Review: Beverly Sauna — Macau

The many sex saunas of Macau have been covered in detail on Rockit Reports for years. Over the last two years however coverage of the subject has been more limited. There are only so many saunas in Macau though truth be told I have not come near covering them all. Trying to write about various parts of the world all at once is always a tough thing to do especially when considerations of time and resources come into play.

Beverly Sauna is one of the bigger and more well-known saunas in Macau although a lot of English-speaking people seem to overlook it. The sauna is located on the second floor of the Beverly Plaza Hotel which itself is a rather large place that most familiar with Macau know.

Customers access the sauna by going past a desk and up a flight of stairs. That leads to a clear walkway ending in the typical changing room set up. The lockers are electronic which is probably of little importance to most visitors since they ultimately work just like the regular key hole stows spaces in other saunas around the island. Customer put their clothes into an assigned locker and wrap themselves up in a towel before moving on to the wash room.

The washroom is a fairly typical set up. It has several shower stalls that customers are expected to use when they first enter. They are open though no one spends any time looking at the guys using them. There are also some pools containing water of various temperatures. A lot of saunas have these sorts of pools but they rarely seem to be in use. At Beverly the pools are regularly used for skinny dipping sessions. Perhaps this because Beverly has so many Chinese customers.

Behind the pools there are a few private shower stalls with frosted glass doors. These rooms are staffed by Vietnamese women dressed in lingerie or bikinis. The women are happy to give customers a soapy table shower with the price being tacked right on to their tabs. The women range in looks with a few being very attractive. The services are mainly limited to the customers being washed head to toe with warm water and soap but at times things can get a little more adventurous. Some of the women even make themselves available for full service sessions inside at a higher than normal price.

After customers are done with the wash room they head into a small changing area. This part of the sauna is staffed by Filipino guys. I hate to be a sexist but I have to say that the sight of a few guys from the Philippines isn’t nearly as nice as the sight of the kinds of attractive women from Indonesia and other parts of Asia that some other saunas hire for the same work. In any event the Filipinos guys take wet towels and hand customers neon green robes and short shorts that look like they come straight out of the early-1990’s and slippers that they are expected to wear inside. Although the gear can look a little ridiculous it is what everyone wears so no odd looks are given. It should be noted that the robes and shorts are of a higher than normal quality which may explain why they look so old. Perhaps they have been in service since before the handover.

Just past the changing room stands the lounge. It is no better or worse than most other sauna lounges in Macau even the place does have some age. The room is lined with nice big lounge chairs that are rarely filled. In one part of the room there are standard tables that allow customers to enjoy restaurant-style seating. Flat screen televisions are mounted on the ceilings.

Beverly is like all other saunas in offering free food as a part of the package. While some places only go through the motions Beverly excels. The sauna’s menu is quite a bit bigger than most others and the flowered shirt wearing staff is incredibly attentive. There are some items on the menu that may appear odd to westerners but that is simply a case of the business catering to its clientele. There are many foods common to the west on the menu as well. A few items carry extra charges but they are reasonable. For example a shot of espresso costs just 10 Macanese Pataca ($1.25 USD).

Like other saunas Beverly staffs a range of people to do different tasks. At Beverly there are women wearing different outfits to indicate their area of expertise. Women wearing red shirts and black pants do foot massages. Women wearing pink shirts and black skirts work on the upper half of the body. This means they do things like ear cleaning and shoulder massages. The women wearing white shirts and short white skirts do “inner thigh” massages.

Unlike some other saunas where handies can be given right in the lounge that sort of hand work is limited to private rooms at Beverly. The rates are on par with other saunas as the service is just as good but there aren’t many white skirted women around and those who are on staff can get quite busy.

The women working the floor at Beverly range in looks but most are moderately attractive. Some are outright beautiful. Most are friendly though the sauna allows the women to carry their phones while they work which inevitably leads to some of the ladies on staff spending more time staring at their screens than working or looking for customers. This is not common in most of the competing saunas.

As previously noted Beverly mainly works with Chinese customers though the place to seems to be open to anyone who can afford the service. A floor manager who looks like a character out of Reservoir Dogs roams around looking for things to do. He seems to a friendly fellow who is constant communication with customers and the women on staff without ever appearing to be rude. Of course I cannot speak Cantonese and I have no special insight into what really goes on so what do I know?

All in all Beverly operates like most other saunas though there are some things that set it apart. One is the hours of operation. Most saunas are open around the clock or at least allow customers to sleep overnight if they require it. Beverly also caters to customers but takes things a little further but opening at full steam early in the day and even offering customers a breakfast menu.

