stay inside. Different services may only be available at certain times. At some of the 24 hour places there aren’t many (or sometimes any) full service women available at off hours. It makes sense from their point of view. I guess this is possible anywhere though I’m sure I’ve seen women working at places like Rio and Eighteen at all hours. Cheers.

  63. koj says:

    RIO opens at 2.00 pm.cheers

    • rockit says:

      I just sent a message to a woman I know who works there to confirm. The sauna is open 24 hours but the women who provide full service start at 2:00 pm. They stop working after the last show time at 6:00 am. So there are about 8 hours with no full service providers regularly available. Cheers!

  64. sam dev says:

    hi guys, im in macau today and staying at a decent hotel. Was wondering if u would recommend any outcall providers for an overnight stay with me or would any of these saunas allow me to take the girls overnight?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. I have written about the options I’m aware of here. There are some women who do overnights around. Cheers.

  65. anon says:

    It seems that for every full service you get one “add on” for free like a shoulder massage or a foot massage. My FS girl told me to ask the manager for a free massage, I never did but it did appear on my bill as free anyways.

    I went around 3pm and the “show time” line up was only 4 girls but they were all hot. The one i ended up picking was the only 10/10 ive ever given. Most incredible looks and personality I was basically in love, I actually found her again after several hours for another round. It was even better and we ended up taking a nap together.

    Not sure if this is normal but I asked the manager for a discount seeing the same girl twice and he gave me 400 off, no problems. Great service with a smile.

    Also to clarify more pricing questions, it seems the FS pricing is based on the ethnicity of the girls, Vietnamese being cheapest…. and yet the hottest. I didnt see one vietnamese girl i thought was horrible so for budget minded the “no pick” Viet package at 1100 dollars is not a terrible option… I still like the line up though. Its 1700 if you pick. korean, jap, white, black and chinese were all more but available. No lookers in the white or black department

    1 ear cleaning, 2 theigh massages (hand jobs), 1 foot massage, 1 shoulder massage, 1 head massage and 2 FS baths with the most amazing girl ive ever seen came to 3880. Time spent 8 hours

    Best day of my life. I agree with the rating 5/5.

    PS: Around 9 music started and they said there was a dance, I didnt know what i was in for but i took a seat, A row of girls alternating from guy to guy doing various things from licking nips to rubbing boobs on your face to…. even a little bbbj with the mouthwash. Just a taste but still was crazy fun.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers!

    • anon says:

      Follow up. I had 1 fs viet girl and still got the 2 free services. The checkou staff said thats the current promotion but you dont get 2 more free with the second girl as she is already discounted

  66. Newguy says:

    I have been to the FN sauna 5 times now, but never seen any show times. It it offered only on certain nights of the week?

  67. Roy says:

    Hi Rock,

    Like your review. I will be heading to Macau in the summer and just have a few questions. First, I’m a big fan of GFE, so is it available at the sauna. Second, do you know if these sauna offer double (2 girls together). Third, someone told these sauna offer big discount package to attract customers from Hong Kong. These package include around trip ferry tickets, messages and full service for a fiction of the prices. I will be staying at Macau and don’t need ferry ticket. Do you know if these package is available for folks staying at Macau. Also, do this sauna accept credit card. Thank you.

    • rockit says:

      Saunas aren’t typically a place where GFE is expected or delivered. I’ve heard that some saunas offer double packages but I don’t have many details on them. The discount packages at the ferry terminal in Hong Kong has been discussed here before. They usually limit the customer’s ability to chose their provider. I’m not aware of any place selling them in Macau though some tour groups or something like that may offer them. Every sauna I know of accepts credit cards. Cheers.

    • Roy says:

      Thanks for the reply.

  68. Jimmy says:

    This is my first time at a Macau sauna and decided to go to FN as I have read that the quality of the girls is top notch, and that the consistency of service (from all the staff) is pretty good.

    Frankly, I was disappointed. I think it was because I was there on a weekday (Wednesday) and would probably go back on a weekend to experience FN as it should be (as I’ve read in forums).

    I got there around 6:30pm. I thought, I’d get a couple of thigh massages, a foot massage, eat something and by then it’s 8pm where the night shift starts for the WGs. Put my clothes in the locker, placed a towel around my waist, and headed into FN’s pool/sauna/shower area. There were 3 girls in bikini chatting and completely ignoring me. That’s fine I thought, they were 3 or 4 (out of 10) so would not have been interested in their services, whatever that might be.
    Took a shower by myself and headed into the sitting room. Sat in one of the sofas and a warm towel is placed on my lap/legs. A short, fattish and below average looking lady in her early 30’s asked me if I want 3 lounge services (from her) and only pay for one. From reading the forums, I knew that 2 lounge services are free when getting a full service. So was put off by the fact that this women was trying to cheat me, and also, that such unattractive person would work in a sauna (where is FN’s personnel quality check??!) I don’t want to sound derogatory but this is not an office job, it is a job in sauna where women get “personal” with men. There has to be some minimal in the looks department! Anyway, I declined her service. Shortly after, I was offered other lounge services from other ladies they were 3 to 5 (out of 10) and were high 20s to maybe early 40’s which I all declined. To be fair, I was not expecting bang material for the lounge service girls but I did read from the forum that a few are actually f***able. I was having none of that, and started to wonder whether I was at FN way too early in the evening or simply in the wrong day of the week.

    Tired of being pested, I walked towards the “dining” room and ordered a congee. The moment I sat down around 25 WGs made their way to sitting room. They have to walk through the dining room in the way to the lounge area so I had a great first glance at the main course. A few were 5ish, most were 6-7, some 8ish and only a couple solid 8. Some in the forum have described some of the girls as “real stunners”. Maybe my standards are too high, but for me a real stunner is a 9 or 10, and my plan was to have 2 sessions with 2 stunners. No worries, I thought. It’s not 8pm yet and not all WGs have showed up for work yet! But at least, it starts to show some promise.

    Half finished the congee (which took forever to cook and had no taste – but no matter, not there for the food anyway) and walked back to the lounge and sat in one of the sofas. Out of nowhere, a 5ish girl in her mid/late 20s in a black skirt and red shirt offers a thigh massage. Not bang material but definitely good enough for a thigh massage so accepted. Followed her to the private room and said she’ll be back. I was not watching the clock but it took her a very long time to get the baby oil for the massage. Finally, she came back and had a lotion in one hand, and a half finished glass of carrot juice in the other. That explained the delay in getting the oil. Not a very good start. The thigh massage was very mechanical. One leg first, then the other, then the middle part. It was not a HJ per say but neither those climatic experiences I’ve read in the forum. She then asks if I want a 2nd session and to completion. I declined. Boy what a mistake! From there on, she kept watching at the clock every 2 minutes, then every 1 minute, then every 30 seconds. Even I was eager for the end of the session as much as she did!

    By now is 8:40pm or so. The lounge staff is still pretty much the same as when I got in at 6:30pm and still no stunners in the line up. Out of boredom, I accepted a shoulder massage from a 4ish girl in her mid 20’s. It was a good massage with good pressure but again, was not there for a shoulder massage. By now is around 9:30pm and still no stunners. I decide to write off FN and go to Emperor Sauna which was a nice 5 minute walk.

    Total cost was MOP 6xx for the entrance fee plus two lounge services. Not worth it and the overall experience was quite a disappointment. As I mentioned earlier, I think I was there in the wrong day of the week (weekday) and plan to go back on a weekend. So haven’t written off FN completely.

    A short report on Emperor, I ended up with a stunner. A solid 9 and paid HKD 19xx. Good service, not outstanding but the girl was quite accommodative to my requests. Reflecting back, I should have had stayed at FN, get one of those solid 8 and pay only HKD 17xx plus getting the 2 lounge services free. Having said that, not regretting my time with the stunner at Emperor.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report.

    • Jimmy says:

      Forgot to ask. Since my experience at FN was so different from others in the forum, can anyone recommend the best days (weekday/weekend) and times to go to FN. I was there on a Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:30pm and was quite dissapointed.

      Also, is there a show at FN? If so what days/times?

