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East Sauna is the anchor of the East Start Group which manages a number of properties including the Sanado Health Spa that I reviewed on this website nearly one year ago.

With an easy to find location inside of the Waldo Hotel, East Sauna operates and even looks a lot like Sanado. In fact one could even be forgiven for thinking the two were identical if it wasn’t for a few slight differences.

The entrance involves all the usual aspects of a Macau Sauna. The customer enters a changing area where he disrobes and loads his clothing into a locker. An attendant then gives him a key for that locker which he wears around his wrist for the duration of his visit. The only thing a customer can bring inside is his phone. Money is not allowed. All charges are attached to the number on the wrist band and the bill is settled at the front desk on the way out.

Thankfully, East is a sauna that staffs its locker area with women. You might think that this would be the norm across Macau but unfortunately it’s not, as places like Familia Nobre that are otherwise excellent. The pretty staff of locker attendants and such seem to hail mostly from the Philippines and I think outside appointments could be easily and discreetly arranged with many of them in the right situation.

Once a customer disrobes and puts on a towel they will be led to the shower area where they will chose one of several bikini-clad Vietnamese women to assist them. Don’t imagine the Playboy Mansion here. Most of these women look understandably bored sitting around though they do seem to perk up a bit when it’s time to get busy. After being de-toweled and washed from head to toe the customer will sit down on a fold down plastic seat in the shower stall. The attendant will then take a mouthful of Listerine and perform a short blowjob. After that it’s one final rinse then off to get a robe from one last attendant.

As mentioned, the interior of East looks a lot like Senado, right down to the two rows of chairs. The floor attendants are also similar. There are general attendants in dark clothing that can take food orders and arrange line ups of the available full service women. There are also women in colorful clothes who do various other jobs. One set massages from the waist up and can do things like ear cleaning. Another set can massage from the waist down, including the lovely “thigh massage.”

At East, the thigh massage takes places in a private room with a comfortable leather chair. A twenty-five minute session costs a whopping 438 Patacas ($57 US) but is pure enjoyment. The women that perform this task aren’t the best looking, but they aren’t the worst either. Most are from Vietnam. The only downfall of the thigh massage at East is that the room lacks a television with porn movies ala Familia Nobre.

Other, more basic services are more reasonable and take place on the floor (with the obvious exception of more complicated procedures).

Full service is also on offer from a large staff of women who are also mostly, but not exclusively, from Vietnam. Customers can ask for a line up at any given time to see who is available, or they can wait for one of the regular “showtimes.” The rates for full service are reasonable and in tune with other saunas in the area, with “models” bringing a bit more than their cohorts at 2000 Patacas ($258 US) a go.

One thing that is out of the norm when it comes to most saunas is that full service at East happens in large hotel rooms rather than the smaller purpose-built quarters common nearly everywhere else. These rooms are large and lavish though they lack any kind of wild shower apparatuses. In fact, full service at East tends to come without a shower of any kind. It’s simply up the stairs and into the bed where the fun begins.

All the usual tricks are at play and a generally good session can be expected from practically everyone on staff. Standard service would last an hour but there are no hard and fast rules. It doesn’t seem to be a rushed or mechanical environment.

The free food and drinks at East are good but not great. There is an obvious tilt toward Chinese-style foods but it comes quick and hot and is usually enough to hit the spot. An interesting quirk at East is that the full service women eat their food in the same room as the customers. There’s usually not much socializing going on though as everyone is focused on either the food in front of them or the television on the wall.

If Senado is one of the best saunas in Macau than East Spa Club is right up there with it. As a reliable place with a good level of service and comparatively reasonable rates, I think it’s completely fair to give East Sauna a solid four-and-a-half stars.

East Spa Club, 6 Floor of the Waldo Hotel, Avenida de Amizade, Macau. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Website: Telephone: 28286666. Click here for a map of Macau entertainment venues.

