Review: Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage — Bangkok, Thailand **CLOSED**

Note: Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage has closed. A place called Chrome has opened in its place.

Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage on Soi 7/1 in Bangkok attempts to replicate all the fun of the Japanese nuru massage in Thailand, but sadly falls short.

Located on a street filled with “massage” places that offer a whole lot more, Dr BJ’s Nuru is a relatively new shop with a different approach. The place is easy to get to with a cab or tuk tuk, or simply by exiting the BTS at Nana Station a few yards away. As the name indicates, this shop is associated with Bangkok’s Dr BJ’s blowjob bar.

When you approach Dr BJ’s Nuru, a number of women will be waiting outside the shop trying to encourage passersby to enter. More women are waiting inside. When you enter, you’ll be presented with a lineup of the available women. Most will be wearing black silky robes. The negative thing about these robes is that cover up the bodies of the women, and many here have post-baby bellies and tits. Even if they have beautiful faces, their midsections can be really bad. A western guy from Europe manages the place and will often be the way asking you who you want to take.

As a new place, this nuru shop is clean and well put together. The lighting in the lobby and halls is bright, so much so in fact that it’s almost clinical in feeling. There is a nice enough looking bar against the wall, though I don’t know who in their right mind would come here to drink. More likely you will be pressured into buying a drink for yourself and the lady you choose. This adds an additional 6 or 7 US dollars to your bill, which is to be paid in advance to the Thai mamasan.

The rate for the nuru and everything else is 2000 baht ($65 US dollars) for 1 hour in a standard room and 3000 baht ($98 US dollars) for an hour in a so-called VIP room. This rate is all inclusive and there is no need for tips.

You’ll walk up a narrow stairway to get to the rooms. Your masseuse will walk you to the right door, where you’ll take off and leave your shoes. The standard rooms are spacious but plain. The floors are covered with wrestling-style mats. There is a shower head inside and a set of hooks for your clothes with a shower curtain cover to keep them dry. The VIP rooms seem to be only a little better, with waterproofed full beds. There is a decent amount of privacy, with walls that go all the way up and locking doors, but you can still hear a bit of what is going on in the next room.

The rooms can be a bit cold when you enter. After all, here you are buck-naked on a wet mat. After you lay down, your masseuse, who at this point has removed her clothes, will wash you with soap and warm water. After this, she’ll apply nuru gel, which is actually pretty close to the stuff used in Japan, and do her nuru slide. The problem is that many of these girls do not have great bodies at all, and additionally are not very good at the slide. I basically walk around with a half of hard on most days even in normal life, but my masseuse at this shop couldn’t get me aroused when on top of me in her birthday suit and her cooter inches from my face. Don’t get me wrong, she was a nice woman with a cute face, but that’s not what this place is supposed to be about.

They are pretty accommodating about the services they offer. As they often say in Thailand “up to you.” Hand relief, oral action and full service was available when I visited. I opted for the blow and some pumping, but I just couldn’t get the job done. In fact, I could barely maintain wood, a very rare occurrence for me (as in, maybe 3 times ever, with hundreds and hundreds of women). In the end, I had her finish me off by hand with the assistance of the nuru gel.

After doing the deed, I was washed off and we both got dressed. We headed downstairs and through the lobby, where my masseuse walked me out the door and wished me a kind goodbye. I was drained, but with so many other adult entertainment options nearby, including many at lower prices, I did not feel like I got my money’s worth. I was looking for a proper nuru body slide with an at least semi-fit woman. What I got amounted to a lot less.

As not much more than a short-time brothel with the addition of some water, DR BJ’s Nuru Massage isn’t that special. I give it a star and a half.

Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, Bangkok. Click here for map. Phone: 02 651 2563 Open 7 days a week, 11 am – 1 am. Website:



  1. Peter Tips says:

    Great site. You might want to consider checking out Akane on Soi 33 for a better, more authentic nuru experience. There’s no full service, the BJs are with a condom, and the quality of girls can be mediocre, but the massages are great, and there’s nothing like a good nuru massage. Just be careful because some do not ask for permission before trying to insert a finger. They have another location in Chit Lom, but that one isn’t as good.

