Review: Classic Hotel / Terminal — Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta's Classic Terminal Club

The view inside the Terminal.

The Classic Hotel is a large building in Jakarta, Indonesia that contains a number of smaller enterprises within its walls. Although there are things like a surprisingly good restaurant on the ground floor and a dance club called Bunker with outdated music where Eastern European hooker troll for clients the readers of this site would likely be more concerned with the adult entertainment available on some of the higher floors.

The Classic Hotel is easy to get to since almost every taxi in town knows the place. I can’t give any information on reaching the hotel by foot or any other mode of transportation but I imagine most foreigners take cabs when trying to navigate the massive city’s infamous traffic.

Once inside the hotel punters can head up three sets of escalators to reach the floor that holds Terminal Classic, an adult club that looks a lot like a low rent version of the lounge at Malioboro. Customers are searched at the doors before entering. Once they get inside they are given a numbered wrist band to track their bill. After that they are often swarmed by whichever mamasan is on deck next.

Dozens of women sit in skimpy colored uniforms on couches that surround the long floor of Terminal. Each group has its own mamasan in charge. Whoever is hungriest for business will try to bring new customers over to sit by their ladies. While this can seem overwhelming guys are under absolutely no obligation to follow the first mama that approaches them. Those in the know choose whichever seat they find most desirable and often only after they’ve walked all around the place to see exactly who is available.

Early on the Terminal is entertained by generic music played over the loud speakers. After that comes a mediocre live band. As time goes on and day becomes night the stage is graced by one and then several very attractive dancers who start out wearing bikinis and end up doing the Full Monty. Sometimes things get wild and all kinds of fun happens on the floor in exchange for reasonably priced lady drinks. When this really gets going it can even put the public play at places like Star of Light to shame. While this would be entertainment enough for some it’s not the main focus of the place.

The aforementioned women who sit around the couches are there to make money the best way they know how. Full service is the name of the game and it goes for 325,000 Rupiah ($28) a pop. Classic Terminal’s “claim to fame” is that threesomes are easily available by simply requesting them at a discounted rate of 525,000 Rupiah ($45 US) with the only caveat being that both ladies come from the same group.

While they are sitting around the couches most of the ladies look bored at best. That’s quite understandable considering the situation. To their credit most of the women light up when a customer approaches to give them the once over. Some customers like to have a girl or two come over to the table and join them for a drink before moving forward. Others like to simply point and shoot. Since most of the ladies can only speak limited English if they can speak any at all it’s easy to understand why Western punters often go for the latter.

The looks of the women vary. Some are very attractive while others are not so much. At the very least they all seem to have nice bodies with few if any larger gals to be seen (with the exception of some of the mamasans). It seems that the mamasans like to push the least attractive gals off on obvious foreigners who are not from Indonesia or East Asia. Alternatively locals and East Asian punters often seem to get the hottest of the hot women presented to them. This is easy to get around with a simple bit of conversation or even a few well placed gestures but it’s worth noting. Guys from any country who can assert themselves would have no problem choosing as they like.

Once a punter makes a decision the mamasan will write the price on a slip of paper and ask for payment. Once the punter hands over the dosh he’ll be taken downstairs by his lady of the hour. Down some stairs and through some halls managed by friendly male and female attendants are the rooms. They are large enough to serve the purpose with king sized beds and showers surrounded by glass walls.

Inside it’s usually right off to the races. The level of service at a place like this will always vary depending on the lady or ladies providing it but most of the gals working at Terminal seem to know what they’re doing. There’s no rush or clock watching and the courteous punter can often even get two sessions rolled into one. Covers are provided at no extra charge but can be limited in quantity so guys looking for a lot of back and forth do best to bring some of their own.

Once the deed is done the lady will escort her prince back up to the main floor where he can sit back down at one of the tables or head to the desk near the stage to settle his remaining tab for any drinks he may have purchased. Once he pays up he’ll be given a large piece of plastic that says “paid.” This is handed over to the security guards before heading back out through the doors and into the main area of the hotel.

The Classic Hotel also houses a spa and club with a few gals and a karaoke area with a few more. These places are okay but they don’t represent any real value. In my opinion there are better places for such services in the city. The standout at Classic is clearly Terminal. Another similar place is located on the fifth floor where the prices are a bit higher but since the quality is basically the same I don’t see the point. Still it’s always nice to have so many options under one roof.

