Review: Cool — Seoul, South Korea

cool gangnam seoul south koreaCool is another upper tier jack shack in the Gangnam area of Seoul, similar to Belle which is about two minutes away on foot.

The place is pretty easy to find. If you take exit 4 out of Gangnam station, walk five blocks until you come to a major intersection (where you will see the Prudential building marked with a weird spiral sculpture on the sidewalk in front of you and a Starbucks across the street). Make a left here. As soon as you make the turn you’ll see a big clothing store named “Bang Bang” on the opposite side of the street. About a block up you’ll see a black sign that says “Cool” hanging vertically. The entrance is a bit back off the road in a parking garage.

Alternatively, you could take Exit 3 out of Yangjae Station Exit 3 and make a right at the first major intersection, which will be the one mentioned above with the Prudential building sculpture. After making the right walk until you’re in front of the Bang Bang clothes shop and then look across the street for the Cool sign.

Unlike a lot of the prostitution in South Korea, Cool is a place quite happy to accept foreign customers. Simply walk up to the door and ring the doorbell and you’ll be let in and greeted by a young Korean man.

It’s a decent enough set up. Not particularly amazing, but clean and good enough for the kind of establishment it is.

The cost here is a little higher than it is over at Belle. A standard hour-long session costs 90,000 Won ($81 US dollars), which is a tad on the expensive side. But the service is quite good so I don’t have too many complaints over the price that wouldn’t apply to just about anything else for sale anywhere in the world.

The routine is pretty normal. First you’ll shower, than you’ll head back to the room where your service provider will come to greet you. Some people seem to think the staff is a little hotter here that at some of the other nearby shops with a similar mode of operation, but in my opinion they’re about the same. They’re hot by any reasonable standards, usually in their early-20’s.

You will disrobe and then your provider will take off everything except her panties. You’ll get a brief light massage that’s good only for getting you turned on a bit, followed by a light catbath (licking you lightly up and down with a special focus on your nipples). Some report receiving a bit of light bareback oral here, but it’s not the norm. Some kissing usually occurs, but rarely of the deep French kissing (consider a kiss bang if that’s your thing). You will then usually get a sensual, lubed up handjob. It should definitely be enough to get you off. The best scenario is for your provider to climb on top and straddle you in the 69 position so you can get a nice look and maybe touch of her back bumper while she works your tool. Who can resist blasting off in a situation like that?

After you shoot you’ll be cleaned up and probably get a few minutes more of the lackluster massage. You should feel good and revived at this point.

Don’t expect much if any English to be spoken, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem in any case. Do expect a warm, cute and bubbly provider who take very good care of you.

Especially good service can come if you become a repeat visitor, seeing a favorite service provider, but full service is basically off the table. Don’t even ask for it. It could only cause problems, both for the venue and for you and any foreign customers who come after you.

If it wasn’t for Belle being right across the street, I’d be tempted to give Cool a 4 rating. But I have to put things into consideration. A Chinese massage parlor that would get a 4 in the United States would probably get a 2 in a place like Macau, home to the greatest men’s spas in all of the world. Even though Cool is good at getting the job done, it’s not the best thing going in the area. Taking it all into account, I give Cool a solid 3.5 stars. It’s definitely worth a visit.

If you’re worried about running into other customers, the best time to visit would be during a weekday (after lunch) or on a Sunday evening.

Cool, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. Open midday to midnight, seven days a week. Click here for a Google map (use this map for a general idea of the location, not an exact building number).

cool massage parlor gangnam seoul south korea


  1. bob says:

    “Cool” review Rockit !

    Is there tipping involved and what is the total damage ?

    • rockit says:


      Never any tipping in South Korea. Not for anything, ever. That’s a purely Western invention.

      Damage is 90000 Won as mentioned in the review.

  2. peewinkle says:

    When did Cool start using tables? Everytime ive been there its been a small room with a couch.

    • rockit says:

      Yeah, you’re right. Must have come out of habit when dealing with massage places, and discussing Belle across the street which certainly does use the old standard tables.

  3. Pepe says:

    Is Cool cleaner than Belle? Do you have to go outnof the room to get a shower? Do they suck? Inwish for you to open an Anma chat. With some comments. That would be great. As far as I know it cost 250.000 and itnis a little too much unless it is fantastic sevice. So I am looking forward for sole talk about this matter. Thanks! Pepe.

    • Pepe says:

      Hahaha sorry the spelling! Iphone is too small!!!

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that it’s any cleaner. I don’t think either lacks in that department. Both are pretty similar. I prefer Belle but Cool is a good alternative.

