Review: Click Bar — Pattaya, Thailand

Click Bar Soi 6 Pattaya

The action at Click Bar is hard to miss.

Click Bar on Pattaya’s seedy Soi 6 is similar to nearby places like My Friend You in that it is a sort of a blowjob bar with additional options. Because of the strange (or intentionally designed) sign, the bar is sometimes referred to as “lick bar” by those who either missed the letter C on the sign or want to describe the action that goes on inside.

Click Bar is located closer to the second road side of Soi 6. It’s easy to find (even in this crowded flesh market) both because of the aforementioned sign and because of the large bubbly staff that is always stationed outside.

Things at Click should work like they do at any other bar with blows on tap. Customers can walk up and ask one of the ladies out front to join them inside. Once through the doors they can either ask to be serviced orally on one of the couches in the bar for 800 Baht ($26) or they can head upstairs to a private room if they want more privacy or full service. The average priced drinks are optional and the bill is settled on the way out. Tips can be given but they certainly aren’t required.

In practice this sort of in and out action that bars on the Soi 6 strip are known for occurs alongside more traditional pub or beer bar style activities. What do I mean by this? At Click Bar you are more likely to see guys just hanging out with some girls, either at the bar or on one of the couches than you are at other similar shops. These guys are they to drink and have some fun. They may go for some extra services after the drinking and whatnot or they may not.

I cannot tell you why this seems to be so common at Click Bar. The place is decent enough inside but it’s certainly nothing special. It looks a lot like My Friend You Bar. It might even be a little smaller. While I’ve occasionally seen a punter throwing one back at the bar at My Friend You I’ve never seen a ground of guys having their own little party with some of the gals on staff as I have at Click Bar. This sort of thing can either put you off or turn you on depending on how happy you are about getting your knob polished in public.

As to that, it’s usually done on the couch near the back. There’s a little privacy offered by the setup but not much. Customers partaking in the services aren’t as exposed as they are on the benches at Star of Light but anyone who enters through the backdoor or even needs to use the pisser will probably get an eyeful. In the semi dark environment it’s doubtful that they’ll see much but it’s still something worth mentioning.

For those who don’t get off on the very real possibility of being spotted out there are rooms available as mentioned for a few more Baht. It’s up to punters to decide if the added price is worth it or whether they’d rather just get a quick blow and go on the showroom floor and risk being a floor show in and of themselves.

I should say a few things about the staff at Click. There’s never been a shortage of women on the short time soi but Click Bar deserves mention for the size of its staff. It doesn’t rival the numbers of famous suck shop like Dr. BJ’s Salon in Bangkok but it does beat out a lot of the local competition. I’ve seen as many as two dozen women working at Click at one time, with some sitting outside and the others already indoors with customers. Although there is a variety of looks they also tend to be a lot more attractive than some other similar places. That’s my perspective anyway.

The service provided should be satisfactory or more. It’s highly unlikely a woman would work at Click Bar if she didn’t know her way around a man. I don’t think many punters leave this place disappointed.

As an above average bar on Soi 6 with a large, quality staff and oral activities available on the main floor I think Click Bar deserves a solid three star rating. If it was located somewhere other than the action-packed Soi 6 it might even score a little higher on my card. I find it a bit strange that it seems to attract guys who want to hang around but I find it hard to penalize it for that. Even though I would prefer that I be the only guy in the bar I know that wouldn’t be good for the owners or the women on staff.

Click Bar. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Open seven days a week from around noon to sometime after midnight depending on how busy the place is.

Click bar Soi 6 Pattaya


  1. Mark says:

    Have been to Click bar many many times over the last 5 years. Sometimes to just drink and sometimes to play.

    Never been disappointed there in all my visits. The management and staff are on the ball and deliver consistently good and friendly service.

    Some of the girls there are really quite stunning and one thing you will notice is that all the girls are dressed in a most attractive and sexy fashion and makeup is always perfect.

    Reason for this is owners instruct the girls to dress well and to look after their customers which in turn ensures repeat business.

