Review: Bit Style — Bangkok, Thailand **CLOSED**

Bit Style bangkok Japan massage

One of the lovely ladies at Bit Style Bangkok.

Note: The original Bit Style has closed. A new Bit Style shop has since opened in its place.

Since starting this website in 2012 I’ve spent a lot of time reporting on blowjob bars. A lot of that reporting has focused on Thailand simply because it is probably the country with the most blowjob bars available to the average Joe. Japan is filled with pink salons, South Korea has its lip cafes, and Vietnam has many hot toc om but many of those places are off limits to foreigners and people who can’t speak the local language. That’s not the case in Thailand where the bars are not only open to English-speaking foreigners but specifically cater to them.

Bit Style is a new shop that opened recently on Sukhumvit Soi 22. Even though it’s located in a side alley that doesn’t get much traffic the place is not difficult to find. One only has to walk down Soi 22 a short while and make the first left turn to be right in front of the shop which has a small storefront but clear signage marking it.

To anyone who has some awareness of what the industry is like in different pars of the world Bit Style was clearly created by Japanese proprietors. It’s the closest thing to a Japanese pinsaro I have ever seen outside of the land of the rising sun itself. While I prefer many Thai blowjob bars to most of the blowjob bars open to foreigners in Tokyo I must say that Bit Style is a very nice shop. It has managed to combine the straight forward Japanese concept with cleanliness, organization and some of the best looking ladies in the sucking subsection of the adult entertainment industry.

It may be slightly off base to describe Bit Style as a blowjob bar but if so not by much. The shop offers what are called “soft services” in the Japanese industry. This means pretty much everything short of intercourse. What the motivations for this are in Bangkok one can only speculate but I don’t know that I need to be aware of them in any case. Bit Style has integrated some of the best features of blowjob bars and handjob bars without any of the hassles.

Unlike the other blowjob bars one encounters in Bangkok there are no ladies sitting outside waiting for customers at Bit Style. From the outside one might not even know what the “fantasy massage club” was. When I first visited I was expecting something along the lines of Akane but I soon discovered that I was mistaken.

Upon entering the lobby at Bit Style the customer is greeted by a manager who can speak English very well. If that wasn’t help enough to organize a session the management has assembled a clear and concise PowerPoint presentation that is shown on a flat screen television to explain how everything works. Oddly enough I’m told that some customers still don’t understand the concept of the place even after all this and push for more than what is provided. It’s a shame that people like this are out there but it helps explain some of the more restrictive rules put in place at some shops.  As an added touch customers at Bit Style are given a free drink as they make their decision.

Bit style fantasy massage club

A booth at Bit Style.

Note: The original Bit Style closed. A new shop also called Bit Style has opened in its place.

There are a variety of services available at Bit Style. The cheapest session is a 900 Baht ($28 USD) handjob massage course that lasts 30 minutes. A thirty minute blowjob session is available for 1300 Baht ($40) with the option to add another women for 1200 Baht more. The women will get topless on request and sometimes on their own in either type of session and high quality Japanese lubes are provided. A finish on the breasts is available in the handjob session for an extra 200 Baht and the blowjob session can be extended an extra 5 minutes for free. There is also a VIP room available for an extra 100 Baht that includes a “head and ball massage” but I can’t comment on it.

For some the amount of options may be slightly confusing or even annoying. It’s certainly different than a point-and-shoot place like Lolita’s where everything is as easy and walking in and dropping trou. On the other hand there is a certain benefit to the Japanese shop style that lays all the rules out in the open before hand so that there will be no confusion even when the provider and the punter speak entirely different languages. You know what you’re going to get at Bit Style and there’s a certain comfort in that.

There is a PowerPoint slide show available showing the women who work at Bit Style but it’s just as easy to ask to see them all in person. The lobby isn’t big enough for a full line up so the women are called out one after another for the customer to get a look. The women working at Bit Style are mostly good looking and some of them are quite simply beautiful. While there’s often one or two lookers at most blowjob bars the industry tends to be the place where some of the least attractive women go to try to make a buck. That’s not the case at Bit Style where there don’t seem to be any women on staff that could be called unattractive, overweight or old. Adding to the quality of the looks is the fact that the staff at Bit Style skews toward student age with many of the women being 19 or 20 years old with tight bodies and perky breasts. In some cases the women working at Bit Style aren’t only college student aged. They are actual college students making money in their spare time who aren’t interested in offering anything “hard” like full service.

Once a customer selects a woman (or two) they head upstairs to one of several private booths. The booths are private and big enough to get the job done. They are outfitted with nice leather like couches and quite frankly they put the now-worn cubicles at the well known Dr BJ’s to shame. Although they are separated from one another there is some possibility to hear what’s going on in other booths which can either be a turn on or a turn off depending on your outlook. The women turn the lights down and turn the Japanese pop dance music (that would fit perfectly at a place like Jan Jan) in the background up before performing the services.

It’s always tough reporting on services at a place with multiple women on staff. One woman might be excellent while another may be terrible. There are also things like off days to take into account. Few people in any industry perform at the top of their game every day of the year as evidenced by some of my more error-ridden reports and reviews over the years. What I can say that the women at Bit Style are universally enthusiastic and all seem willing to go the course to make sure their customers leave satisfied. Some of the newest women may not have much experience in matters of the hand and mouth and that can mean they don’t have the same kind of special tricks in their bag as an old hand at a place like Star of Light would but that can even enhance the session for some. Just as there are guys who love “super slutty women” there are those who like newbies getting their first tastes of fun. In any case those who continue to work for some period of time will surely learn the tricks of the trade.

On stereotype about Japan is that the people there are incredibly punctual. In my experience this is mostly true in business but not necessarily when dealing with women in personal life. Bit Style is clearly a Japanese owned shop but there’s no sense of hardcore clock watching. Things are laid back and its easy to go with the flow. There’s no pressure to tip and I can’t really imagine the issue would come up unless the customer suggested it.

As a unique and well run blowjob bar with a generally attractive staff Bit Style is a nice addition to the scene. If I have any complaint it would be the prices. They are certainly not outrageous with the most expensive session coming in at around 77 US dollars but they are higher than every other place I know that provides similar services. Most Bangkok blowjob bars charge 700 or 800 Baht for a basic session and a full body massage with handjob finish at Akane is 770 Baht. On the other hand I’m not privy to the behind the scenes operations and a slightly higher price may be what allows Bit Style to operate as it does with things like free drinks, comfortable booths and good looking 19 year old service providers. I give the place four stars.

Bit Style Fantasy Massage Club, 63/2 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Khlong-Tan, Bangkok. Open seven days a week, 2 pm to midnight. Phone: 02-258-2386. Website: Map on website.

Bitstyle Bangkok blow job review


  1. ed says:

    Thanks for the review Rockit. I want to check this place out!