As a reasonably easy to navigate bar with a large number of women willing to provide entertainment on the cheap I think Classic deserves a solid three-and-half stars. If it was located in another country it might get an even higher score but I have to take all of the other options in the area into consideration.

Classic Hotel. Jalan K.H Samanhudi No.43-45, Jakarta, Indonesia. Open 7 days a week from sometime in the afternoon to late in the night. Phone: 021-385-2000.

Classic Hotel Terminal Jakarta


  1. sevenspot says:

    I have to say the amount of reports you have been doing is pretty amazing. Only surpassed by the quality of the writing.

    (as a writer myself I will say the prose is carefully constructed and clever — and brings a grin or two to my lips)

  2. CuriousD says:

    First off, love your reports. They have been very informative and entertaining.

    A quick question for you though. A quick glance at their website shows this is an actual hotel? Would you recommend staying here? Or are you better off finding accommodations elsewhere and just taxi in? I have been meaning to visit Jakarta for a while now and this just gives me extra incentive.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes it is indeed a hotel, hence the name. I don’t recommend anything as this site is only for entertainment purposes, but people do stay there. I haven’t so I can’t really comment on the quality of the accommodations. The rooms in the basement where ladies take their customers are surprisingly good, especially when compared to something like a Bangkok oily. If one stayed there they’d have to taxi out for nearly anything they wanted to do or see. Either way taxis will be used unless one fancies walking untold hours in the raw heat and smog of Jakarta. Cheers.

    • MsianDude says:

      Had a similar experience to CT. My first time in Jakarta andI I went to Terminal 2 at around 1a.m. The dancers were already fully in the nude and I gotta say, the dancers are amazing. Totally would fuck one if I didn’t have a budget. I sat at one of the tables and surveyed the product. There weren’t many girls sitting at the lounge sofas and the pole near the pool tables were not occupied. Most of the girls were just roaming from table to table. Finally I called one of the mamasans over and pointed out one of the girls that I wanted. Mama went off, but came back and told me the girl was taken. She brought over another one. Ok, I thought, this one was kinda cute and bubbly, even if she didn’t have the best body. Still, in the dark pretty much a 7/10. I agreed to take her, paid the mama 365k up front and the girl brought me to the room. Once there, I decided to do what some have suggested and tip her up front while also getting her a drink. Even with a 100k tip she was whining about it not being enough and started asking for another 200. Even before we started! I told her if she did a good job she would get more. As we undressed she noticed my erection and started whining about my member’s size. I knew that I am pretty big but even the girls in Bangkok tried their best with a smile. The girl’s bubbliness just evaporated the minute we reached the room and got undressed, and let’s just put it this way – she looked much better with her clothes on. Still, not too bad looking, just a bit chubby around the middle but with a pretty nice rack, ass and a cute face. After a shower, we got down to business. She absolutely refused to do a BBBJ, instead giving a half-assed covered BJ that lasted less than 2 minutes before she started complaining about it not fitting. I had one in Som’s Haven, Sukhumvit, who basically tried to deep throat he fuck out of me even without me asking. Sure she gagged but she handled it like a pro. Not like this girl at Classic Terminal 2. We tried cowgirl and she hopped right off another 2 minutes later, complaining about the same thing. For all her negativity and constant bitching I started to lose wood and I had to force her to use her mouth again to get it up. She then offered to finish me off with a tug job. Refused to blow after the 2nd attempt and refused to let me suck her tits as she was on top of me prior to this. Refused the positions that I wanted, saying that she was hurting and kept trying to finish me off with a handjob. At this point she got on my nerves and I finally just snapped at her to get back on top and finish the job. After the job was done she demanded her tip like it was owed to her and I flat out refused. I told her even the 100k was more than enough for all her crap and at that moment she suddenly turned all sweet and cute, trying to milk more money out of me. I just walked out of the room and ignored her. It’s true what they said, they look at foreigners as ATMs, even though I speak the language. Totally unsatisfied. Lesson learnt – be patient and wait for the one you truly want, don’t tip the girls up front, just do your business and get out. Maybe I’ll try Alexis or Malio the next time around, but definitely was disappointed with the service at Terminal 2 tonight. And if you’re a well endowed guy in terms of girth, maybe try someplace else.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  3. yokan says:

    Hey Rockit. Love your site.

