Review: Emperor Sauna — Macau

Line up of prostitutes at Emperor Sauna in Macau

“Showtime” at the Emperor Sauna. The usual line ups actually look better than this in my opinion.

The sauna in the Emperor Hotel is a good example of why Macau has been described as a sort of male paradise by more than one commentator.

As readers of this website know, I have traveled near and far sampling the best and worst of what’s available in the form of adult entertainment. I tell you with all sincerity that Macau is one of the best places in the world you can go to get your rocks off for a set fee, and the Emperor Sauna is a part of the reason why.

Those who have never had the pleasure of visiting one of Macau’s male saunas may have a hard time imagining everything that goes on within them. Since so few of the customers seem to be English-speaking I would guess that majority of Western men have no idea these places even exist. Although the clientele of the saunas are mostly Chinese people of all nationalities are welcomed inside which is refreshingly different from places like South Korea and Japan that have huge adult industries but keep them mostly closed off to foreigners. With prostitution being totally legal in Macau, these facilities are often attached to and operated by hotel and casino companies that know what customer service means. That extends fully to their adult entertainment offerings.

The Emperor Sauna is easy enough to find, even in the sometimes confusing layout of streets that is Macau. Just enter the Emperor building, get in the lift and head to the third floor. You will be greeted at the counter but you don’t need to stop there. That’s where you pay on the way out.

Instead head to the locker area where a male attendant will show you to your locker. Unlike some of the other saunas around town the guys here don’t usually hang around and wait while you get undressed. Some may chalk this up to a lack of customer care but I feel more comfortable taking my clothes off without one or two guys staring at my junk. You can feel confident that your things will be safe in the lockers at Macau saunas. To open them requires both the key of an attendant and the key they give you to wear around your wrist, which is numbered to track any purchases you make in the sauna.

You don’t take anything inside the saunas including money. Your bill is settled on the way out. The only exception is that you can take your phone if you’d like. All saunas in Macau are equipped with wireless internet access and cellphone chargers.

After you undress, wrap yourself up in the provided towel and slide on the provided slippers, you can head to the showers. These are reached by going around the pool. There aren’t as many showers as there are at some of the other saunas around town but it doesn’t matter much as there’s almost no chance of them all being occupied anyway. On most visits there won’t be more than one or two in use.

After you get cleaned up you can dip in the pool (fully nude) or head over to get yourself a pair of shorts and a robe. Unfortunately at Emperor you are given a robe by a young guy and the shorts are much too short. They look like something out of a 1980’s made-for-tv movie staring Bruce Jenner. With everything Macau’s saunas offer it may seem a little ridiculous or trivial to complain about something like this but as always I have to compare the place with other similar setups. If this sauna was in New York I’d probably be happy even if they gave me a Speedo thong. It’s all relative.

The lounge at Emperor is huge. It’s at least as big as any other I’ve seen in town. That’s a good thing since it means that the likelihood of you sitting next to or directly across from another guy is low. As large and accommodating as the Emperor Sauna is, I’ve never seen it get really crowded. That could just be luck but after a few visits I think it may be more of a sign of how things regularly go there. I’ve heard that it was incredibly busy around a decade ago but my first visit came much later than that so I can’t really comment.

All you have to do now is chose one of the dozens of reclining chairs and relax. There are televisions around the lounge that broadcast either in Chinese or English with Chinese subtitles which you can watch. You can also read, play with your phone or take a snooze. It’s up to you.

As soon as you sit down a female attendant will bring a large towel to cover you with. She will also ask you if you’d like anything to drink. All food and drink is included free so don’t be afraid to have at it. There are menus next to each lounge chair that show you what’s available. The staff at Emperor is mostly Vietnamese and Chinese but quite a few can speak pretty good English. The few who can’t are happy to find someone to translate. The old point and motion also works well to facilitate communication.

While you are relaxing in the lounge you can (and should) partake in some of the various services. It won’t be long before attendants come around and ask you if you’d like a foot massage or something similar, but if you’re impatient you can also call over an attendant or male manager to tell them what you’re looking for. There are numerous services available. Most are listed on the menu (just like the food) with prices indicated.