  2. Chiron43 says:

    Hello Rockpit,
    Thanks for this review and yes I agree that it’s nice to see a new addition on the “soft services” scene in Bangkok!
    Especially if it tries a slightly different approach than the usual BJ bars like Lolita’s and a-like.
    I will give the place a shot maybe today or tomorrow (after checking their website, it seems the shop was closed in the past 2 days for some decoration work).

    As you mentioned that most/all of the operating staff would be real college/uni students, what time of the day do you think would be the best to have the better choice/line-up?
    How many girls are available at a time?

    On a side note, I just discover rockitreports website and this is my first post. I used to live in Bangkok (now in Hong Kong) and a former reader of blogs/websites focusing on Bangkok’s nightlife/naughty scene.

    • rockit says:

      Interesting about them closing for a few days since their website was down for a few days too. I wonder if there’s any correlation or relation to other things going on around town. I don’t know that there is a best time to visit. Some may prefer to be the only customer while others may prefer the largest possible lineup. In the early evening it seems the whole staff is available but there are a good number working when they open too. Cheers.

  3. Marquis De Sade says:

    This place is good. Amazing looking girls in here and they are all young and very talented. No rush service and Indian friendly, which is refreshing after my Kasalong disaster.

    I blew after 10 mins. as she was so good and very very sexy. The girl listened to how I like my BJ and there NO wanking me off, in fact no hands were used at all.

    So this is a great hands free BJ bar. I really wanted to fuck her as she was hot, but no fucking. Pity that.

    Would I repeat, Oh yeah!! Website has some great looking girls on it, but when I was there, about 3pm, I only saw 3.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have actually heard that some Indian customers have tried to push for more than what is available at this place. I’m not saying it is fair, but if some sort of racially-based policy is put in place in the future it may be due to that sort of thing. As far as I know the shop opens at 2 and the women don’t really starting filing in until around 5 which would make sense if many of them are in university. Cheers.

  4. Johnny says:

    wow! can’t wait to try this place – thanks rockit! i saw on the website that they do cum-on-breasts for 200thb extra. do they do cum-on-face? also, cum-in-mouth is standard?

    • rockit says:

      Japanese places are usually straight forward and what you see is what you get. If it’s not mentioned it’s probably not available. I can’t speak for anyone but oral usually ends orally in my experience. Cheers.

  5. smoothie says:

    Went to Bit Style tonight around 5:30PM tonight. I figured all those college girls would not be in class at that time of night on a Sunday and it wasn’t even a very good night to go out on a date, so the place ought to be packed with all those luscious co-eds. Nope.

    The Greeting: After exchanging hellos in Thai, the young man who greeted me asked if this was my first time in the place. Since it was, he pointed to the flatscreen tv that displayed a list of prices and options that could just as well have been handed to me on a 3X5 index card instead of a 42” flatscreen tv. There was no other video or PowerPoint presentation involved.

    I had to ask him how long a 1300b BJ session would be. Apparently misunderstanding the question, “How long is the session?”, he nervously replied, “Only once”. I guess he was expecting a different question. I asked again and he understood that time. “Oh, 20 minutes or so, as soon as you are finished. We ask that it not be longer than 30-40 minutes.”

    He never mentioned anything about a “head and ball massage”, and I honestly didn’t remember from the write up that there was supposed to be one included.

    The Selection of Girls: There were only 3 women working this evening. So much for that Sunday night glut of available “college students” reasoning. One after the other, each walked out into the short dark hallway, smiled, quickly bowed, turned on her heels and retreated to their lounge or wherever. I chose the only one of the three who looked as though she might not be picked dead last among any random lineup of 6 girls or more at Lolita’s, Kasalong, Dr. BJ’s Salon, Som’s Haven, etc., etc., etc. I checked when I got back to my computer and none of the three girls I saw are featured on the Bit Style website. They wouldn’t be.

    The Room: The fellow who pointed to the prices on the flatscreen tv and took my money had also earlier pitched the idea of taking a VIP room. For that he did simply show me a card with three pictures of what looked like the same small room with different colored couches in it. Two of them were regular rooms, one was the VIP room. He said the VIP room was bigger than the other rooms and, therefore, a little more comfortable. Since it was only 100b more for the VIP room, I opted for it on this first visit in hopes that maybe there was something more to it than that. There wasn’t. In fact, it might be that the upstairs VIP rooms are so much closer to the sound system speakers that the thumping techno-crap music playing is louder and more of a distraction than it is down in the regular rooms. Don’t know how it is in the regular rooms, but in the VIP rooms the music is almost as loud as the thumping car alarm “music” you hear in Soi Cowboy go-go bars. No reason on earth to pay the extra 100b for the VIP room, guys. Worse, there was nothing in that room that would better accommodate an interesting blowjob experience than the same old BJ bar standard that needs updating badly; there is a couch and there is a hard floor. Oh, yes. There is also a tiny glass table with a tiny lamp on it and a plastic waste basket.

    The Blowjob/Service: There was nothing memorably attractive about the girl I chose despite the fact that I chose the one I thought was the “best looking” one of the three. I must say she felt good in my arms, kissed on the lips with mild DFK, but still managed to seem utterly detached while doing it. Her breasts were near perfect. She had very smooth, firm and unmarked skin. I didn’t see or fondle her poozle, but based on how she felt everywhere else, I would have enjoyed fucking her.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the moist wash cloths she brought in for the wash down were warm and were not brought out of the freezer the way it seems in most other BJ bars. She did have a very nice touch as she washed down my package and initially stroked my pecker with her hands for a few seconds. Was this the “head and ball massage”? If so, there was nothing beyond standard operating procedure for every BJ bar I’ve ever been in. Still, I was up, hard and ready for the unhurried, relaxed blowjob, perhaps lasting as long as 30 exquisite minutes, that I’d heard and read about.

    Unfortunately…she then plunged right into the mechanical, jack hammer, driven-to-finish-ASAP action one associates with the worst blowjob providers. Unless, of course, you happen to like it that way. But for me she was too fast, too hard, too much lower teeth dragging against the underside of my dick, zero attention to my balls unless I literally asked her to do something with them.

    I gently touched her cheek with my fingertips and asked her to please go slow and gentle. The fact is I will not only enjoy it more, but I will ultimately cum faster if the girl goes slow and gentle than if she plunges into that jack hammer routine, which more often than not chases my interest in cumming at all right out of harms way of the attack. But she was having none of it. She understood my request alright. She would indeed go slow and gentle when I asked her to…which turned out to be no less than a dozen times over the next 10 painful minutes. The problem is she would only do so for two strokes maximum. After that, it was right back to her preferred jack hammer routine.

    In addition to having to remind her over and over to please go slow and gentle and not scrape her teeth along the underside of my dick, she would only pull away from my shaft to lick here or there if I told her to. There was zero initiative on her part for that kind of treatment. Then I would have to gently guide her back to the shaft or she would continue to rapid fire and mechanically flick her tongue over this spot (if I pointed to it) or that spot (if I pointed to it) for the duration of the session I suppose.