The lineup procedure at Beverly is also unique. Normally saunas either organize periodic lineups of the women available for full service or allow customers to request a lineup in front of their seat whenever they are ready. When customers want a full service session at Beverly they are guided up a set of stairs to an area which can be accessed by guys coming in from the street. This is probably convenient for people who want full service without spending hours at the sauna though it is a bit odd to have freshly washed guys in short shorts and robes standing next to others in their street gear who just wandered in from a casino.

The women who offer full service at Beverly represent a wide range of looks. The club claims a staff of women from mainland China along with others from South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Russia. In all likelihood many of these women are not from the countries claimed though it is notable that Chinese women are in the minority and Vietnamese women are totally absent from the list. Some of the women are only moderately attractive though at least a few are absolutely gorgeous.

The women claimed to be from exotic countries ask more for a session than others though the prices are not out of the ordinary for the area. The women claiming Japan for example ask 1949 MOP ($244 USD). As is usual there are all sorts of discounts and deals available which can be incredibly complicated. Usually a guy who pays for a few floor services and at least one round of full service does not have to pay an admission fee.

The rooms where the full service sessions take place are just around the corner from the line up room. They quarters are large but done in Korean or Japanese style with the mattresses right on the floor. Most other saunas use the kinds of elevated beds common in the West. The rooms show signs of wear and tear but they aren’t horrible by any means. The rooms do have modern flat screen televisions that show at least two channels of Japanese porn. The rooms also have large full showers though they don’t contain anything special like the frog leg licking tables at Emperor.

Each woman has their own way of doing things but there are no real reports of amazing performances coming out of Beverly with any regularity. The women do their jobs and focus on the parts that are involved so most have nothing to complain about but things can have a routine element to them especially for repeat customers who no longer are shocked that places like these even exist in the first place.

Beverly is a long standing sauna with a loyal following. It has a few unique ways of operating that set it apart from the competition but these do not necessarily make it any better in the eyes of customers. It is simply another option among many. I give the place an average score of two-and-a-half stars though if it was located somewhere else in the world where such saunas don’t exist it would probably deserve a much higher rating.

Beverly Sauna. 70 Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau. Open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to late. Phone: +853 (0) 2832-6888. Click here for a map of saunas are similar venues in Macau.

Review of the Beverly Hotel sex sauna in Macau


  1. manfred says:

    Great to see a new report from Macau!
    I just wish I could visit the SAR more often…

    Rockit, have you ever bought those special sauna vouchers/packages (for Macau saunas) they sell at the Shun Tak ferry terminal in Hong Kong? Are they a good value?

    • rockit says:

      I’m familiar with the packages. They used to be even more prominent. They probably offer a good deal economically speaking but they limit choices. So they are like travel packages where the hotel, flight and activities are folded into one prepaid package. I’ve always been one to travel and do things on my own. Cheers.

  2. Scan says:

    What are “frog leg licking tables”? It is not mentioned in your Emperor report.

    Anyway, yes, two and a half stars is technically average, but it seems odd that a sauna would get a rating that low. Almost all the other saunas have ratings higher than that. Does that mean Beverly Sauna is decidedly lower than all of those? If it was in another country like Thailand what would it rate?

    • rockit says:

      The Y shaped tables are described in the post on Emperor. A picture of one of the tables can also be found there. Beverly Sauna is an average place in comparison with the other saunas in Macau hence the score. There’s nothing like the Macau saunas in Thailand or any other country with the possible exception of mainland China. Even the worst sauna surpasses the better place in most countries in terms of service. I would note that at least one Macau sauna was given a below average score. Cheers.

  3. Michael Samuel says:

    I second the thought on service. Even average service at the saunas is better than anything else in most countries.

    • rockit says:


    • Deca says:

      Wow. Thanks for the info. I will be in Macao soon but I wonder how much this average service will cost me, at least 200 usd? cheers!!

    • rockit says:

      A quick in-and-out session at a place like Darling 1 costs $213 USD. Spending an evening in a Macau sauna usually costs quite a bit more. I would guess that most tabs are several hundred USD. At some places like Rio a man’s bill could easily be the equivalent of $600 USD or more. Cheers.

  4. guy says:

    do you know of any budget hotel options in macau?

    • rockit says:

      I guess it would depend on your perspective. I have never really looked for a budget hotel there as it’s not exactly a place to pinch pennies. A lot of great four and even five star hotel rooms can be had for $100 USD or less with advanced online bookings. There appear to be a few decent fifty dollars options around too. Anything lower than that is probably going to be rough. Cheers.

  5. guy says:

    ya it definitely isn’t a budget place at all, some guys even sleep in the sex saunas lol

    • manfred says:

      Macau isn’t cheap, true, but the perception that it is outrageously priced is probably due to the fact that many people are used to SE Asia and Thailand (often very cheap) and so have biased expectations.