Some of the services on offer are self-explanatory. Foot massage, head massage and pedicures are exactly what they sound like. The “thigh massage” is a little different. With this option the attendant will place a big towel over your mid section and sit between your legs facing you. She will then reach under the towel and slide your shorts down just a little bit. Following that she will lube up her hands, reach back under the towel and began to slowly massage your thighs, balls and rod. This will be sensually and carefully as to insure that she does not extract your load before the sauna can extract some more of your cash. One round of this service runs 25 minutes. The rate comes out to be somewhere around 20 US dollars per session.

It’s always good to mix and match treatments when visiting a Macau sauna to get the maximum level of enjoyment. At Emperor you can get a really good combo going with one gals rubbing your head and chest, another rubbing your man meat and two more working one foot and calf a piece. It’s hard to explain just how pleasurable this feels. It’s something you really have to experience to know.

The range of services of each attendant is indicated by the clothing they wear. Those in dark red outfits do manicures, pedicures and foot massages. Those in the pink outfits do the thigh massages. Those in the light green outfits do foot massages. You can chose those you like or simply take whoever comes along. At Emperor almost all of the floor service providers are from Vietnam. The thigh massage girls are typically younger and more attractive than the others, though considering what they do looks are not the most important factor.

Every sauna in Macau offers some form of the thigh massage. Though the name may be different, the international hand gestures remain the same. What I like about the women who work the cock caressing circuit at Emperor is that they each seem to have their own unique style and approach. Some use a nice mild lotion while others use baby oil. All are very good at what they do, as are the other service staff.

Whenever you are ready you can ask for a lineup of the girls on staff available for full service. A less expensive massage with hand job finish is also available but the real action comes with the full on fun and its not that much more expensive.

Full service fuck room at Emperor Sauna in Macau

The boom-boom rooms have been improved since this picture was taken, but you can clearly see the Y table in the shower section.

One complaint I have about Emperor is the way the line up is done. At some other places when you call for a line up the girls available show up almost instantly right in front of you, so you don’t have to do as much as get out of your chair. At Emperor you sometimes have to wait a few minutes and then when the manager says its time you have to get out of your chair and head over to the pool area when the gals gather. I know this may sound like another small issue but again I want to put things in perspective. I am comparing this spa with other similar spas, not a thirty dollar jack shack in Ohio.

With that whinge out of the way I will say that Emperor has a pretty good line up, even during off hours. The majority of the women that work there are from Vietnam but other Asian countries are represented. Even in the middle of the afternoon there should be at least two dozen women available. At night that number increases by as much as 100 percent. The women are all attractive. Some are real stars. None are over thirty and most are much closer to 20, with plenty of 19-year-olds on staff for the young at heart.

The available women will stand in a line wearing some sort of sexy outfits with attached numbers (during my last visit they were in very skimpy bikinis). Their hair and makeup is always impeccable. There’s no need to rush to a decision. You can take your time and make your choice. You can also talk to the manager if you have any questions about the girls or the meaning of the colors of their badges. Once you’ve made a selection give your number to the manager and he’ll write it down. You’ll be asked if you’d like any of the additional options like various gels or costumes. The woman you chose will head off and you will go back to the lounge to wait a few moments for her to get ready.

When your lady of the hour comes back she’ll take you by the hand and lead you past the dining area and into one of the ready made romper rooms. These rooms are medium sized and well laid out. They have mirrors on a wall next to the bed and another on the ceiling. There is a flat screen television with a porn channel. There is also a shower room off to the side, closed in by glass. In the room you’ll undress and then be taken into the shower room.

The shower table at the Emperor Sauna is pretty unique. The top half looks like a normal table but the bottom half is split into two “legs” to allow the service provider easy access to your goods.

Each woman who works in a sauna has their own routine but all are quite good. Some are absolutely excellent. As always your mileage may vary and sometimes it just comes down to chemistry or how the woman is feeling that day, but under no circumstance should you receive anything even approaching bad service.