    After about 15 minutes it got to the point where it was clear she either wanted this to be over ASAP, in which case she should have followed my instructions for how I like it rather than locking herself into cruise control going in the exact opposite direction, or was behaving in a way that would cause any normal customer to call it off and get the hell out. My assessment was it was the latter. So I complied.

    The Exit: The guy who pointed to the prices and took my money was nowhere to be found on my exit. Instead there was a chubby cashier lady standing at the door waiting to bid me goodbye. I asked where the man was because I wanted to speak with him about what I had just experienced. She just smiled and said “He leave already”. Ok. Whatever. BTW, in my roughly 30 total minutes there between about 5:30 and 6:00 I did not see or hear any other customers cumming or going.

    My Rating: 1 Star out of 5. Why the one instead of zero? Because it could be that there are lots of men who would enjoy the kind of treatment I received at Bit Style. The loud music, the unimaginative setting in the room, the mechanical, utterly impersonal, jack hammer routine. I mean, she did put my dick in her mouth. I suppose for some men that is all it takes. You know, “YMMV” and all that. Maybe that has been her experience with most customers. Or it could be this particular girl is the worst blowjob provider in Bit Style’s short history and will not be working there this time tomorrow. So I placed a Star on my rating to allow for that possibility.

  6. Alex says:

    I visited bit style on last Saturday.
    There were about 6-7 girls at the time.
    All girls look great when compared with other bj bars.
    I pick the Mini, she is only 19…
    She has very good service mind with no rush.
    I would definitely come back again!

    I’ll try another girl next time and leave a comment again.

    Price is little higher, but it worth since they have better grade ladies and free beer!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers!

    • smoothie says:

      Hi Alex. Can I ask you what time on Saturday night you stopped by and saw 6-7 girls there, all looking great compared with other bj bars? I might give the place another try on the possibility that the Sunday night I stopped in happened to be their worst night for a line up since they opened, particularly at around 5:30PM, and it won’t likely be that bad again in the near future.

      Of course, I’ll skip the VIP room scam this time and ask for a room as far away from the “music” sound system as possible to try to reset the experience at a much better starting point. lol.

    • rockit says:

      That set up with the music is typical of every pinsaro I’ve seen in Japan. That’s one of the reasons I wrote that it looks like a place that could belong in Tokyo (though not with the private booths). I believe it’s meant to add to the privacy. Since everyone is in the same room in a Japanese suck shop it would be easy to overhear everything if there was no music. Maybe that’s not it though. It seems common even in some places in Japan where privacy isn’t so much of an issue. Perhaps it’s just a part of the theme. There’s an old bird at JanJan in Tokyo nicknamed the hoover who sucks so loud it drowns out loud electro music pounding out of the speakers.

    • smoothie says:

      rockit, with your knowledge of the pinsaro scene in Japan maybe you could solve this other mystery about my experience in the VIP room at Bit Style. Maybe it has something to do with the privacy issue you mentioned, or the lack of it.

      There are two VIP rooms separated by a partition in what must have been one large room originally. Each room has its own accordion style door that runs the width of the whole room and the common door to enter the VIP room area was right next to the VIP room we used. The girl did not close the accordion door to our particular VIP room and IF someone had opened the common door to take a customer to the second VIP room, they would have opened it to a full view of me sitting on the couch getting a (in this case, a lousy) blowjob.

      As it happens, nobody did walk through that door to get to the second VIP room during my time in there, but they could have at any moment.

      I realize some BJ experiences in Bangkok can be rather public events, as in the case of a couple infamous Soi Cowboy and Patpong bars or at Lolita’s where you’re only separated from the next couple by a drawn curtain around your booth. But I have never known a BJ bar that went to the trouble of setting up actual separate cubicles/rooms with doors to be so casual about closing them for the bj service. About halfway through the session, I got up to close that accordion door myself.

      Do you suppose she was honoring the pinsaro style or the expectations of a typical pinsaro customer by leaving that door wide open?

    • rockit says:

      Sounds like she just assumed that no other customers were coming. Perhaps there’s some kind of warning if one comes. Or maybe she’s just inexperienced. In Japanese pinsaros there are no separations at all. All the action takes place in one big room. Cheers.

    • smoothie says:

      Her assuming the chances were near zero of another customer falling for the VIP room scam and/or choosing either of the remaining line up girls to be taken to one was probably a good bet. But even if there were a warning bell or something that let her know someone was going to swing that door open any minute, wouldn’t that run the risk of interrupting whatever good might have been going on in my room? Or maybe she also correctly assumed that nothing would be happening on her watch in our room that was worth worrying about an interruption anyway. lol.

  7. Josh says:

    Okay, I wandered over this afternoon, and it’s a really fun place albeit a tad expensive. It’s also popular already, because they were full up and I had to leave and return in an hour.

    But like the website says, there are two basic “massage” courses. There’s the BJ Massage for 1300 baht and the HJ Massage for 900 baht. Both are 30 minutes, although if you go over by five minutes, they’re cool with that. And that’s 30 minutes guaranteed, no quick suck and then shoving you out the door. Now, I asked if the courses were 30 minutes long, then why did I have to come back in an hour? It seems you can book multiple courses if you want to, and all of the customers there at that moment had done just that, booked two sessions to stretch it into an hour.

    So I thought Well, Hell, I’ll try that too. When I returned, I booked a BJ Massage followed by the HJ Massage, 30 minutes each for one hour, total of 2100 baht. There are also two VIP rooms for only 100 baht extra, but both were occupied, so I had to used the normal cubicles, which are adequate. They’re the kind with the walls that don’t reach up to the ceiling. I assume the VIP rooms are more soundproof.

    There were only two girls available when I returned, but she was a knock-out. Excellent BJ and HJ skills. We chatted a bit between courses, and I learned a little about the set-up. The owner is a Japanese man who runs several of these same shops in Tokyo. His Thai wife manages this place, his first in Thailand. (I’m assuming it’s in her name too, business laws being what they are here, but we didn’t get into that.) The girl said the owner was aware there’s a problem with fat, ugly girls at the other BJ bars in town. So the strategy is to keep the number of girls low, hiring only really pretty girls. Really, really pretty. The girl I had is not in university now, but she said quite a few uni students worked there now, mostly just part-time. They show you the photos of whoever is in that day up on an electronic screen. I saw the photos, there are a few more girls than shown on the website, and all are gorgeous. Again, the one I had was a knock-out.

    So I paid 2100 baht for one hour, cumming twice, once by BJ and once by HJ. Tipped the girl 500 baht. A little expensive, but on the plus side she was hands down the prettiest BJ girl I have ever had. And highly skilled. And she told me several times to be sure to tell her what I wanted in order to be able to feel good, so there’s good attention to detail. Plus there’s a special now, and that is one free drink — beer or soft drink — with each session.