      From Monday to Friday is quite easy to find excellent hotels for less than $100/day in Macau. Try that in European cities like Vienna, Copenhagen, or even Amsterdam. Eating out and going around by taxi is also more affordable in Macau than in Northern Europe, but somehow that perception is not there.

      A full sauna experience can easily cost $500+, however that means often an entire day of fun and enjoyment, and it is something so unique that it can’t be had anywhere else. Europe has some good venues, but nothing comes even close to Macau saunas in terms of service level.

      I am writing this because I was recently in a Scandinavian capital with local friends, and the people’s idea of fun was to spend the evening at a well known night club.
      A few drinks, the company of a few playful ladies and some (quite mild) private entertainment with a group of good-looking (but not stunning) Hungarian and Romanian stripteasers commanded a bill that I found simply insane – but was nothing unexpected for the locals.
      Immediately after seeing that bill, it dawned on me that for the same amount we could have flown the whole group to Macau and have a much better party at Familia Nobre.

      In fact, next time I might go on to suggest just that…

    • rockit says:

      You’re absolutely right. The experiences are too different to compare. Macau’s saunas are like nothing found outside of China. And short time places like Darling 1 have lower prices than Japan soapies and similar prices to Korean anmas for the same sort of experience. Of course Macau saunas are more expensive than what you find in Thailand. Again there is a question of what you can compare however. Short time without a bath or nice room is available at Hou Va in Macau for $84 USD. Most oily massage parlors in Bangkok charge around $60 USD for an hour. Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Women working bars there typically want $80 USD for a short session. Cheers.

  6. deca says:

    I just got back from this sauna. It is one of favorite saunas and Rockit’s report is pretty accurate and enjoyable to read as usual.
    However, there seems to be minor changes in the staff and their outfits. No white shirt and skirt girls were spotted. The red shirt black skirt do the thigh at 170 mop for 25 min and very similar like the one I had at FN.
    Thr entrance was 438 but was reduced to 338. I like it here because the entrance is good up to 24 hrs with free food anf drinks.Thr lineup girls are a little cheaper but not as good looking as FN in my opinion. This place is more spacious than FN but smokey everwhere. Staff seem friendlier and more efficient. It is advertised as a Korean style sauna but not quite in my opinion. Thigh girls can do FS but ask for 800 mop in cash.There is a sink in every room.My basic Chinese got a deal of 500mop for a 60 min of
    bbbj cim rim. Real satisfied!
    The only complaint I have is they charged 15 percent tax on the final bill. Any discount I got didn’t do any saving after all!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. You think Beverly is more spacious than Familia Nobre? I don’t think so at all. Cheers.

  7. deca says:

    FN is bigger but each section of reclinibg chairs is separated from the other so the room is smokier than the one at Bev Spa where all the sections are connected with open walls that seem to coonect the entire resting area exceot for obe section in the corner where people just seem to sleep rather than smoke and talk!!
    Cheers!FN might be better overall except for the horrible uncomfy slippers you have to put up or on with:( cheers!!

  8. Chris says:

    Just a quick question if anyone has been to Beverly recently.

    How well is it staffed on a Sunday afternoon. I would like to stop a sauna on my way to the last ferry to HKIA at 7;30. Is it a worthwhile stop? Luggage storage available.?

    Many thanks.

    • rockit says:

      Most places including Beverly are lightly staffed in the early afternoon with more people coming on as the day progresses. Beverly does have the ability to store luggage. I can’t tell you if a visit is worth it. I don’t recommend or suggest anything. This website is for entertainment only. Cheers.

  9. P says:

    Most recent update on Beverley Sauna. A friend and I just spent a wonderful night staying at Beverly Sauna. Below is a recap of our night.

    Friend got 1 FS (Chinese girl) and 1 thigh massage. Total damage around 2050 MOP.

    I got 1 FS (Chinese girl), 1 thigh massage, 1 foot rub, and 1 shoulder massage. Total damage 2550MOP.

    Couple things to note:
    1. Make sure to ask for the VIP prices. We found out that all saunas in the area offer VIP prices if you just ask them. VIP allows you to get everything on the menu for 10-15% cheaper. In addition, by being VIP Beverly did not charge us the 15% tax fees at the end.
    2. The girls who gave my friend and I the thigh massages did not finish us off. This was misleading because we thought that thigh massage would include a hand job also. The girls also pressure us into doing FS with them instead of going upstairs to pick your girl. They offered prices from 400-600 MOP, but we kindly declined. The girls giving the massage are nowhere compared to the goddesses upstairs.
    3. They only give noodles and sandwiches for free food. Other saunas, golden sauna and boss sauna would give everything on their menu for free. This place did not.
    Overall, decent sauna but definitely not the best. For the value I think this place is pretty good. But it has nothing too special that stands out from their competition. Next time we’re in Macau we will try other saunas.

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