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Review: Doki Doki in Bangkok, Thailand


Doki Doki is the newest erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. It joins a crowded field but still manages to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. With a high level of service the place will most likely be very popular and well known in the near future.

Doki Doki was launched by an experienced masseuse knowledgeable about the industry. She seems to have taken what she has learned and applied it well to create the new shop. Some of the women staff is also quite experienced in erotic massage even though they appear to be in their early twenties.

Anyone familiar with the previously reviewed Mitu massage or Japanese sopalands will have a good idea of the services offered at Doki Doki. The place could be described as an oily massage parlor but it is a lot closer to the Japanese soapland model. That means that the level of service offered is very high.

Location and setting

Doki Doki is located on Sukhumvit Soi 31 directly across from the Paradiso 31 Hotel. The bright red building is very easy to find even though the signage is a bit discreet. Customers enter through a set of glass doors then head to the counter.

It seems that the building was renovated for the arrival of Doki Doki Massage. Everything is very new and clean. The walls seem to have been freshly painted from top to bottom and the tile floor sparkles. The place is spotless.

Doki Doki massage

At the front desk there is a tablet device with the menu options and prices. Illustrated descriptions of the services available also appear there. Everything is pretty self-explanatory but the notes and images might help the uninitiated.

The counter is staffed by a friendly young Thai lady with a decent grasp of English. There is a good chance she can also communicate at least somewhat in other languages. In any event much in the way of communication isn’t really required for customers to book a session.

The rooms are located up one short flight of stairs. The space is open and airy. Customers don’t have to duck under low ceilings or climb over anything to get to the quarters. The rooms themselves are very large. They contain big high quality beds with clean linens and huge tiled shower areas.

Nuru nuru massage

The main service at Doki Doki is genuine nuru nuru massage. This isn’t the sort of middling massage offered by some other shops. At Doki Doki the women are actually very well trained and versed in the art of slippery body to body massage. They even use the same nuru gel and large inflatable mats utilized in genuine Japanese soaplands.

Bangkok nuru massage

“Nuru nuru” is a Japanese gitaigo that signifies a slippery feeling. Nuru nuru massage is thus a slippery body to body massage. Legend has it that the slimy seaweed massage was first developed in Kawasaki. Today it is practiced at soaplands and similar venues all over Japan.

Many soaplands in Japan do not accept foreign customers. That means most men who are not Japanese are unable to access a real nuru nuru massage. Some shops and services now offer nuru massage in various other countries. Honestly though very few of them are anything like the original service from Japan.

Service providers

There are several women working at Doki Doki Massage. They all appear to be in their twenties. The Doki Doki website says as much too. All of the ladies are attractive with nice bodies and good attitudes. None are overweight or out of shape.

Doki Doki massage staff

A lot of people complain about photo editing on Bangkok massage parlor websites. Looks are often changed quite a bit. In many cases skin color is significantly lightened. This is very common even when owners of said shops don’t want it. It appears to be an ingrained practice in the local industry.

The photographs shown on the Doki Doki site are somewhat discreet for reasons that should be obvious. They aren’t otherwise heavily modified. The women working at Doki Doki are definitely the ladies pictured on the Doki Doki website. In some cases the ladies even look better in person than they do in their photographs. Otherwise the pictures are totally accurate.

Services and prices

A sixty minute nuru nuru course at Doki Doki costs 3000 Baht ($90 USD). A ninety minute session is only slightly more at 3500 Baht ($106 USD). These sessions include mutual showering, a very thorough nuru nuru massage on a mat, uncovered oral and full service. Time left on the clock can be applied to extended services or something like a full body massage that is surprisingly good.

At any place with multiple providers on staff there will be variation in service. At Doki Doki the person in charge is an experienced masseuse. This seems to be ingrained into the women on staff who are all quite skilled. Some offer a level of service that may even surpass what is experienced at a standard Japanese soapland today.

Some people do a bit of rubbing with gel and call it a nuru nuru massage. The body to body slide at Doki Doki is something else entirely. It is a very thorough and erotic experience. The service providers at Doki Doki can take things to an almost acrobatic level. Staff members like Alice show an incredible level of skill and dedication to their work with extended rimming appearing as a regular part of the repertoire.

Doki Doki does offer a less expensive course too. The 2500 Baht ($75 USD) fifty minute option forgoes the mat play. It includes just a bit of stand up nuru massage in a shower. That is followed by full service in a smaller room. This cheaper and shorter option will most likely appeal to the budget minded as well as those on a tight schedule. It’s easy to imagine someone sneaking away from a shopping girlfriend at the nearby Terminal 21 mall for a short bit of fun.


In a previous review I stated that Mitu Massage is the closest thing to a Japanese soapland outside of Japan. That was before Doki Doki Massage came along. Doki Doki is very much like a Japanese soapland yet it is much less expensive. Surprisingly Doki Doki even charges less than the aforementioned Mitu.

Doki Doki has a very convenient and accessible location and a skilled and attractive staff under the tutelage of a consummate pro. The women who work the shop offer a very high level of service. On top of that the shop charges less than the closest competition in both the literal and figurative senses. Doki Doki seems primed to become a very popular place.

Bangkok is filled with erotic massage parlors and similar venues. Many of them come and go because they do not set themselves apart in any real way. Doki Doki is different. It offers a level and sort of service that is very difficult to find in Thailand or anywhere else in the world. I give it a solid five stars.

Address:3/25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 098-569-8794
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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