Review: Belle — Seoul, South Korea

belle in gangnam seoul south koreaBelle is a high-end jack shack with a little oral action in the Gangnam section of Seoul, South Korea.

Now widely known because of that annoying pop-dance song, Gangnam is an upscale area of Seoul home to a number of golf accessory shops, cafes and, luckily for you, places to get your dick jerked by sexy young Korean women.

Xenophobia in South Korea is rank. It has one of the largest sex industries in the world after Japan, but unless you are Korean, most of that is off limits to you. Fear not though my fellow sexual explorer, plenty of action is still available.

Belle is typical of this type of Korean happy ending shop. It’s easy enough to find, located on a main road but still a bit hidden inside the basement of a building. If you take exit 4 out of Gangnam station, walk five blocks until you come to a major intersection (where you will see the Prudential building marked with a weird spiral sculpture on the sidewalk in front of you and a Starbucks across the street). Make a left here. Walk a few blocks until you come to the second crosswalk and traffic light. Cross the street here. Look for a green fence. Behind that fence there is a parking lot and a professional building. Don’t enter the lobby of the building, but rather go down the small stair case to the right that leads into the basement. A sign above the door says “Belle.” Ring the bell and you will be let in.

Once inside you’ll have to pay up to the young Korean man working. The fee here is 70,000 won ($65 US). Have it ready in advance to avoid any confusion. The guys working the front here usually speak minimal to no English. But it’s not really a problem.

After you pay, you will be lead to a room. Here you will be shown a robe and told to get into it. Then, when you finish, ring the bell to let the front staff know you are ready. At this point, the clerk will lead you to a shower room and leave you alone. There are two stalls here, along with soap, rags, towels, toothbrushes, mouthwash and aftershave. Get yourself nice and clean to ensure good service. Don’t worry about leaving any valuables in your room when you shower either, your stuff is safe here.

After you finish the shower, put your robe and slippers on and make your way back to your room. Once you are in and have the door closed, ring the bell. Your masseuse will be in shortly after.

The women that work here are all Korean and are almost exclusively very hot. In several visits I’ve always been serviced by girls in their early 20’s. In fact, I’ve never met a girl older than 24 here. Most of them are natural too. They are petite women, with cute faces, nice smiles, sweet little tits and perfectly shaped asses. There was one time when I got a girl with fake tits, but they were very well done. One other time I got a girl named Hannah with a big natural rack. In short, you can’t really go wrong with the selection here.

A lot of the girls here are new to the scene and to sex in general, especially with foreigners. A little small talk in the beginning can go a long way. The level of English spoken varies, but they all know at least some.

After the initial meet and greet, you’ll disrobe and lay face down on the table. Your masseuse will strip down to nothing but her panties. They are usually traditional styled panties. No thongs or anything like that. But they are often silky and well adorned or school girl style. After a brief rub down during which they’ll usually work your ass, balls and rod a bit, you’ll be asked to flip over. At this point you may or may not receive some light kissing followed by the “cat bath” (the girl will lick your neck, nipples, stomach, thighs) and some anal rimming. It’s really up to the girl. Some will even tongue kiss you. After that, she will crawl on top of you and straddle you in the 69 position, with her firm little butt right in front of your face. Then, she’ll commence with a nice light blowjob. Don’t expect too much as far as skills go here, but it still feels good. After a brief amount of sucking, she’ll lube up your unit and start jerking you off. Your hands are free to roam anywhere except inside the panties. Tits, feet, legs, thighs and ass are usually available for your perverted groping pleasure. Follow the girl’s lead and don’t be a jerk and you’ll have no problems.

Some of the girls are happy to work you quit a bit. I’ve never run into any clock watchers or rush jobs here. That’s not to say that they can’t happen, just that I’ve never experienced it. Others are a little more mechanical, but that seems to be more due to inexperience than anything else. After you shoot your wad, your masseuse will gently clean you up. Then, you can go back to the shower and wash off while she straightens up your room. When you come back, she will be waiting for you. A little small talk will be followed by a warm goodbye and then you can head out the door.

While Belle doesn’t offer a great massage, it does provide good oral and hand services by hot young Korean women at a reasonable rate. Still, I have to take into consideration the existence of so many other options in Korea at similar prices, especially the walk-in full service widely available on Hooker Hill in Itaewon. With an overall view of Seoul in mind, I can confidently give Belle a solid 3.5 star rating.

Belle, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. Open midday to midnight, seven days a week. Click here for a Google map.

Update: The price has gone up to 80,000 Won.



  1. Matt Butler says:

    Hi there ,
    Just want to thank you for your website. I followed your directions today and went to Belle.
    I was coming from Myuengdong so it was a fair hike to get there. I would like to say that your directions were spot on, it took me a while to spot the green fence though,shade cloth fence,light green ,but was worth the effort.
    I ended up going down the stairs and ringing the bell, it took a minute but a nice lady came to the door and let me in.After that it was pretty much how you described,robe ,shower,ring the bell and in she comes….beautiful young Korean wearing a nice dress with perfect hair, pretty face and hot body !!!
    You were right about the massage,hopeless ! I didnt go for massage though,she starts licking me all over ,on my back ,up my neck ,around my ears and then she tells me to turn over ! Then she starts french kissing me so sweetly and softly that it is driving me crazy ,she slowly starts working her way down ,nipples ,stomach, pubic region,and then onto my balls and stiff dick ! She was slurping away nice and slow while looking me in the eyes,making me want to explode.She then gets the cream out and gives me a great handjob while playing with my balls, it is all over, awesome,she was great,I am going back tomorrow.They charged me 80,000 ,not bad ,i am happy with that .I would give it 4 stars,too easy,I will see how they go tomorrow .
    Thanks for the directions !!!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for reading and taking to the time to comment and report back. Glad you had a good time!

    • Revit2013 says:

      Many guys have visited Belle for curiosity thru many writeups and comments by others but the reality is not worth. A minute of chatting, finger pressing massage and touching with a 20+ korean girls is not worth 80,000 won price. An ending HJ after 30 minutes is not worth paying for either. Some of these writeups and comments are only able to attract customers. Beware guys and save your money with other massage services that’s worth paying for.

    • rockit says:

      Value depends on your perception. Plenty of guys shell out 200 or more for nothing more than a hand job in many parts of the world. Check out the Japanese place I reviewed in Fukuoka, Japan which costs much more than that even. Other guys think anything more than the $17 short times on Blow Row in Angeles is too much.I gave Belle an honest review based only on my own experience and as far as I know not a single comment came from anyone in any way related to the management. I don’t think Belle has dozens of Native English speakers deployed for commenting on blogs. Cheers.

  2. Lucky says:

    Thanks a lot! I just followed the way and it was no problem to find. It is exact you say!
    I stayed at Belle and I had a great time with a beautiful korean girl. She looked like 18 but she was 27 :-) It was really great, she was so sweet and her kisses were delicious!
    I will say thank you so much, because it´s not easy to find such places for foreigners like me.
    Only the rate has changed. Mow the fee is 80.000 Won, but I swear, it´s worth!