    • rockit says:

      I have visited at many different times and I have never seen a show. Then again I have never had a bad experience either. I don’t recommend anything as this site is for entertainment only. Cheers.

  69. Curious Guy says:

    Hello mate. Im coming over to this spa on Saturday. Is it safe to put my wallet in their locker or is it better for me to carry it with me? Cause i have credit cards in my wallet. Thanks in advance

    • rockit says:

      I guess it’s not impossible but I have never heard of anyone having anything stolen from a locker in a Macau sauna. Cheers.

  70. Mr69er says:

    I just went to FN during the day around 2pm and stayed for a good 4 hours. The place is dead during this time and the girl lineup they had was literally 6 girls(often times 4 when a client called for a lineup and some girls were occupied). The good thing is the place is quiet and the food is rather tasty. At this point I cannot see why this place has such a great recommendation. Club 18 has about 7x the girls during this time frame. The pricing does seem cheap when compared to other spas but whats the point if there are no girls to chose from?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t recommend anything. This website is for entertainment only. I made a review of the place which explains why I like it. I have visited many times and there have always been more than a dozen full service ladies on staff when I was interested in partaking in their service. Staff is usually limited in the middle of the day pretty much everywhere in Macau. Cheers.

  71. Newguy says:

    Just a question on the bikini girls who hand around the shower / pool area at FN. In addition to the body scrubbing services, what other kinds of services do they provide (or offer)? The visual quality varies greatly from one to the other within the group. I have seem some who are not that attractive and not young, and I have seem some who are very attractive and younger. Are they they ones called out by management for the manager’s special for FS ?

    • rockit says:

      Many of the shower staff ladies will do FS with customers if asked. I don’t think they’re called out for the manager’s special in most cases but I guess it’s possible. Cheers.

  72. Mike says:

    Hey Rockit heading to Macau but cannot stay overnight whats your recommandation for best daytime sauna thanks …

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I don’t make recommendations as this website is for entertainment only. Most of the saunas are pretty dead during the day though I’ve seen some things going on at Emperor in the early afternoon. Cheers.

  73. Hjatb01 says:

    is bbbj with CIM available at these kinds of places or is it all covered?

    Thanks for th great site!

    • rockit says:

      I haven’t seen a cover used for oral but I guess it is possible. Finishing may be a different story and would ultimately depend on the provider. Cheers.

  74. Vilyas says:

    Hi Rockit – thanks for the reviews! Love your site.

    A couple of quick questions.

    First – can you tell me more about the erotic full body massages? Do those involve a HJ and if so how much time is spent on the HJ? Are they worth the money?

    Second – are there any caucasian girls at FN? Which saunas would you recommend for the best caucasian girls and what’s your experience been like?

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I don’t have the full menu memorized. There are lots of different massages and options available. I’ve only seen two or three white women at Familia Nobre and in my view there weren’t much to look at. I have never seen more than a few anywhere in Macau to be honest and none have ever peaked my interest. Cheers.

  75. Henry Wong says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Is it possible that the line-up girls are required to take turns working in the pool / tub area doing the back scrubs as well as PR? I am asking this because on 2 occasions, when changing from towel to lounge uniform, I saw one or 2 line up girls hanging around the area greeting the incoming guests.

    • rockit says:

      In most saunas I think some ladies are higher to work the pool areas and they are different from the women assigned to work the regular lineups. In others there may be some kind of rotation. Usually if they have a number there’s a good chance they’ll offer full service by request. Cheers.

  76. Jimmy says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Excellent webpage. Based on your reviews, I’ve visited Macau twice this year (2015) and went to FN, Emperor, East. My experiences has been far from what I’ve read in this forum. Overall, I think service and quality has deteriorated since the crackdown in mid’ 2014.

    I see you’re writing extensively about Japan nowadays. I think might be useful to return to Macau and update on what you think the service/quality is now vs back in the “hey days”.

    For me, quality of girls at Emperor was very good (a couple of stunners), FN ok (no stunners but doable). East a joke (no stunners, no doable, would not pay period… at least definitely not in the HKD18xx range).

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that these reviews are outdated. This one in particular is just over a year old and I have visited the place again since publishing it without detecting any major differences. I would also note that this isn’t a forum. It’s a website and the reports and reviews here are based on my experiences and observations. They are published for the purposes of entertaining readers. I don’t suggest that readers do anything with the information other than enjoy it. In real life people are different. They have different background, experiences and expectations. That’s why the phrase “Your Mileage May Vary” is so commonly used. Cheers.

  77. Alonzo says:

    Thanks for creating this site, it’s put to good use. 2 questions, is alcohol usually served and should I tip the women who do foot, head and thigh massages, ect.?

    • rockit says:

      Beer is available at every sauna in Macau as far as I know but it has to be purchased. Tipping is mainly a Western phenomenon that is not routinely practiced in Asia by Asian people. I’m certain that anyone offered a tip will accept it but it is not asked for or expected. Cheers.

  78. Joe says:

    Will be visiting Macau in November. Your write up on Familia Nobre seems to indicate that the Saunas accept credit cards; is that accurate?

    If not, my research indicates that they all seem to take HK $, so there is no need to exchange into MOP. Excellent source of information by the way. Looking forward to having some Chinese/Vietnamese ladies. Thanks much.

    • rockit says:

      Every sauna accepts credit cards as far as I know. They all accept Hong Kong Dollars. Cheers.

  79. Beerus says:

    Hi – many thanks for this site, it’s very helpful. I have a few questions:

    1. Is it okay to ask to see the lineup before committing to entering the sauna (and paying its fees)? I feel like there’s a risk that if I enter the sauna and its a particularly poor lineup, I might wish to go to another sauna instead. Would that be possible?

    2. Can you tell me more about the full body massages (I believe they’re called the Shanghai massages?) at FN or elsewhere? Is it a good option? Do you get a handjob? Blowjob? Can you touch the girl?

    3. Have you ever had any luck with convincing any of the Macau sauna girls to (discreetly of course) make the trip to HK to do a housecall?

    Many thanks!!

    • rockit says:

      I’ve never heard of someone asking to see a line up at Familia Nobre before entering. The sauna entry fee is low and it is waived entirely for customers who take a full service session. There are many different options at saunas. Some have dozens all with strange names. Some are straight massages and some offer additional services. It would be impossible to list and describe them all here. When in doubt I simply ask what a particular item is. Usually I stick to floor services, thigh massages and full service. Occasionally I’ll go for a body scrub but that doesn’t offer extras. I have never asked a woman to cross a border to meet me anywhere nor do I have any interest in doing so. Cheers.

  80. nicholas says:

    HI !

    If you pay by credit card, what appears on your bank accoutn ? “sauna” or something like “restaurant”” ? Thanks !!

    • rockit says:

      From what I’ve seen it usually says restaurant or corporation. I haven’t seen any mention of a sauna. I guess it’s possible but most probably wouldn’t use a word like that since it could offend the bosses or spouses of their customers. Cheers.

    • deca says:

      It appears as Sauna Massagem Familiar so use cash if you want to be discreet.

  81. manfred says:

    Hi rockit,

    thanks for the great reports!

    I am spending a few days in Macau, and I was wondering what would be the best time of the day to visit Familia Nobre and other saunas?
    In particular, when are the most girls available?

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t make recommendations since this website is meant for entertainment only but in my experience the most women seem to be at the saunas in the evenings. The day doesn’t seem to matter much. All of the women are from other countries and they work full time. It’s not like local freelancers in other places who may only show up at a disco when they know there will be a lot of customers. At the saunas they get put on a schedule and they show up to put in their shifts. I try to avoid Fridays and Saturdays when I can because they tend to have the most customers but not necessarily any more women. On top of that the hotel rooms are much more expensive on those days thanks to the people on holiday for the casinos. Cheers.

  82. deathorglory says:

    Hey, thinking of heading to this place and other saunas in January next year. Looking at hotels, I found this one in Mong-Ha area.

    has excellent reviews and looks like a great place to stay. But the only downside I think is that it might be a little far away from the sauna area of Macau. What are your thoughts on this? Walkable distance after a busy night banging the night away in your opinion? If not, are taxi’s a viable option because I hear taxis are extortionate in this place.