    I’ll probably go back but not make it a habit. For that money, there are other options that involve FS and last longer. But it was fun. I enjoyed talking to the girl. Had a great time. It gets a thumbs up from me. Maybe I won’t do two sessions next time, as I’m just getting a little too old to cum twice in one hour, although she managed to get me to do it.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the detailed report. Cheers!

    • smoothie says:

      um..forgive me, Josh, but are you sure that was your experience in the afternoon of March 20? I mean, that review is virtually word-for-word the same review someone with a different username gave to Bit Style on another website almost 2 1/2 months ago. I mean, maybe it was, maybe you went back just a few days ago and it was deja’ vu all over again in precisely every detail. If so, please do not be offended by my curiosity.

  8. Randy says:

    i just visited bit style for the first time.
    Price of the shop is little high but it’s worth going!
    They are not bar girls like Nana area.
    when i visited there, there were 5 choices, but all of them are stunning.
    I picked the girl named Tammy because she is the youngest among 5.

    She doesn’t have the special skill, but she tried for full 30 minutes.
    I love this place and I’m going again for the next visit in BKK.

    btw, there is a full service massage called BKK48 on same soi!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I will probably review BKK48 sometime too, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Cheers!

  9. smoothie says:

    Thought I’d give Bit Style a second chance tonight. Unless a third visit turns out to be a roaring success, I probably won’t bother posting a third negative review of the place.

    This time there were 4 girls ready to step out of the backroom to give their little line up bow. One of them was touted by the lady cashier as their most attractive “star”. In the video presentation on the flat screen tv, she did come across as quite lovely. But to me, in person, she looked rather ordinary at best. She would not turn a head on the BTS Skytrain, imo. But she was indeed the best looking of the group tonight. The fourth girl was the same 30-something year-old girl I had on my one previous visit. She was the only one who managed a smile during the line up. But there was no way I was going to endure her stubbornly non-responsive “service” a second time, so I thanked the cashier for her time and left without choosing any of them.

    In my previous review of Bit Style I stated my opinion that there are many more younger and cuter girls at Kasalong Bar and Lolita’s than the supposedly “upscale” girls at Bit Style. At least in the line up I got that particular Sunday evening. After I left Bit Style this night I stopped by Som’s Haven and, swear to god, at least 3 of the 7-8 girls at Som’s tonight were more attractive and definitely sexier than any of the girls in tonight’s Bit Style line up. And at least 3 of the others were on par with them in the looks department.

    I’m only harping on this point because that is the pitch for Bit Style, the special element that supposedly sets them apart, gives them the edge and what they are using to justify charging nearly double the going rate for a BJ in a BJ bar. But I’m just not seeing it. Not only have the line ups I’ve seen on two occasions so far not lived up to that hype by a long shot, but the girls seem to be uncomfortable and dreary, unhappy to be there, compared with the girls sitting outside Lolita’s, Kasalong Bar, Dr. BJ’s Salon, Som’s Haven, etc. on any given shift. Maybe chalk this up to beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that. Or perhaps it is a testament to the power of suggestion in that charging nearly double causes some of us to “think” the girls must be a whole lot prettier and/or more upscale, whether they are or not.

    On the plus side, this time I heard none of the loud, thumping techno-crap music that was busting my eardrums in the rip off extra 100 Baht VIP room last time. At least not in the cashier area. So, if I had chosen a girl there tonight, I wouldn’t have had to use the ear plugs I brought just in case it turned out to be as annoyingly loud in one of the regular rooms.

    • rockit says:

      In my opinion there are beautiful women working at Kasalong, Som’s and many other places. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many of the women I’d consider beautiful at the aforementioned places might not be considered beautiful by a majority of Japanese or Thai guys. The ladies at Bit Style are more likely to be considered beautiful by those crowds along with guys from other countries with similar taste. One thing that is not in dispute is that the women at Bit Style are on average younger than the average age at other similar places. Many 19 and 20 years olds work at Bit Style whereas there are women over 40 working at many bars. There’s no one approaching 40 at Bit Style. Additionally some of the women at Bit Style are Bangkok based university students who work part time when they’re not studying. This means they come from a different social group than many of the girls at other bars who usually come from poor farming families. This plays into their looks and why certain groups might find them more attractive. Ultimately everyone has their own tastes and as we know there’s no accounting for them.

  10. TJ says:

    I just saw the review of this place and visited few hours ago. there were 8 girls available the time i visited. this place is just amazing. girls are very pretty!

    I tried girl named Ai, she is perfect looking with quality service. I wish we have this kinda place in AU!

    anyway, i love seeing your reports all the time.


  11. smoothie says:

    I see on their website that they just added 4 new girls five days ago. At this point their new website design does not provide “name” info on their photo lineup. I also see they now charge 100b more for either the HJ or BJ Massage Course after 17:00 (5PM).

  12. smoothie says:

    Fair is fair, so, despite some of what follows, I will now post a deservedly positive review about my third visit to Bit Style.

    Bottom line is the girl I had was attractive, responsive, accommodating, good at her job and, most important in my book, determined and thorough at the finish of a well above average bj. I left happy and satisfied. I will return. The total cost was supposed to be 1400 baht according to the recently increased prices for a “BJ Massage Course” after 17:00 (5PM). But, at least for now, the man behind the reception counter might offer you the “old” rate (and still the pre-17:00 rate) of 1300 baht if he recognizes you as a returning customer.

    Is the third time the charm? Maybe. My first visit was a disaster. Of the three girls available, only one, easily about 30 years old, was above average attractive and not chubby. So that was the girl I chose. But she turned out to be so stubbornly resistant to adjusting her hurried, automaton, robotic BJ technique to something closer to the way a human being might give a blowjob, I had to abort the mission in order to prevent willy from being ground up by the dispassionate and unyielding machinery.

    My second visit didn’t go beyond the line up. All I saw were thick ankles, chubby thighs, rice bellies, flabby upper arms and overall looks that could not compete with 80% of the gogo dancers in town and roughly 1/3 of the BJ bar girls at nearby competing venues. Not one of them looked younger than 27-28 years old despite their claim of only hiring “younger” girls. As I said before, I would not harp on stuff like this when it comes to reviewing a BJ bar were it not for the fact that Bit Style’s pitch is that their girls are predominantly younger and more beautiful than most other play4pay competition, not just the BJ bar competition. Honestly, I have not seen that to be the case in any of my three visits so far. IMO, most of the girls at Bit Style still have thick ankles, chubby thighs, flabby upper arms, rice bellies straining the front of their more fashionable street clothes, are no better looking than several girls at, say, Kasalong Bar or Lolita’s and appear to me to be older than all but perhaps 3 or 4 of the girls working in those venues. I suspect they are at least as old as most of the girls at Dr. BJ’s Salon.