East Spa Club macau sex sauna review


  1. KOJ says:


  2. Jon says:

    Hi Rockit,

    I’m about to head to Macau for 4D3N with a couple of buddies and I’d like to know which are the top 3 saunas you would recommend me to visit? I have personally only tried out East, Xanadu, Rio, and 18 and I like East & Xanadu best out of these 4.

    I understand that you rate Familia Nobre 5 stars so I will try that out, which other 2 would you recommend me to go?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t make recommendations on this website which is for entertainment only. The highest rated Macau saunas on this website so far were Familia Nobre, Sanado, Emperor and East. Cheers.

  3. Pat says:

    I read that some of these Macau saunas offer ‘games’. Is this true? What are they and when do they start? Cheers

    • rockit says:

      If you read the individual reviews I’ve done of places in Macau you’ll see that I mention “shows” and such where and when they are done. Cheers.

  4. Pirate says:

    Writing this from East Sauna WiFi.

    It all started very well – pleasant Philippines stuff at lockers, Chinese shower girl with free 60 seconds blowjob, well decorated/furnished pool and main lounge areas, decent free food (better than at Rio Spa), helpful floor manager to explain all menu intricacies. Full service providers are mostly Chinese, with few exceptions.

    Now to the negative part. During showtime picked a Chinese girl who was smiling at me. Only later realized that she isn’t as slim as I hoped she will be – all service girls are wearing long black dresses masking their bodies so that only face and legs below knees are well seen. My girl actually had some extra fat and was a bit weared off (butt and boobs were 5 out of 10).

    Next is the room – huge disappointment after recent Darling 1 visit. I suspect East Sauna has many rooms of varying quality, but I got just a regular hotel room with almost NO extra features you expect to see in Macau sauna when paying $300 for an hour of fun. Regular standup shower, regular king bed with only mirror in the bedhead where I can’t look anyway, old fat TV. There was a regular massage table in the room, but my provider didn’t offer to use it.

    The service started with a blowjob, which I fairly enjoyed and signaled that I want to finish like that. She was OK taking it into mouth and we were done in ~10 minutes. Yes, that was my mileage: some mechanical washing in the shower + 10 minutes of oral sex for 300 USD. Pretty disappointing.

    I understand it’s my fault for poor picking and with a better provider it would have been a very different experience. Any tips on how to prevent such failures? Have you ever picked a girl in sauna and then changed her for a different one after closer look (before going into the room)? Is it appropriate to ask for 1 min “interview” with a girl of my choice like check her language, touch her ass and boobs?

    P.S. Thanks for the website, it has inspired me a lot!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. To some extent any pick a customer makes carries risk and chance with it. In Macau saunas customers can see the available ladies up close which is more than many other places around the world offer. I have seen guys ask a lady from a lineup to come closer for an inspection and as I’ve mentioned in the past Darling 1 even has binoculars for customers to examine the ladies but all of this seems a little awkward and strange even to a guy like me. I don’t think customers can change gals once they make a choice without a good reason. It is possible it could be accepted but it probably wouldn’t go over well. The rooms are the most disappointing thing about East in my opinion though I’m not a big fan of the higher prices either. Most of the Chinese woman are attractive but that always comes down to personal views. Cheers!

  5. Pirate says:

    Thanks for reply Rockit! I’ll do better job next time.

    As I stayed for another couple hours in East Sauna after post above, I witnessed a show at 23:40: full service girls dressed up as flight attendants (blue uniform, pilot sun glasses), TV begin to show “East Express Airline” program, two managers start talking something in Chinese using mics. Each client got a girl, who sit next to him, than after signal girls rotated to a next client. Rounds included: sitting next to a client, laying next to a client, sitting on a client (who can touch boobs), sitting on a client backwards, then massaging balls and finally super quick blowjob.

    Must say that rotation was happening so fast, that I couldn’t get horny at all. The end result is embarrassing blowjob while staying next to Chinese fellas having their own. Either way this unexpected show was a pleasant bonus and has recovered my mood :)

    Forgot to mention that East Sauna has many karaoke rooms (called KTV I believe) with many options to have ladies company. However according to manager no ladies can sing in English, so I didn’t go for it.