  83. Fun-or-die says:

    Hey. I’m planning a visit to Familia Nobre Sauna in 2 weeks, but i have time limitations. from your experience, is there a point arriving there before 16:00?
    thanks in advance

    • rockit says:

      I have enjoyed visits to saunas at all hours but recently more people report thinner numbers at certain times especially during the day. Cheers.

  84. Jimmy says:

    Great website, I was going to be in Macao in 2 weeks and have heard that there are beds were water is constantly poured while a massage or hand job . Is this true and which sauna.

  85. Jimmy says:

    Would you know of a similar saunas in shanghai

  86. Xgen says:

    Hey Rockit,

    I’m putting my Chiang Mai Kappa Club research on hold and headed to Macau, HK, and Philippines soon. I only have two days in Macau and you make all these places sound great. It seems impossible to choose!

    Is it possible to ask for a line up at a Macau sauna prior to committing for the entire experience? Is this done? I want to try out all the services but given that line ups change more than the stock market it strikes me it’s very hit or miss.


    • rockit says:

      I have only heard of someone asking to see women at one sauna though I don’t see how it’s really practical as you have to enter, shower and change into a robe and slippers to even get inside where the women work. I guess it might be possible at some places but it certainly isn’t standard. I don’t know what you mean when you say it is “hit or miss.” Women do change from time to time but I have never seen a lineup at any sauna in Macau that didn’t have some attractive women. Usually the vast majority are very good looking. They don’t take everyone who applies for the job like Thai go go bars seem to do. Or if they do they employ the less attractive women as masseuses and attendants. Cheers.

  87. Fun-or-Die says:

    Hi, First and foremost thanks for your reports and remarks
    Went to the FN Sauna this week, and everything was as you described. Arrived there at around 19:00 and the place was half empty. Filed up nicely by 23:00. Had a line up made for me and choose a stunning Japanese girl. The full service was not as exciting as had hoped it will be. The girl was a little “off her game”. Nothing I can complain about, but I had hoped for more. Everything else was spot on. Had a foot massage, shoulder massage thigh massage full service and something to eat and ended with a 2,500 HK$ bill.

    Can you recommend a similar place in Hong Kong?


  88. Jack says:

    Afraid I have to join the ranks of those greatly unimpressed with this place, on every level. And not only on the YMMV respects. I mean, purely on the level of the facilities, it’s just a shabby, dingy, run down place that was obviously built in the 70’s or maybe the 80’s, and their towels feel like they are made from steel wool.

    Apparently, I got unbelievably lucky and immediately spoiled, when I went to Macau about five years ago, and stumbled into a sauna completely at random, having no idea what it actually was. I was looking for a spa, actually, somewhere with hot pools and steam baths and therapeutic massages. The place I found was like stumbling into the Emperor’s private baths or something in terms of the facilities, which were top class and everything luxurious and well-lit. And I was shocked when the girls came lining up the first time as I had no idea this kind of place even existed at the time. I have to say, I was completely unprepared for what I saw of the saunas from these reviews. With all the talk about them being so luxurious, I assumed they would all be on par with that first one I went to. I went to Familia Nobre, the Rio, and the Emperor sauna on this visit, and in terms of the environment and facilities, and luxury, they are all pretty damn squalid, to be honest. Think more 70’s porno tycoon instead of Royalty.

    Rockit, do you have ANY idea where I might have gone that firs time?? I feel like it would have been somewhere around the Venetian, it might even have been the Venetian in fact….

    • rockit says:

      If you have issues with the surroundings in Macau saunas to the point that you find them “squalid” I have to wonder how you would feel about a lot of the oily massage parlors in Thailand or $2.50 massage shacks in Cambodia. Or for that matter even many hospitals around Southeast Asia. Then again you mentioned in previous posts that you appreciate one woman brothels in Hong Kong. Those are often run out of packed and generally unclean rooms in filthy smelly buildings. It’s tough to imagine otherwise in a place where guys come in and out all day. The legal brothel houses in Geylang manage it to some extent but they are hardly well decorated. So I’m not exactly sure what if any information would satisfy you. I can only report on what I know. Anything I write is of course be influenced by my own outlook. In my view places that provide adult entertainment are most fairly compared to places that do the same. I’m not aware of any brothel or strip club in the world that compares favorably to Sharp Memorial Hospital. The Rio probably has the best surroundings of any sauna in Macau. It also has some of the highest prices. The Venetian is located near the airport down on Cotai. The only sauna I’m aware of on that island is JY Spa. Cheers.

  89. Jack says:

    On to the YMMV report:

    Frankly, I’ve never in my life received such bad service, anywhere, ever. I WALKED OUT without blowing a load, and half an hour left on the clock, when I paid for TWO. I took two girls (this is the only good thing I can say, is you can get 2 girls here for only 2500, which is quite a deal, in theory).

    I stayed two nights (because after checkig out several other saunas, it turned out this has the only real sleeping areas, plus the girls at the rio were not only so expensive, but also total dogs. I watched three hours of lineups to make sure, but really wasn’t anything I’d pay for out of the 40 or so girls on staff. It was weird, too, because some of the ugliest women there were the ones going for 3800! We’re talking pock-faced makeup cake whores in their mid 30’s, just because they are wearing a kimono???) So I paid the entry fee and went back to FN to sleep.

    And I really didn’t intend on taking any of the women here, because during prime time on a friday and saturday night, honestly I wouldn’t have taken 98% of them if they had been free, they were just that ugly. Personally I feel if I’m going to pay for sex, she should be young and pretty. None of them younger than 25 for sure. By the second night, after also spending a long time looking elsewhere before returning there in defeat, I figured, well, I’ll make up for the low quality by doubling up : P

    One had been flirty and giving me a free handjob and stuff whenever she saw me, and seemed to have a genuinely enthusiastic attitude, and the other had a good enough ass.

    But we get to the room, and suddenly it’s incredibly obvious that this is just “work” and they didn’t really want to be there, which is by far the biggest turn off in the world for me. They were pushy, telling me what to do and not do, how to lie on the bed, if they were going to be on top of not, and in a HUGE RUSH to get to the sex. Sorry, ladies, but I happen to want to enjoy a blowjob for a while before getting to the sex. That really shouldn’t be a problem, but it was. I had to argue with them every step of the way, and the millisecond I got a boner, they tried to force a condom on me and get me to start banging right away. I wanted a double blowjob, I think that should be a pretty obvious assumption when you have two girls, but no, that resulted in an argument. I asked a girl to lie on the bed for the BJ, instead of me lying on my back, and she actually grumbled and complained. In fact they both did, balking at basically every request I made, and these were NOT kinky requests. We’re talking about things as basic as positioning! They were fighting to be completely in charge of the situation every step of the way, basically. Not to mention, they refused to even suck my dick when it was in her mouth, instead just going 100mph up and down like a robot. I really can’t complain enough about the service, honestly.

    Finally, it was too much. There was no way I was going to get horny again, in the face of all this unbelievably bad attitude, the ugly faces, the ugly gestures, the ugly grumpy noises, etc. etc. I phoned management, and walked out.
    They offered me a free 150 thigh massage to make up for it. Defintely not going back. I REALLY want to find the place I went to before. I probably got lucky on the girl I got there I realize, (18 or 19, 9 out of 10, sweet, innocent, compliant) but for me having a nice environment is important too. It’s just insult to injury to be stuck in a dump when there aren’t any girls worth taking : p

    • rockit says:

      Most guys go to Macau saunas to relax. The service providers that work in them have ways of doing thing developed around that model. The usual procedure is that the guy lays back and lets the service providers do their thing. In that way it is very similar to getting a massage. Most people lay on the table and let the masseuse do what she is being paid for rather than trying to direct things. Truth be told if you think that the women who work at Macau saunas are unattractive, old or poor performers, your views are probably so radically different than mine that you won’t find much you enjoy in any of my writing on this website. Unless of course you enjoy disagreeing with what you read. Cheers.

    • Jimmy says:

      I’ve been to Macau twice and have visited FN, Emperor and East Sauna. I read extensively about the Macau scene and these two words were common when describing the girls (in general): “stunners”, ‘hot”.