    I’m going to Jakarta in a few days. Do you recommend any other places besides Classic, Alexis, and Malioboro?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I don’t recommend anything. This site is for entertainment only. I have reviews on other places in Jakarta like King Cross, V2 and Illigals coming up.

  4. John says:

    Hey rockit , seems like youve visited this place recently. May i know the differences between the second and third floor ? Cause most reviews keep on saying about this two floors. And the service is based on hour or just 1 session (if you get what i mean) ? Going to stay in here for a week!

    • rockit says:

      It’s difficult to talk about floors because people from different parts of the world use different numbering. An American’s “Second Floor” is a Brit’s “First floor.” It’s better to describe them by name. This is mainly a review of Terminal which is the place I like most in the building. There are other places in the building mentioned in this post but as stated I’m not as big a fan of them even though they are certainly acceptable. In my experience at Terminal customers get the full allotted time they pay for. Cheers.

  5. Krik says:

    So , from your opinion rockit , you think Terminal 2 or Terminal 5 is better ? I mean based from the services and also the girls.

    • rockit says:

      I think I answered this in the review, which was mainly about Terminal on the second floor. I said “The standout at Classic is clearly Terminal. Another similar place is located on the fifth floor where the prices are a bit higher but since the quality is basically the same I don’t see the point. Still it’s always nice to have so many options under one roof.” Cheers.

  6. hardy says:

    Last time I visited 5th floor the price is 350k rupiah for 1 shoot. Floor 2 and 5 have about the same price but different layout, and price usually give u the idea about the quality. While bunker on ground floor charge higher but of course with higher girl quality.

    It is difficult to order unless u got table or place to sit. Debit and cash are welcome. Credit card will be charged additional percentage. Cashier might try to scam the changes.

    Foreigner might want to consider alexis , malioboro or emporium spa. Last time i visit classic with foreigner friend, india guy was refused. The girl are afraid of big dick apparently. Even for average asian like me the girls say mine is big.

    Btw minimum charge is around 40k.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. It seems to me they don’t like to take a credit card unless you run up a bill. If your total is something like 500,000 they might not want to deal with it. I have already posted a review of Malioboro. A review of Alexis is on the way. I’ve been to Classic many times and never had a problem and I’ve seen foreigners there too. It seems Indian guys are refused service in many places, not only in Indonesia but also in Thailand, Macau, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Cheers.


  7. Europeanguy says:

    Great review. I should have read it more carefully before heading there yesterday for the first time (it would have spared me a few headaches), but in retrospective, I find that I agree with every single sentence.

    The place is (potentially) great, I love the layout and what’s on offer, but I received VERY poor service from everyone there, from the waitresses to the ayans. They were all rude and/or bored, no finesse whatsoever, no one would even pretend to enjoy what they were doing.

    I was immediately approached by a mamasan, she pressured me to order a drink (which I was going to do anyway) and then quickly brought two average-looking girls to my table and started pushing for a threesome. Out of curiosity (remember, it was my first visit), I agreed to everything and let the mamasan and the girls take the lead. Big mistake! The girls were a huge letdown in bed, EXTREMELY mechanical and uninspired service. It was so boring that I sent them away after 15 minutes, without even shooting once (not that I would have been able to, anyway: as I said they were doing a terrible job).

    Frustrated, I went back to the main room and to my drink, only to be approached by one of the topless dancers who asked for two lady drinks. I bought her the two shots: she drank them at light speed and before I could get a firm hold of her tits or ass she was already lowering her panties (as in: “insert money here”) and trying to milk me of more, utterly undeserved cash. At that point I lost what little patience I had left and shooed her off. I also ignored a second stripper who walked up to me a few minutes later.

    To add insult to injury, a waitress took away my ashtray (seemingly for no reason) and then I had some trouble trying to figure out how to pay my bill and leave the goddamn place.

    I left with the impression that Westerners are either unwelcome at Terminal, or regarded as idiots and walking ATMs.

    I will visit again (and keep my wits next time), but my first visit was an unpleasant experience, despite the fact that I’ve been a punter for some time now and I’m not entirely new to this type of establishments (nor to Southeast Asia in general). I’m still on the fence regarding this place, yesterday’s experience was very disappointing and a waste of money.

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      I’m gonna follow up to that first impression by saying that things have gotten better for me on the following visits. Now I know my way around the place and I can get better service.

