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Dream Heaven Massage Bangkok

Joy from Dream Heaven.

Bangkok is filled with massage parlors. Even if you could visit one a day it’d take years to get through them all, and by the time you finished there would probably be enough turn over to start all over again. I won’t come close to reviewing every massage parlor in Bangkok, but I will do my best to try.

I first found Dream Heaven Massage on Soi 33 in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok by accident. I was trying to visit Love Teen massage but I showed up a little late. I got caught up in some fun on Soi Cowboy and ended up in front of my chosen venue just as they were shutting it down for the night. I looked across the street and saw that Akane was also closed. I was considering heading somewhere else when a very attractive woman caught my eye. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and sitting in front of Dream Heaven Massage. I checked my watch. It was just after midnight. I figured I had a chance and headed in the front door.

A very kind manager who herself was quite attractive asked me if I’d like a massage. I said yes and asked if it was too late. She made sure that I only wanted one girl than said she’d check to see if there were any girls still working. By this time the hot number from out front had disappeared into the back. Before I could ask if she was still on duty, she emerged from the back. The manager asked her if she was still willing to work and she said yes. The manager then turned to me and said, “this is the only girl left, is she okay?” I replied in the affirmative with a grin like the cat that ate the canary. Score.

I was planning on a cheap massage with hand finish at Dream Teen but was happy when I looked at the menu here and saw that the prices reflected full service. With a girl like this extra mileage is always welcomed. I pointed to one of the massage course options on the list for 2100 Baht ($67 US) and paid there at the front desk. Then we were off to the races. Without getting too far into every detail of what went on, I can honestly say it was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had in a massage parlor anywhere.

Dream Heaven’s lobby looks a lot like other around the area though it has some accents that make it feel a little nicer. Once you take your shoes off you’ll be directed to one of the private massage rooms. The rooms are standard, with a bed and a shower that is more than enough to get the job done. There are a few mirrors on the wall too, and that’s always a nice touch.

As is the norm in these kinds of places the shower is a two person ordeal. To say customers are assisted in the rinse would be an understatement. In actual fact customers simply stand there and get washed front and back, from top to bottom. After that they are dried off and sent to the bed.

On the bed the massage takes places. This is done with oil or gel, first by hand and then by the nude body of the masseuse sliding up and down. This feels great on the backside and even better on the front. With the young, attractive and fit girls that Dream Heaven has on staff things are even better than usual.

No massage girl is ever going to turn down a tip, but it’s not standard practice to give them out in Thailand. Some guys do and some guys don’t. Many, like me, only give them when they feel the service went above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t mind giving tips when I feel they are deserved at all. In fact, I can be quite generous. What I do take issue with are girls that beg or even demand tips. That’s really off-putting. Luckily it’s not a usual occurrence at Thai massage parlors like this with all inclusive pricing. True to form I have never been asked for a tip at Dream Heaven, but I have certainly given them out.

In my experience the staff at Dream Heaven is always warm and jovial. I’ve never felt even a hint of unfriendliness here. What’s more, the service is well above average and the women look great. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would find anything to complain about. Right around two dozen women work at Dream Heaven, though only some are listed on the website.

Sukhumvit Soi 33 is sometimes referred as “Soi Japan.” There are a lot of shops oriented towards Japanese men on this street. Dream Heaven too has signage in Japanese along with the English. Still Western visitors should feel totally welcome. They are not just accepted but embraced.

Dream Heaven is a stand out among Bangkok massage parlors. This is not because of its facilities, which are nice enough. It’s because of the staff, who from the front desk to the massage rooms know exactly how to treat a customer. At the end of the day the staff is what matters at any such establishment. You could run a massage parlor out of the next Taj Mahal but it wouldn’t mean much if the masseuses were all unattractive and grumpy.

As an added bonus, Dream Heaven also offers outcall. This is a great option to have when you can’t get to the shop in person, or would just rather stay in for some fun.

As an above average massage parlor with reasonable prices and wonderful women working I give Dream Heaven Massage a very solid four stars.

Dream Heaven Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 11 am to 1 am. Phone: 02 259 6985 Website: Map available on website.

Dream Heaven Massage Soi 33 Bangkok revieww


  1. Payphone Tech says:

    Visited (or rather outcalled) on 7 May 2014. Both Giftzy and Pink are prettier than their web pictures – Pink dramatically so. Pink told me she is 27 (the website says 24), and Giftzy said she is “older” although the website said she is 23.

    Giftzy is quite knowledgeable and has good English skills. Pink is fantastic. The way she looks into your eyes is truly overcoming.