    • rockit says:

      A few people report the fee has gone up. Some regulars say they are still getting the old rate. I guess it depends on when they first visited. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. fm says:

    Thanks a lot for this beam of light in SKorea

  4. Lucky says:

    So I think I have the place I will go, if I stay at Seoul. Belle is really good place for me. It is clean and discret. And -that is the most important- I have the girl, I will stay with. She is such beautiful and lovely. I know the days she stay at Belle. That´s all I need :-)
    Thanks again for your report about Belle!!!!

  5. mon oncle says:

    Great report.
    Tried your google maps link to Belle, but seems a different location than when I google the Prudential building and that spiral sculpture thing…
    where did i go wrong… did i go wrong?
    I will be in Seoul next week and would like to try out Belle after the glowing reports here.
    Thanks ,

    • rockit says:

      The directions and map are on point, confirmed by earlier comments on this post. Just follow the instructions in the article and you will easily find the place. Thanks for reading.

    • mon oncle says:

      oK i double checked,,, many thanks:)

  6. Lucky says:

    I have just one more question :-)
    Have you tried “Cool”? It is just on the other side of the street than “Belle”.
    an there is another place “First-Massage”. It´s about 50 meters in front of “Belle”
    Thanks for replay!

    • rockit says:

      Yes, it’s another option with a slightly higher price. It was open to foreigners and then there were reports that they were no longer being welcomed in. Any info you have?

    • Lucky says:

      I checked today. I went to Cool. There are two young guys. One of them speaks english very well. And they are really kindly! He explained that it cost 90.000 Won and I get a massage. I can kiss the girl, but only tits. Under the belt is forbidden area. And the girls don´t blow, only handjob. He said, we are soft.
      So I decide to say good bye and went over the street to Belle.
      There is a lot more possible than kissing the tits and handjob. May be not at first time and may be not with every girl.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the update report. Very helpful. Was he upset when you left? I hope to visit soon and make a review!

    • Lucky says:

      May be this is part of not foreigner friendly, that they want to get you out. He was very kindly, and he explained everything, but may be the girls do much more, than he told me, who knows?!
      But in Belle I know there is very good service, so why should I waste my money? :-)

    • rockit says:

      Sometimes it can be worth the adventure, depending on your outlook. I can definitely understand going with the safe bet too.

  7. Lucky says:

    Do you know any place like Belle in Daegu????

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I am not familiar with Daegu. Another reader made a comment about calling girls to love hotels in Daegu here. Let me know if you find anything.

    • Steve says:

      Hey, the link to the information about Daegu doesn’t work. Can you please help me out here?

  8. Pepe says:

    Hi There,
    Great website! I learned so much! I have a question. I am looking for a place similar to the ones they have in Hong Kong but in Seoul. This place is a place where they have a Sauna with bath, a launch where you can sit and chat with your friends and a nassage place with happy ending. Do you know of this place in Seoul? I can speak Korean very well so it should not be a problem for comunication. Thank you so much. Pepe.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I know of these places — they exist in great numbers in Hong Kong, Macau, and a few other places. As far as I know, they don’t exist in Korea. Too official. But I could be wrong. The closest thing I can think of in Seoul are the Anma’s, which are basically Korean massage shops where you get a table shower, massage and happy ending. Some offer food or a place to rest. They are all over so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one. Let me know how things work out.

    • Pepe says:

      Thanks so much for your reply. I never went to this Anma place and I think it can be crapy if you do mot know a goid one. Do you have any experience with these places? Could you recommend one? Thanks for your help!! Pepe.

    • Pepe says:

      Thanks so much for your reply. I never went to this Anma place and I think it can be crapy if you do not know a good one. Do you have any experience with these places? Could you recommend one? Thanks for your help!! Pepe.

    • rockit says:

      I’ve been to plenty. If you can read Korean you can see them all over. The level is quality is going to be high in pretty much any of them. The only one I can think of that has reliable served foreigners for some time is ACE Anma on Itaewon-ro in Itaewon. Go out exit 2 from Itaewon Station, walk several hundred meters and look for a shopping center on your left with some foreign restaurants. You will see “ACE massage” clearly marked. I’ll update if I think of others.

    • Pepe says:

      Thank you. I am fluent with Korean, anyway, if you know any in 서초 or Kang Nam is better for me to drive there. If I find some other “spa” places Hong Kong style I will let you guys know! Great chat!! Pepe.

  9. blaster says:

    Great read!

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a specific girl @ belle? The times ive stopped by its been pretty “miss”.

    • rockit says:

      Staff changes too often for me to make any specific recommendations, but maybe a recent visitor can weigh in. I’ve never had a “miss” but as always YMMV.

  10. E says:

    When does Belle open it’s doors?
    Thank you.

    • rockit says:


    • Jack says:

      Do you know how late it is open til?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry, I have no idea. My experiences in South Korea lead me to believe it probably opens sometime in the early afternoon and probably closes around 1 or 2 am depending on how busy it is. The nightly train shut downs influences hours.

  11. Pepe says:

    Any suggestions for Anma place in Kang Nam or Seocho. Thank you.

  12. peewinkle says:

    ever receive FS at Belle?

    • rockit says:

      Not on the menu. It’s like going to McDonald’s and looking for a steak. There are other places for that. Trying to get it is just going to bring trouble for you and other foreigners who follow.

  13. jay says:

    i went, and was really looking forward to the experience.
    but a “bigger” (at least in korean standards) girl came in the room after i rang the bell
    i’m only into extremely thin girls, and although the girl who serviced me was still really good at her job, i was pretty disappointed in the whole over all experience.

    i might give it another try, but i’m going to try and request the smallest girl they have on staff.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Sorry about your experience. I wasn’t aware such women even worked there, or anywhere similar for that matter, though “bigger by Korean standards” could still be considered a rail thin model in some of our modern Western countries. I’ve noticed that some places will try to push their least popular / desirable staff members on foreign visitors who don’t speak the language in countries like South Korea, Japan and Vietnam where the sex industry caters to the local market. I don’t know if that was the case in Belle. Did you ask for a “busty” girl or anything like that? In South Korea and Japan that will often get you a chubbier girl. Best to ask for thin with big breasts if that’s your thing. I’ve personally found thicker girls to give some of the best service, but it’s always nice to be as physically attracted to your provider as possible. Sometimes it makes up for everything else.

  14. Pepe says:

    Still waiting for a recommendation for Anma in Kangnam or Suwon. Any ideas?