      The only annoyance, aside from the constant requests for tips by much of the staff, is that the mamasans try to hook up foreigners with the least attractive girls. I can never let my guard down there, I must always make sure to assert myself or things will get unpleasant one way or another. Not the place where one can relax.

      Terminal 5 is nearly identical to Terminal 2, down to the furniture. The only difference I noticed is that girls on the 5th floor don’t wear “uniforms” (but they are still split up in different groups managed by different mamas). Some of them are quite pretty.

      Also, the girls on the 2nd floor seem to often come equipped with lube, whereas that doesn’t seem to be the case on the 5th floor.

      There’s an entrance fee of 30k at Terminal 2 and 40k at Terminal 5. Sometimes it’s waived when you get a girl; sometimes it’s not. The price for a girl is now 350k on both floors.

      Most of the girls don’t speak a lick of English and some will act shy around foreigners. Most of them don’t enjoy foreplay and want to get down to business. I find that it’s best to choose them based purely on looks, fuck them hard and get out of there asap.

      Just my findings. I would be interested to hear from other people who have been there. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      Classic definitely isn’t known for performers. Lookers are a bigger draw. There are always exceptions but that’s typical in places oriented to foreigners all across Southeast Asia. As I wrote in the review the terminal mamas do try to push the least attractive gals on foreigners probably because they’re more likely to accept them. You will notice the locals always make their own selections. Maribaya is known for performance and more foreign customers but the looks can vary quite a bit. Cheers.

  8. nug says:

    Great stuff, man..
    Just wanted to know, do they have non-Indonesian girls as well over at Classic?

  9. JKTvisitor says:

    Hi rock it, if I buy a “lady drink”, I will also be given a mark “paid” on my wrist? Or I need to do other it will give me a “paid”?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry but I have no idea what you talking about. I’m not aware of customers being marked in any way for any reason. Cheers.

  10. EuropeanGuy says:

    I’m typing this at the 7-11 near Classic Hotel. It’s about 3 AM local time.

    I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I may have just fucked a virgin. Well, fucked isn’t the right word since we couldn’t even do it. She was way too tight to accomodate me. It literally DIDN’T FIT. Now, I’m not John Holmes, but she had the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen in my life! Unbelievable. I had trouble even putting my finger in there.

    I looked down between her legs and I found BLOOD. She didn’t speak a word of English so we couldn’t even discuss what was going on. She kept hugging me tight and kissing me with her eyes closed… like someone who is doing it for the first time. I tried taking her from behind but she flat out refused, she wanted it missionary. No blowjob either. After trying my best to penetrate her I gave up, it simply wouldn’t get inside.

    Never mind, I’m probably just imagining things. The likely explanation for the blood is that she was on her period, and the fact that she was super tight can be explained with her being Asian + petite + dry.

    STILL. What a weird experience. I though I’d seen it all but I keep coming across the weirdest chicks and the most unusual situations.

    In the end it was a waste of money. The girl wasn’t even my first choice, but the one I had picked before her refused me service. I really ought to stop going to Classic, obviously it’s not the right place for me. There’s always something wrong.

    On the bright side, they waved the entrance fee and not a single person asked me for tips this time around. I was at Terminal 2 for the record, the asking for tips seems to be more common at Terminal 5.

  11. Johnson says:

    This place is off the handle. I arrived around 9pm and the pickings on the couch was rather limited and I wondered whether I wait for others to come or to bail. I decided to have a few beers and see if it gets better. Kaboom. It sure does. Firstly I notice a number of hotties walking around. Damn they were going back to a table. I then see som more stunners shown and sitting on the table across from me with a punter. Damn how did that happen. Then after a further 5 minutes of observing I noticed the hot chicks going into a room behind the cashier. Hmmm seems an awful long time to spend in the toilet. Then it dawned on me. All the hot chicks were going into the room and only came out when the mamasan brought them out.
    To see whether my theory was correct I engaged in conversation with one of the more friendlier Mamas who asked would I like a girl. I asked her how many she had. She noted 55 tonight. Wow that is a lot for one mama and I asked that they must be busy as I not see that many in her colour group. I joked with her asking where all the large breasted small butt girls. She said I have. Ok I play along and ask her show me some thinking I can only see 6 of hers on the couch in her colour and not to my taste. She confirm my criteria which I nodded and then low and behold she goes into the back room and brings 2 beauties out. I thought I would gamble and pass and see what else she has. An wow the second batch was incredible a 19 and 21 year old. Large natural breasts with small butts. Cha Ching I couldn’t get the 575k out fast enough to seal the deal. I must admit it took a bit of time to get the cash out of pocket as stumpy just grew and made it difficult to casually retrieve

    All I can say is don’t be shy and be polite. Ask the Mamas what you want and don’t just settle for those on the couch if you nice they will be nice. The locals know how to get the best so why not you.