  2. Dr Bj's Nuru says:

    hello! thank you for visit my shop! best regards from Bangkok!

  3. FullServiceBKK says:

    I don’t wish to gratuitously promote my site and I wouldn’t do without relevant comment, so please forgive me but I had a GREAT Nuru experience at Dream Heaven. You may read about it here:

  4. Farhan says:

    Great review. I want to know whether they offer full service after the massage like Annies? Thank you for you reply in advance.

  5. Myle says:

    I walked in and was greeted by a friendly Scottish bloke who gave me the run down while I sat in front of 12-16 smiling Thai girls. We joke about a bit while I made the impossible decision of selecting which girl I wanted. I wanted a girl who looked like she would be friendly and eager, but they all looked liked that. So, picked the one who was a) smiling (all of them), b) slightly chubby (hey, I like it), c)natural tits, d)big tits.
    We walked up 4 flights (four!) and got undressed. Somehow her tits disappeared with her clothes, but whatever, she was a fun girl throughout the whole affair, always teasing and playing around.
    After the shower, I laid down on the mattress, and is was a bit cold but warmed up pretty fast with the action. She did the pussy rubbing over my body and because she was a chubby girl, I got a bit of a back ache (mental note, pick slim girl next time).
    If was my first time and didn’t really know about protocol. When she told me to roll over, I playfully lunged at her and it was all ad lib from there. I had the best time playing with this girl and she was laughing and having fun at the same time, even though she only spoke about 3 words of English.
    TIP: Forget about looks. Make sure you get a girl who looks like she wants to have fun and you’ll have a great time. And always, don’t be a dick.

  6. Jack says:

    Great review. I went in one early afternoon, no crowd and the Scottish guy helped me with a recommendation. Because the girls are up above you it is hard to choose, and his help was appreciated. I think the service is pricey, but the girl was talented, the wad hand nuru were fun, and she and I had a lot of fun. She gave me two shots, including one glorious BJ and once doggy style. Neither stunningly good looking or fugly, the girl was just right: spirited, sexy and fun. Worth at least one visit, IMO.

  7. dash says:

    Nice work rockit. I know BKK very well but never heard of Dr.BJs. maybe I missed it last winter. Otherside of Suk on soi 8 is Lolitas. been there for years, used to be called the Black Cat Club. One block away on soi 10 is Lolipops.
    Both these places are almost identical if not mirror images. Girls out front in schoolgirl uniforms, though some look more like the lunch lady. Pick one. Buy a beer. Point upstairs. Follow her, grab her ass up the stairs. She’ll sit you in an old restaurant booth seat, pull a curtain around you and go for wipes and towels. The rest is standard bj bar, usually bbj. Afterwards, finish your beer, check bin 700-800B (high season or holidays are 800B or so. If she did well, I tip 200B to the girl. Picking a oral tech is not easy, if you get a good one, go back for more as the next one may really suck…but not in a good way.
    I go early, beat the crowds… (err…yeah) watch out for picking a girl after a somtam lunch, that’s Hot (Not in a good way)
    Sometime I’ll report about the Thai scene along Suitisan…
    Sanuk dee makmak

  8. charlie says:

    I recently visited Dr BJ Nuru & for 2000 bht you can get a full service. number 33 provides an excellent service. with 2 shops on this road Dr BJ Nuru is ever so popular now. The other shop is bj only costing 1000 bht. Enjoy.

  9. Dr BJ's Salon says:

    Dr Bj’s Nuru will be closed for the next few days for upgrading work to be done on the plumbing and electrical systems. As it is now low season it is an ideal time to carry this out. We anticipate this being completed in a few days.

    • Juan says:

      Hey Dr BJ’s I know that number 50, who used to work with you is no long there, but I would really appreciate it if you could give me any leads as to where she might be working, etc.

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