  15. skafa says:

    Hey thanks a lot for the reviews!
    Is it a safe place, I mean, do they do the blow job with preservative? otherwise, would you consider it safe?
    your reviews rock!!! thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Welcome to the site. No condoms for the short oral services at Belle, thankfully in my opinion! A male receiving oral is one of the safest sex methods of all according to doctors who know about the stuff and my extensive experience. The only thing safer (without resorting to condom) is a male giving oral to a woman. Read my entry on blowjob bars. There is quite a bit about safety at the end. We all take chances and risks in life, even crossing the road. You have to try to figure out what the risk is, and if the reward is worth chancing it. At the end of it, every man will have to make his own decisions based on the knowledge he has. I decide to get my dick sucked as often as possible. Your mileage may vary. And I’m sure you could ask the provider you get at Belle to simply use her hand and not her mouth.

  16. scorpioangel says:

    I went to Belle & god it’s awesome!
    I was served by a tall slim Korean girl. She came in a black blouse, was a bit disappointed initially because she didn’t look that great. Started off by pressing my back (with her blouse on), surprisingly her English was quite good, so we started talking about my home country Thailand. Then I heard the sound of her undressing. Next, she’s kissing & caressing my neck, back, butt, thigh etc. And her nipple is rubbing against my back as well. It’s like a soapie but without the soap. Hell, it’s ELECTRIC!
    I was ask to turn over. She started blowing me, bare. Then the stroke begin. While she’s stroking me, I’m sucking her tits. Next, she french-kiss me, tongue-to-tongue, non-stop, until I cum.
    The best handjob I ever experienced.

    • rockit says:

      How great it is that you had such success. Thanks for stopping back to relay the information. Always glad to help. Cheers!

  17. Pepe says:

    Hi there,
    I am trying to find ACE anma in Itewon but I can not find. I understood that after coming out of exit 2 I should go seveal meters until I see a shooping mall with forigns restaurats. I can not find it. Can you give us an address or a more specific location? Thank you!

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I’ll try my best to stear you there. Keep in mind that people don’t really know street names and addresses in South Korea for the most part. And that was a mix up on the name. The name is actually A1 Anma. Ace is another anma in a different part of Seoul that stopped accepting foreigners a few years ago. Mixed them up.

      To get to A1, take the train to Itaewon Station. Go out Exit 2. You’ll see a GS Mart as soon you exit. Keep going through the first intersection. You’ll walk over one more small side street and then see the big Ali Baba restaurant on your left. Keep walking. Next is the Itaewon Hotel. A1 is in the next building, under a Thai restaurant on floor B1. If you see the Hana Bank you’ve gone too far.

      I haven’t been there in years so I can’t attest to the current operations, but used to be 200,000 Won for everything. Hope this helps.

  18. Pepe says:


    I have been in belle 3 times already with 3 different girls. I think everything depends who does it for you. By the way I was told that they open at 11 am and stop at 6am. If you pay cash is 80.000won and card 90.000won. One experience I can give a 7, another one 4 and last one 8. They have all type of girls. Beautiful ones but unfortunately I have seen some ugly ones too. All the girls have different schedule so I think you have to spend some money until you find the one that really does it well for you. I hope this coment can help. Good luck everyone!

    Now. Anma. Every anma that I know are charging 250.000won. I have hear about Hera Anma and Superman Anma appart of the Itewon onea. Does anybody been in A1 Anma, Hera Anma or Superman Anma? How much cost Superman Anma? And where it is? Thank you friends.



    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the update. Have you tried Cool lately? I’m going to review it soon. I haven’t been at an Anma in Seoul for quite sometime. Last times was at A1 in Itaewon. Did visit some Anma in other parts of South Korea in recent years, but unfortunately I cannot remember how to get to them.

  19. malko says:

    I went to Belle this afternoon and I really enjoyed it ! Thanks for having shared the address, in this country where it seems to be very hard to find a nice place for foreigners. The only problem was that I had to wait for an hour, they seem to be very busy on Sundays. Apart from this, the girl was very cute and the service as good as announced in your description (I also paid 80.000 wons). Thank you !

    • rockit says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed. Weekends and evenings can have big waits. Rather than wait an hour you could have tried Cool across the street which I just reviewed. They may have had an opening.

  20. FM says:

    Hi, guys, thanks for your info. gona try belle this w/end
    Could you tell how long last the experience, and if you have a pre- or post- shower there?
    Thanks in advance.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Your question about the shower is already answered in the article you’re commenting on. The session lasts about an hour, but I don’t think there are any hard rules about it. You’ll leave satisfied.

    • fm says:

      Thank you, done, positive experience, i have just posted it on the main thread, as it seems something happens with the font size on the replies.

  21. karl says:

    i cant really follow the directions on map, is there any more instruction thanks

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Short of giving you a ride to the place, I don’t know how better to guide you there than to give you the information in this post, which includes both directions and a map. To reiterate: Take the Seoul Subway Line 2 line to Gangnam Station. Go out of Exit 4. Walk straight for five blocks until you come to a major intersection (where you will see the Prudential building marked with a weird spiral sculpture on the sidewalk in front of you and a Starbucks across the street). Make a left here. You should see a big clothing store called “Bang Bang” across the street. Walk a few blocks until you come to the second crosswalk and traffic light. Cross the street here. Look for a green fence. Behind that fence there is a parking lot and a professional office building. Don’t enter the lobby of the building, but rather go down the small stair case to the right that leads into the basement. A sign above the door says “Belle.” Ring the bell and you will be let in. Cheers.

  22. karl says:

    is there a time limit in belle? and do they give bj?

    • rockit says:

      The session is generally one hour, though it doesn’t seem to be strict. You’ll leave satisfied. Your second question is already answered in the review you are posting a comment on. Take another look.

  23. Mike seaton says:

    Total disappointment! I just got back from Belle and what anhorriblentime I had. I will explain fully and then I would love some feedback if this debacle was my fault or just terrible service.
    I arrive at Belle and everything went smoothly. Pay, shower, dry, robe, ring bell. In walks a beautiful Korean girl, dressed very modestly, but really gorgeous. I speak some Korean and we talk as she starts working my back, the massage is half assed…but I’m not really here for that part anyway :) she is 24, is an art student, speaks great English. I’m a happy man. But 30 minutes goes by and I’m still getting my arms worked…strange, but ok. Finally…she tells me to flip and starts working my stomach, right above my member and I’m standing at full mast. But….she doesn’t go for it. Now we are 50 minutes in and she is still fully dressed and telling me about her family… I waiting for the topless part, I’m wiring for the bbbj I’m waiting for anything…but nothing! Then the guy knocks at the door and she says…you can go and shower now…and starts to leave. I’m half minded to let her go…but I invested 80k in this. S I ask…isn’t there more service? She says…oh you want that, gesturing to my member. I say yes please. She gives me a 5 minute fast as possible hj and then hits the road, no towel no nothing.
    Now, I am a white guy average looks average size, nicely groomed, and this ain’t my first rodeo…but it is my first in Korea. (I used to live in Seoul, but had gf, now I’m here on a quick trip). The whole conversation she is telling me how comfortable she feels and how nice I am how funny I am. So question:
    1. Was it my fault and I somehow put myself in the hj equivalent of the “friend zone”?
    2. Or was this an aberration and she just doesn’t give good service?
    Pros: pretty, good English, wants to talk
    Cons: no skin (ankle length skirt and t shirt on the WHOLE time), very rushed and poor quality hj, no bj, no kiss, and a half assed regular massage.
    Thoughts? She said she only works Sundays, should I try again tomorrow and hope it comes out better…or is this some kind of new policy at Belle. I almost forgot…when she finally started the happy ending I put my hand on her covered knee and she said that it was not allowed. I am going to post this information on other boards as well…people need to know.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reporting on your experience. I’m tempted to say that you could have made her think you were either there for some kind of legit massage or (maybe) a pushover. But with the way things have always worked at Belle, you should have received service in any case. I guess the situation dictated what went down. I don’t know who (if anyone) is to blame. But if I had a similar experience, I would probably have pointed out the boner playfully at the flip and said something like “hey don’t forget about him too!” If that didn’t work, I’d talk to her about it and compare it to my expectations. And even though I usually don’t recommend it, with a formerly reliable place this I would then consider talking to the management. I don’t know if something changed, but I sure hope not. If you can speak enough Korean, I’d suggest talking to the door man on the way in at your next visit and saying “Can I have someone other than *insert name of woman you had before*, because she didn’t give the service I expected.” Do it politely. He’ll probably ask what the problem was and let you know the deal. Korean shops are good like that.