After several visits to Emperor I can say that the full service has always been spectacular. The last time I went I was in a bit of a rush with an airplane to catch so I chose a beautiful young and busty Vietnamese woman who kept eye contact with me during “showtime.” When I got in the room I was a little disappointed as it appeared I had chosen the only full service girl in a Macau sauna I’ve ever known to have had a baby. I’m not totally sure she actually did as her body was tight (and I mean that in every way) but she did have the faintest of marks on her belly. Again this may sound like a ridiculously judgmental outlook but you have to remember that I’m talking about saunas where nearly all women have very good to very great bodies. Anyway as it turns out the girl delivered some of the best service I have ever received anywhere.

My back was soaped up as usual, first by hand then by her sliding her big soapy boobies and ass all over my body. Then she proceeded to the standard cat bath (licking and kissing) all over. Some sauna girls will lick your ass but it usually doesn’t more than a few seconds. This woman was down there for a good five minutes. If she spent any more time or went any deeper she might even have hit pay dirt. When I was flipped over I was treated to even more slipping and sliding. That was followed by some of the best oral I have ever received — and lots of it.

After being washed up we moved to the bed where I received plenty more oral, including the famous “hot and cold” blowjob which involves hot tea and cold water. It feels good when it’s done well and out of this world when it’s done very well. This girl was an expert and the oral action kept going and going, well above and beyond the already-fantastic typical call of duty.

That was followed by her sliding the condom on with her mouth and us going at it in several different positions until the first phone ring (which indicates that time is almost up). I finished and we laid together chatting in broken English until the final ring indicating it was time to go. There still wasn’t any rush to get out. She washed me off, dried me up and helped me get dressed again before leading back down the hallway. A great time.

The best thing about this service is that it’s pretty much typical at Emperor. The staff knows what its doing, from the full service gals on down to the cleaning women.

Some final comments about Emperor follow. The floor management is just okay. In my opinion they are the weak point in the operation since they can’t speak English well at all and are a little too cold and mechanical. The food menu is decent. They have more than some other places and they deliver good serving sizes. The only problem is that some of the options aren’t that tasty. Of course this is just my opinion. A real positive is that the English on their menus and signage actually makes sense which is more than can be said for some other operations.

When it comes to prices, the saunas of Macau are not cheap. That said they represent a great value considering everything you get. Emperor is one of the pricier saunas in the city but its rates are still within reason. I don’t have a copy of the extensive menu but I can give you an idea of what you will spend. A session of six hours or so with plenty of food and drinks eaten, a few rounds of dick tugs, shoulder massages and foot rubs, and a full service romp with a hot Vietnamese or Taiwanese woman will run you about 3600 Hong Kong Dollars, which comes out to around $464 US. That’s only a little more than you’d pay for two hour-or-less sessions at a Korean massage parlor in New York, but you’re getting much more of an experience and a much higher level of service.

As a good example of a standard Macau men’s sauna with a staff that knows how to deliver almost anything you could want I give the Emperor a solid four and a half stars. This is a very high rating for this site and I rarely give them out. The only five star review I have written thus far went to Sarah Leegh in Seoul. Emperor is not far behind. That should really tell you something.

Emporer Sauna. No 51 Rua de Xangai, Emperor Hotel. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone: 2878 6696. Click here for map of Macau’s adult entertainment venues.

Review of Emperor Sauna in Macau


  1. ed says:

    Sounds like a great experience Rockit. Really interesting report thanks.

  2. ProBro says:

    Finally a review about Macau! Can you also review other saunas in the area (like Golden Sauna here Have you tried the hotel girls and how are they? And comparing Macau to Hong Kong (in terms of finding directions, price, and service) which is better?

    • rockit says:

      They say patience is a virtue. Everything you ask for and more is on the way in the very near future. Stay tuned.

  3. Frankie says:

    Hey I made a major mistake when reading this review. I thought this was at the Grand Emperor Sauna not the Emperor Sauna. These two hotels have the same name like Lisboa and Grand Lisboa but they have NOTHING in common with each other, different ownership, and Emperor’s casino and sauna are much harder to find. Even the guy working at front desk told me the hotel has no casino or sauna though years ago I remember wondering into one in the basement somewhere.