    This time around, there were 5 girls available. I had read on their recently updated website that at least 4 new girls had “joined” the fold within the past week or so. The girl I had gotten on my first visit is not pictured on their website, nor was she in the line up tonight. That’s a good sign. When my girl tonight was slipping her top back on after the session, she asked if I would say positive things about her to her boss. I said I would and did. That is another good sign. There appears to be an effort toward quality control and weeding out problem girls.

    Tonight’s experience at Bit Style was much, much better than my first visit, which would not be too difficult for any BJ bar to accomplish on its worst night. But it was objectively a good BJ bar experience. However, I’ve had better, more memorable BJ bar experiences several times in terms of the girl’s facial beauty, body fitness, age and BJ skills (all the factors Bit Style more or less claims to be the new high standard they came onto the scene to set) at most of the other BJ bar venues in town.

    My girl tonight was attractive, had an above average pretty face, was a little too chubby, had surgically enhanced boobs (I’m not a fan of them, but these felt fairly authentic), spoke English well, and could not have been younger than 27 or 28 years old. Yet, I judged her to be the best looking in the line up. She was good at her job but I must also say I could tell from minute one she in no way was going to let this already paid for “30 Minute BJ Massage Course…and take an extra 10 minutes if you want” last longer than 20-25 minutes. However, she was responsive to my requests to slow down and not be in such a hurry. That is a big plus for any BJ bar girl at any of the venues. Of course, in Bit Style you must be prepared to shout requests like that to your girl because they still insist on pumping that techno-crap music into the cubicles at a volume only slightly less than you’d hear in your average Soi Cowboy/Nana gogo bar.

    The overall experience was smooth and easy. The girl was attractive, responsive and skilled. I look forward to returning and trying other girls. I’d say that is definitely a good review despite quibbles I might have over certain other environmental elements in the place. I am even becoming a fan of the one-by-one line up vs the group encounter outside the bar at other such venues. On balance, there are some definite pluses to such an approach, more conducive to encouraging a return visit sooner rather than later to try different girls.

  13. TJ says:

    Hello smoothie!
    If you want the the best service, try the new girl named Ai Chan.
    She is very young(18 or 19 I think), she also has very good customer service mind!
    I have already tried few girls there, and i think she is the best in my experience.


  14. ed says:

    Bit Style is good and because of the higher price I don’t feel the need to tip. The price isn’t so much more than the other bars after a decent tip. The girl was a beauty and the staff were helpful. It is pretty much the same theme as the other bars except for some Japanese music. The music was a little loud but not too bad. The lighting in the room was a bit dim and it was hard to see the action. Anyway, Bit Style is really good and I give it a thumbs up.

    • smoothie says:

      I think you’re right about the price not being so different after all is said and done, ed. Although I understand the customers’ logical resistance to going along with any and every minor uptick in prices without an accompanying increase in value. But when I go to Lolita’s or Kasalong Bar (800b or 700b minimum for a bj), I usually buy a bottled drink or water for myself to take to the room (60b minimum). On doing that it is awkward not to at least ask the girl whose arm is linked in yours if she wants a drink, too. She’ll say yes (120b minimm). How about a nominal tip to the bartender/cashier at the close of your bill (20b?). We’re now at 900b or 1000b. If the Lolita’s or Kasalong Bar girl has done a fine job, you’re likely to part with another 200b-300b minimum tip. Total is now 1100b or 1200b at the very minimum.

      At Bit Style your bottled drink or water is included. Since it is not a “bar” set up per se, you merely open the fridge and take your drink. When you join your lady of choice down the hall there is no “drink order” option, no bar, no pressure to be nice about offering her a drink to match yours since she knows the reason you’re holding a drink is because it was included in the rate. Moreover, Bit Style is so pro-active about promoting their price structure on their website and in the lobby as being a “package deal” inclusive of all charges, they might as well post a sign that says, “Do Not Tip Our Girls”. So the final tally at Bit Style is either 1300b or 1400b for a bj instead vs 1100b or 1200b. And if the cashier/owner accepts you as a returning customer you’ll likely get 1300b rate even well after 5pm when the prices are supposed to go from 1300b to 1400b. Winds up being 100b more than the minimum at Lolita’s but with the benefit of having quite a bit more privacy in one of their cubicles than sitting on a booth with a curtain.

      BUT…and it is a big BUT…that tip included cost-benefit price comparison only applies if the treatment and service you get from your Bit Style lady is worth a tip at all, much less a built-in and pre-paid 300b-400b tip. If the quality of service is seriously lacking vs the pay-after/tip-after competition, then you have just significantly overpaid.

      And on the dim lighting issue. lol. I knew I could not be the only one who noticed. I would add that it is not just the level of the lighting that is a problem but the placement of the lamp! Because of the design in the room, the lamp sits in a table more or less BEHIND where the girl will likely kneel to do her stuff while you’re sitting on the couch. That means the key light is on YOU. lol. YOU are the one getting all the meager lighting, revealing in all its glory every anatomical flaw and imperfection that I am sure you are proud to display for the young lady in every wrinkle, fold, mole and fleshy ripple at such a moment while your lovely young girl’s face is in deep, deep shadow, virtually unseen in any meaningful detail. That lamp or lighting source should be on the wall BEHIND you and throwing light on the girl, not behind the girl and throwing light on you.

      That is an unfortunate design decision and, obviously, quite the opposite of what ought to be in a place whose concept is to provide as fine a blowjob (or handjob) environment as possible. And the same kind of thing happens at most if not all of the other bj bars. Sorry, but a room or cubicle with a floor, a couch, a waste basket and a dim lamp placed just anywhere (if there is one at all) is not what I would call “specializing” in blowjob services.

    • rockit says:

      The place is similar to a Japanese pink salon in more ways than one. Tipping is basically unheard of in Japan and can actually be considered an insult and refused in some situations. So it would make sense that there is no push for that in a place like Bit Style though I must say I’ve never been asked for a tip at any blowjob bar in Thailand, nor have I ever been asked to buy a lady drink.

    • ed says:

      Interesting reading your comments Smoothie. Yes, some nice colourful lighting such as at Kasalong would be better. For great service at the other bars I try to tip 500 bt but I don’t buy a lady drink and neither one for myself. I like to enjoy the Bar ‘Seven Eleven’ nearby. So as you say the 1400 at Bit Style isn’t outrageous. If you have a total disaster with a girl at Bit Style then it is going to be quite painful on the pocket though. One final thought on my visit, I took a little over the 30 mins, so it was reassuring to know the extra time was there and I could relax and still take my time. I like it and hope to be back there soon!

  15. Kiz says:

    What do you feel is the best time of day to go there? At night when the university girls (if the advertising is believed), although that time would have more customers. Or afternoon with maybe less girls but also fewer customers? I’m after at least a few cuties to choose from rather than having to take whoever is left.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t recommend anything as this site is for entertainment only. I don’t have a personal favorite time to visit. I’ve had nothing but good experiences at all times. Cheers.