    • Mike s says:

      Thanks and I think that is good advice. While I hate to lay 80k on the line again, everyone gave this place such great reviews that I feel like it deserves a second chance. Not sure if my Korean is good enough to explain my thoughts…but maybe I could just ask for a “sexy” attitude woman this time. I wonder if I just got this gal because she had such good English.

    • rockit says:

      A woman who used to work there told me the rotation is totally random, unless you specifically ask for a lady you like by name. Let us know how your repeat visit goes.

  24. carl says:

    thanks for the info. I’ve haeard that generally there is a long wait at belle. I speak good enough korean to get an advanced booking by phone. Do you know their phone number?

    • rockit says:

      I’ve never once waited at Belle. Your experience may vary. Sorry, but I don’t know the phone number as I’ve never had a need for it. If you speak Korean you should be able to find it online somewhere. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • carl says:

      I see. Thanks anyways. What time do you recommend would be good for visting? Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Anytime during the day, before people get out of work.

  25. Man says:

    Dude we went there yesterday… there were only 2 girls… me and my friends shared the girls… we did it twice and check the girls… the first that i had was so fucking sexy. body is an 8 and her face is a 5… she gave me a really good BJ and we french kissed… It was a really good 1 hour, kinda pissed her though because it took me very long to cum…

    The second one was so fucking disappoiting… i was her last customer in the morning and she was so cranky… she doesnt want to kiss and she doesnt want to blow me… I kinda forced her to blow me… and she did which was kinda fucked up because she didnt blow me well… too much spitting and she sucked on my tits like there no more tomorrow… body is 2 face is a fucking 0… she’s a fat girl with a smelly head…

    Id rate belle 6/10… its like a lottery… theres a 50/50 chance that youd get a pretty girl…

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for reading and reporting back. For me it’s been 10/10, but as always, your mileage may vary. If you plan on a repeat visit, it’s a good idea to get the name and schedule of a woman you like. Cheers.

    • Man says:

      The first girl that i had was Sua… Shes got a tattoo on her right arm… tits are fake and she has a hairy pussy… performance was really good… very good BJ and FK.

      Is the 7 shop better than belle? I was reading different reviews from other sites and it looks like they got the same sservice from the 7 shop..

    • rockit says:

      It’s a different kind of shop. The level of service depends on the person you’re with and the chemistry, whereas om a place like Belle you know what you’re getting before you show up. Have you tried Cool (across the street from Belle, also reviewed on this site)?

    • Man says:

      We went there but they didnt let us in because they said they are fully booked… they gave me a card and they told me that i should make a reservation… im gonna try it this wednesday and see how it goes… dude do you know a really good and hot girl in belle that i could visit? Id really appreciate it if you would recommend someone… thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ve never heard of that before. They seem to be getting very busy. Perhaps they should shoot me some advertising dollars. Could you pass on the contact number they gave you so I can update the info? Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on the current staff at Belle. I haven’t been there in a while. A commenter here recently recommended a woman named “Sua.” Since I haven’t seen her, I can’t confirm or deny. I usually just show up and go with the flow. That’s worked well so far. Cheers.

  26. hobbyist says:

    I have been here two times already. The first time things happened exactly as stated above. Got in. Paid. Showered. Got a stunning girl. Did the deed and everything was coming up daisies.

    This time however, different story. Got a weird massage by some old woman. Like old. I could see the wrinkles in her face and hands. She had the jowls going too! I thought, ok maybe she will do the massage and leave and a younger girl will come.
    Nope. She went for it. I asked for a different girl. Apparently she ia the only one on staff on a Friday night? Bs. Counter said no to the change. I said bye. Never going to come here again!!!

    Maybe cool will be better??

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Really bizarre stuff. I don’t doubt it since several similar reports have come in, but it seems to be a huge change. Hopefully it’s something temporary due to staff that departed suddenly or something. Cool might be an improvement. Stop back to report again if you can.

    • Deca says:

      Usually when an older lady of 40 or up does the massage and a young girl follows for the remaining 20 min. With a system likes this, the shop will charge at least 90,000~100,000 won and 120,000 for FS. I think you got a lemon here.

  27. fm says:

    Hi, guys,
    I finally went and fair is to share the expe in return for all this info I found here.
    I first studied the directions and see the google virutal map, and found the place without any problem, it was like if i had been there before! i actually did not expect to see the big sign BELLE at the door. Although it looks closed and dark just call in.
    Went on Friday night, 10.30pm, bad timing , they told me had 1 hour waiting, and I could not wait that long, so I return the following day. I asked if they had an album with photos of the girls, but guy replied no.
    On Saturday, 9.30pm ,
    not waiting, smooth intro, cool guy at the door, paid, room, shower, and bell. Compared with other parlours, It surprised me that they let you at your peril on the corridors, where you could easily find another bro…
    Average girl comes -JJ-, not thin, 24?, normally dressed, speak enough English to me, she is very agreable and makes me feel at ease. She gives me a massage with good kissing back and front, let touch her boobs under the bra, although refused to get naked at that point,
    After 20m she asked if is gel time, and I say: yes!.
    HJ with that gel is really good, girl keeps french kissing, and I finish with the HJ. I was done in a total of 40m, she asked if it was fine and said yes and went to shower. Perfect time to catch last metro back home.
    Overall it was a great first experience. Recommended specially for the ones that are happy with a non-fucking exp.

    Welcome foreigners. Easy and non-thrills at least on this occassion. 80,000 This girl worked reallly well. I would say it was quite a GF experience.