    I have been back 3 more times for a week of threesomes better then any porno movies I have seen as my hands never touched stumpy once n

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report! Cheers.

    • Linechaser says:

      Hey Johnson! Where were you in Classic? Terminal 2 or 5? Can you give a bit of a description on where this back room is. I’d like to try this little number myself.

  12. Daver says:

    What time do they close?

  13. Deca says:

    I wish I read your report thoroughly. I went there and it was big and the massage spa closed down at 11 pm.
    There was some club where they had a noisy live band. The entry was 30,000 idr but I didn’t go in. I didn’t know
    about Terminal 2 or 5. I was already tired and just went to my hotel nearby. Some cabbies don’t know about what is going on inside the hotel and dropped off at the old tune instead.

  14. Bump says:

    Just discovered this site. Thanks for the great resource and to all the contributors. I am a Bkk based now for business in Jakarta for my first time. I plan to try the local scene and will post my esperiences here. Can I ask to who tried threesomes here if the ladies ask to switch condom anytime you switch pussy? I had this experience only once in Bkk and I find it annoyng. Thank you every one.

    • rockit says:

      That is the usual practice for paid threesomes throughout most of Asia. Exceptions can sometimes be found among women who know and trust each other. Cheers.

  15. Guyfrombangkok says:

    Just got back from the Terminal.
    I was convinced by the review of the fella who wrote he had a week of porn movie like threesome in the place, but sadly my experience was similar to the one told before By the guy who sent the girls away after 15′.
    I should have done the same. Do not waste more words…
    I can confirm there are a few pretty hot girls, mine were, but was my worst experience ever.
    I confirm the price of 575 for the threesome.

    Only missionary, ONLY missionary!!!!! All covered, No kissing breasts.
    Sold 90 minutes, but after 50 was all over…
    Very cold experience, and I assure u guys I am good looking and first of all always nice and polite with the girls.

    Cheers all. I wish you more luck than me!

  16. IndIan Boi says:

    So me and my friend landed up in terminal 5 last Monday. We had visited alexia and malioboro on the weekend and tried to close our trip with what we have heard about threesomes at terminal. We walked into terminal 5 and as usual, 2 mamas tried to push ugly gals on us. We being aware of such situaton, politely refused and proceeded to enjoy our drinks. We waited one hour to get a hang of the gals and also to bore out the mamas. Then at 9:40pm we chose our gals and got busy. I had learned this trick that since these chicks don’t get tipped much, you need to tip them right before the act. So I stopped them after the shower and paid them 100k each. You need to see the look on their faces; these were 20 something kids and immediately they were grateful. Thankfullly I am not much of a perv so I did the normal stuff with them but they showed lot of interest and passion. My friend forgot to pull this manoeuvre so he didn’t get as good service. On top, one of the gals was too petite and could not handle his girth. After finishing our busineas at terminal 5 we decided we need to just peep in terminal 2. To be continued…

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I think that foreigners have started a trend of tipping that has led to more and more women working at places like Terminal asking for or even expecting tips from westerners that are up to fifty percent of a session price. Cheers.

    • IndIan Boi says:

      Sorry to all the bros for spoiling the hoes but I have the dough and i love the extra passion that comes with it.

    • rockit says:

      You are free to do whatever you’d like. I am simply mentioning a trend. I would note that tips don’t always lead to a higher level of service. Cheers.

  17. Jacko says:

    Please stop it with the tipping. The girls will just ask for more and more with the service levels declining.

  18. Venjur says:

    I could not agree more Jacko. The abuse of tipping is a particular pet peeve of mine in terms of mongering, particularly in Asia where they just dont have a tipping culture.