    Rockit, you MUST try this sauna….. Familia Nobre. I’ve found many Macau saunas to all be the same until I tries this place. It was rated best sauna on the forum followed by Sauna 18 at the Golden Dragon. I assure you this joint will ruin any future sauna trip you ever make afterwards. Pros: the GFE service ( no sauna can hold a candle to), private sleeping rooms so you don’t have to sleep on chairs, and a huge lineup. Cons: I have to admit the “models” are not perfect 10’s or high 9’s like at many other Saunas (there are many Vietnamese working there) , the free internet does not work in the private sleeping rooms, the free cigarettes are Chinese Marlboro are disgusting, and while the restaurant is 24hr and will service you in your chair or room is mostly Chinese stuff like congee and chicken claws, soup, or some crappy sandwiches, and lastly you can only stay 18 hours not 24hrs like other saunas, you will be billed for every hour you stay after 18 hours.

    Also, in the Hong Kong Ferry Macau “packages” can be purchased. There are travel agencies in that Ferry Terminal that handle specific saunas. They tend to cost the same up to 200HKD more than walking in. They include free round trip tickets to Macau, at least 2 free services like massages or baths, and you can pay more for added specials at the saunas. They only problem is getting a English speaking manager to explain to you what those services are because most of towel boy staff who can speak English unaware of what those are.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Frankie. Thanks for the detailed comment. There are definitely many places with similar names in Macau and in Hong Kong. I’m very familiar with Familia Nobre and I actually have an extensive review of the place in the pipeline. Stay tuned! Cheers.

  4. Frankie says:

    Rockit, Before you write that report let me say I choose to walk a mile your ”blue sauna sandals” and choose the options you would choose at Familia Nobre, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed.

    Every visit I made I choose the women standing in the left wearing pink cherrleaders outfits. This time I headed over to the Starworld Casino first (people take the Starworld Hotel Free Shuttle to the Macau Ferry, it’s the closest) and with extra cash in hand from a blackjack trainee dealer who let surrender even after I spit cards or Aces were showing I headed over to Familia Nobre expecting to sample the best they had- the models in Black and Red dresses.

    In the past not one encounter with a pink cheerleader did not include a 10-15 min tongue bath with a surprising rimming followed by 30 mins more of BBBJ. The line up started and even though I spotted some “winners in pink” I kept looking over to the models. The African “models” we really friendly not only smiling but coming over to talk with me during their lineup breaks. They were far below “average” and personality didn’t factor in my choice. I also overlooked the two Russian women were hefty but not ugly. I was left with the Asian models in black who did have a 9-10 body but were a bit of a “Butterface.” I chose Butterface model 1104 or something she kind of smiled at me, not really but it was 6:45 am and all the girls get off at 7am so no one was really “happy or flirty” at this hour. It costs 600 HK Dollar more than picking a pink gal but I determine to pad the bill and experience the Rockit Experience.

    We got to the room and everything started the same with them turning on the porn on TV except after she placed the towels on the bed she seemed nervous or tired and started smoking a cigarette on the corner of the bed. She didn’t understand a word of my poor Chinese and when she started to help wash me in the shower I realized this session aint going to turn into a “party.” How? She wasn’t cleaning the same areas the other gals did- you know the “areas” one would scrub one’s fingers with if they were going to be rimming.

    I tried pouring on the charm but to no avail- she had the look in her eyes like she just flipped on the switch to “robotic” and she started in. The next day line ups started at 2pm I choose a model with read see through dress- same story.

    In the end it was nothing special- in fact it was kind of bad. It left me wondering if I should indeed search for greenier pastures in the future.I still think Familia Nobre is number 1 in my book, and I’ve tried at least 10 places BUT their prettiest is not up to snuff with other saunas, AND while they do have line up until 7am expect poor service if you make it there past 4am. And the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON- prettier “models” = worse service. At least that is what at this Sauna.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Frankie. Thanks for the comment. I’ve always had a great time at Famile Nobre, but I like all of the others I’ve been too as well. A lot of it comes down to the individual experience. Cheers.