    You can not choose the girl. At least they should have a photo book or something, because as I read in these exp, it seems there are some ugly/old girls also… so if you can not choose the girl, it makes it too risky for some to go there.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the thorough report. Glad you had a good time. If you get a name and schedule for someone you like, you can ask to see them again when you return. For me that’s often the best choice. Why quit a good thing?

  28. KDC says:

    I went today (Sunday) around lunch time, and had a similar experience as Mike a couple of weeks ago.
    Entered, was led to the room by a young guy who spoke very good English, payed 80000 won and he asks me “How do you know about this place?” I answer “From internet”, he replies “Don’t believe everything they write on the internet”, after i found out why he said that.
    While going to the shower, i see a sexy girl, with short skirt, top without sleeves, very beautifull, so i was thinking, i was about hitting the jackpot.
    After shower, i go back to the room and ring the bell. The girl comes in, and she was young, but barely average. I would say at least 65% of the women in Gangnam, and even all of Seoul, look better. Also, she was not wearing anything sexy at all. Skirt till over her knees, and a plain t-shirt. She spoke decent English and tells me she’s interested in art (maybe the same art student who served Mike?). Her massage skills were good (although far from professionnal), and she massaged long time before she started working my groin area. However, she didn’t take any of her clothing of. No chance for kissing, not be slightest chance for a (light) bj, nothing. I started stroking her leg with my hand, but when i was not even close to her panties, her arm stopped me. I put one hand on her breast (over the t-shirt) but she made a gesture to show she didn’t appreciate this at all.
    Finally, after finishing, she asks me if i want a beverage and tells me to go to the shower, after the shower i come back but no sign of any beverage. I dress, open the door of the room and another guy comes (without beverage), leads me to the door, and without speaking any word opens the door to show me the way out.
    When i go out, i realize the first guy said “Don’t believe everything they say on the internet”, now i know why. I have to admit, the girl was young, spoke English, was friendly and gave a rather good massage but the things i read here about kissing (even french kissing), (light) bj, girl stripping (partly), touching the breasts and so on, there was not the slightest hint of it. Ok, i don’t expect “full service” for 80000 won, and i know this is mainly a hj joint, but still dissapointed.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for reporting. Sorry to hear about your experience. The reason the phrase “your mileage may vary” is used so much in the pay for play scene is that it’s absolutely true. Things can change with time or even between individuals working in the same place. It appears services may be tightening up at Belle, at least for foreigners. It could just be that the staff is changing, or the mamasan (new workers are trained when they start). I don’t know. Maybe they are under some sort of increased pressure. It could be that they’ve only tightened things up for non-Koreans. This is a popular page on the site. It could be that they are getting more foreigners than they have in the past. You would think that they’d appreciate an increase in customers, but in the sex industry (especially in East Asia) you just never know. In any case, if this trend is going to continue, it will put them on the same level as Cool across the street, which I have also reviewed. Belle was set apart from that shop by the slightly better looks of its staff and the added bonus of some light oral. That may be over with.

  29. KDC says:

    Yes, i read many times that Korean males don’t like that foreigners touch “their” women, even the pay4p-women. Perhaps, the joint had complaints from Korean customers. In fact, when i just finished showering after the service, a Korean man entered the shower. Maybe he complained/will complain. Nevertheless, i have some Korean male friends who have no problem at all with foreigners being serviced by and/or dating Korean women. Yeah, it’s not easy in Korea, the only “certain” place for foreigner, “the hill” in Itaewon, is a negociating and rip-off place (have been quoted crazy prices like 500 000 won at the start of negociation). Fortunatly, some anma accept foreigners, but it’s expensive, and, maybe if they are getting popular with foreigners, they may also stop giving service to them.

    • rockit says:

      Yes, that can be true and I’ve mentioned it a few times on this site. The same goes in Japan. Other than Hooker Hill (also covered here) places where there is only one customer at a time (like the barbershops) and “soft shops” (that don’t include full sex in the services) seem to be more or less open to foreigners. It could be that some Korean customers have complained about putting their rod in a mouth where a foreigner weenie has been, and so they kicked it over to beating meat only for non-Koreans. It’s in the realm of possibilities. I really have no idea. I guess it wouldn’t hurt for someone to politely ask the guy at the front desk why the services are now limited just to see what he says.

  30. fm says:

    damn it! i hope i was NOT the last lucky foreign customer there…
    weeks later of my exp in belle went to an anma in assan , they more than welcome foreigners, to the point that they opened the doors on our roaming around the door. The anma was full service, but at 200,000 won it is a very expensive option. Just wanted to try for the bonus of knowing.

    • rockit says:

      Don’t we all. Thanks for the report. Anything more specific like a name or address? I’m sure many would like to know it, and I could even include it in the post I made on foreigner friendly ANMA’s in Seoul. Cheers!

  31. fm says:

    This reply is on the anma in Assan. Sorry i did not know how to do a reply to a reply. But pls, feel free to move it or delete it after you have extracted any useful info. THIS IS NOT BELLE.
    I was a guest there , so i dont know the area, but i did ask for the name of the dong and i was told it was Sangyong dong or sthing very similar to that. This is Assan. And it is a small area with many motels, massage places, a couple of nightclubs, one very suspicious kareoke rooms bar (we were also welcomed) one night club was called NINE, and another was called KOREAN NIGHT.
    The anma was clearly visible as it has the biggest letters i have ever seen, Korean characters in red light just reading ANMA. I could see it from my friends balcony which was about 500m away.
    What surprised us is that they really welcomed us, even if we were 3 foreigners, they actually opened the doors and invited us inside while we were standing outside making up our minds. Asked the price , and recepcionist said 200k. for one hour. Not more info added.
    I thought it was too much, we apologized and left with a -See you later= and a smile. They were fine.
    After some talk, 2 of us came back, with the dosh and get serviced. It was a full, kind, relaxed, and very prof service. However, we would rate the girls looks on a 5 out of 10.
    For that price, I can get a much better looking girl in my country. But if you are desperate or have lot of money to spend

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. That price is about normal in Korea for the services rendered.

  32. Mike says:

    Tried to follow your directions to Belle, but I’m color blind and a night I definitely cannot see a green wall, maybe during the day I’ll try again. Is there another landmark, like something else across the street that I can look for. Also, what is their phone number? Thanks bro’

    • rockit says:

      Hi, sorry you had a tough time finding the place. The directions I gave (with the Google map showing the location at the end of the post) are about as good as it gets. If you walk past the Bang Bang Plaza on the right and the Family mart on the left, you will soon see a vertical sign in English for “Cool” (also reviewed on this site) on the same side of the street as Family Mart. Walk a little more and you’ll see a shop on the same side of the street as Family Mart and Cool called “Cats” (sign in English). Walk a little more until you come to the next intersection, with a shop called “Heel Creek” on the corner (sign again in English). Directly across the street, on the same side as Bang Bang Plaza, is a a short wall with a shade fence on top with an elevated parking lot behind it. Connected to that parking lot is a large half-glass building. You can actually see the sign horizontal sign that says “Belle” in English right in the parking lot. I’ve added new pictures to this article. I don’t have no idea what their phone number is.