    I’m not sure I’d do a 4-hands again, because I’m not sure how much better that is than a 2-hand massage would be… I found myself with too many choices! LOL

    I definitely will see Pink again if I can return to Bangkok.

  2. joe hisa says:

    There is new website for the venue,


  3. mohan says:

    Does dream massage provide A level service? If yes, how does one find which girls do that?

    • rockit says:

      The only way to know for sure would be to ask. It may very well be available from some providers on staff but as far as I know it’s not pushed as a standard service. Cheers.

  4. John Smith says:

    Attended dream tonight, rang first and was told there were lots of lovely ladies and “many young ladies to choose” – not that i was looking for a young lady just one I fund attractive.
    There were only 2 ladies available (both not attractive at all to me and I am sorry to say not very good looking (not even mildly so).
    One nice one waiting for a booking so no luck there – not the “many lades to choose from”.
    I spoke in my reasonably accurate minimal Thai and thanked the mamasan and that if the lady that was booked was available for me to see in a few days I would return after ringing first and making a booking.
    Well !! The mamasan began to yell and bang her fist on the table demanding i give her 500 baht !!!

    I have attended parlours before and know the etiquette and am always welcomed back by the ladies I know elsewhere as well as the mamasans :)

    Of course I did no such thing and simply walked out before I got attacked.

    My advice to others who enjoy the kind and attentive women in these places … go to others and not risk the sort of behaviour I was visited with.
    I went to Angels and was greeted warmly given a free drink (as I am a regular there) with none of the weird shenanigans of Dream.
    What a misnomer that is lol !

    • rockit says:

      Hi John. I’ve always had good experiences at Dream Heaven and I’ve never seen less than 5 women on staff. Things can change, two different people have have two different experiences at the same place, and more. That’s why they say your mileage may vary. Thanks for the report! Cheers.

  5. Levante says:

    I visited Dream Heaven on Soi 26 in mid-December and had a good experience. I the reception lady for a tall girl and she fussed around finding someone suitable. I think the girl was Giftzy (she wore braces on her teeth). She was friendly and accommodating, although not proactive.. I had to direct activities and would have preferred more initiative from her, but she did play along with good humour and I would certainly see her again.

    I’d had a rather unsatisfactory experience at the Amsterdam the night before, so this made this nice experience all the more pleasant.

  6. Marcus says:

    YMMV, folks!

    I visited this spot two days ago, as my first foray into full-service oiles based on several glowing reviews such as stated above “Dream Heaven is a stand out among Bangkok massage parlors. This is not because of its facilities, which are nice enough. It’s because of the staff, who from the front desk to the massage rooms know exactly how to treat a customer. At the end of the day the staff is what matters at any such establishment.”

    There were 7 girls available on the afternoon I went, not counting a teenage hottie that I caught a glimpse of as she disappeared from the lobby past a curtain. A girl with as tight and round a little ass as you’ve never seen on a Asian girl, to be sure. I figured she was underage or something, as she didn’t appear to be available, though she was in uniform with her white panties hugging her sweet ass and not quite covered by her miniskirt. Anyway, all of the seven were at least average in the looks department. There was a very tall pretty one, who just struck me as taller than I was in the mood for. I felt rushed to choose, and picked one that seemed to have a little bit of booty and decent looking all the way around. I wouldn’t say she was a stunner, by any means. I didn’t think any of them were, and so I chose partly on the smiles she gave me.

    The service was a disappointment. After a pair of showers for each of us, though I was already freshly showered on arrival, she said “you’re wasting me,” which was a lovely sentiment to hear, though I had only been waiting for her to join me on the bed by then. The massage was okay, and the BJ was covered. Aside from the fact that it felt like a bit of an ego blow to get the protection so early, it also doesn’t feel like much through the hat. We did go at it for maybe twenty minutes, in maybe 4 or 5 standard positions, during which time she asked me twice, “Why you pick me?” and also complained, “I’m tired” and “you take long time.” She wasn’t the youngest girl, but she did have a tight fit in which I bottomed out occasionally, though I am not big. I couldn’t read her reactions as pain, pleasure, or fakery. With the lube, the ride was plenty slick no matter what. I tipped her 200baht out of guilt, which she accepted somewhat apologetically.

    Afterwards, I found myself thinking that sex with a pro just isn’t the same (and isn’t all that great). Along with a (very bored and inexperienced) supermodel of a Japanese escort who was hands-down the finest girl I’ve ever known, I had a small variety of experiences with Bangkok girls over a decade ago, and the only one that was truly epic was with a GoGo dancer who was a University student (not, up until that point, an actual hooker), and who the other girls thanked me profusely for taking home at closing time. That horny girl was one of the sweetest lays of my entire life, she came very hard, and didn’t ask me for a single coin. Three other go go girls, and three soapy girls (the first of whom had an absolute KNOCK-OUT of a bouncy, pert, young body, a face to match, and a playful personality), and one completely game freelancing bar girl… and leaving Dream Heaven, it all seemed a completely “meh”, compared to the girls/women who actually wanted me.