  16. JedB110 says:

    Do you know if they accept advance bookings or reservations?

  17. BJhound says:

    I went to Bit Style yesterday (10 June 2015) at 8:30pm (20:30) and found the place closed, lights off, chain around the door handles locked up tight…

    I was back around the area a few hours later and from the top of the street it looked just as closed as when i was standing in-front of the doors my first visit.

    Closed down??? I sure hope not… we need more BJ bars, not less.

    • rockit says:

      This is the second time I’ve seen a report like this in the last few days. Their website seems to be down too. It could be something temporary. Only time will tell. Cheers.

    • Josh says:

      now we are bit style open again

  18. Exy says:

    Still closed. Checked yesterday and today. There was a sucking star there and I don’t have phone number. What a pity!

    • Josh says:

      To all of customer now we are open again now , same girls working , i would like to well come you to enjoy us with best service

  19. Pirate of Venus says:

    Well, I finally got around to trying Bit Style last night & found it to be a generally positive experience. It was a refreshing alternative to the shooting galleries like Som’s & Lolita’s with the bitchy Mama Sans. What intrigued me the most was the BJ with handcuffs on the girl for 300 baht extra. I lived in Japan for 5 years & yes the experience & the way business is conducted was quite similar to Japan as opposed to the Bangkok style BJ house. I got there about 7 PM. The manager was friendly, not pushy & spoke excellent English. A parade of I think 8 or 9 girls stood before me. What struck me first was how clean & organized everything looked. The girls were much younger & prettier than most BKK BJ houses. They also looked cleaner & I saw only one tattoo. I picked the youngest girl with the sweetest mouth like I always did in Japan. The manager explained to me that she was new, of course and looked to be about 18 or 19. He also took her aside & gave her a quick crash course in how the handcuffs worked. In Thailand, you only get 30 minutes with the girl & the rooms are so small. My first disappointment was the fact that they didn’t have uniforms for the girls yet, like in Japan-schoolgirl, nurse, flight attendant, policewoman, etc. I miss that. You can get the girl for 60 or 90 minutes in Japan, have her dressed like a policewoman or whatever floats your boat & have a little wrestling match to get worked up for the main event. The manager indicated that they would get the costumes soon, although they’d have to increase the time limit, methinks. Anyway, back to my little Honeymouth. She led me to tiny cubicle that was quite clean & relaxing with a new sofa exactly like the picture. She cleaned my willy, removed her top & let me unhook her bra. Beautiful pair she had let me play with them for awhile. She willingly let me slap the cuffs on her & away we went. She was really sweet & it did feel nice & right except one thing was wrong. There was a speaker by our cubicle & they were blasting away the most horrible disco garbage music right in my ear. All of a sudden, I got the worst headache & couldn’t really cum in her mouth. I asked if she had some lotion, slipped off the cuffs, & she gave a nice little handjob, finally got me off & I was out of there. I gave her a 200 baht tip cause she was really nice & a sweet but shy kid & had no problems with the cuffs But it was that horrible loud music that spoiled it for me. Soft Japanese pop music would have worked much better in my case. Another thing with Bit Style is that they seem to have lost a liquor license for 3 mos. & had no beer. I like a nice beer to sip while she’s licking Mr. Winky. In summary, I loved the girl, liked the cleanliness & hominess of the room, the friendly staff & manager, always smiling even though I wasn’t a Japanese businessman. The only negative points were the loud music & no beer. I mentioned about the music problem that I had to the manager on my way out. He was understanding & promised I could have it turned down next time. I want to go back to Bit Style but I would like to customize it a little more to fit my style. It has a lot of potential compared with the alternatives in the area. By the way, they have a special deal/price if you take 2 girls. The Japanese guy before me took 4 girls with him. But yeah, Bit Style is cool…

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the detailed report. Cheers!

    • smoothie says:

      Thanks for the report, Pirate of Venus. I got the same promise to turn down that loud BBBJ CIM-repellent music the last time I was there and the girl I was with even ran downstairs to lower it so we wouldn’t have to keep shouting comments and sweet talk to one another. That lasted about 3 minutes because the moment another customer entered the shop and took a girl to a cubicle somebody turned it right back up to a Spinal Tap 11 in an apparent effort to drive the desire to cum into his girl’s mouth right off the agenda as well. They really seem to be devoted to continuing that element of the experience no matter how counterproductive to a satisfying result it is for some of their customers.

  20. Pirate of Anus says:

    Thanks Pirate of Venus for your detailed report.

    You are so generous that you gave 200 baht to a newcomer at this place. How magnanimous of you! You are a true gentleman.

  21. Pirate of Venus says:

    Mr. Anus sounds a tad jealous & trollsy?

  22. Pirate of Venus says:

    Then again, perhaps Mr. Anus doesn’t have 200 baht to rub together, can’t afford Bit Style, & misses the days when he was so young & good-looking that he didn’t have to pay for a pretty 19 year old hottie to wet his willie in…

  23. CanP says:

    Are condoms used at blowjob bars?

    • rockit says:

      Usually not with the exception of a few places in Japan. I have only had one woman in Thailand ever ask me to use one and I did because I figured she probably knew something that I didn’t. Of course customers are always free to bring their own and use it. I’ve never heard of that being turned down before. Cheers.

  24. Joy says:

    Just went there over at about 3pm.
    I just want to update whoever is reading this as I was earlier on doing my research and couldn’t find things that I want to know that are up to date.

    The price
    Basic bj is 1400 baht
    Two lady is 2600 I think
    Handcuffs + 500 I think

    Hj is 1000
    Cum on boob is + 300

    That’s about it.

    They do have beer now btw
    They have lowered the volume for the music already.

    Other then that good service and excellent attitude. (Probably because I’m not very demanding)

    Thanks rockit for the review.
    Love your sites.


  25. deca says:

    First, my congrats to Rockit for all the hard work and good reports.
    Yes. I think it is one of the best BJ bars in BKK. However, the rate went from 1200 bt to 1400 this month.
    It was 1300 bt in July. So it is getting popular and the rate is going up every two months.
    I’ve been there about 5 times and I always had good times. Sometimes, the girl would lick my ass
    as well that has never happened in a bj bar anywhere in my experience. Also deep throating is very common
    here as some girls at Som’s heaven or Kasalong wouldn’t do it.
    One thing I am not so happy here is that sex is not possible. So I would go back to other BJ bars
    now for the rate of 1400 bt to have sex as well.

  26. Tim says:

    Sounds like a great place. I don’t suppose you remember if the oral action is bareback or covered- an important distinction for many punters..