  33. Mr. Roboto says:

    Hey, thanks for all those details, very helpful indeed. I managed to find Belle in the POURING rain and I was the only due there, around 6 p.m. Tout asked for 80K, as advertised, Shower #1, Meek Massage, HJ, Shower #2, young Korean chick, a little chat, a cool drink, then headed to my hotel in Dreery-Land. When you say “look for the green wall,” I had to laugh, when actually all you had to say was, “look for the ugliest, tall, weird-looking fence that looks they put it up by going to a junkyard,” and the place is right behind that! I would also add that you shower alone, the chick doesn’t come in with you and there are all kinds of stuff in there, like nice toothbrush, toothpaste, lots of girly soap, even perfume when you exit.

    • rockit says:

      Yes, that’s the standard set up for these kinds of places. Best to make use of everything available for best service. I’ve added pictures to the post to show what the wall looks like. I did mention that you shower alone in the post: “the clerk will lead you to a shower room and leave you alone. There are two stalls here, along with soap, rags, towels, toothbrushes, mouthwash and aftershave. Get yourself nice and clean to ensure good service.” Cheers.

  34. OJ says:

    I had the duplicate experience as KDC. Art student named Yeun Hee is an decently average girl, not hot but far from ugly. She’s fully clothed and gives a poor massage. HJ without any opportunity for petting/groping but I did get a small cup of water afterwards! By the way, great directions and Google Maps link is spot on.

  35. KH says:

    Went there earlier today, pretty easy to find, although the rain made the walk pretty miserable. Guy talked to me in English, even though my Korean is decent. Got a brand new girl, said she this was her third day. Only hj, and wasn’t really able to do much with the hands.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for taking the time to report back. Sorry it apparently wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Cheers.

  36. jorge says:

    hey, do you know if there is a specific age to get in?

    • rockit says:

      I have no idea. The age for things like drinking in South Korea is 19 (Western age, in “Korean age” it’s 20). If these sorts of places have an official minimum age, that’s probably it.

  37. jorge says:

    hi, do you know if they make blowjobs?

  38. Danny Lee says:

    I went there this past weekend, and it was fantastic. The masseuse I got was around an 8 out of 10. She was also incredibly sweet and definitely not a clock watcher. After her entire routine which culminated in me shooting in her mouth, we ended up cuddling when she commented that there were still a few more minutes on the clock during which she proceeded to try and get me off a second time with an HJ. Great first experience and I will definitely go again and request for her. Given all the bad reviews recently, maybe they do treat foreigners and Koreans differently even though I’m actually Korean-American (I still communicated everything in Korean)…

    • rockit says:

      Great! Thanks for taking the time to report back. Your experience sounds a lot closer to mine. That’s why they say “Your Mileage May Vary.” Cheers.

  39. John says:

    Just wondering if we know the hours of operation at Belle? Is it all day and night…..night only?

    • rockit says:

      I mentioned the hours in the review and again a few times in the comments. It’s open from around noon to around 1 am. Hours are not exact as it’s a jack shack and not a train. Cheers.

  40. Mike says:

    LOL, I live about a football field away from this place… After i read this i went to take a look at it…. Didn’t go in but now i know where to go if my GF doesn’t want to put out.. Thanks

  41. Traveling man says:

    I went today based on your recommendation. The directions were perfict and the epservice was great. So easy just as you described. The girl was 8 on looks 8 on service and 9 on attitude. The best non full service session I have ever had. Great web site keep it up.

  42. ROKtraveller says:

    Was in Belle 2 times last month. (around 8 – 10pm) Service exactly as described, I got one very sweet beautifull lady (age: probaly around 27 but I forgot to ask) with fake boobies, service was nice, small massage, licking and kissing all the body. afterwards nice but short BJ and good Handjob. Second time I got a very beautifull lady as well (age 25) with beautifull natural boobies, service was same but it was feeling more sensual than first time, (like GF experience ;-)). Anyway both girls smoking hot and both speak english quite well, had some small talk with lots of laugh before and after. especially the second time was really nice…. paid 80k; Its definetely worth the money.
    My advice: be nice and friendly!!!! respect these girs working there, do a little bit conversation and you will get great service.
    avoid to go there too late and drunken. I think thats might be the reason for bad comments here. (after blowing and jerking off 10, 15 or 20 dicks, the ladys probably want to finish the night work……)
    When you go to shower, you could meet some koreans, but they will great you friendly, so dont be afraid about that…

  43. marty says:

    Great tip. Went there today during the day. It was as easy to find as described. My ‘hostess’ was extremely cute and could speak perfect English, having studied a year in Canada. Suzie was her name. We actually talked for quite a while before she got down to business with some lovely kissing, nipple action and finally a good tug. We really got on well which made it all the more special. No emphasis on time and was there for almost an hour with her. It was fun and also very sexy. These girls know how to treat a man!!
    Only thing that could have been better was that the bed clothes are starting to look a bit skody these days, and could do with some refreshing!
    Many thanks to Rockit for the detailed instructions.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report back. I remember the bedding and such being in top condition but my last visit was some time ago. A lot of these types of places aren’t big on reinvesting into things like that unfortunately. Some of the best locations in Thailand staff wise have really worn decor.

  44. Dave says:

    Ok so after many weeks thinking about go to belle finally today was my first time, so here it goes:
    I arrived around 5:30 and even it was a bit further than I expect it was pretty easy to find, after enter it was pretty much as describe here. When the girl came I was a bit disappointed, she was a 6… But I did go for it, small chat and then asked me to get naked and started to lick around neck and chest, at the beginning nothing impresive but I did a good job and try to make her feel comfortable, after few minutes she got quiteore aggressive and I got some FK… Then get down to bossiness… And even if she essentially very skilled it was a very good BJ.
    To be honest I did way more than I expected so I’m very happy… She wasn’t extreme hot but I got more than what I paid for and I think is just a matter of be nice ad try to make her feel fine. I’m going to try again for sure expecting a hotter girl but for real I do not have complaint about this first experience, the 80″ worth what I got. I only have 1 question, are those signs with a blue, green and red dots means sex or something like that??? I’ve seen those signs a lot around Gangnam and I think are something related with sex industry, if so there are plenty of this places in gangman. Let me know and maybe I can try a few of them. Cheers and again thanks for this website.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report! To be totally honest, I don’t know which signs you are referring to. Maybe you could send me a picture and I could ask around. The only “symbols” I know are for anmas and the double barber poles. Cheers.

    • Dave says:

      I will try to take a photo… So what is that barber pole? Is for places like belle or is something different?

    • rockit says:

      Double barber poles, especially if they are lit up and running at night, usually indicate some kind of sexual services. It can be anything from a massage place to a “barber shop” (usually on the basement floor) where a woman aged 30-60 will offer either hand service, oral, or full sex.