    It didn’t stop me from heading to a BJ bar yesterday (also based on good reviews, and something I’d never heard of previously), where the prettiest girl in the place took my load in her mouth… or the first half of it anyway (the rest of which she tugged out into a napkin, to my eternal disappointment, lol.

    All this had me feeling a bit bummed out, like, man, it’s crap getting old. But I learned long ago that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And so I followed a very good time yesterday with a great time today, at some other massage parlor. I don’t know the name, but the girls were cuter, and a lot more fun, than the one I chose at Dream Heaven. I think I spotted her on the Dream Heaven website, but I won’t call her out here just because I don’t 100% know it’s the same chic. Based on the lineup I chose from on Soi 33, I won’t be going back. Surprisingly, I saw much cuter talent next door at Love Teen Massage, but passed on it for some stupid reason.

    Like they say, “Your mileage may vary.”

  7. Mksub0 says:

    I visited on May 7 around 2pm, supposedly I went to Akane soi33 first, but only two in line up and they weren’t my cup of tea. Went to dream heaven, about 7-8 girls and few a cute. Chose a dark skin with fake boob, she has the biggest of them all, should have pick a natural one. (First time trying the man-made boob). I chose the gel message in juzzi room.

    Went to downstairs, almost fell to the floor as it was dark. Although I paid for the juzzi room but I only use the shower stand. The shower is okay, touching a fake boob somewhat a turn off, but she has a soft skin.I asked her for a DFK, she said okay. The gel massage was okay, I was so tired from the jetlag and lack of sleep from the flight. After few moments of pounding while she was on top, I requested her just finish me with a hj. (Need to meet my significant half within 30mins) I would rate the overall experience a 3/5 star.

  8. Joy says:

    Just went there at 4pm. I just hope to bring some stuff up to date.

    The prices are the same as what they claim on their website.

    Tried their normal nuru massage 1hr. It was so freaking awesome. At first I was hasitant to go in after reading some of the comments but for the sake of scouting for my friends I decide to jump in.

    The mamasan was funny and nice. No pressure or anything. Then I picked a lady called Y. She is skinny with at least a C cup and slightly tanned. She only speaked little English.(note: it is not even basic English)

    I love the fact that she was active and a bit playful. However, no french kiss and blowjob with condom ( she did asked me about the condom but I just go with the flow). With or without condom doesn’t matter cause she is that good.

    Btw they did not update their ladies on their website. So don’t stop yourself from going there if you don’t see a lady that you like. You might hit the jackpot before you know it.

    To sum it up, I love the service and the ladies. The whole process went on smoothly without a single hiccup. So I guess the phrase, “your mileage may vary” is true.

    So those who wants to go there just enjoy the moment and have fun.

    Finally thank you rockit for the review. You are the man.


  9. Ryan says:

    Just visited Soi 26 Dream Heaven today.

    Have at least 10 girls lined up to choose from and chose a sweet pretty young girl that attracts my attention. Later, I found out that her name is Mill (much prettier and sweet) in person than in website picture. She is also only 19 years old and told me her hometown was back in Chiang Mai. She speaks a little english but her Thai accent is really cute and we somehow managed to communicate playfully.

    It started off with a shower and we bathed together, though the shower did take some time to finish. She helped to clean up the whole body from top to bottom and then we proceeded with the gel massage which she used her body to rub off. Soon, the exciting part began where she put on a cap and try to have various sex position. In the middle of the exercise, I was feeling a little tired and perhaps due to too much gel, she has to restart the whole process again of getting me excited. Finally we finished off with a bang and proceeded with a shower. She even asked if I would like a second round because the timing is still available but I declined because I was too tired. I was also not sure if there are extra to be paid anyway.

    Before I left, I gave her a 100+ Baht as tips and she thanked me. Overall, a very nice and demure girl, super high gfe feeling, excellent and smooth silk body, and very similar to the kind you see a Thai school girl outside. Please treat her nicely.