      Truth to be told. Maybe that was the case during the heydays, before the corruption crackdown…but not anymore. Emperor may have a couple of almost “stunners/hot”. FN girls are good enough. And as for East Sauna, I must agree with Jack: “I wouldn’t have taken 98% of them if they had been free”. Since it was late, had to go back to Hong Kong, was horny, and already paid the the ferry/fun package in HK, decided to pick the least ugly one and get over it. Long story short, walked out with 40 minutes left on the clock. Won’t go into details because recalling my experience, pi***s me off!

      Still going back to Macau…heard Darling 1 and Rio still have stunners…will do the hard work of checking them out for you guys ;) and report back.

    • rockit says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Things also change with time. I don’t think the Vietnamese staff has changed much at any of the Macau saunas in recent years. Some of the Chinese staff might have. FN seems to have about the same sort of line up it always has. East has changed. Many people talk about the stunners at Rio but that too is subjective. Some people don’t think there are so many overly attractive women there. Or at least not enough to justify the expense. Cheers.

  90. hmmm says:

    how for 1 fuck just asking hehe

  91. sandy says:

    will be going to macau on 15 nov 2015, is it off season during this time of the year. will be visiting fn. Do they give discounts if the numbers are more (like 5 people) opting for full service.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that there is any off season in Macau. Some news and financial outlets say the casinos aren’t making as much money as they used to since an anti-corruption campaign kicked off on the mainland a while back but people on the ground report that the saunas are filled with customers. Cheers.

  92. Macau1sttimer says:

    Hi Rockit, I’m going next wk just wondering if Familia Nobre is tops on your list since the article was written awhile back. Also have you heard of a place you can order take out service where you go & select one there and take her back your hotel? Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Familia Nobre has been my favorite sauna in Macau for some time. Guys who want to meet a sauna girl in their hotel room later usually get a phone number and arrange things after hours. There are escorts in Macau and ladies from some low end places like Hou Va will occasionally go out with a guy too after arrangements are made. Cheers.

  93. Ivan says:

    Hi, guys!

    Thank this blog for finding this sauna last year. This year I returned to Macau for couple of days and spent in Familia Nobre two nights. First, I was from my plane after the midnight so it was no sense to book a hotel. So I entered the sauna, and had a sleep in a separate windowless room after massage and sex. Second time I spent there the evening waiting for my flight. You can have bath, sleep, dinner there, so it can be economic if you don’t want to spend too much.

    Price for ladies is expensive too, by the way. Both times I get ‘Asian massage’ that is one-hour full service by Chinese or Vietnamese girl, and the price was 1788-1888 HKD. For that money I can spend the whole night with VIP whore in Russia and maybe even more in other post-Soviet countries. But as I’m real fan of Asian girls, it worth it.

    I wondered about taking Korean or Japanese slut, or one very gorgeous Russian-speaking babe of Asian origin, but the price was more than 2000 HKD. It was too much. Vietnamese girls I ‘dealt’ with both were very attractive: one from Saigon with big boobs and real passion in her actions, another one from Hanoi was little and sexy and beautiful with a clean beauty of good Asian porn.

    Service was more or less the same. Body massage first, than blowjob (with sucking the balls), than the sex. Both girls this year had ‘intimate haircut’ so it was ok to even make cunnilingus, if you like that kind of things. First girl was a bit hurried in ‘prelude’, may be because she really wanted to be fucked, that is because she was really hot during the action. And next time when I saw her standing in the line we still exchanged some kind of hot glances, that was very nice. Another girl didn’t allow me to kiss her and was a bit calmer, but I had real show watching her doing her job in mirrors around the bed. Anyway I would recommend both: first had number 783 (as I remember), second – 792 (I’m not sure).

    You can have ‘cheap sex’ there for a price of 1200 HKD before 8 pm but it is massage + sex (without body massage in bathroom) and you cannot choose the girl. So I would not recommend it.

    Before 8 pm there is only short line of girls, only from China and Vietnam. Exotic girls appeared after 8 pm. I saw two African girls, several Russian-speaking (I chatted with one of them and she was from Ukraine), several Korean and Japanese who are at least for 500 HKD more expensive than fantastic Vietnamese babes. Maybe they had their magic but unfortunately I had no experience of that. You can share yours.

    I saw some Chinese guys who wanted to enter the sauna about 5 pm. And when they heard that there was only Chinese and Vietnamese girls they asked to see lineup before entering the sauna. So it is ok if you ask it. If you come before 8 pm you can get complimentary light massage of your shoulders and hands. If you pay for full service with the girl you can have free massage according to your choice (including thigh massage that is simple handjob btw) but its ‘shorter version’ (not more than 25 minutes). Sorry if this was reported before.

    Btw, it is very small secret to come to the sauna by walk, cause if you come by taxi, the bill will be 100 HKD more. I really don’t understand why, but it is the fact.

    Ivan. Russia

  94. Deca says:

    Your report makes me very curious about the sauna. So I will probably check out.
    Though I heard from my friends that most of the sauna services in Macao are overpriced
    compared to bkk sauna that you haven’t reviewed yet
    and some didn’t not recommend going there at all.
    I did have some fun at the saunas in Qingdao but it was only a hj for 200~300 rmb or above,
    but it was way too expensive compared to what you can get in bkk or in Saigon.
    I heard that you can have porn experience with some girls there. So I look forward to it at lease
    once in my life. Thanks again!!

    • rockit says:

      Macau saunas are not cheap. Since the level of service is far superior to what most places around the world offer the prices make sense. I don’t know of any places that can really be compared. There were some very nice saunas in South China but they were mostly closed in a huge sweep a while back. Macau isn’t a cheap place in general. It’s no budget destination. Cheers.

  95. CSUITS says:

    Rockit. Thank you so much. I’m typing this will sitting in the sky lounge waiting for the helicopter back to HK. This place is heaven on earth. I have used your site before when traveling to Korea and Japan. Tomorrow I head off to Bangkok but just have to say. FAMILIA is amazing. Everyone must check it out and get the “thigh massage”. The line up of girls was also very impressive with 2 what it looked like we’re American white women! College girls lol. Myself I partook in a beautiful Vietnamese woman and it was incredible. Afterwards I decided to sit down and get more massages and before you know it I woke up at 7am lol phone and wallet still by my side and felt comfortable the entire time. I would also like to say that I am African American and felt no discrimination at all. treated like a king from the moment I stepped in until I left. Thank you so much again for the work you put into these reports.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. White women working in Macau saunas usual come from Russia or other former Soviet states. Cheers.

  96. Vik says:

    Hi am going to macau on last week of December. I have never had a any kind of sexual service before I want to try macau sauna. Please help me I am very shy. I am scared to go inside. And tell me if any sauna package they offered

  97. Garry says:

    hi bud, could you tell me what is Familia Noebre style massage listed on the price list?

    • rockit says:

      I can’t recall at the moment but I think it may be a full service session with a woman selected by management. Cheers.

  98. Bigcatabroad says:

    Hi Rockit,

    I have read reports and am having a blast here in Macau. Just a report on some mongering. I totally agree with the YMMV statement.

    I went to Familia Nobre at around 4pm but they only had 4 Vietnamese girls on staff and they said that around 8pm there would be a full roster. Interestingly they offered to show me the lineup girls before I entered the sauna. The girls were good looking but I have had enough Vietnamese girls before and decided to not go ahead. The manager said they only had the 1988 HKD price (90 min) and offered a thigh massage for free due to “happy hour.” While I did feel as though they were trying to up sell me even before I went in and undressed I think it would depend on the punter and whom he is interacting with. Maybe I was giving the “Looks like a rookie vibe.” The girls were asking why I didn’t choose when I decided to leave hehe.