      I don’t have enough specific info on Anmas to start a new post at this time, sorry. I know of Fish anma, Ace anma and A1 anma which all range in price from 200,000 – 220,000 Won.

  4. Rich says:

    No recent experiences?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Rich. Thanks for reading and posting. Cool is a pretty standard place that has been around for a while. I don’t think people are going to report on visits that go as expected too often. It’s usually strange experiences or major changes that bring the most comments on places like this. Cheers.

  5. Sheperd says:

    Hei, great post. I have read a lot of your posts and they are all great :)

    Your directions are good but do you have the address? would be a great help because i only use taxis in seoul. For Cool or Belle if you can.

    Thanks, Sheperd

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I don’t have the address for these locations or anything else in South Korea for that matter. Seems these things are rarely used in the country, and I stick to the trains for ease and convenience. You could probably have a Taxi take you to Bang Bang Plaza which is just meters from this place and Belle, which are almost right across the street from one another. Alternatively, have them drop you at the Prudential Tower, which is at: 838 Yeoksam-dong (298 Gangnam-daero), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. That’s right on the corner across from Bang Bang. ‎It’s also mentioned in this entry so you should be able to find your way from there easily. Let us know how you do. Cheers.

  6. nov experience says:

    Here right now. Price still 90,000 won. Bit of a trek and I might post additional details, but I’m waiting for my chance so I can give full details!

  7. nov experience says:

    Use the Yangjae station way.
    Go out exit 3 and walk straight for a bit til you get to major intersection. You’ll see bang bang on your right and that weird structure across the street. Cross the street towards the structure, turn right and keep walking. You should eventually see the sign. Once there, you will see a parking garage under the sign. Go in and look left for stairs and go down and press the button.

    Had to wait an hour for the girl to arrive so I showered and was using their wifi. She came at 9:45 and we chatted for 15 min or so. Her English wasn’t the greatest but serviceable.

    Really nice face and legs but her skin was the best. Super super soft. Her tits were really small though and that damn bra she was wearing hid it.

    Can’t complain and everything was as stated. Light massage and licking. She only took her top and bra off so I didn’t see any panties. We ended up kissing a bit but no tongue and she really only kissed mg upper lip. I thought with all the jerking I do at home I’d last longer but between the lube, girl, and technique I was done for. I had asked for her to slow down but she didn’t. Maybe didn’t like me I dunno so maybe Belle next time.

    When I left the front desk guy gave me a card with a fake business name to call in the future.

  8. Pavan says:

    Hey I was in seoul not to long ago and tried both belle and cool. I felt better with cool, yeah its 10,000 more expensive but that is worth it. The girl that i met was a bombshell, granted not with her bust but her figure was superb and face was sexy and ass was perfect. She was also a lot more personal than the girl i met at belles. Defenitely gonna be a repeat at cool. She also made sure she saw me out which the girl at belle did not.

    • rockit says:

      Another reason the phrase “Your mileage may vary” is used so often in this is that personal chemistry can have a lot to do with the level of service you receive. You had a much better experience at Cool than Belle. I often have the opposite experience, but for the same reason. A lot of it comes down to who services you and how you feel about each other. Thanks for the comment!

  9. damdummy says:

    I’m headed back to Korea, and visited Belle last time, which was awesome. I was going to try Cool this time, but I was curious if you knew of any other Jack Shacks in the city? I am staying near the Express Bus Terminal, and saw lots of lighted barber poles at night, but didn’t want to venture in since I’m about as occidental as they come! I like knowing what I’m gonna’ get! Thanks in advance!

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know any at the moment, sorry. A lot of times you can get the equivalent service in a Kiss Bang. Check my post on them. The barbershops are good for hand, mouth, or sometimes full service though you never know what you’re going to get. More than a few are staffed by old women. You can also walk out if you’re interested. Seoul is home to a good number of above average escorts too. Cheers.

  10. angelzhizni says:

    Went there last night. Easy to find and right across the street from Belle practically. 90,000 for 50 min. Staff super friendly and speak decent English. Girl was great, her English was not. There wasn’t much conversation, but we tried. I didn’t care much for the butt/anal massage, but rest felt great and relaxing.

  11. Paul says:

    Checked out Cool today…what a great time. Girl was hot, even though she had small A cups, and was either really into me or a great actor (I’ll go with the later). No massage, we went straight to the fun after chatting for a bit.

  12. col says:

    hi ..
    do the girls get their boobs out, or do they just strip to their bra and panties and go no further?