    The girls are very very good at enticing customers in to the bar and once there most customers seem to enjoy the atmosphere, the sometimes quite raunchy music videos and the lovely ladies doing their utmost to keep the customers happy.

    As a side note management have now purchased the Lord Nelson pub next door and girls will work in both places from time to time.

    When in Soi 6 I spend about 80 percent of my time and money in this bar.

  2. Amit S says:

    I visited this bar last week. I a great short time experience with a girl. I forgot her name. She wears a locket with a picture of an Indian godess also has her toung and belly pierced. It was the best blowjob I ever had. Very bubbly girl. More than value for money. If anybody visited or going to visit soon can tell me her name please. So that I can call her for next encounter.
    it will be a great help. Thanks

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit – I visited the Click bar last Friday afternoon with an ole buddy I caught up with over here in Pattaya. I selected a couple of sexy looking girls and my friend took a solo performer who led us into adjoining curtained beaded booths out the back lounge area. One thing about those old vinyl sofas – the broken cut seat certainly cuts into your bare ass when you sit down preparing for the oral action. Why they don’t fix them up I don’t know – but never mind it was no real problem when the girls with me gave me their knee cushions to sit on. The oral action was great and the girls were really enthusiastic to serve me well playing on the flute together. I could see my buddy get up and leave after less than ten minutes which indicated the flute player he was with certainly knew her way around a cock. A fair while later I let rip on their faces together which they both gladly obliged. After the clean up we proceeded out into the front lounge area onto another sofa and the three of us sat together with a drink each and partied. I asked after a while why they don’t go back out and look for more customers to come inside and they explained that their policy ( or instructions from the Mamasan ) is to remain with the customer until he leaves the bar. The girls were always very friendly and chatty and a great time was had. There was not the slightest mention of a tip to the girls and I was quite happy to buy them a drink each to have them sit with me where we continued mutually groping each other in a playful way afterwards. I returned later that night and took the raunchier one out the back lounge area for a repeat session. They had the purple fluro tubes on in the booths and as it was dimly lit I laughed my head off when I let rip on her face again and it was all glowing bright white on her face. We cleaned up and went back out into the front lounge area and partied for a while having some drinks. A really great time was had both times and I can’t wait for a return visit there. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’m surprised to hear about a facial. I would guess that they’d be worried about preserving their makeup. Cheers.

  4. ThaiOz says:

    The place deserves no more than 2 stars. Went there yesterday, it was like I met all the most ugliest girls in town in one very smelly place.

  5. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit – after making yet another trip back to my second home of Pattaya recently I happily recall one afternoon when my sexy open minded local girlfriend decided to go shopping and since the red flag was up she encouragingly suggested I make a venture down to Soi 6 for the afternoon. Upon arriving there I didn’t really have any great intentions – I thought I’d just go bar hopping a few drinks and have a playful chat with some of the talent on offer. That quickly changed when I was strolling past the Click bar and noticed a very sexy girl well presented in a nice little cocktail mini dress and high heels calling me over to join her inside. There’s no doubt about it – the ladies at this bar certainly dress up and present themselves well which definitely catches your first glance. I went inside with this lovely piece of about 30 years and started off with a drink each. I purposely sat myself down in one of the curtained booths where the action takes place just to indicate to her that I have frequented this place before and I wasn’t here to watch TV!. After pulling the curtain around and making the booth more private for some action I decided to stand up and face her lying across the sofa with her mouth waiting to be filled. She took my hard cock into her velvety mouth and licked, sucked and smoked me while I was fingering her hairless little love pit. She was squirming on the sofa enjoying herself until I unloaded a good load into her mouth. A great blowjob was had by a very sexy girl who I would have to say had the most beautiful silky smooth skin I think I have ever seen or felt on an Asian woman. I couldn’t keep my hungry hands off her body even afterwards when we sat together having a drink. Of course when I returned back to my apartment later my horny little girlfriend asked me with a devilish look in her eye how my afternoon down Soi 6 went. I relayed the events at Click bar where she then more or less demanded that she give me a repeat oral performance to compare! Is it any wonder I love this place when I have the best of both worlds. Cheers Rockit – keep up the good work.

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