Review: Carre Blanc — Pattaya, Thailand

Carre Blanc is yet another blowjob bar in Pattaya, Thailand set in a location that is a bit out of the way for the average visitor. Because of this and the prevalence of other options closer to the beach the main customer base seems to be long term expats who mostly hail from Europe. That’s not to say that they don’t welcome new comers. Anyone who can find their way to the front door and ring the bell is admitted.

To be clear, the bar isn’t that far away or difficult to find its simply in a place where few punters would end up on their own. It’s not a part of the usual Pattaya walking trail.

The phrase Carre Blanc means “white square” in French. Apparently this refers to a famous film rather than any white substance that may find its way out onto the tiled floor of the bar. The name is used for quite a number of things around the world which makes finding information about the bar in question difficult even with the aid of the internet.

Carre Blanc is a moderately sized establishment. Just inside the entrance is a small bar and a few seats. To the left are a few couches where the half dozen or so women on staff hang around in between customers. To the far left are a group of love seats and couches that can be cordoned off from one another and the rest of the bar with the aid of curtains that hang from the ceiling.

The women that work the bar are friendly but not aggressive. Whoever is next in line will approach any new customer who enters but there’s nothing that says he can’t chose any other gal or gals of his liking. The gals at Carre Blanc don’t push for lady drinks or try to sell their services but it’s all available at a very reasonable price.

There always seems to be at least one or two guys at the buy having a drink. They are only occasionally joined by ladies. On the other hand the “service center” sees its fair share of use but is not overly busy. The place gets its fair share of customers which may be more than some would expect given the location and lack of obvious promotion.

Guys looking to get their mind blown at Carre Blanc will have to shell out 800 Baht ($25 US) for the pleasure. This is on the high end of the price range for these kind of services in Pattaya. It’s not much to complain about but it’s worth noting that the nearby Lolita’s still sticks with the old 600 Baht ($19) price.

The action at Carre Blanc straddles the line between the completely private model of places like Som’s and the in your face style of the Star of Light. It’s done on the main floor in spitting distance of the bar but it’s still isolated thanks to the black out drapes that have been installed. I guess it wouldn’t appeal much to the serious exhibitionist or the extreme privacy advocate but everyone else should be able to get on quite nicely. There are some acceptable short time quarters upstairs for guys who want to be all alone with their date or are in need of full service. The quoted rate for that is 1000 Baht ($32 US) all in.

The women at Carre Blanc tend to be in their 30’s with some a little younger and one or two possibly even older. None of the women are totally unattractive but there aren’t many lookers either. Considering what kind of place it is the looks could best be described as average.

Considering what kind of place it is again one realizes that looks may not be the most important thing. The main point of a bar like this is the easily accessible oral. It’s always difficult to judge the skill levels of an entire group of people but I’m always willing to take a dozen or two for the team. Different women do things differently with some being better than others but everyone at Carre Blanc knows what they are doing. If they didn’t they’d be working somewhere else.

There’s never any rush or clock watching at Carre Blanc. Bills are paid at the customers leisure after they’ve soaked in as much of the atmosphere as they’d like. This speaks a lot to its character. If better located places like the Pump Station put even a small portion of the effort in that they used to they would certainly be doing a lot better economically. Since they don’t their bar stays empty most times while Carre Blanc stays occupied despite its distance from the main entertainment center.

As a decent blowjob bar with a standard level of service and average prices I think it’s fair to give Carre Blanc an average score of two-and-a-half stars. If it was located somewhere else in the world I’d almost certainly score it higher but since it’s within walking distance of nearly a dozen similar bars this mid-range number seems fair.

Carre Blanc, Soi Chaloem Phrakiat 33, Pattaya, Thailand. Open seven days a week from noon to midnight. Click here for a map.

Carre Blanc Pattaya


  1. michel says:

    I have visited the Carre Blanc more than 10 time from October and November 2014
    10 girls available for your chose. I always happy of them.
    Cheap price 800 Thb for blowjob and 1100 Thb for full party. I will come back next year.
    French men.

  2. jean van cote says:

    I think that Club 4 have a new owner, Joel his no longer there and his wife who was the manager now works at the 007 Club located next door.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ve heard some things like this so it could be correct. Club 4 closed then reopened and a new place called 007 has opened next door. I haven’t been able to check it all out in person yet though. Cheers

  3. Jean Van Cote says:

    Slight amendment, Club 4 still open for business, under new management, I made a quick stop two week ago in mid afternoon it was calm only 3 girls on duty(sic) the place continue to be spic and span but the business appears to be slow, this situation is current these days.

    • rockit says:

      Yes it appears Club 4 reopened under new management after being raided. From all reports it has been slow going recently. Cheers.

  4. KOJ says:

    Do you have any information about sex in phuket?

  5. Pat says:

    For information, “CarrĂ© Blanc” has moved last week and open its new Bar just beside “Club 4”, and close to “007” and “Pirates”.
    It seems that Soi Love Hotel is now becoming the new Pattaya BJ street
    It’s open from 1pm to midnight and I will try to visit this place soon.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ve heard this from a few people now but it is not clear to me if the original Carre Blanc location is closed or not. Cheers.

  6. Pat says:

    I have visited the old place this afternoon at 4 pm. There is no doubt that the former site has been given up. The door was not locked and I went inside.
    Then I went to the new place (unfortunately I had not enough time to stay) and it was opened and waiting for customers.
    I took some pics that I can send if you tell me how to do it.
    I will try to go next week, just to talk with people and to know a bit more.
    Thanks in advance to other bros if they have more time than me to let us know.

  7. Tony says:

    Hi Rockit – I have recently returned from another trip to Pattaya and after being informed about the relocation of this place to ‘Blow Row’ on Soi Bongkoch ( Soi Full Love Inn ) my adventurous and very horny local girlfriend decided it was time I indulged in a bit of extra play. She took me along here one late afternoon and after entering the place I noticed a very well laid out interior and looking all newly renovated. She ordered a drink for each of us as well as a couple of sexy girls to join us at the bar. One of them remembered me from a previous dirty encounter at La Poste in Soi Lengkee so after a drink together and my girl encouraging both girls to get my cock out at the bar after taking their tops down and panties off I had tits in my mouth, playing with their hot shaven pussies and getting me hard with their groping hands they took my shorts right off and proceeded to both suck my cock and balls in tandem play with great enthusiasm at the bar. The cashier who turned out to be a real fun character came over for a look at the action going on. My girlfriend laughed like all hell as she noticed my knees started to buckle from all the horny action so the four of us went into one of the well appointed booths and continued on. She didn’t even bother pulling the large curtain around so we just continued the action on the large chaise leather sofa with the cashier continuing as a spectator urging us all on from the bar – it was all quite amusing as well as entertaining. I had one girl planting her pussy on my face while one of them would be sucking my cock ( then swapping over ) and my girlfriend stroking my balls and putting her great pair of tits in my face. I finally unloaded when one girl, on instruction from my girl, would suck one ball into her mouth and gently hum ( that drives me nuts – no pun intended ) while the other absolutely smoked me to completion and having my girl parked on my face getting a tongue lashing after lifting her miniskirt and pulling her G-string aside. Wow!! What a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment that turned out to be. Of course later on after my girlfriend and I checkbinned and left and had a few drinks elsewhere she was as horny as hell and demanded we get back to the apartment pronto where we screwed each other’s brains out before heading out again for a night out. Another great day was had in paradise. Cheers Rockit.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. It sounds like you’re having a great time with a girlfriend who shares your interests. Cheers.

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