  5. Rete says:

    rockit looking at going to macau for a bucks party any suggestions on where to stay and go? Wanting a good time!!!

  6. dom ain says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is it safe to leave the wallet with the money and other belonging inside the locker?

    I might worry to get ripped off

    • rockit says:

      Nothing is guaranteed, but I have never heard of theft of any kind in a Macau sauna. Seeing as countless rich businessmen and fat pocketed gamblers visit the places every day, it seems pretty unlikely the management would allow it to happen. Cheers.

    • Macau Grinder says:

      I’ve been alone late at night plenty of times and I’ve even been lost in a really shady looking parking lot/tunnel and I’ve never felt unsafe in Macau.

    • rockit says:

      Is a pretty safe place. Cheers.

  7. Macau Grinder says:

    I’ve been to Macau more than a dozen times since 2009, but have never gotten a pro before. I stayed at this hotel this past weekend and saw that there was a spa/sauna, but didn’t pay attention to it till midnight. When I came back from the UFC fight, there was a man outside the hotel soliciting ppl to go into the sauna. Intrigued, I went and inquired about their services. IIRC, it was 455HKD to enter and getting most massages would get the entrance fee deducted. The massage + HJ was $9XXHKD and u couldnt pick the girl. The other massages ranged 19XX to 36XXHKD. I was told the girls were from euro/TW/Viet/Korea/Jpn/China.

    One of my friends decided to go with me and we asked for a lineup and they said they’d show the girls every 20 minutes in the washing area. It was time and we were called over along with about 10 other guys who all looked chinese to me. There were 2 poles there and 2 girls came out and awkwardly stripped naked. Both had hairy bushes and I was thinking this might had been a bad idea. Luckily no more awkward dances as all the girls came out and lined up. There were about 30 girls.

    I have really high standards of what I think is “hot” and living in Asia I’ve seen plenty of guys who call girls hot that I wouldnt even bang. Anyways, 1 girl soon caught my eye and she really was hot. Unfortunately I was too busy staring and telling my friend that she got picked. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Btw, she was Jpn so top of the line price.

    All the girls were attractive and maybe 1 or 2 I wouldnt want to pay to bang. Turns out there were no Korean girls and no Euro girls. The other Jpn girl was really pretty, but I wasn’t willing to pay that much for her. The other one I would have. I forgot to mention that only the Jpn girls were covered up in their traditional kimono while all the other girls were dressed skimpy. I was the last one to choose cuz the girl I really wanted was chosen and all the other girls basically looked the same to me. I ended up choosing a viet girl with big tits. My friend picked a girl from BeiJing.

    After we finished choosing, we were led out the room and went up the stairs to a private room. My girl turned out to be 26 years old with a nice body and nice tits still :) She was quiet and nice, but didn’t seem too interested. I’ll spare the details since Rockit has already said it, but you get a BBBJ, rim job, and kissing all over the body. Condom is a must for fucking. She used alot of mouth wash giving the BJ. 1 time I tried to touch her head while I was getting a rim job, but she moved it away quickly, but softly :/ Also I didn’t know this, but I guess u’re only allowed to cum once.

    I asked my girl how much she made off of me and she said 800HKD. I also asked the girl if she’d come to my hotel next time I’m in town. She kinda dodged the question by asking a few questions and at the end said she would be too busy/tired even though I offered her 1000HKD. Bummer, turned down by a hooker for more money :/

    All in all my friend and I thought it was not worth the 19XXHKD we had spent even if we didn’t get a hotel room already. We both thought alot of time was wasted in the washing, but a sauna isnt just str8 up fucking I guess. It’s advertised as a massage anyway.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve said before that the saunas are a full experience. Point and shoot action is available for lower rates at places like Darling 1 and Hou Va. Cheers.

  8. Macau Grinder says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t find your site until after doing the deed which I didn’t plan on doing in the first place. I’ll check out the other 2 places next time.