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I think you can figure that out with a careful rereading of the post and some of the comments. Cheers!

  13. Louis says:

    Do these places offer you have full service? If not, does anyone know of a place that does provide them?

  14. Paul says:

    Had another fantastic experience at Cool. Now, I could just find something similar near High1….

  15. That One Guy says:

    I had a great time a Cool. They did charge me 95k, but maybe I got a foreigner price? Anyways, it was worth that easily. The girl I had was cute, in her early 20’s, great ass, small boobs. We had a little small talk then she grabs me and starts a deep french kiss. My hands roam all over her body. We take off each other’s clothes until we’re both totally naked. I start fingering her as she stroked me. It was like with a GF. I’m not into DATY, but it seemed like it was on the menu if I went there. She gets out the lube and strokes me as we’re laying next to each other making out. After the HJ, she wraps herself around me (still naked) and falls fast asleep. It was kinda weird, but she looked so sweet and I was perfectly comfortable, so I rolled with it. She was out for almost 10 mins; so long that she woke up and freaked out when she saw the timer was way over. She had to go rush out, but gave me a long hug and final kiss goodbye. She’s probably a great actress, but I’m not going to hold that against her. Too bad I leave Seoul tomorrow or else I’d definitely be back.

    • rockit says:

      Cool and Belle seem to give everyone the same price. Perhaps the price has risen with inflation since my original visit was years ago. Thanks for the report. Cheers!

  16. Josmig says:

    Thanks a lot for the post and the comments!
    One question: do you know if it is possible to repeat ending within the hour, i.e. 2 hj?

  17. Fred says:

    These places accept card or cash only?

  18. LWRC says:

    Cool, raised their prices to 95,000 KRW when I was there last, lot better décor than Belle but I don’t know if it’s worth it, the price is getting up there for me.

    • rockit says:

      I can see that, especially with the dollar to Won ratio being where it is. In 2012 you got more Won for your dollar and the prices were lower in Won to boot.

  19. pokey says:

    Hey what time are operation hours went there on a sunday around one but no answer at the door?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Pokey. I don’t know the exact hours, but they are usually open in the afternoon until around midnight. Maybe you were a bit early. I’ve been at 3 PM without issue. Cheers.

  20. I AM says:

    Let me share my experince of Cool. Today I went there in afternoon. The place can be easily find from the directions mentioned above. The person at the counter tell me the details and since I was first timer so said ‘NO SEX’. The girl was quite good looking and I was suprised to find such a cute face. We started with little conversation and she gave nice back massage. After that asked to turn and it becomes impossible for me to hold for a longer time .. due to her sansaual touching. She removed her bra etc but didn’t allow me to kiss her. But touching etc was fine. So its a good experience I must say but bit finished early for me. Would like to try same place some other time. thanks !

  21. Jiminy says:

    Excellent stuff. I went in the afternoon. Had a nice shower, pressed the bell and waited. I’ve never been in a place that has a wide couch instead of a bed or table, so that was new. The mirrored wall is a brilliant idea for this kind of set up. A bubbly girl came in smiling away. Easily a 9. Great legs, tits, ass – the full works. SHe asked if I spoke Korean and when I said no she playfully hit me with a pillow and faked anger. She was great. Seemed really genuine. She was just a nice girl to be around for an hour. There was absolutely no massage attempt. After we’d talked for a while about stuff, she started to touch me more as we talked and laughed, sliding her hand further and further up my ‘Cool’ shorts. She took everything really slow and she was sensual beyond belief. Plenty of kissing and licking (carefully cupping my balls as she teased by licking everywhere but there!).

    Before she actually touched the goods, she kissed me long. Felt great, felt genuine, plenty of tongue. If she me getting close, she stopped, giggled a bit and whispered ‘I go slower’, or similar. She was in no rush whatsoever. I had a fantastic time with a really nice girl. I got the impression from the questions about my hotel, what I was doing later and when she finished work that there may even have been a chance of arranging something for later although this wasn’t possible for me. I have never been given that impression before.

    Either that girl is one hell of an actress or she is a genuinely happy go-lucky girl who enjoys what she does – the chat, the touching, the kissing, the playing with man parts. As I walked the 30 minutes back to the hotel, I tried to spot someone prettier or hotter (and I passed hundreds of girls). There was maybe one I passed that I might have chosen over Sae Hyun. Ask for her. As Rockit says, sometimes the chemistry is just right – I’d say that this was right up there as possible my best pay-for-play experience. Her ass in that mirror. Jesus.