  6. db says:

    I have been coming here for years and have just sworn off ever coming again. These people simply do not care for repeat business and will rip you off (especially if you are using a voucher from Hong Kong). I have been coming here for literally years (every time I find myself in HK and have a day or two to spare) and have spent thousands of dollars (tens of thousands in HK$) and yet that means nothing to them – and when I (very politely and calmly) pointed out the differences in how they are accounting for the services vs. the “inclusions” for the voucher, they actually became pretty menacing (complete change of attitude). Never again.

    Do not make the mistake that just because prostitution is legal in Macau, that the prostitution businesses here are operated along “standard business principles” where repeat business is valued etc.; this place at least (and I assume this is “group-wide”) is still run on a “grab whatever money you can off the “customer” i.e. mark”, mafia-style basis. Over the years I have come I have had other incidents where I thought the billing was a bit questionable but had chalked it up to my being “overexcited” – I realise now that I’d just been regularly getting ripped off again and again without realising it.

    Never again. It makes me angry especially since it’s so stupid – it’s not like Macau has no other saunas I could go to!

  7. Nyusa says:

    After my earlier feedback/update of Rio here I am writing a update for you on East Spa. Again, I am traveling Macau alone. Young professional asian american who is budget minded but willing to spend for the right value (valuate/invest in companies for work). And my chinese is elementary so I spoke mostly in english. Also, writing this from my phone so please excuse any typos.
    Think rockit did a excellent job giving his opinion but I wanted to provide mine as well and give you guys an update/insight.
    Before I go in to the details of the East Spa, I want you guys to know that prices of all the sauna have went up hkd 500 to hkd 1000 (for full service/sex) since some of rockits posts.
    To go in to East Spa, I will write my impression from the moment I entered Waldo Hotel (where Sauna is located).

    Entrance: Located in Waldo hotel and ambience is ok to pretty good. It is higher than fam nobre which has entrance in front of a bus stop on the street but lower than Rio’s luxury. It is however terrible in discreetness as you share the elevator with others in hotel. You have to hit Sauna floor (it literally says so next to the button). I personally was sharing an elevator with a korean tourist family with 3 daughters. So, I just hit some random floor above them and went for the 2nd try. This is why I am only giving ok to pretty good. 3 stars out of 5.

    Locker: All female and many viet and Filipinos who speak english in the front. But in my humble opinion they were not as friendly as male attendants in other saunas. I found myself hanging the clothes on my own and having to explain myself later when trying to take things out of the locker (like glasses). I dont care about the gender of locker attendants I just want them to place my belongings in the locker and keep it safe. Locker is modern and could fit my 30L bag. This is contrast to fam nobre lockers which is frankly outdated but not as modern nor spacious as Rio’s. Again, I dont care about the lockers themselves as long as they keep my belonging safe. However, worth commenting as it is part of total ambience.

    Sauna tubs: Small. Much smaller than Rio and smaller than fam nobre. Funny thing is there are 3 small tubs but you can only use 2. Other 1 is reserved only for when you take a bath with some service girl. So even with 3 tubs combined the tubs are 1/3 the size of Rio’s. With only 2 tubs, you do the math. If you are only into sex maybe tubs dont matter but keep in mind we are reviewing Saunas here. And if you only want sex you have as alternatives: fishbowl/brothel/call girls.

    Restaurant and massage area: massage area is tiny. It is much smaller than Fam nobre and Rio. Again to size it up probably 1/3 or 1/4th size. You will quickly find yourself surrounded by tons of japanese and korean brothers. I have to admit this place had the highest foreigner to chinese ratio of all the saunas. Word out to my dark skinned bros, I did see a lone african guy here and he had no problem choosing a chinese girl for sex. Overall interior is more luxurious than fam nobre but cant really compare to rio’s. Massage service is cheaper hkd 168 or so for shoulder head foot which is cheaper than rio’s hkd 200. But! Here is the catch! The massage time is 20min vs Rio’s 25mins. Again I would place the massage between fam nobre and rio.