  27. Pirate of Venus says:

    I decided to venture back down to Bit Style on a Sunday evening. A nice, relaxing BJ seems like a sensible way to close my rocking, joyous holiday weekend in Bangkok. Well, I have good news and bad news about Bit Style. First, the beer is back & it’s free. At 1,400 baht a pop, it’s the least they can do. I was offered a selection of 6 girls. They all looked on the other side of 25, seasoned veterans complete with obligatory tattoos on arms & backs to show their mileage and experience. I selected a girl who was the most attractive with nice tits. I also requested to the manager to please for the love God to turn down that gawdawful music this time. Going up the steps to our space, I lifted her skirt twice to check what was rumbling under the hood and she just giggled. Nice touch. The room was cozy and clean. Could be the same room in the above pic. The whole time, I felt that I was the boss and she was my humble servant and that’s the way I like it. I demanded her to take off her top, she easily obliged and I had my way with her magnificent tits for 30 minutes. Soft pop music drifted in background at a tolerable level this time. And yeah, she gave me one of the best BJ’s that I ever had. She also knew how to make the right sucking noises at the right time-something I relish from my Japanese experiences. She was brilliant and I ended up cumming twice in 30 minutes-once in her mouth at about 10 minutes and again a nice finish with a velvety hand job with lotion at 25 minutes. Nice girl with a very pro touch. Excellent pro service all around. My only complaint is this: The first time that I came here a few months ago, I walked in at the same time as a Japanese guy. We both saw the same lineup of girls. He eagerly picked 4 girls that he liked and I got to pick one. I think he and I were offered the mythical, younger university students at the same time that this place is supposed to offer. I have been back a few times by myself and I have never been offered any girl as young and pretty as that first time I walked in with a Japanese guy. Do they even have these young university girls anymore or are they keeping them locked up in the back reserved for the Japanese? The girl that I got was nowhere near the sweet, little honey-mouthed university girl that I got the 1st time. But overall, it was a good experience and the girl was excellent. But I get the same service at Lolita’s with younger, prettier girls at a cheaper price. But Lolita’s Mama-San is an old witch whereas Bit Style Manager is a gentleman who speaks good English. Try Bit Style and see what you think. It is very well organized and you will get good service…

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the detailed report. It almost seems as if one shift has more attractive younger women than the other but it could also be that the more attractive women are booked first. Cheers.

  28. Deca says:

    I’ve been there many times and I am friends with some of them. None of them are 19~20 year old.
    The youngest is 24. The girls seem to lie about their real age and jobs. So far, no one is a university student
    according to the girl who has worked there since Day 1. Still, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the service,

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I haven’t visited in months but I do know that at least one woman who worked there was studying. Cheers.

    • Ada says:

      Dear Khun Deca
      i just would like to in from you , and invite you to come to our shop again , the matter mow we have stil 18 years girl name Jenny she is very new look very cute
      and miss nui she is 19 yrs
      boat of them are student at university
      would you kindly to come to visit us again
      Best regards

  29. Deca says:

    I just wanted to comment on a new shop coming soon. One of the girls who just quit will open a BJ shop called “Pinsaro Bkk” starting in Feb, 2016 with her newly found Japanese businessman friend. It hasn’t opened up yet as they are still working on the interior and organizing the shop. The address will be on Soi 33 near the bts and and easy to find. Cheers!!

    • Johnny says:

      hello! is this new shop (“Pinsaro BKK”) opened by Ai-chan? is this place open yet? very interested! Please let us know!

    • Deca says:

      Yes. It is opened by Ai Chan but she has 4 girls working. Many of Ai’s customers came back to see her but she refused service to everyone because she is the owner of the shop with her newly found Japanese boy friend and biz partner. She asked me to be a partner before but it was way too much for me though. Anyway, her girls are still rookies and going through training at the moment! Cheers!!

    • Deca says:

      The name of the shop is”7heaven”!!

    • ADA says:

      Miss Ai chan she is very sick and got a Condyloma acuminatum , from i know this can transfer to human .
      just for you in formation

    • Deca says:

      Is that true? No wonder she refused to work as staff even for
      her favorite customers. Can it be transmitted by oral sex as well?
      I wonder!!

    • Jon says:

      This is not true. It’s obvious that Ada is Bit Style’s boss considering her reply to “come to our shop again” back on Feb 12.

      So this is just her pathetic attempt to spread rumors and try to damage her new competitor.

  30. rixon says:

    Made my second trip to Bit Style this weekend. First time, four girls to choose from, all attractive. Chose the biggest boobs, named Kitty. She tried a little too fast at first but once she slowed down it was great. Second time, five girls, chose youngest, smallest girl named Ai. BJ was good, but she could use some hand action. But she took out the lube and started by hand and it was incredible. She sucked a little more, then while taking a break and handjobbing again I popped, there was no way to hold it in. She’s tremendous with the hands, so if that’s your thing ask for Ai. Expensive for Bangkok, but similar to Japan prices at low end places.

  31. Deca says:

    They take Visa and Master cards and will charge only 1,300 bt if you are a regular
    instead of the usual 1,400 bt. Cheers!!

  32. Mitt says:

    Sounds good for this place!! I’m more on the soft-core stuffs like HJ, BJ and some touching. Is touching the private parts below the waistline inside the menu? Do you think I can negotiate with the girl or the owner?

    • rockit says:

      I’m not sure if they have any hard rules about that. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Most girls would let you touch their pussies part on the clothes,
      the boobs are allowed to be touched though. Some girls would
      do 69 and others don’t. All depends on each girl. The only thing
      the owner can let you do is handcuffs for 300 bt extra. Cum on boobs
      etc for extra fees. Cheers!

  33. Ergo says:

    Went today. Didn’t realize what the handcuff option was, but will try it next time as she kept tying to make it a 50/50 suck/yank.

    4 girls, but 6 total, Japanese fellow took two just before me and his girls sounded like they were licking each other. (maybe extra tip, or repeat customer?)

    I’d say average looking to slightly below for some, but a bit better than most bj places. My girl was 22, Issan, blonde tattoos, barwork before.

    Got in the full 30 mins, (keep a phone on the couch to check) although she was getting a little tired at that point.
    Not rushed, better than average skilled. DT, held down for mins, somewhat rough face pounding and cim deep, some swallowed. Her body/tits were not that good, but not fat.
    Shy about showing below, but eventually allowed her skirt to be hiked up, and panties down, but no touching.
    One free drink.

  34. Paw says:

    Decided to check this place out when I took a quick trip to Thailand during the week of Songkran.
    You are totally right about the Japanese pinsaro look and operation – spitting image of the ones I visited during my time in Japan.
    There was about 4/5 girls working at the times I visited, but that was likely due to the new year period.

    Unfortunately my first experience here was not very good.
    Upon presentation of the man downstairs my girl informed me that it was ‘too big’ (I am only slightly larger then average), so I was kind of expecting she would fetch someone who would be able to handle the job I had paid for. But to my surprise she just went ahead and gave me a very average HJ with so much lube I could not feel a thing. As expected I left blue balled & completely unsatisfied.