    • rockit says:

      Great report. Sounds like you really hot the jackpot. That happens but probably not as often as any of us would like.

  22. kickass says:

    I’m about to go there. I’m very excited. Tom I’ll be leaving so I don’t wanna miss this. Update this site in awhile

  23. Boy_stic says:

    Today July,1 st, 2014 at 8.30 pm. I went there followed your lead. From exit 4 I walked further than I thought and lost twice.
    I paid 9.5 k where as another old Korean man paid 90. I asked them why and they answered me in Korean.
    I was told to wait 1 hour but that old guy came after me did not need to wait.

    However, it was just 30 mins, I saw 1 girl very cute and I told the staff I wanted her but he said no and asked me to go back to my room to wait. Next 5 mins there was a girl came to my room. Her face is 7.5 but better than Itaewon. She did not BJ me and did not let me kiss bit I beg her and she just let me kissed her lip no tongue. Overall is good. Tomorrow I’ll try Belle. Actually I tried to find it but I got lost. Now I got more info and hope not to get lost for tomorrow.

    • ArtV says:

      I can echo your experience with the apparent foreigner tax. While waiting for the door to open on my last visit a couple weeks ago a Korean guy came down the stairs. He paid before me because he was a rude person…and I saw he only forked over 90,000w while I paid 95,000w. I suppose there is a possible 5,000w discount for making reservations?

      Another remarkable occurrence for that visit…I actually got BBBJ…I didn’t even ask for it! Typically oral is explicitly not included at Cool…has this changed or was that just this particular girl? She was a good one too…spoke hardly English but this gave her the giggles where most girls would shut down and be nervous when unable to talk with the customer. French kissing and ignored the timer as well…I’m sorry but her name escapes me…it was a Wednesday evening if that helps? Good luck finding her…she’s 22(?) with black, thick and long hair…roundish and cute face, not too skinny (perfect) and just a really fun looking smile.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’m not sure about the pricing. The foreigner tax doesn’t seem to be as common in South Korea as it is in some other places but it could certainly exist in some shops. Cheers.

  24. boy_stic says:

    Sorry for many mistakes. I typed it from my cell.
    I paid 95 K won.
    The girl name is Dawin, she did not let me french kiss her but only let me kiss her lip.

  25. hellas1821 says:

    I havent been to Cool in a year or so. I usually stick to Belle because I’ve made some good contacts there. However, the girl I wanted to see left early. So I decided to go to Cool.

    Unfortunately, its changed quite a bit and I dont know how to feel about it. My experience was unlike anything I’ve read here and not necessarily in a good way. I went in and paid ₩90,000 ,which was the rate when I used to go, but now the man at the door informed me it was now ₩100,000. After paying I got ushered to my room and showered as usual. But this time it wasnt to their usual big leather couch rooms. It was so a room with a massage table. I didnt mind. Then some OLD woman comes in and says in Korean that she is there to give a massage. I said ok but mid massage I told her to stop and that I didnt want a massage. I have been at places that have tricked me before. Just send in an old girl for the service. So I wasnt going to go through that again. She was obviously offended but whatev. Then she talked on the phone and i waited 20 more minutes. However, the girl that did come was a jaw dropper. She was absolutely gorgeous. But she barely spoke a word to me in Korean or English. Plus she told me, no kissing, and I couldn’t even lick her nipples. She just came in, disrobed, threw on the lube and started going. No expression, no friendliness…nothing. After I finished she left just as quickly as she came in. Not a word said.

    As I was leaving the man at the door pulled me over and explained. From 10am-6pm they are just a hj/bj place with what as he explained “A-list” girls. The rest of the time is a Massage (by an old woman) then after the girl comes. He offered me back ₩20,000 for the massage I didnt get. But i refused and told him to keep it.

    All in all, I dont know what to feel. Perhaps I made a mistake and was too sensitive because I didnt know the system. But despite the fact that the girl was insanely hot she gave bad service. Have any of you out there heard of this 10am-6pm “A-list” schedule? He did offer me some money back so perhaps hes being truthful. I dunno….what do you guys think?

  26. blondefonzie says:

    The service has changed. They have 100/130/150K packages. The 100K is for a legit massage from an older woman, followed by hand service from a very attractive younger gal. You can up for a 130K package, which is hand service from a hottie, followed by the legit massage from an older woman, followed by ANOTHER round of hand service from a different hottie.. DEFINITELY worth the extra 30K. The deep tissue massage is great after blasting one, and the older gals are quite…experienced in getting you revved up for round 2. I’m not sure what the 150K package is, but will probably check it out the next time I’m there.

