Review: Bliss Lounge — Pattaya, Thailand

Bliss Lounge

One thing is certain, these gals know how to play with sticks and balls.

Bliss Lounge bills itself as a “bar and restaurant” though I’m not exactly sure why since the place is actually one of many blowjob bars in Thailand. It could be that the owners of Bliss Lounge want to promote the place as a bit of a more upscale hands free pub, sort of the way the (now deceased) owner of the old version of Lolita’s Pattaya did. That would explain the higher level of attention paid to every aspect of the interior which is nicely decorated and kept impeccably clean. Then again, maybe it’s just a way to get around something or other or maybe it means nothing at all. Maybe they actually serve food. Whatever the case may be, it’s a pretty good place for a visit.

Those who have been to Pattaya before or who have surfed around sites that discuss these sorts of places may have come across one of their advertisements promising to “blow you away.” Readers of Rockit Reports will know that this is a euphemism for the services on offer.

Bliss is located on Third Road. It’s not difficult to find though you could easily miss it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. Situated right next to a Seven Eleven (then again in Thailand what isn’t) and with an unassuming exterior, it’s unlikely you’d figure out what went on inside the place at all unless you were already aware before arriving. The only indication of the fun to be had is the small group of women waiting outside of the entrance for customers.

Things at Bliss work as they do at any similar establishment. Customers chose one of the women out front on their way in and ask her to step inside together. She then asks if he’d like a drink which he can politely refuse if he instead wants to get to right to business. The fee for standard service is 700 Baht ($22.50) which is payable on the way out. Unlike the out in the open action of a place like Star of Light, the services at Bliss are provided upstairs in nice big rooms appointed with reclining chairs. There is no set time limit and the staff doesn’t watch the clock but things do have to be kept within reason.

The obvious difference between Bliss and some of the other shops around Thailand is the size. The place is pretty big, with a huge ground floor complete with couches, a full bar and a pool table that is free to play. The woman who works the bar maintains the perfect balance of minding her business and being kind. She seems to show a genuine interest in whether or not customers leave satisfied which is always good to see.

A second thing that sets Bliss apart is how clean the place is. A guy like me doesn’t expect much at a place like this but it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised now and again. Bliss is in fact so well maintained that they keep full warm lighting on in the place. Even the bathrooms are nice, which something even some of the mainstream places in Thailand pretending to be top notch can’t say.

I don’t have any plans to start hanging around at Bliss and downing beers so these are only side matters but they are worth mentioning. After seeing how grimy some places are it’s easy to forget what is possible with a little care and cleaning supplies.

The staff at Bliss are about as you’d expect. There are usually a half dozen or more women available at any time and they run the range in terms of looks. I don’t know if there are any stunners working at the place but they all appear to be of average beauty or better. I definitely haven’t seen any that I’d turn away. The women wear purple plaid skirts and matching golf shirts that sport the name of the place where the Polo rider would be and all they all appear to know what they are doing and relatively satisfied with their jobs. In my experience you won’t see any of the sour pusses punters have come to expect at places like the Pump Station.

Bliss Lounge is a reliable blow bar with very good facilities. It’s a little more out of the way than some of the other shops in town but in many ways that is more of a plus than a minus. Despite having by the far the nicest shop around for this kind of thing they have kept the prices very reasonable. Taking everything into consideration I give the place three and a half stars.

Bliss Lounge. 79/19 Moo 9, Third Road, Pattaya, Thailand. Open seven days a week from noon to midnight. Phone: Phone: 087-055-9080 Website: The website has a map, but you can click here for a better one.

Bliss Lounge Pattaya review


  1. ed says:

    The Bliss was started by ex Lolitas management and staff. The bar was a sports bar before, and Bliss didn’t change the decor when they moved in. The girls are friendly and service good, but, in the four years since they opened, they have never had a real top girl working there. That’s the reason I have to make the 300km round trip to Bangkok and Lolitas and Dr Bj’s. Well worth the effort!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks Ed. I’ve received mostly mid-range levels of service there, but they do have some really cuties, and they all aim to please in my experience. Cheers.

  2. rick says:

    great little place to blast a load, the staff are friendly and keen. I recommend Aree she’s a good girl and takes it right down her tight little throat whilst letting you play with her pussy, she swallows the lot as well.

  3. Kai Yai says:

    I think the place is good value for the money.

  4. Jboy says:

    ok get the review but frankly these places don’t reflect the best part of life in Pattaya. A happy ending in a massage parlour could achieve same result and much more as well.

  5. Disobey says:

    Just visited! Before going i read the comment about Aree, asked for her- not working anymore(allegedley). Then went upstairs with the girl aproaching me. Oi 38 years from mahasarakam. Nothing special, wasn’t going deep at all, but on the otherhand didn’t minded me grabbing her head/ “skullf_cking” her when going towards the finale. A cool funloving girl.
    The cashier was a laugh. 800b! Said what about 700-? last yeaa! Btw, loved the reclining armchair “a la whatching tv” .

  6. Shimy says:

    Does Ann still work at Bliss BJ bar? She is maybe 43 or so known for a great BJ Bliss best really.

  7. svipser says:

    Was just there, price is 800 now, like someone else pointed out. Still a fair price.

    I had Pat, probably around 35-40 years old. Chubby girl with a cute face. Gave her a 100 tip for her good work.

  8. Gus says:

    Hi, my wife owns Bliss & says thanks heaps. Only yesterday a customer went in & told her he’s been waiting to holiday & go to Bliss after the excellent review on the place. Cheers.

  9. Pat says:

    Hi, it seems that the site doesn’t work anymore.
    Does somebody visit the bar recently ?

  10. Pat says:

    I have visited Bliss yesterday around 9 pm. There were 7 or 8 ladies outside. None were stuner and did not deserve more than 4 on 10 in my book.
    Aged between 21 and 30+, I’ve found them over wighted.
    I had a drink and left, a bit disappointed.

  11. Mafiaman says:

    Great clean and nice place. Fully recommend Pat for her skills. If the owner is reading this then please say Hi to Pat for me, have not been for a few years but will be around later this year to give you some money and Pat some jaw exercise.

    Best wishes,

    Mafiaman ( what Pat calls me)

  12. Pat says:

    The bar seems to be close now, probably since police raids have started to destabilize the market few months ago.
    I have no idea whether – as several places did after they have been controlled – there is a chance that it will re-open !

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      I’m worried about the current state of affairs in Pattaya. Latest news is all the bars on WS have been ordered to get rid of their neon signage!? Crazy stuff.

      So far WS and Soi 6 seem the most affected. LK Metro is being left alone, which is great since it’s the best bar area in my opinion. The soapies are also unscathed.

    • rockit says:

      I’ve been hearing of the demise of Pattaya for years. It seems unimaginable especially considering the city rose to prominence due to the presence of US soldiers looking for companionship. If things continue it is possible that it could end up with a more limited scene than it used to have as we see in Angeles City. It is perhaps even possible that the whole place could be wiped out as we saw in Southern China though I still think that is very unlikely. Cheers.

    • rockit says:

      I am not aware of the bar closing. I can’t confirm or deny it since I am not there at the moment. Perhaps some others can report. Cheers.

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