    I left and then went for a stroll and bumped into a place called Holiday Spa which is located near Holiday Inn Macau. It is located along a foot traffic only lane. Proceeded upstairs and did the usual undressing and showering. This is where my above comment of YMMV comes into effect. Took a seat and the manager offered me a Russian girl for 1498 HKD. For some reason they don’t accept credit card even though having VISA stickers all over the reception table. They had 3 girls which only one was the obvious choice. I saw some Vietnamese stunners (2) but had already decided on the Russian. The two Viet girls I mentioned were superior in the looks department than Familia’s but this is to my liking of course and may differ to others. I had good chemistry with the Russian girl as she could speak English to some degree. After popping she told me to keep my eyes open and watch her shower herself. Afterwards I walked out and the manager made a point to ask how it was and whether I was satisfied. My only gripe about this place would be that they were remodeling or still moving in as they had carpenters painting and fixing some rooms. Some may be annoyed by this but it didn’t bother me too much as the lounge was positioned far away to avoid the sounds.

    For those having less than positive experiences at a spa, my advice is go to another and take it easy. I understand the prices are quite high compared to other places such as Thailand, etc. but take into consideration this is how it is done here. Take it in stride and if it isn’t going your way keep punting till it does.

    One question I poise to others, at Holiday Spa they gave me shorts and a shirt to wear. Has it crossed anyone’s mind that their Johnson Jr. is rubbing against the same cloth as about hundred others before??? I would have preferred keeping my boxers on under them.

    I will try Familia soon and hopefully can report back.


    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. There are actually a lot of Chinese women working at Familia Nobre right now. There may be even more Chinese than Vietnamese women at the moment. I don’t worry about wearing shorts that others have used for the same reason that I don’t worry about using towels at hotels. They are washed between uses. If I was worried about that sort of thing I certainly wouldn’t be looking to have sex with women that have had intercourse with hundreds of men. Cheers.

    • Bigcatabroad says:

      True, I see it as wearing a rubber shields me from it all as opposed to going commando.

      Finished my stint at Familia today. Have to say overall positive things about this place. I pretended that it wasn’t my first time and it seemed to make things run a little bit smoother. I was asked multiple times what nationality I am and this seemed to give the girls an idea of what to expect. It was efficiently well run and loads of attendants and staff not giving sexual services. Due to my Asian looks they kept talking to me in Cantonese/Mandarin to which I have no idea.

      I had a foot massage which was good and kept getting offered massages and upgrades. I was firm and declined politely. Saw a line up for some other punters and the previous posters were not kidding about the number of girls. There would have been at least 40 plus the massage and other services girls. From previous posts the shirt colours have changed somewhat as there are girls in red, white and peach/cream shirt offering thigh massages. I got a Chinese lass that have good service and had a rocking body and fake tits. Cost was 1788HKD.

      Afterwards I was told my foot massage was free, service wise this place is gold. I saw some absolute stunners for the price of 2398 HKD.

      Even though there is a high volume of customers going through, I wonder how this place is able to make a good profit given all the overhead. Reception, shower girls, managers, changing staff, cleaning and kitchen staff, towel girls, masseuses, rent, taxes, etc etc.

      This should be a stop for any punters visiting Macau to experience good service.


    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. They may have the largest full service staff at the moment. Cheers.

  99. eztiger says:

    First of all thank you rockit for making me aware of this spa.
    I am currently writing this from my room at the Rio having just got back from FN, what an experience!
    I entered around 7pm and was greeted by a women who did a fairly good job explaining the price list. I stated that I wanted the standard entry package and would buy additional services once inside. I then proceeded to the changing room and then had a soak in the large heated pool for about 15min.
    After getting changed into some comfortable shorts and a robe I was guided to the first lounge area where I ordered a milk tea and a free pork dish, while this was prepared I received a foot pedicure. After eating I was entertained by two girls, one gave me a foot massage while the other gave me a shoulder massage, face massage, ear cleaning and hand pedicure. The girls were very friendly and I got the Impression that I was a bit of a novelty to them. If it was an act then they should be up for an Oscar. While I was receiving these services I did start to rise to the occasion which I think was noticed due to my large endowment and shortly after my first foot massage had ended the girls must have been gossiping as I was approached by another girl who practically begged me to let her do another foot massage along with a thigh massage girl. I agreed to both another foot massage and a thigh massage. My shoulder massage was still on going at this point and the non thigh massage girls were eager to join me in the private room to continue their services.
    The journey to the private room through the lounges with no way of hiding my old chap standing to attention was both embarrassing and hilarious at the same time, there was lots of staring and giggling from the other girls en route. If you are blessed with a big one you will draw a fair bit of attention in this place!
    So I ended up in the private room with three girls absolutely obsessed with my old chap. It was great fun having a shoulder massage and effectively a 2 girl thigh massage at the same time. I say two girl thigh massage as the foot massage girl was more interested in helping out the thigh massage girl if you know what I mean!
    While all three girls were present I was offered a foursome thought I declined, also before the shoulder massage girl left she asked me to sign off 5x for the shoulder massage. Due to the language barrier and me not being switched on I agreed so watch out for that! I was then asked if I wanted a happy ending, I agreed and the foot massage girl left. After an excellent hand job I was asked to sign off for 1000 MOP, I agreed but will be more wary next time!
    I was then shown to a different lounge where I got the line ups and the little show from the line up girls, the mini mouthwash bj is a giggle. I didn’t take a full service in the end as I Was unsure what I already owed and left around 11pm. Total cost was 2963 MOP.

    Overall it was good experience, I was made to feel special and welcome though I will be a tad more switched on upon my next visit.

    just one last thing. After paying by ccard and leaving I noticed on the receipt the option to choose between MOP or my local currency (GBP). I wasn’t asked to choose at point of payment so I’m hoping the charge defaulted to MOP and will be handled by my bank. I will have to wait and see I suppose.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ve never heard of people being asked to sign off on extra services that weren’t delivered. If it’s true that is a troubling sign. Some women will do jobs that aren’t theirs for extra money though which is a little different. For example the thigh massage girls will sometimes do full service for 3000 Patacas. Then again I don’t even know if you were at Familia Nobre. I have never heard of a special lineup room or “mini mouthwash bj.” Cheers.

    • eztiger says:

      In hindsight I might have been mistaken about the 5x sign off as thinking back and adding up the services the girl performed it did add up to 5. Also the mouthwash bj was part of the show you described in your review (tits in face, lap dance etc…).


    • rockit says:

      I never described any such show in this review. Perhaps you should read it again.

  100. eztiger says:

    It was definitely Famila Nobre. I was guided back to a different lounge after the thigh massage where disco lights came on along with some dance music. The lounge was also curtained off from the others while the line ups / show were in progress. This gave me the impression of it being a different area.

    Apologies for the confusion.

    P.s I, like defiantly visit again when I get the chance!

    • rockit says:

      Again I have never seen any show or curtained off area with disco lights in Familia Nobre.

    • Jules says:

      Eztiger is right. There is a curtained off area with disco lights and sounds and a show going on in fn. Always full house the 2 times I’ve been there so duno what goes on inside.

  101. Pirate says:

    Writing from Familia Nobre, the place is indeed one of the best in Macau.

    Few comments from my visit:
    – thigh massage for 198 MOP in a private room is a great deal – highly recommend. Ask for excellent Japanese porn on TV.
    – Familia Nobre massage 1288 MOP (when a girl is chosen by house) is another great deal, but as I found out it is only available from 7am to 8pm. It came as surprise as time limit is not listed on any menus/advertising. I’ve been in sauna since 6pm and asked for this massage at 7:58pm, manager refused to cooperate. Lowest cost girls go for 1868 MOP, second tier
    2368 MOP
    – Finally, 90 minutes Shanghai massage 788 MOP (entrance fee included) is another great value for someone who isn’t looking for happy ending, but wants to relax in a sauna.

    FN vs East Sauna: girls appear to be more attractive in FN, the food is better in ES, management is better in ES (at least towards foreigners), rooms definitely better in FN.

  102. HK propeller says:

    Thank you for the efforts you put into the reviews Rockit!