  27. relucktense says:

    After a visit to the lip cafe in Gangnam I went to Cool.
    Cool jack shack is really close by and really easy to find, just enter through the garage here. I knocked, a man opened, looked at me for a second, then told me to come in. He showed me the menu on an Ipad, I asked „agassi, massagi, agassi?“, he pointed to the 130000 won item. Paid, switched shoes, got some jimjilbang outfit and was led into a small room. Changed clothes, showered, went back into my room. Couple of minutes someone knocked, in came a slim, quite tall young Korean with nice long hair. Talked a little bit, then she pulled the top of her dress down and started playing with my unit, using massage oil. She wasn’t all that into it but still did a decent job. Very nice, smooth skin. After a couple of minutes, I came. Can’t withstand a nice handjob very long. She asked if i’d like a massage, yeah sure, laid on my belly and she petted me some. Little later, she said goodbye and an older woman came in with a little tool box, looking eager to get to work and told me to lay on my belly. She had strong hands and knew what she was doing. She went hard and deep, the whole body. the massage took almost an hour and it was amazing. the massage alone was worth the money.
    Towards the end she told me to flip on my back, i got a little massage on my thighs. She then sat on the lower end and took my lower legs over hers, pulled my shorts down, put a towel on my unit and started kneading my perineum – you can’t help but get hard when an experienced masseuse does that. Someone knocked, in came a sweet cute young girl, just like the first one, but with a warmer presence and with even nicer hair (yeah, i like hair). she asked me if i wanted a face massage. Yeah, sure, why not. soon the masseuse told the girl i was ready, she left and the girl sat next to me. pulled the top of her dress down, let me fondle her a little after i asked. her skin was very soft. her HJ skills were amazing, she knew what she was doing. she didn’t just drench my dick in massage oil and then pumped away, she squeezed the shaft, pulled my foreskin down and did some long hard slow strokes which made me pant, it felt awsome. Of course, both her and the first girl’s hands were very soft and smooth.
    she also did some weird movements with her finger and her tongue on my nipples which were electrifying.
    though I had come that day twice already, i didn’t last very long, she was just was too good at what she was doing.
    After the shower i went out and was totally relaxed. the massage made me feel energized and totally loose, yet regenerated. that was a good day, total release.

  28. asianfizzy says:

    what time did you visit relucktense? hellas1821 post mentions different time, different service.

  29. j5 says:

    Anyone know what the 150k package is?

  30. Squiffy says:

    Just tried to visit Cool and the lights are all off and nobody is answering the doorbell. Guess I’m headed back across the street.

  31. TommyT says:

    Went to Cool last week while I was in Seoul. It was a Wednesday night around 10pm. Walked in a young Korean man welcomed me. I’d ask how much for a massage. He said 120000 won for an hr massage with a jerk off at the end. He lead me into a small room and told me to go showered. After I showered I ran the bell, in comes a middle age Koran lady with a tool kit. Her massage was good. Due to the lack of communication I assumed she was it the masseuse and the one to jerk me off. I was a bit disappointed but kept it to myself. After the massage she signed for me to flip on the back. She took my shorts off and covered my crouch with a towel. She started to massage my pelvic, it felt really nice. I thought she was going to go for the jerk but in comes a thin young Korean in her 20s with nice long hair. The young Korean girl starts to give me facial massage while the older one is massage my pelvic. That was so nice to have four hand on my body. I was rock hard with in 1 min. The older one said good bye and left. Now it was just me and the young one. She tried to make small talk with her limited English. She then took off her top and bra. She left her panties on. She began to lick my balls and began suck my cock bare back while keeping eye contact. OMG, I was in heaven. After a few mins of sucking she lubed her hand and stated to jerk me with a nice rhythm while licking my nipples and keeping eye contact. I blew my load soon after. She was impress with my load when I shot it. She cleaned me up got dress and then gave me a kiss and left. I can’t wait for my next business strip to Seoul.

    Oh, I’m Asian American non-Korean. Also, this website is blocked in Korea.