  9. thelaststing says:

    was at EMPEROR SAUNA one week ago. Its inside the hotel to the left, some floors up in the elevator.
    The staff in reception were really nice. Telling me I can be in the sauna for 20 hours, no rush.
    From reading rockits blog I had my hopes up, but I really had my doubts when I saw the thai soap, massage ladies. Unattractive, overweight and paying more attention to smartphones than to us costumers. Only one guy picked a soap lady, the only one that was not very overweight…
    Inside its (in my opinion) old beat up interior that really needs an update, most things I saw and touched were half broken, doors, showers etc, steam bath etc.
    After the shower I went straight to the tiny pool. I spent half an hour in the cold pool and the steambath, from there I saw three lineups with 25-30 ladies. None of the girls were the attractice to me, some looked like ladyboys to me. The expensive japanese were overweight and unattractive, the russian girl were straight ugly… Leaving the pool area the thai soapladies suddenly put down the smartphones and gave me attention with big smiles and surrounded me begging for a tip. Argh, was like coyote girls in a striptease tourist trap, just very unattractive coyote girls in this place. In the lounge restaurant there are free food items on the menu but it take ages for them to prepare fex chickenwings. The food I paid for arrived very swift :) The mamasan in the restaurant approached me and said I had to pick a girl from the line up. Mostly the mamasan was on her smartphone too though.
    The lineup was disappointing, the girls close up was not appealing to me either so I declined the offer.
    It was the most expensive chicken wings(2 pcs) I ever ate.
    On the way out in the elevator I talk to an asian guy who told me bout the “Lounge”, I think that was the name of it. It is a brothel u can go to with the same elevator, on floor I think it was. Where the same girls from the sauna are lined up. There u can see the girls for no entrance fee.
    Well, things change fast, might be different and much better when u guys visit the sauna. If I ever return I will go to the lounge and see the girls.

  10. indian kings says:

    Hello rockit reports
    U r thread is useful for me. But I really want to know is it any luggage room. Coz I m coming back from hongkong on evening of 19 jan and have flight on 20th morning. So I wanna relax before that. So if sauna is a good to spent a 20 hours I all prefer it. Please suggest me
    Cheer mates

  11. RD says:

    Rockit – great site. I know you don’t make recommendations. When you go to Macau do you get a hotel room if you’re there for a few days or do you sleep at the accommodations that the sauna provides? It’s kinda nice to have some peace n quiet time. Reason I ask is I do know that most saunas provide some dorm style type accommodations for you to sleep in. And if you get the full-service, you are allowed to stay for a 24-hr period. Since I’ll be in Macau for about 3 days, I was thinking about hitting up 3 different saunas and to save money may just sleep at each of the saunas.


    • rockit says:

      Not all saunas give a 24 hour admission. Some give less. I usually pick up a room because I like to have my privacy and shower alone at least once a day. Since four and five star rooms at hotels like The Lisboa can be found for under a hundred dollars on a regular basis I consider it a reasonable expense. If I’m going to travel somewhere for rest and relaxation I want to make sure I get it. Many others do seem to sleep in saunas and be fine with it though. Cheers.

  12. RD says:

    Rockit – I went to Emperor 2 nights ago and Familia Nobre last night. Your reviews were super accurate. The staff at Emperor feels more on the colder side. The lady who I worked with to get a lineup at Familia was sooo super nice.

    This is my last night in Macau. I’m torn between going back to Familia or trying Rio since you mentioned Rio has a huge lineup and I haven’t been there yet.

    Gonna have to drop by Rio to see what their prices are. Would love to see if maybe I can get a Japanese or Chinese girl tonight tho.

    Btw, I got a sweet deal at the Holiday Inn in downtown macau for about$75/night. Thx again!

  13. Jack says:

    Stayin in holiday inn in macau.. Need some information abt massage parlours and pick up point and night clubs around holiday inn

    • rockit says:

      The information I have about Macau at the moment is published on this website. Cheers.

  14. Greg says:

    Hi Rickit,

    Couple of buddies planning to go to Macau in a few weeks for 3 nights. Your site has been absolutely helpful! More power!