    Girls and showtime: Showtime every 1 hour or so. Unlike Rio which has showtime every 30mins this place you can loosely think it is about an hour as they only do it when there is enough “fresh” people (new people who just came in or people who havent had sex yet) in the massage area. Before coming here I heard from people how it overtook Rio and Golden 18 in terms of having the hottest girls. In my humble opinion answer was no, no, and no. If Rio was 10 this place was 6. But again this is my opinion. I have realized that for example my white friends have totally different opinion of asian beauty than most of my asian friends.
    But I admit the showtime is far greater than fam nobre and rio’s. I attended 3 showtimes and each had different themes. 1 common factor was they change songs 3 times (short songs guys not 3 to 4 min full songs) and for each songs girls rotate clock wise so you get to have 3 different girls who do something to you. Which included making you touch their tits (hellz yeah), girls rubbing your nipples, blow job (warm and cold with ice), making you lick candy off their stockings. Hellz yeah most interactive showtime thats for sure. But keep in mind this happens only about 1 hour+. If you are staying short time you will only be able to see 1 or even none. I personally selected a girl who was supermodel category and resembled my ex gf. I almost wanted to show the girl how much they look a like but stopped myself. To be clear, I didnt pick her because I wanted to have sex with someone who look like ex! I picked her because I found her most attractive but she happen to look like my ex, I guess I like that type of girls.

    Let me stop and give couple insights guys. Most working girls dont like big dicks because it is painful for them. They usually apply some sort of pain relief creams or take medicine in a daily basis because of frictions from all the “action”. Also, dont go out of way to pleasure the girls. You are paying to fuck not to service a working girl yourself. Most girls dont like it because all they want you to do is just finish so they can join up/not miss the next showtime for possibly being selected again for $. And about the service, you need to understand that each girls are different in service level which in many times is due to their stamina. Tired girls mean less service. The girl I had at East spa was service minded but she would tire out quicker than other girls. Again, I could see her sweating and catching up on breath so I was fine with just ok to pretty good service (I am not ok with faking service or bad service without effort).
    And finally. Guys dont fucking feel pity for the working girls. They each have their own story for why they are doing what they do some can be stupid as to pay for a car or pay debt from shopping spree or plastic surgery. But many if you are semi popular make over USD 100k and if really popular more than USD 200k. And the chances are you are one of about 1000 guys (no exaggeration) they fuck annually and they wont even remember you.

    Btw how do I know all this? Checkout my review on rio girl who I banged outside 3 days in a row.

    About the restaurant I will never forget this but dining area you share with the working girls. It was right after showtime and I went into dining room and I quickly got surrounded by the working girls who werent selected and came to eat (guys they eat so much, more than me). And most hilarious thing is that on tv was some sad chinese movie about a prostitute. Can you fucking believe watching a sad movie of a prostitute surrounded by the working girls? Kodak moment for sure. And food was pretty good worse than rio’s better than fam nobre. They did have more rice dishes than rio.

    Price: many saunas offer 1 free massage service of your choice (fam nobre 2 if entered in happy hour 1pm to 8pm) if you buy sex service. East spa gives free service if you have sex and if you give them the sakura card (you can tell even from their promo card name that it is japanese and korean oriented) which is funny as it is readily available when you enter. If you for some reason dont receive a free massage from failing to pickup a promo card that is right in front of you, guys I dont know what to say. Given all of the above, in my opinion was solid (3/5). Despite the better showtime it overall lags far behind Rio which in my opinion is the best sauna in macau.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers.

    • manfred says:

      Kudos for the “Kodak moment”, that was hilarious!

      Can you tell us more about the girl you took out of the Rio sauna? Did you see her “freelance-style” outside her working hours there? How did it go? Would you do it again?
      I guess being somewhat conversant in Chinese must be a big help in these circumstances.