    *Warning: rant ahead. Read at your own risk.*

    The concept of the European gratuity was originally to incentivise and reward superior service. It was and is a great idea and works well when employed correctly. Unfortunately it became somewhat debased in the US when many employers began to exploit it by paying their service staff rock bottom wages, forcing them to rely on tips to supplement their meagre salary. This effectively means the consumer is subsidising the wage bill as well as paying for the service itself. Now it is so ingrained in US culture that it has become absolutely expected, and all my american colleagues and friends are conditioned to tip reflexively for even the most basic levels of service. Its puzzling to me as a European to be expected to tip a waiter simply because he took my order correctly and managed to bring my food to the table without dropping it. Thats not a tip. Thats a TAX. But its not a big deal because it often (but certainly not always) can result in good service there.

    But Asia is a whole different story. Asians simply never had a tipping culture until we exported it there. In Japan, its even considered somewhat offensive. The Thai mindset in particular is completely different to the western one. It is, in essence, all about getting the most possible reward for the least possible effort. So when whitey came along and began giving them free extra money for just doing their regular job, it didn’t revolutionise the levels of service at all. The Thai brain simply doesn’t work that way. It simply made him a target to be exploited. When they realised that many westerners will tip even for poor service, they began to expect more and more while offering less and less. Prices have shot up and attitudes are going down. There have been quite a few cases where both myself and others I know have received the most appalling service in a restaurant or bar and refused to tip (complaining or not paying is simply NOT an advisable option in SEA generally). After being badgered by the staff in question (“you tip! you tip!”), we have been hissed and even sworn at for refusing to comply. In other words, tipping in many parts of Asia has become not just pointless, but actually in many cases actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. We are now paying more for less. And there is no sign of this trend stopping any time soon.

    Whenever I bring up this point in company or in other fora, there is always a few guys who get their panties in a bunch saying they are on holiday to enjoy themselves, they will pay whatever damn well want and no one has the right to tell them not to etc etc. Yes, yes. We know that. Others actually are proud of their gratuitous (excuse the pun) tipping. One guy even said to me that he is “proud to overpay”, direct quote. He and others believe it gets them more “respect” or status in the girls eyes. It doesn’t. It may give their egos a little stroking, but as several bar girls have confessed to me, it just makes them a target to get milked. I am not pointing fingers as we have all done this at some point. But as time goes by, the net effect of it all becomes painfully apparent to anyone who cares to look. Prices are going north, and everything else is going south.

    To be clear, I have nothing against tipping when used correctly (i.e. to reward girls who go the extra mile and provide excellent service beyond the normal standard). I am not a cheap charlie and am willing to tip generously for service that merits it. Also I know that there are plenty of exceptions, positive experiences happen too and everyones mileage can vary. In addition, I realise there are several factors causing the general decline in the industry we all enjoy, of which bad tipping practices is only one. But in the final analysis, it has had a really detrimental effect on the industry as a whole. As Rockit points out in the comments above, it has resulted in many girls expecting tips that are up to 50% of the actual price. As one fellow monger eloquently put it, dont shit where you, and others, have to eat. Sage advice.

    • Deca says:

      Tipping can be a headache issue in Asia. No need to tip in Japan , Korea and China as this Western practice is considered inappropriate except China is becoming like Thailand lately at places where tourists go to. The most of the problems lie in Vietnam and Thailand. Indonesia is also becoming like Thailand especially in p4p areas but only at few places. If the service is not good like massage, I would leave at least 10 min before the service ends, so there would be no fuss. If you stay for the full hour massage and tip very little or not tip at all, they will be angry. If the service is good 10~20 percent tip is expected although some Vietnamese have mandatory tipping at 5 usd for good massage and 7 usd for exceptional service. So better to ask before the service. Cheers!

  19. Endicott says:

    So, Rockit, Jacko and Venjur, how do you handle the inevitable tip requests after service at a place like Terminal? Venjur’s “rant” is logical, but if the culture has already been imported, it seems like the damage has been done, and in my experience in the US, negotiating too much on tips can lead to a upset provider and a bad feeling in my stomach upon leaving. I want to avoid that feeling, avoid spoiling things for others and not disappointing the provider if tipping has already become standard there. Of course, I know better than to ask for advice or recommendations on this site. ;) So please inform me what kind of tipping at a spa like this one might tick all the boxes.

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      I’ve found that the best solution is to avoid Terminal altogether. Plenty of other options in Jakarta.

    • rockit says:

      Somehow I have avoided the tip trap for most of my life. I have never been asked for a tip for anything in Indonesia ever. I have been asked in Vietnam. Wherever I am I try to do as the locals do. Cheers.