    Any chance you can pop bring the oral session in the room and pop again in the bed? Is this allowed? Or will a fee be added?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that there are any hard and fast rules. I’ve never heard of being charged “per shot” but a woman working there could conceivable turn the rest of the time into a regular massage or cuddling session if a client popped early. Cheers.

  15. A says:

    Do they accept credit cards

  16. Dave says:

    You said they give you a blow job with no condom? You can get an STD that way just as easy as fucking. I would be very worried about that.

    • rockit says:

      Oral sex is usually performed without a condom in Macau and in most of the world. Health professionals usually refer to it as a low risk activity because diseases are less likely to be transmitted through oral compared to regular intercourse and when diseases are spread they are almost always the easily curable type. Of course there is risk with any kind of sexual activity and indeed most activity of any kind. Cheers.

  17. Polomintx says:

    Hi Rockit

    Thank you for your info on Macau. From reading your report, I stayed at Emperor intending to go to Emperor Sauna. But on the last day as Macau Grand Prix was happening – I decided to go for that instead. However, after an afternoon in the sun, and with a Ferry ticket for 9pm. I thought I would enjoy a massage and headed back to the Emperor Hotel and to the Sauna intending to leave by 8pm for my Ferry. Three hours must be ample for any massage. However, I ended up staying till 2am can bought another ferry ticket to head back to Hong Kong at 3am !! My advice to others if they are thinking of indulging in a Macau Sauna – 4 hours is about minimum and 6 hours is comfortable but it seasy to take your time between all the offers of a variety of massages and stay longer than 6 hours.
    Being new to Macau Saunas and only educated by this website, I entered and had the shower with a delightful but not gorgeous vietnamese girl. About 20 minutes of nice rub down with warm water, few tucks on the dick and massages bum. I would recommend to start off with. After that – dry off by another girl and they all asked for a tip. Gave them something very small. 50HKD to the shower girl and 10 to the drying off girl although the dry off girl did not do much.
    Off I went for something to eat and drink while I looked over the massage menu. Prices are as you quoted or thereabouts. I couldn’t work out exactly what was what. There were chinese, thai, japanese, vietnamese massage (I was told this was non selective about 600-1200 HKD) and also one can select girl for chinese, japanese, vietnamese massage (for about 1500-3600HKD) What I did not realise was that the non-selected massages were massages with a happy ending and the selective massage was an “enhanced shower” as you described followed by full sex.
    I indulged in a foot massage, a thigh massage and a shoulder massage. Had a meal as above, a a drink between massages. Missed two line ups because of bad timing with my massages.
    Had a look at one line-up. The girls were mostly young and very pretty. I would be happy with any of about 70% of the some 30 girls in the line up. Japanese in Kimono, Chinese in some stewardess outfit and vietnamese in bikinis, priced 3600, 2000,1500 respectively. The line up happened too fast for me and at the end I could not choose so I told the attendant I would go for any and selected the Vietnamese massage. I was told to wait and then taken up to the room. She was pleasant enough. Gave me a massage – I have had better. Laugauge difficulty. She asked if I wanted a happy ending which I of course said yes to. But I may have made a mistake here. She did not offer sex and I did not make any move towards that. It may be that I was supposed to indicate that I wanted sex. Hence the massage finished with a hand job. All the while I was becoming more intrigued with the girls I had seen in a Kimono. I had been to Japan earlier this year but could not find a soap land joint so I promised myself I would next time I am in Japan.
    I decided to go for a Japanese in the next line up. Blow the cash – no point taking it home.
    I chose the slimmer and prettier of the three Kimono girl. Might have surprised the attendant – they checked with me a few times that I was aware of the price. Taken up to room. Very pretty and gracious girl. Showered as you described. Licking all over. Soap boobs massage etc. On to bed, fantastic BBBJ. I ate her pussy for a long while. She was very japanese in her response (lots of noises and very docile and non dominant). Fucked in a few positions in between BBBJs. Now – I had the happy ending not too long ago and had difficulty cumming. She worked very had with the BBBJ well beyond the alarm. No success not from her lack of trying. I had to tell her that I am happy to stop. Got showered again and dressed and taken down. Oh – she did not seem keen on kissing and I did not push it.
    Checked out with a bill just over 5500HKD for all the non free food and drinks I chose, the massages, the tips and the 3600 japanese full service. I had stayed about 7 hours and the time flew by.
    All in all I think the price was worth the experience and if I get time to go to Macau again – I would probably do a Macau style Sauna again and try other sauna houses.