  32. Jake Rok says:

    Sorry but I can’t recommend Cool. Went on a Saturday night around 7:00 Directions were spot on. They weren’t offering the massage and two pops, only massage and one for W120,000. The massage was nice. The masseuse was older but slim, attractive and friendly. Then the talent came in. Great looking girl. But she immediately started chattering away with the masseuse, who was massaging the pelvic region through a towel (but that wasn’t really turning me on). When the two girls starting chattering, they acted like I wasn’t even there, a real turn-off. When the masseuse left, the talent dropped her halter-top dress to her waist. I asked her to take off her dress so I could see her in her panties, but she refused. She oiled up her hand and grabbed my dick and started pumping away. No BJ, no kissing, no touching. She stayed far away from me, didn’t want me to touch her. She licked my nipples for a few seconds but that was it. Things weren’t going well and I really wasn’t enjoying this. After what seemed like 5 minutes after she got to work on my dick, an alarm goes off, she says that time is up, and she leaves. I was furious. “Poo-joh-kay” means “Not good enough” in Korean and I was shouting it at her as she left. The guy at the front desk pretended not to understand English as I demanded a refund. No dice. This was my first time here, and I’m not that experienced with places like this, and I was nervous going in. Nothing anyone did there made me feel any better. Maybe I just got a bad girl, but I can’t see myself going back to Cool.

  33. Jiminy says:

    I’ve been coming to Seoul regularly for some time and have reported on Cool before. It’s changed quite a bit in the last couple of years as others have described. I can confirm that the experience is pretty much as Jake describes above, and is described in the thread on ROKitreports – getting a bit confused between the two!

    I arrived at 4:30 on a Friday and was told to come back in an hour, which I did after some food. Options given were for 120,000 and 1 or 150,000 and two so I opted for the 150.

    Cute-ish young thing came in, pulled her dress down to the waist, removed bra, slopped on waaay too much oil so that I could barely feel her and started work. No chat, no preamble – didn’t even look at me. Completely disinterested. In an attempt to help her out and finish, I reached for boob. After about 30 seconds, she adjusted her position and angle just enough so that I couldn’t reach. I closed my eyes, used an experience form the spank bank, imagined that she wasn’t there and popped.

    Massage was ok – pretty good – I like a decent massage. Although not one of the hot young things, mine was slim and wore a Yonex badminton skirt – I’ve seen and had worse! Anyway, massage followed by weird hot towel cocoon thing, which was a first for me and not unpleasant. As she massaged the perineum, ‘hot’ girl came in. They had a bit of a chat and older girl left.

    Same MO – she dropped her dress to the waist and removed her bra. She did lick up my inner thigh and licked my balls briefly. Very briefly. She was definitely better and tried to be sexier than the first ‘hottie’. As she wasn’t having any success, she at least put her leg up on the shelf and started rubbing herself through her panties. But again, too much oil and she’d have needed to be a lot better for me to go for a second pop after the bored one. She stopped just before her buzzer went off, which was fine. She was very polite throughout.

    I’d been to Belle the day before so was carrying my 5000 discount card. This would make Belle 75,000. Is Cool worth double Belle at 150,000? That’s for you to decide. YMMV :) Let’s face it, these aren’t bad experiences, they can just vary hugely. Personally, although the BBBJ action is brief at Belle, and the massage is limited, it offers significantly better value, especially as if, like me (and the guy above), you don’t get anywhere near a second pop anyway. Or if you really value a proper hour of massage, go for the massage +1 at Cool and hope you get a real hottie. Good luck, fellas.

  34. Deca says:

    Cool is just next to my office building and for this reason, I have never been there. LOL

  35. jh says:

    TL;DR – Cool has gotten WAY too expensive and is definitely not worth it anymore.

    I come to Korea about once or twice a year and for the past 3 years, every time I come to Korea, I’ve made sure to stop by Cool at least once. And until tonight, it has always been worth it (somewhere around 120K for a two-shot experience). I was actually going to go try Belle tonight, but as I rounded the corner, there was a police car with its lights on parked right across the street from Belle, so I quickly turned around and decided I would be going back to Cool. It had been about 9 months, and the number I had for Cool wasn’t working, so I just walked down. I asked if a two-shot was available and was told yes, and when he told me the price, I was shocked. 200K!!! I told him it used to about 120K and he asked when the last time I visited was and when I told him about 9 months, he said, “oh yeah, our prices have gone up a lot”. I should have just turned around and walked out, but I wasn’t thinking with my upstairs brain and when he offered a 30K discount, I said yes.

    Both girls (before and after the massage) were attractive enough (the second one had MASSIVE natural tits), but they were so mechanical it took me out of the experience. My previous experiences were with girls who were far more sensual and playful, but these two were like robots. Considering the prices have now almost doubled, it’s impossible for me to recommend it and I won’t be going back there unless their prices go back down to what they used to be. And to top it all off, the showers didn’t have hot water!

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