    Over the last two years I have visited many of the saunas in Macau with a friend of mine. We primarily have visited Emperor and 18 sauna.
    In the end of January 2016 we wanted to try out Familia Nobre because of your review.
    Being well satisfied with 18 sauna, we unfortunately had a very poor experience with FN.
    We arrived in the late afternoon, around 4pm, and we ended up leaving before 6pm again.
    There were no washing girls, and only few girls on duty in the lounge area. When we asked for a thigh massage only one girl was at work and she was busy. Lineups were not possible at that time and the girls providing shoulder and foot massage looked worn out.
    We were so disappointed and ended up leaving for another sauna. – We even had to argue with the manager at the exit as he wanted to charge 500 HKD for each, despite the fact that no girls could provide the usual and basic services. He ended up discounting us 10% eventually.
    It was a poor experience and I must say your review may deserve an update.
    Maybe it was because we visited FN early, but surely other saunas in Macau provides these services as standard in my experience even for an early bird. Not being able to get a wash, thigh massage or a line up is simply not good enough.
    HK Propeller

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. This is an example of why the phrase “your mileage may vary” is used so often. I visited Familia Nobre a few months ago. There were two shower girls working and close to a half dozen thigh massage gals in the lounge. Lineups were available on demand as always. Cheers.

  103. Vinc says:

    Mixed experience. Fj session was great but thigh massage ladies wanted 5 session before allowing a pop which means a usd 150 hj. No thanks.

  104. JJR says:

    Here’s some info that anyone new to FN might appreciate. There are also some questions after that.

    For a price just south of 3500 HKD the following experience can be had. A 4 hour stay inn the evening consisting of:
    – 1 thigh massage to completion (HJ). She may call it “fey-gay” (lit. fly on a plane). The price is 5 times a normal thigh massage.
    – It is alright to get this if you can afford it, but most guys might not be able to enjoy the FS as much if it is too soon after.
    – 2 foot massages
    – 1 ear cleaning
    – 1 head massage
    – 1 shoulder massage
    – 1 hour FS with a pretty mainland China girl

    If you select FS, they are likely to give you some services for free, such as one foot and one shoulder massage. Not sure if this is only for first time visitors or not though. One minor complaint would be that the line up is done in a hall that is mainly lit by dim coloured lights, so it can be a bit hard to get a really good look at the girls, especially since there are so many of varying type. Not really a big issue based on the quality and variety of girls they have, but just something to note.

    As for food, it depends on what you like. Off the paid menu, a personal plate of fried rice sets you back 9.8 HKD; almost nothing compared to everything else.

    Also, some people have complained that the place can be hard to find. This may be as, aside from the large signage at their entrance, they also have a moderately large sign pointing in the direction of the entrance from the other end of the block. If you see it, just stay on that block and do a loop around. You have to see it eventually.

    One other minor negative is that foot services are now done by a team of both men and women. This is not too bad, but can affect the environment for some men. Furthermore, you must learn to say “No”! Many employees will continually ask you if you want to order their service, and can get a bit annoying about it. This applies especially to the thigh massage girls, who will try to get you to pay 5 times the cost to cum. The thigh massage girls at FS are beautiful, but you have to remember that you are the customer and you -can- say no to a pretty girl!


    1. Is there a good way to turn down the 5x to cum option during the thigh massage? 1000 HKD is steep for even a good HJ, but you do not want to get bad service from the girl if you do not go for it. The girl might even think that you do not actually want you peg polished at all during the thigh massage, instead of just not coming!

    2. There were new, more expensive options for FS called “VIP” and “Twins”. Do you know anything about those? Twins does not seem to be a threesome, since the price is not high enough above the other options.

    • rockit says:

      The best way I know to refuse the option to finish during hand service is simply to refuse it. Saying “I don’t want to finish” should suffice. This doesn’t have to take away from anything else. Customers are free to say things like “I would like you to work here some of the time” or all of the time. Or whatever. The customers pay the service providers. It isn’t the other way around. I don’t know what the twin service is. Cheers.

  105. Jmhkp says:

    Could you request a cbj instead of bbbj here? Which Macau spa has best English?

    • rockit says:

      I’m sure that customers can and do request any number of things here but I don’t know what results they have. Normally women who perform oral without rubbers will also do so with them but there are some exceptions. Cheers.

  106. Jashwa says:


    Awesome info, great job. I got a doubt , probably routine one. In FN during Full service would clients be charged according to the time or pop wise. leaving for macau tonight. Faster reply would be appreciated.Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      I think the sessions are meant to last a certain amount of time but in practice they usually go until a customer pops and cleans up. The women are usually not in much of a rush. Only if a session runs particularly long does management call the room to announce the impending end of a session. Cheers.

  107. Tee says:

    Hey rockit- can you name some Bj bars in HK or Macau I m heading there soon would love to explore! And price?

  108. Filter says:

    Yo rockit, been reading your website since 2011. Do you remember the racetrack at hotel lisboa? Do you know anywhere else in the else like that with a bunch of freelancer WGs?

  109. deca says:

    My first sauna experience in Macau was here thanks to Rockit. It is a a big place but layed out like a narrow long maze. My thigh nassage

  110. Deca says:

    Thanks to Rockits report, I finally made it to Macau and FN, the most popular and perhaps the best sauna
    in Macau. Though I been to saunas in other cities in China where the facilities and girl quality are much higher
    and cheaper than FN but those sauna are very hard to find and use unless you go with a local friend and speak at least
    basic Chinese. Macau is accessible with only English but at the same time very costly. So for foreigners, Macau might be
    the second best or a great prelude to the Chinese sauna culture.

    1.Thigh Massage- I think this might be one of the trade marks of Macau sauna. I never had anything like this in China.Something I had was quite similar in bkk at 700~1000 bt for ball massage in Sukhumvi area. Here it costs like 200Mop about 25usd without HE and only for 25 min. So about twice more expensive without finishing.So 4 x in value.
    But the thigh girls here are quite attractive and even prettier than some of the lineup girls. I really enjoyed my first session with this Vietnamese girl although she was aggressive and offered me FS at 2,000 mop and HJ or BJ at 1800.
    A handjob costs almost 200 usd here with a free entrance and all you can eat free food and drinks at the available limited and selected menu. Two types of Thigh massage rooms are there i.e. chair type and bed type. Each has a different porno channel, soft gravia and non-censored Jap AV star.

    2.Facilities- Like a normal Chinese sauna, looks small but turns out to be very long and big like a U shaped hallway with maze structure rooms on both sides. Found the sleep room much later. Too smokey as it is the only downside for me as I am a nonsmoker. I prefer saunas in cities in the East coast where smoking is not allowed in the room due to the strict policies by the K- culture influenced owners.

    3. Girls- The lineup was pretty small when I went there Monday night. Only 12~15 maybe a slow night or the rest were taken only first 4 rooms were open and many massage girls in blue were working and only 2 thigh girls were there.
    The Japanese and Korean girls were the most expensive and the Russian and Black were the second. The Viet and Chines seemed to be the lowest from 1898. There are two different rates for non Vip members and Vip who get less rates which they offered me but none of the girls I saw was my type except for one perhaps but 300 usd an hr didn’t
    excite me so I decided to enjoy the thigh which was more enjoyable for the value.

    In conclusion, I am still a beginner in Macau although I speak both little Cantonese and Mandarin enough to get around. There seems to be more than 20 sauna in Macau and some seem much lower for entrance but the lineup girls all seem to be at least 1700 and more. Having indulged for the last 16 yrs in bkk and other SE Asia, I don’t feel like paying so much for sex. Yet, it was very entertaining to come here and see some new faces. I even met and made friends with some Western punter who are fans of Rockit report and they should give a free entrance at least.
    I think Macau is great for a short term vacation because most girls seem to know what they are doing unlike some girls
    in BKK who just waste your money with poor performance. I had fun with a couple of sauna under 125~150 usd each. But I had much better deals with more beautiful girls in saunas in Qingdao and Yantai etc. Macau is still a great place because you don’t need to pay for a visa which can be a pain for traveling in Chinea costing 70 usd or more each time you enter. Cheers!!
    I might

  111. guy says:

    just read a few of your macau reports, this one definitely does sound like the best spot to go overall

  112. Blue says:

    Thanks for all the great info from the review and comments. I think I understand the FS options (I’m not interested in FS) and the thigh massage (which sounds great, but I’m not interested in paying 5x to finish), but are there other massage options that also include a HJ?

    If yes, any idea the approximate cost?