  18. Laio says:

    Rock it. I think your work is amazing. You write lucidly and really pick on the things that really matter. You should publish a book. I’m a Chinese guy and I can say Emperor Hotel is truly legit. Wanted to add that the Chinese girls are mostly from Northeastern China so they are really hot. Also I got the wechat of a girl there for some out calls. She was born in 1993 and is very skilled. Just saying that you can enhance the experience with some out calls.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I have made some great contacts with women working in saunas over the years. It wasn’t limited to the Chinese gals but I agree that they are very attractive. Cheers!

  19. Will says:

    Visited here the other day. Events happened exactly as written in the reports and mentioned by the others.
    Whilst the lady was cat bathing, she did rim job which I did not expect at all. Before I could stop her she was at it. I did not expect that at all, especially after I had a big dump earlier in the day and had been bleeding out of my ass. I’m not fond of rim jobs as risky for both parties. Especially feel bad for the girl. It seems like they have this standard menu which they follow. I would have preferred a quick wash down and straight to action after drying off.

    • Deca says:

      Many Chinese men love rimming job and that’s why this is popular. If you tell the girl or the manager not to do it before this will also be respected. Many Korea BJ
      bars nowadays adapt this option and charges about 10 usd extra off the 15 min session and I can’t get enough here in Seoul.

  20. James Doger. says:

    How can I get fucking lady’s her in Macau can I have there contact at least one

  21. bareBKK says:

    Visited Emperor yesterday from 4PM-8PM. The Viet ladies in the lounge were very friendly and service oriented. Enjoyed a shower massage, 2 foot massages, a shoulder massage, and 2 exquisite thigh massages. What I love about Emperor is that the thigh massages are done in the lounge rather than a private room, so you can combine with another massage at the same time. Absolutely heavenly. Worth the trip to Macau just for this.

    Went to see their ‘showtime’ lineup at 6pm, there were about 25 FS girls to choose from at that time mostly PRC and Taiwanese. I was not super impressed with the talent to be honest. For me there were cuter massage girls working the floor in the lounge and I already had the number of one for a meeting after her shift ended at 10pm. But a pretty Taiwanese girl (#225) made eye contact and gave me a nice smile, so I said wth and picked her.

    Splayed out on the frog table in the shower room, my girl gave a nice cat bath over my entire body, including sucking each of my toes and licking the soles of my feet. Extensive rimming as well. Then a nice soapie full body massage with her tits all over. It was lovely, but the room was freezing cold and I was damn near hypothermic from lying on the shower table soaking wet for 20 minutes.

    On to the bed for the hot/cold BBBJ. Interesting sensations but don’t need to repeat. Began the main event, and from the get go she was just so mechanical. No eye contact & a huge starfish. And seemed to be in a bit of pain from having my average sized white cock inside her. As per house policy I paid her 500 MOP in the room (with 1700 MOP paid to the house later).

    Total damage was 3200 MOP not including the cash payment to girl.

    I would return, but only to enjoy more of the wonderful thigh massages and to get the numbers of more Viet massage cuties for after shift meetings. I would not gamble with another FS girl from Emperor.

    My thigh massage girl was at my hotel room within 10 minutes of her shift ending. After showering together, had a wonderful 90 minute full GFE romp, with DFK, intense eye contact, and deep throat BBBJ. A truly memorable experience. Tipped her 1000 MOP on her way out.

    Thanks rockit for all that you do here- without a doubt the best site of its type on the web.

  22. Den says:

    For the full service in these sauna, is it 1 hr/1 shot?

    • rockit says:

      That is typically how standard service goes those sometimes there are other options available. Cheers.

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