  45. krish sai says:

    Amazing site. Do you know any place with good action in Bunang area. I recently went to a 24 hour thai massage joint in Sunae. Although the masseuse was hot she did a normal full body massage( 100k for 2hrs) which was good but no action. Sigh !!! I am seeking for places like belle or cool in bundang neighbourhood.Any pointers appreciated .

  46. Eric says:

    I was in town for some business and i had never been to something like Belle before but I was a bit curious and couldn’t resist. No problems finding with google maps. 80k upfront to a nice girl that spoke great English, the usual aforementioned shower routine and then I press the bell. A really cute girl in her mid 20s walks in, ask me to take off the robe and lay down face down. She just knows a few words of English so there’s not a lot of conversation going on. She undresses to just her panties, very nice average size perky breasts, gives a very soothing backrub, flips me over and starts sucking my nipples while I fondle her breasts and ass. She moves downwards and sucks my dick. I almost come right then and there but she probably notices and stops, lays down on my shoulder and starts cuddling and touching. A while later she gets up again and starts sucking…awesome. She wraps it up by a handjob and I swear I must’ve hit the ceiling with that load. Well worth 80k for the experience…and I got an OJ afterwards :)

    • rockit says:

      Hi Eric. Thanks for taking the time to comment with a report. It sounds like you had a great time, though I prefer the phony vitamin drink to the orange juice at the end, haha. Cheers!

  47. Hams says:

    Went to Belle today, paid the guy and was asked to wait 20 mins. After waiting for 45 minutes, the girl finally came. She’s a 7. Only speaks korean and a little Japanese. I exhausted all my korean vocabulary but it was comfortable. She started the massage without taking off her clothes. No “panties only” scenario as reported above. But as I turned over, I asked her to take off which she obliged happily. The deed was done and she was pretty worth the ₩80k spent. Less the waiting time. An experience worth trying. Thanks for the directions!

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for taking the time to report back. She may have been the only woman on staff and busy with another customer, which would account for the waiting. I agree that it was a bit long. At least that’s not usual. Cheers!

  48. ROKtraveller says:

    Was in Belle 3 wekks ago and was quite disappointed!!! I was there several times but last week it was not really nice. Unfortunately I was there a little bit late. I was told to wait for 30 min, which was OK for me. But I was waiting for 1 hour. The lady came in, she was not beautiful as usual, moreover she was not speaking english. However I was looking forward for the service. She was starting with very good shoulder and back-Massage. (which was really good but this was not why I am there). However after the massage she was giving me an average handjob, but no oral action!! I was really wondering because the Ladys normally doing that in Belle!! Don’t know if I’ll go there again, or I’ll try “cool” one time. However during my trip I met Sarah Miehn and I went to ace Anma in Gangnam, will write separate report about that.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. It seems that there is a little variation in the service in Belle that’s dependent on the time you visit and, probably most importantly, your service provider. That’s just the way it goes with most things both inside and outside of the pay for play industry. “Your mileage may vary” is a phrase that sticks around for a reason. I would say that English shouldn’t be expected at Belle or anywhere else in South Korea for that matter. If you find it that’s just a cherry on top. Thanks for taking the time to write your comment. Cheers!

  49. eddie says:

    is tipping required? if yes how much? how would you know if an establishment is not for foreigners? thanks

    • rockit says:

      Tipping is never required in South Korea, in any situation. To find out if an establishment accepts foreigners you have a few choices: research, call ahead or show up and see if they let you in. Cheers.

  50. rua says:

    hi . great site.
    Is there a day or time which is best to go to Belle? would weekends be better than weekdays for example, or going after 4pm might be the best time?

    • rockit says:

      That’s hard to say. Everyone has a different idea of what’s best. Typically at a place like that the more attractive women would work in the evenings and on weekends, but those are also the busiest times. If you’re looking for the best chance at being the only customer you’d be better off visiting during a weekday, before people get off of work. Cheers.

  51. MH says:

    I’m a good looking white blonde American. Would I have issues at belle or cool?

  52. james says:

    Where can I find girls for full night?

    • rockit says:

      You could try contacting an escort, negotiating an overnight rate with a girl from Hooker Hill or one of the redlight districts, or dating. Cheers.

  53. david says:

    I really thank you about your reviews.

    I visited there AM 11 o’clock last week

    While I was waiting after taking a bath, beautiful girl come in.

    I was totally satisfied with doing.

    Especially, I really thought the special service was pretty nice.

    I am going to visit again sooner or later.

    I thank you about your reviews.

    • rockit says:

      Hi David. Thanks for the comment. Keep checking back for more reviews. Cheers!

    • james says:

      Followed David’s idea. Visited by 11.30 A.M today. I dunno 80,000 Won is market rate for hand job, but as a newbie I enjoyed the (w)hole session. Everything went the same till pressing the bell after taking the first shower. And then cute young Korean girl entered the room. Her name is Tiffany, dunno if it is real. If I explain about her, then this will become a sex story rather than a comment :P . One thing, for person who are new to Korea and don’t have much information about hooker hills or private escorts, Belle is my recommendation. The only disappointment I had is I expected some good kissing but dunno she is too shy or I got cheated :D

      One more biggest comedy is u will get discount coupon each time u visit which u can use it on the next visit. Pretty good business tactics

    • rockit says:

      Hi James. Glad you had a good time. The exact services seem to vary depending on the provider and customer, though they usually fall within a certain realm of activity. As for the point card, those are pretty common across the board in Asia. You can also get those at various outfits in Japan and Thailand. A nice touch if you ask me. Cheers!

  54. angelzhizni says:

    Checked Belle out. Pretty nice and i enjoyed it better than Cool. Instead of chatting in broken English at the beginning it was a full body massage. 80,000 and she didn’t mind going topless. The girl at Cool wouldn’t take anything off. Very relaxing and great time.

  55. Cooper says:

    Visited Belle for the first time yesterday and was very impressed. The girl I had was very hot, spoke great English and was all over me. Great GFE and also I had a decent massage – surprising for a place like that so wasn’t expecting a decent massage as well. She went topless and aloud me to touch everywhere. I knew we were running out of time so we finished with a HJ but if there was more time, I’m sure I could have taken it further. Left with the 5t discount card which was a good touch. Front desk staff was very friendly so overall a good experience. After that, decided to go to Seoul National University kiss bang, not the university of Ed. Called ‘too you’. I wouldn’t recommend this place. The rooms were tidy and filthy and blood stains on the sofa covers. Had a SP who wasn’t in to anything so I left after 15 mins. But memories of Belle made up for it.

  56. dj ppt says:

    Im curious to hear others experiences with Tiffany. I had her last week and she is with what you can do. Im not sure what all i can say here so ill hold off for now until i get the green light.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Some said they could no longer get in contact with her. If you’d like you can email me with your proposed comment and I can let you know whether or not it’s okay. Cheers.