    • rockit says:

      There may be some other hand only option but I wouldn’t know the price. The entrance fee would probably have to be paid in that case too. Cheers.

  113. amit says:

    nice info…thanks…..would you please tell how much time it takes to do all massage that cost you $348?

  114. Mr F says:

    I have finally managed to get some free time to visit FN, and it being my first sauna experience, I can still quite confidently say that it much better than any adult services I’ve gotten my hands on.

    The reception staff are friendly but one complaint would be the male attendants helping you put your clothes into the locker. I would’ve much preferred female attendants but it didn’t bother me that much as they were also very friendly. Again through to the shower facilities, I am instantly greeted by a decent looking Vietnamese/Indonesian girl who offered to shower me for 268 MOP (I asked for the price during the shower) and she washed me throughly and was chatty enough.

    After the shower, I went into one of the jacuzzi pools for a few minutes to relax a little more before I proceeded to get my robes, the girl handing out the robes looked like she didn’t want to be there, but then again, I can’t blame her.

    Through to the lounge at this stage after getting robed up, I picked a seat and one of the manager came over asking if I wanted anything to eat or drink. Now this is where you fellas should be careful, there are always ladies in red and black asking if you want to go play with them as soon as you set into the recliner chair area, if you want to relax for the time being, you have to be persistent about it. Me being a rookie to the whole shabang, was approached by a very good looking Korean girl and I let my dick do the talking and went for a thigh massage, which are apparently more expensive than the normal thigh massage girls wearing the creamy coloured tops. We then got talking during the session and after a few minutes switched to a full service room. I don’t regret it as it was great but those who are not looking to to splash out over the standard girls should keep this in mind, as later on I went and asked for a line up (the girls in gold coloured tops and shorts that doesn’t cover half of their arse) and they were as good and some if not better looking than the “premium girls” in red who are from various countries like Russia, Japan and Korea at nearly 1.4 x the cost. I would say if you want a girl from somewhere specific, you will probably receive the same service, only that it ticks your clock because they are a certain ethnic.

    After my FS with the Korean girl, I had a bit of food, which was decent and having it in the dining area is good to see some of the standard ladies in gold coloured tops to get an idea of what they look like if you are wondering whether to ask for a line up or not.

    Done eating, went back to the recliners to chill, after a while, one of the thigh massage women who had worked their asked if I wanted a service and I thought, why not, I needed some relaxing time. She was very chatty and gave me an insight to the place (mentioning about the girls in red bother people as soon as they get in) and also that on my second return I should get a taxi close by and walk to the entrance myself to get a 10% discount off my overall bill. I am guessing the taxi drive takes a cut and that’s why taking any type of taxi to FN will mean that you will not be discounted for your stay. Anyways, back to the thigh massage lady, again, very friendly and helpful and she was skilled at what she does and actually recommended me to have FS with one of the line up girls as they are better value for money, which is true. The more expensive vs the normal line up was more or less the same in terms of looks and services in my specific experience. The only time I would recommend going with a more expensive girl is, again, I will reiterate if you have a niche preference of ethnicity.

    After the thigh massage, I went back to the recliner area and asked the manager if I could choose one of the ladies for full service, it was like 5am at this point but there were still around a dozen girls to select from, I went with a cute looking girl from China and she was very friendly and provided excellent service.

    I was exhausted and decided to leave at this point but for anyone wanting to stay, I think they are able to stay 18 hours from initial entry to do whatever they want. I personally had to go somewhere but otherwise, sleeping at the recliners or in the sleeping room is not a problem.

    Hope this provides some of you guys with a most up to date info for those wanting to visit FN.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I would note that as far as I know there are no Korean women doing thigh massages. They are all Vietnamese. I don’t believe there are any Korean women working at the sauna at all though the place does things like labeling Mongolian staff members as “Japanese models” so it could be easy for people to get confused. Cheers.

    • Mr F says:

      I could’ve mistaken what she said for another country but I am pretty sure she said Korea, we were communicating fluently in Cantonese but who knows.

    • rockit says:

      I guess anything is possible but there aren’t many Koreans in Macau as far as I know. Those there usually either work exclusively with Korean visitors or work as high priced “models” in the saunas. At Familia Nobre the massages of all sorts are typically done by Vietnamese women. The Vietnamese women also usually do the showers and most of the full service. Some of the wait staff is Indonesian but most of them are Vietnamese too. The managers and some of the women in the line ups are Chinese. Cheers.

  115. stal says:

    About the memberships at FN, do you have to give them any personal information or an ID/ credit card to get it? Are you ever worried about that sort of stuff if that place ever gets raided/busted? While prostitution is legal in Macau, running a brothel is not. Not sure about how that affects customers though.

    There is also apparently a ~2388 HKD combo at FN for members that includes both a shanghai massage and a full service massage from a normal level girl. Do you know more about that and if it is true?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t believe customers have to give any personal information to buy a VIP card. As far as I know it is not illegal for people to purchase sexual services in Macau though I am not an attorney or an expert on the laws in the People’s Republic of China or its Special Administrative Regions. The sauna offers all sorts of combos that change at times. I can’t keep up with them all. Cheers.

    • stal says:

      If customers do not have to give specific information for membership, how do they tell members from non-members when they come back? Is it just a card with an ID number and no name?

      I only ask about the rules since it seems like other saunas are changing how they operate. For instance, apparently Golden Sauna now has the FS massages cheaper and a mandatory “tip” in the room to provide an extra layer of apparent legitimacy after a wave of police attention over “corruption”. It makes one wonder how safe mongers are in Macau.

    • rockit says:

      I think Macau is one of the safest places in the world and any limited law enforcement raids on the sex industry I have heard of there have focused on pimps running underground rings in places like hotel lobbies and rooms. I have never heard of a customer being arrested. I don’t believe the purchase of sex is illegal in Macau. I guess anything is possible though. And like I said I’m not a lawyer or expert on Chinese law and in any event I don’t recommend anyone do anything but read this site and enjoy. I guess even that could be dangerous depending on where you are in the world though. Cheers.

    • Mr F says:


      I asked about it and paid 188 MOP as preparation for my next visit. You can give a false name or just initials if you prefer. I asked how they verify if you are a member and they told me the phone number alone will do.

    • stal says:

      Thank you for the help. Hope to see more about Macau and Hong Kong from you soon!

      @Mr F:
      So you need to give them your phone number? It seems like that could be traced back to your personal identity, in case you want discretion.

      Also, how does that work for tourists with only a temporary SIM card? I wonder if it is enough to just give a burner email address.

    • Mr F says:


      I just gave them mine because I did not feel at anytime that I needed a reason to give them something else but yes, I assume a burner SIM and email will suffice, I am sure they are too busy with other things to verify or look at it at all, other than when they need to verify VIP status for the discount.

      And in regards to how safe it is, you’d need to tooth comb over the actual full legislation text if you are very worried about it. I mean, most of the recent busts are to push streetwalkers out of the casinos. The sauna establishments seem to be very well run and are probably not on the radar, if they do check the place, it is probably to verify the ladies’ IDs and to ensure that it isn’t operated by traffickers/pimps etc.

      Overall, I’d say don’t let it put you off, I got a week or so left in Macau so I will be popping in for a few more marathons! ;) hope you get to visit FN or any of the others recommended by Rockit, it is really an experience that cannot be matched with another.

  116. Lucien says:

    Hello chaps.

    Living in the neighbourhood of Familia Nobre at the moment, I couldn’t help but wonder what was behind the doors.
    After looking up the name and browsing the different reviews available regarding the place, I decided to give it a shot tonight. It is my second time on Macau, and Rockit’s review convinced me to try it this time.

    Truly, “The customer is King” seems to be the motto of FN. I will prove my point all along this post.
    I went there around 21:00, and was greeted warmly by the gatekeeper. Once upstairs, I chatted a bit with an employee who spoke a very good English. He explained roughly to me the different options available on the “menu”.