      I speak neither mandarine or cantonese, and when I visited Macau I had a really tough time communicating even the most basic things with the girls, especially the ones from PRC, but even those from Vietnam only speak mandarine chinese as their second language (understandably).

    • rockit says:

      A lot of the Vietnamese women speak English. That’s more true for those who work the floor like the massage ladies who are in constant and extended contact with foreigners but some of the full service gals can also converse pretty well. The Indonesian women can usually speak English at a near fluent level and a lot of the Mongolians and Eastern Europeans can too. Of course it depends on the shop. Cheers.

  8. manfred says:

    Oh sure, the Eastern European girls are basically fluent in English, and I always found they are quite talkative too.
    Every time I’ve been to Familia Nobre there were a couple of girls from Moldova, Ukraine or Serbia, and they seemed keen on starting a conversation (and I can guess why, I was the only non-Asian guy in there, and these girls’ Chinese is probably very limited).
    Unfortunately (for them) I was not that interested in their services. When in Rome do like the Romans, and moreover I could easily get prettier EE girls in Germany or Austria (not too mention Hungary!) for a small fraction of the price – even though the service level is extremely basic in Europe compared to Macau, I’ll readily admit.

    Evidently I must have been always unlucky with the Vietnamese gals (just the language skills, of course, everything else was stellar), never met one in Macau who could tell anything much beyond her name and age.
    But I am glad to hear that was just a fluke, all I have to do is to give it another try – and I’ll happily oblige!

    I was told repeatedly that one can get outcalls of pretty Vietnamese girls from places such as Hou Va and the like (which would be great, as the ambiance there is seriously lacking and I would always take my hotel room over those dismal rooms) but I never gave it a try because I feared the total lack of communication would be a big hindrance.
    But maybe I’ll make an attempt next time.

    • rockit says:

      There are Vietnamese women at Hou Va who can speak English fluently. There are also Vietnamese floor women at Rio who can. Additionally Indo and Vietnamese gals at various other places can too though of course not all of them can. Cheers.

  9. ddwa says:

    thanks for the report, can you please elaborate more about the shower area in general. is it private stall?


    • rockit says:

      The showers in all Macau saunas are pretty much the same. There are in stalls but they aren’t really private. They don’t have doors. As a general rule no ones into them though someone could if they wanted to. Cheers.

  10. Joe says:

    Just returned from trip to Thailand and Hong Kong/Macau. Upon arrival in Macau, I was too sick to try anything the first day, so only got to go to East Sauna on the second day.

    What I liked: as per this article, the decor is nice and the service staff were attentive. Food decent and they kept me in good shape with drink orders. It happened to be election day in the U.S., so the big screen TV in the main room was useful for keeping tabs on the results.

    What I didn’t: The selection of girls never got larger than a dozen, and they were scarcely seen. Only a few other guys in the sauna, so I guess they didn’t feel the need to show up until someone called for a lineup. Mine consisted of those 12 girls at around 4 PM. The other major thing is that I felt like they had me under complete control at all times. If I got up to use the toilet, the minute I walked toward the stairs I was greeted with “where you go?” and in the guise of being helpful it appeared as though they had no intention of just letting me wander around.

    This is in stark contrast with my experience at German FKKs where you are free to wander the facility with the obvious exception of private areas and occupied rooms. The other major disappointment is that you never get to see any of them naked other than the one you choose for full service, whereas you get to see the whole selection of girls at FKKs in the buff all day long. It also makes your choices more likely to result in success since you get to observe them for quite some time before moving in to close the deal.

    As for the one I chose, she was a petite girl from Shanghai who looked good in the lineup, but turned out to be a big disappointment in the room. Average BJ, one position and no seduction attempts whatsoever. And then there’s the matter of paying $250 for the privilege of finding out that I made that bad choice. At least with the FKK pricing, you make mistakes $55 at a time.

    • rockit says:

      The Macau saunas are service based. The idea is that the customer is king and shouldn’t even have to fetch their own water .FKK clubs in Europe are more like casual bars or swinger clubs with a party atmosphere. Cheers.

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