  10. Shak says:

    Visited Dream Heaven Massage, Soi 33 on 14’th Oct. at around 7.30 pm. As I entered inside, a nice lady on counter greeted me and ask whether I need massage, I said yes! She asked me to sit in comfortable chair, offered me chilled water, first I asked her about availability of ‘Mo’, as I had read some nice review about her, but she told me that ‘Mo’ is on holiday and might won’t return till next year, but she assured me that they have other fine ladies for my massage,

    after my conformation she called ladies, and 4 ladies appeared from inside, first I was disappointed as only 4 ladies available for choice and none of them was attractive, I was even considering leaving that place and try somewhere else but mamasan might guessed my thoughts and she called ‘Koy’, as soon as ‘Koy’ appeared I found her perfect as per my choice, short but sweet, pretty smiling face, no fat on body, I instantly selected her and proceed for payment, the price was pretty standard 2300 baht for 1.5 hrs. of Nuru gel massage, including full service..

    After payment ‘Koy’ escorted me upstairs in massage room, I found room was pretty standard with just shower booth and single bed, but good this is there was an Aircon which is essential in Bangkok to beat the heat, it’s all started with shower, ‘Koy’ helped me to undress and also allowed me to remove her cute uniform,

    we both took the shower and returned to bed, then she asked me to lay on my belly and started to apply nuru gel allover on my back side, after that she applied gel on her body too and started sliding her body on my backside, It was quiet fantastic feeling, after some time she asked me to turnover and started to massage my chest with her cute little breasts, meanwhile I was fully erect, she put condom on my Johnny and started to suck me gently, meantime she also allowed me to play with her cute pussy, after some foreplay we went for main action, We had sex for next 20-25 mins. In 3-4 different positions, she was pretty good in all of them, after I came we again went in shower booth and had shower, before leaving happily, I gave her chocolate, kissed her and left Dream Heaven Massage with wonderful experience….

  11. Jason says:

    Tried the one on soi 33 last night, 23rd Nov 2015. They do have nice girls. Not too many of them left when i arrived around 10pm. Chose a very small and cute girl named Mook. She has those dental thing in her mouth that adds to her sweet and cute look. I really like that. I chose the room with jacuzi tub and it was very well worth it. Always wanted to have a sexy girl rubbing her body all over mine inside a tub filled with bubble. Like what i normally see in the movies. She also has very small and tight body. Her boobs is not too big but i think it is perfect for her body. They also look and feel very real and natural. I especially liked her smooth and fair skin. After the session in the tub, we proceed to the bed for massage and nuru session. The massage felt really awesome at first but after a few minutes, it became quite boring. I did not want any blowjob and sex. Just body massage and ended with a handjob while i play with her pussy and listening to her soft and sexy moan. It was my first nuru ecperience and a very awesome one. Just made me more in love with thai girls.

  12. Max says:

    Just came back from Dream Heaven, and I have to say I’m disappointed. This was the second time I went there, and I had a pretty good 90 minutes with Bell. The “massage” was okay, nothing spectacular. She was quite shy and a bit on the boring side. Everything was good until we’re done and about to walk out the door of the room, then she practically starts begging for a tip! As I said, the session was very average, so I didn’t really feel that I had any good reason to tip her. When I asked her “Tamai?” (Why?) she kept on begging, practically acting like she was entitled to a tip just for doing an average job… very disappointing, and I will probably not be back. I don’t think they realize that they’re really shooting themselves in the foot when they demand tips like that – if the guy wanted to tip you, he’d tip you, end of story. Those kind of girls have probably been spoiled by too many big spending japanese customers and now expect everybody to tip them even if the service was just average… but that’s just my theory.

  13. SJ says:

    Great afternoon 3-some with Mint and Mook. PIcked Mint based on website photos, she’s not quite as lovely, but young, slim, fun and confident. Mook is 27 but looks younger. Lovely smile, petite but perfetly proportioned body. Shower, foreplay then some nice sex on a large bed with mirrors on two sides, and even a bit of light interacton between the girls. A few mins of 4 hands massage afterwards but i told them to just relax as it was more enjoyable laying back with them dozing, naked apart from high heels, on my chest. 4000 baht for the hour and tip on top, which they didn’t angle for but i was happy to give. Very nice. I had been to Mitu earlier but only one girl available who wasn’t my type, so stepped over here on the off chance. A lucky day.

  14. SJ says:

    Mook is prettier than her website photo. And in general of the line up of about 8 girls, at least 4 were very attractive

  15. Kiba says:

    Went there last year and had two sessions with Ammy (different than the one advertised now) and Jesus- she was the very definition of a spinner! So pretty it was unbelievable, one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen- ever! She was only 20 and too pretty to be in a place like this. Very petite girl, only about 5’2”. Great smile, very natural young girl. Great session overall and by the second time I saw her she was open to do anal. Shame she isn’t there anymore. Fell in love with her and I felt like I won at life during that time.

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