    When I mentioned that I wanted to purchase a VIP card, he kindly explained what advantages this would provide me : the VIP card costs 188 MOP/HKD and provides you a free massage in any case (hair, shoulders, etc.)
    Also, you get access to the “special VIP prices” on every item of the menu, which is around ~5/7% cheaper than the standard ones.
    The math is quickly done : you get a full return on investment for any FS you decide on. It’s also the same if you prefer to only have standard services, although you may need to consume two or three of those.

    Once the lobby attendant finished his explanations, I headed for the lockers. As the other bro’s said, you have to get naked in front of the male employee while they fold and store your clothes away. I didn’t really mind, they weren’t really looking at me. But also, I’m used to it due to my past as a Rugby player and the Club changing rooms.
    If any bro were to be disturbed by this, know that you can change under the towel they provide. As if you were at the beach.

    Towel around the waist & bracelet on the wrist, I went to the showers. A female attendant showed me to it, but didn’t offer to wash me. Fair enough, I didn’t want it anyway.
    I followed up by a short stay of ~10 minutes in the sauna. I was surprised to find one, as I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere on the reviews. Apart from the Chinese guys doing their yoga exercises in it, the room is really nice with wood-like decorations. Through the veranda, you have a broad view on the whole jacuzzi area, and especially on the Asian shower girls across the room. I surprised two of them looking at me intensely, they giggled and waved at me when our eyes met.
    Then I decided to relax a while in the jacuzzi. The two girls came to me and asked if I needed help with anything. I kindly told them that everything was alright and I saw that they were a bit disappointed. I surely won’t think twice about it next time.

    After changing into robes, I asked for a manager to issue my VIP card. She guided me to a seat and explained line by line every item of the menu, and reminded me of the advantages of the VIP program. I gave her my “name” and my phone number and told her that I wanted to start with a shoulder massage (note that one “shoulder massage” is a massage of both shoulders and arms).
    A very nice Vietnamese Auntie came and started the massage. We talked a lot, in both Mandarin and English. Many girls came to offer “thigh massages” or foot massages but I declined them all. After refusing for the 4th time, I asked the Auntie to kindly tell them that I wasn’t interested. I wasn’t bothered anymore.
    Once the massage was over, I decided to go for a FS. I don’t know if it’s included in the standard program or only in the VIP, but any FS gives you the right to ask for another free massage. I decided with the Auntie that I would come back to her once I was finished for a head massage (she was very cheerful and of good company).

    Before going for the FS, I went to the “Cantina” to have a coffee. Sadly, I couldn’t get a glimpse of the girls. They don’t pass by anymore apparently : the line up all takes place at the end of an alley.
    I waited a few moments before the manager fetch me for the line up. The attendants provided me with warm towels and offered me drinks. They really paid attention to every little bit of my personal comfort.

    As I said earlier, the line up takes place at the end of the Cantina alley : the girls formed a big U all around me and greeted me with a loud “Hello Boss” when I arrived. A lots of girls were good or very good looking, I would say half of them (but it’s my personal advice). I wouldn’t say there were stunning ones. The global average would definitely be a solid 6.5~7 out of 10 though.
    Most of the girls were very cheerful and playful as I walked around to get a good look at them.
    There was :
    – 5 Russians/Eastern European
    – 3 Blacks
    – 1 Latino
    – 3 Koreans
    – 1 Japanese
    – 2 Chinese “supermodels”
    – 6 Chinese
    – 5 Vietnamese
    While the Black girls winked at me multiple times, the Chinese were the most playful ones, especially when they saw that I brought my own condoms. They kept speaking English and rubbing my arms and shoulders as I passed them by.
    Alas for them, my decision was made when I saw a Russian natural blonde girl in a red dress. #974 if I recall correctly.
    She wasn’t the most beautiful one, nor the one with the bigger breasts, but she smiled and laughed lightly when our eyes crossed each other. She reminded me one of my ex. My LB straightened immediately. But anyway, I digress.

    She escorted me to the room, hand in hand, while all the other girls kept congratulating her.
    She didn’t speak a very good English but through gestures and with the help of Google Translator we understood each other perfectly.
    After the shower body massage, she gave me a CBJ. I asked her to go slowly and to take her time doing it as I am a bit of a “fast popper”. I didn’t even need to tell her, when I came close after that, she felt it instantly and stopped or slowed accordingly. She understood immediately that I wanted to make the most of those 60 minutes with her. We went through many different positions, laughed a lot and I came right before due time. She helped me shower and dry afterwards.
    A typical GFE which is what I expected from FN.

    I grabbed a drink at the Cantina and went back in the room. Head massage with the Auntie went perfectly, we spoke about many different things, but mostly on how my “boom boom time” went. To me, it seemed she was truly happy that I enjoyed my time there. She also massaged my shoulders and back as a “bonus”.

    Total Damage : 2876 MOP (~340€ / ~360USD)
    – 1 VIP card 188 MOP
    – 1 both Shoulders & arms massage (free with VIP)
    – 1 FS with Russian girl (2688 MOP VIP price)
    – 1 Head massage (free with FS)

    Prices valid for Friday, December 2nd evening (there’s a surcharge on Fridays & Saturdays)
    Also, the VIP card gives you another 10% discount on the VIP special prices. So a discount on an already discounted price. This additional discount is valid for every service, standard & FS.
    Definitely will go again for FS with a Vietnamese or a Chinese girl.

    I will gladly reply to any of your enquiries if you have some.
    As English is not my mother tongue, I apologize for any mistake or repetitions I may have made.

  117. Jack Hudson says:

    Hi, was here last night, only thing different was now instead of the girls coming out for a lineup every hour, its on demand and they all stand in the corridor, call me lazy, it means that now i have to get out of my seat to go and choose. I recommend you get the VIP card for about 190 MOP this gives you discounts to all the services and allows a free thigh/shoulder/foot massages as well so imo worth getting, it lasts for a year. seems like all the girls that do the small massages are now northern Vietnamese girls, the line up girls are made up of id say 50% viets, 40% Chinese, the rest are Japanese, Russian, and now even 2 Jamaicans.

  118. Roy says:


    I will be heading to Macau in 3 weeks. Recently I have hear a lot about the Chinese government cracking down on prostitution. Did these sauna get affected. Thank you.

    • rockit says:

      Macau is a Special Administrative Region. As far as I know all saunas are still open there. Cheers.

    • Roy says:

      I just got back from my trip to Macau and I visited FN twice. Here is a very important tip, WALK TO FN. Once you get off the ferry, take the casino shuttle to either MGM or Wynn and take the 3 minutes walk to the sauna. You will know why when you get there and can thanks me later. I got almost all the services available at the sauna and my bills together for both time is about 12k HKD, but it was all worth it. I originally just wanted to get the Vietnamese girls which is the cheapest, but in the line up, there is a very hot Japanese girls that look a little like the JAV star Yui Hatano. I can’t pass it up and at FN Japanese and Korean girls cost twice as Vietnamese. On the second night, there is a very cute young Chinese girls doing the ball massages. After that I ask her if she will do the full service with me. She keep saying no and I keep raising the price until she say yes. The price is not cheap, but worth it. This girl have the face, tits, ass and legs any men will ever wanted. 12k HKD is about $1,550 USD. Some will think I’m a sucker for spending that kind of money at a sauna, but I will do it again in heartbeat. I can’t wait to go back again.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the detailed report. Cheers!

  119. Bob says:

    When I once visited emperor, they asked me to also pay 500HKD to the fs girl directly. Is it similar here?

    • rockit says:

      There appears to be a new trend in some places with them asking customers to pay service providers directly. This may be related to new regulations or fears of a crackdown sparked by the situation in the mainland. Cheers.

  120. deca says:

    My second trip to FN was not bad at all but not as good as my first. I
    had 3 girls massagng my thai legs
    and shoulders for 20 min. Then I had a cute Chinese girl for an hr for FS in which I had plenty of rimming
    and bbbj. But she didnt do cim so Iwasnt so happy. The total damage was about 350 usd. There were no Chinese Thai girl but only viet girls who were trying to overcharge for an extra as usual. I would rate it 2 star now since I can get better services elsewhere for much less in S.Korea etc. There are many saunas in Macau and I might try the othere if I ever come back to Macau.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. There are many saunas in Macau. There are still some I haven’t seen! Cheers.

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