    A couple days later I decided to try once more – a boy am I glad I did.

    The girl I chose this time appeared to be a bit younger and had a very cute outfit.
    She had no issue with my member and I got the best BJ I have ever experienced. I also visited the next day with the same lady and her service was even better – so much so that I couldn’t even last 10 minutes.

    The background music in the booths I found to be quite pleasant and the lighting was just about right imo.

    The free drink is probably unnecessary as I’d assume you are simply paying for it with the higher then average service price, but it was certainly welcome during the hot summer of Songkran.

  35. BKK says:

    I’m not sure why Bit Style is reported as being closed on this page but it appeared to be open when I walked past it this evening.

    • rockit says:

      I have received multiple reports that the place was closed. I will remove the note until further notice. Thanks.

  36. Draker says:

    Visited the place yesterday.
    The best looking girls in Sukhumvit.
    It is 1300 for a BJ.Totally worth it.

    Will go again for sure.

    Surely my favourite hangout place

  37. Jimmy says:

    BEWARE IF YOU USE CREDITCARD IN THIS PLACE, they charge me 4 times, they say my CC is decline, The MANAGER told me gonna cancel the transaction (45 days ago) , until now the transaction is NOT CANCELED YET , And he gave me no response on Line chat

    • rockit says:

      Unfortunately I have no way to verify what you are saying. I can tell you that when I have problems with charges I contact my credit card company and they take care of it for me. There are usually set periods you have to challenge any charges. Cheers.

    • Draker says:

      They dont accept credit cards…Dont know what this is talking about

    • rockit says:

      They did in the past. Most people say they don’t now. I haven’t visited the new incarnation. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      You can dispute if they don’t give you back the money. This is rare but sometimes, they charge the same amount few months later. Some credit companies will give you the money back right away temporarily, so you don’t have to dispute. A sort of
      ” Guilty until proven innocent ” thing!!!

  38. Jimmy says:

    I have contact my bank, they told me that, the fastest way is to contact the shop and cancel it, and i have make a long argument in the shop before i leave, because before i leave bitstylee , i read a confirmation transaction in my mobile phone sms, and they tell me that they will cancel all my transaction and i pay by cash, and give me a line ID, this is a good experience for me, next time it saver if you pay by cash, but please avoid using CC in bitstylee, because the owner not responsible for the refund, and now mr.tongluan never read my chat, ok no problem , i got scam 4500bht in this place… i hope this situation not happened to others bro..

  39. Jack says:

    Wow, what a great thread. The “for entertainment purposes only” quotient is high on this one, Rockit, because after all is said and done, we are talking about a place where we exchange our hard earned baht for a TG to polish our knob and, at least sometimes, Hoover up our spunk.

    I appreciate the aesthetics of a young, pretty face and a less flawed bod, but I will take a talented MILF over a shy or inexperienced Uni gal most days.

    All of which is to say, I will follow the breadcrumbs and try out BitStyle during my next visit. Thanks mates!

    • rockit says:

      Bit Style has been through some changes since this review went online. That includes at least one change in ownership. Cheers.

  40. alex says:

    Price was 1400b as of start of October. Went there 3 times.
    First time: I walked in and the mamasan just brought out 1 girl and asked her to take care of me. She was cute so i didn’t complain. Can’t recall the name but she was an 8/10, 5’5ish, pale, braces, and large tattoo on her back. The rooms are really dim which is a bit annoying as i prefer to see what is going on. I tried to move the lamp and almost broke it.
    The service was good although she spent a lot of time on the cleaning. She took her top off, there was some nipple licking and neck kissing and she worked hard for about 25-30 minutes without complaining or trying to hurry the process.
    They do CIM but of course immediately spat it out. As i left i saw a Japanese guy being shown the photos on the monitor (a service i didn’t get offered) but i wasn’t too upset as i was happy with my girl.

    The second time i went back i asked to see the photos and there were about 6 girls available. I picked one and it turned out to be the same girl as the first time! The photos are more than a little deceptive but the girls are all quite cute.
    Same level of service and i left a happy man.

    The third time i chose a girl named Hana from the photos as i wanted some variety. The photos were once again slightly flattering. She was a bit more overweight than it appeared. Cute young girl though.
    Back in the room and unfortunately she was very new and very bad at the service. Good attitude and she was clearly trying but lacking skills so it was a big disappointment.

  41. Tony says:

    Great reviews everyone! I’m planning on taking my wife with me to this place (she loves watching me get serviced by pretty young things). Is the couch in the VIP room big enough to seat two people? Also, does the customer get completely naked or is it just a pants down affair?

    Keep up the good work, Rockit!

    • rockit says:

      I have no idea whether or not this place allows women inside. Some places do and some don’t. Even when they do some of the women are uncomfortable performing in front of them. In the BJ bars of Thailand it is typically up to the customer to decide how much they will or will not take off. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Wow. You have a very open minded wife I am envious of. I am not sure if you can bring a girl to watch but should ask. The vip room is on the 3rd floor(American) and about twice bigger. I had this room quite often for the same rate or lower because I was a regular and if I brought a girl from outside, she wouldn’t mind or
      she could charge extra 300 bt at the most. I was completely naked sometimes and there was no charge for that. However, the girl was never naked in my experience and only the upper part of the body. It depends on the girl but some would show their pussy and others don’t. Cheers!!

  42. Derrick says:

    I visited Bitstyle last week and had an excellent experience. The format has changed to a full services, sexy massage style place. I opted for the 1-hour “erotic massage” full service option with a cute, thin young lady with nice firm b-cups. She gave the works–massage, body 2 body, HJ (outstanding), BJ and sex. She was relaxed, playful and very attentive :-) She took her time, the experience did not feel rushed or mechanical. I think we actually went over time a bit, but there was no mention of it by her or the front desk on the way out. I left very happy!

    FYI: I paid 2300 (plus a tip) for the one-hour full service massage, the website currently says 3000. They must have raised their prices in the last week.

  43. Merr says:

    After they introduced the full service I noticed that ladies are not that pretty and young as before. Came a few days ago and the manager didn’t let me see the girls! Only offered to show the pictures at TV. Absurd. And when I came two girls were sitting at the couch (left to their room quickly), so I saw them. Not attractive and not similar to photos at all.

    There can be only one reason to not let you see the girls who are waiting in the next room: they want to deceive and cheat you. Not coming to a place with such attitude anymore.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I didn’t know they added full service to the menu. It appears the place is under new ownership. Mitu required customers to view service providers on a screen too but the photographs were quite accurate. Cheers.

  44. rixon says:

    Ownership definitely changed. Maybe late last summer. The whole lineup of girls changed, and the last two times I went and paid for the BJ course they wanted to use condoms, not take their shirts off, didn’t seem interested. For the money forget it, I’ll go to Som’s.