  20. thingstick says:

    Read many places prices at Classic have gone up to 650,000 and up. Seems the “tippers” have just doubled the cost over time. Heh.

  21. CT says:

    Firstly, thanks Rockit for a site that is on the whole informative and entertaining. It is in that vein that I contribute this post to the community.

    Just had my first experience at the Terminal Level 2, and this is what happened.

    Went in around 1:30am on Tuesday and stayed until it closed at 3am.

    The minimum spend for entry is 30,000 rupiah – all you have to do is order a mineral water that comes in at 28,000 and you’re good.

    There’ll be a bunch of tables and stools, so just choose one that gives you a good angle. I shuffled around a few tables that already had a guy on them, but they just minded their own business so you’re left to your own space.

    The crowd is almost entirely local and they tend to be just sitting at the tables – chatting, smoking and drinking. Generally pretty chilled.

    There are attendants in a blue and red uniform that are continuously roaming around and it is from them that you order whatever drink you fancy. They don’t carry menus with them however, so if you wanted to find out the price, you’d have to follow them to a computer terminal where they enter the orders and show you the charge.

    There are also topless girls walking around the tables with an attendant carrying a tray of shots behind them. I was quoted 35,000 rupiah for the girl to drink a shot and do something, but between the thumping music and her broken English, I couldn’t discern exactly what was on offer so I declined.

    There is a main stage where between two and three girls would be dancing topless at any given time, and towards closing time, they took off even their panties so they were dancing completely naked.

    There is also a minor stage at the back opposite the main stage, where a lone girl will dance around a pole, also topless.

    In general, the dancing girls have well-endowed bodies and would rate as rather attractive. I’d imagine you could take one of these girls to a room, but as they didn’t seem to have an obvious minder or mamasan circling them, not sure how this could be procured.

    Sitting on a string of lounges lining the club would be rows of girls who ostensibly answer to a given mamasan. The great advantage of choosing a girl from these lounges is that they are quite well lit so you can properly observe and make an informed decision. However, during my visit it wasn’t evident which mamasan was tied to which group as all the mamasans I could see were walking around. There were a few lookers I would have fancied.

    As it happened, a mamasan approached me though she didn’t look after the girls I fancied on the lounges. I was quoted 350,000 rupiah and I asked her to bring me a girl with a big chest and nice face. She nodded and came back a minute after with a girl who seemed to fit the bill. As it was my first experience at this establishment, I wasn’t too fussy as I was mostly interested to see how things worked here.

    As it turns out, under proper lighting in the room my provider led me to, I could see that she was a bit pug-faced and her chest was accentuated by a large push-up bra, so they were at best average sized. Mis-sold.

    In any case, we commenced to the act where she gave me a quick shower, then I lay down and she proceeded to give a perfunctory lick to my chest and then a covered BJ, all of which lasted under two minutes by which time I had to take over from her because her movements were half-hearted and as mentioned, her looks under proper lighting wasn’t half as attractive enough to turn me on.

    Finally my little brother got up and we then did cowgirl and finished in missionary. After which we showered quickly again and got dressed. All that lasted some fifteen minutes, and as I made my way to head out, she asked me for a tip.

    Here I will say that a tip is earned and given at the customer’s discretion, not elicited out of the customer by a provider who feels entitled to it. A stunner can turn you on simply by looking great and a good provider can make up for looks by skill or enthusiastic service. In the case of my present provider, she was patently lacking in both so for her to ask me repeatedly to tip her struck me as mildly insulting.

    I was tempted to point out her deficiencies and to tell her to compare herself to the competition on the lounges (some of whom were just a tad shy of stunning) but given that probably wouldn’t reach her given the limited English she had, I just politely said I had already paid mamasan, and that she would get her cut from the her. As she kept insisting, I just walked out on her. She breathed a sigh of frustration as I closed the door but nothing happened and I went on my merry way.

    I then just sat to drink and observe a bit more until the club closed.

    After more than an hour watching, here’s how I would rate the three to four dozen girls who were present during my visit. 20% of them are rather good-looking, 60% hover at average, and 20% makes you wonder why they even bother.

    Were I to repeat my visit again, I would ask the mamasan who approached me to bring a second or even third option before making a pick rather than settling on the first one. Or more effectively, I would go to the best looking one on the lounges and find out who the mamasan in charge was. Here, patience and simply pointing may yield results.

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