  57. tiko says:

    Do any of you wait in the room.. i have bathed pressed the bell and waited gfor 40 mins.. no sign of anyone

    • rockit says:

      You usually have to wait a little bit, but 40 minutes is pretty outrageous. Maybe there was only one girl on staff and she needed to finish. Cheers.

  58. brad says:

    easy to find; thought i was going to regret it (first time paying for time with a girl) but actually great experience

    couple notes though:
    -i did run into a couple of people but that may have been my fault as i only ever pushed the button once and rather just went out of the room on my own accord (well maybe not ‘run into’ but saw from a distance; would have much rather not seen anyone but the staff)
    -there are two shower stalls and someone did step into the shower next to mine, but the glass is completely sandblasted so i only saw his silhouette
    -the girl i was never hurried me but there was definitely someone watching the time as staff knocked on the door to let us know to hurry up
    -the price is 80k and the girl actually asked for a tip- not sure if it was because of what we did or because i told her i was from the states. she was such a sweetheart i really didn’t mind

    when she walked in i was surprised at how good looking she was. i decided to take the lead and after a tiny bit of small talk we made out for a while. i was gentle, caring and kissed her all over…

    we continued to make out, making occasional comments. it felt great to be in a position where i could just tell her what to do. i instructed her in what position to go in, etc. she took direction very well and was very sweet and beautiful. with the staff letting us know the time was running long she opted to get me off with her hands and i obliged. after it was all over, she cleaned me and the area up but before she left we made out some more.

  59. Jake Doe says:

    I visited Belle a few months ago at about 5-6pm. I followed the directions on this website and it was simple to get there. Once inside, I took a shower and then rang the bell. I had to wait some time for the girl to arrive. It was nice to be able to just lie back and close my eyes. Once she arrived, she was in her early 20’s, had long black hair and was pretty.

    I spoke to her a bit but it was clear she wasn’t really happy with her new job. She kissed me all over and did a HJ then finished with a can of orange juice.

    She was friendly but it seemed like that would be her first and last day.

    A nice experience but as posted above you never know who your SP will be. I’ve read all the reviews and my impression is that most people are more that satisfied with Belle.

  60. Vinnie says:

    First of all, thanks for keeping this site so up to date. Your directions made this hidden gem really easy to find.

    I went to Belle in the afternoon today and it was awesome. No wait and luckily I got Suzie, who was mentioned in one of the earlier posts. She has a reallypretty face and speak great English in a very sweet voice. We talked almost the whole time (except when she was doing her magic with her hand), about food, travel… And then she started to kiss my back, butt, legs, and then fave. She then bit me gently in some places like my shoulder, which was really hot and sexy.

    Then she asked me to flip over and started stroking my tool gently. She started kissing my nipple, my chest and finally concentrated on the hj. I actually didn’t want to cum that quick so I started to talk about my food experience in Seoul so far. I think she is a foodie too. Finally I sat up and kissed/licked her shoulder, face and upper chest, while she was stroking my dick harder and harder. I then laid back down and pulled her right next to me, and asked her to stroke faster. I didn’t hold back this time and just let my load shoot. It was such a sexy, erotic and satisfying experience. She then cleaned my tool with tissue and wet towel, and then laid next to me to finish our conversation. I was making small jokes and she laughed so hard that she complimented my sense of humor. I felt like I had a girlfriend for an hour instead of getting a random erotic massage.

    The only complaint I have is that my little bro down there didn’t get any kisses or licks. I thought I read in some previous posts that the Belle girls offet light bj.

    But all in all, it was an awesome experience and money well spent. I felt so relaxed after the session and that is what I need on my vacation.

    Thanks again for the recommendation.

  61. short trip to seoul says:

    Report from belle, found the place as per instructions although a little further when walking

    Went there twice on fri and sat

    Fri- went in paid to the hostess, showered, changed and press the bell. It was my first time so I was pretty nervous. The girl who came in was a 4/10 for the face and a 7 for the body. I was a little jittered and tried to converse in English, finally using language as an excuse to change the girl, the second girl to come in was Suzy, as mentioned above, she spoke English had a pretty face and body, but will only give hj and no touching. Good gfe. Suzy is probably the best girl they have now and she only works weekdays. Tiffany has stopped working there.

    2nd time on a 2am Saturday, was surprised they were open. First girl was average again, so I switched, 2nd girl was tall, more cute than pretty and had a really flat chest, but she spoke English , had a good gfe . it like her first week on the job. She kept her skirt on and did not catbath but 2 hjs

    Overall it seems fairly risky now at belle (50/50) unless you know who to ask for, if you’re going ask, ask for Suzy, but she might be gone soon who knows.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report.

    • fm says:

      Thanks for your expe,
      How do you go on the business of changing girl?
      I mean, the girl comes on her own to the room… so you have to tell her directly that you dont want her, or do you call the bell for help. I suck at this type of situations, so i reallly appreciate advise, thanks!

    • rockit says:

      I personally wouldn’t request a change at a place like Belle. The shop doesn’t have a line up or fishbowl. It’s luck of the draw. It might be possible but the chance that it would leave a bad taste in the mouths of all involved means it’s not something I would pursue. Asking for a lady by name after one knows her would be a lot more reasonable in my opinion. Others may disagree. Cheers.

  62. ooisu says:

    First I just wanted to say that I love the site, read all the articles on Korea before I came. Second I just wanted to qualify my experience, in case you don’t get the same xp, with the fact that I’m Chinese and the sp actually thought I was Korean at first.

    Directions were spot on and instructions on what to do was exactly as advertised. So I think I got Suzy also, never asked for her name but we definitely talked about food 90% of the time. She was pretty cute, kind of skinny, and spoke pretty good English. Started with the usual weak ass massage, ass rimming etc. Then came the flip. She took off her dress and was in her bra and panties. She started off with kissing all over etc with the bra on until I asked her to take it off. She was reluctant at first but eventually did it. I think just be nice about it and you’ll be ok. At this point she was still being coy about touching but I was able to sneak in a couple of gropes. Just don’t push it if she pulls away. I was also able to get in a few breast grabs but had to work at it and after a little she said to stop and I didn’t try again. Her butt was pretty much all you can eat as she finishes you off. Then you get some gfe until the knock and you’re done. All in all I thought it was worth it especially if it’s your first time in Korea looking for p2p.

    I found the discount card after quite interesting. 

    • rockit says:

      Hi ooisu, thanks for the report. The point card is a common feature in East Asia and that often even applies to the sex shops. By the way, feel free to contact me with some mainland China shops I wouldn’t be able to find on my own, haha. Cheers!

  63. Probro says:

    Do you have Belle’s phone number? And does anyone know what time and day Suzy works?

  64. Mike says:

    Do you tip them at Belle?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Mike. Please read the posts and comments. Customers don’t tip at Belle or anywhere else in South Korea. Tipping is a western advent that has no place in Korea, Japan, etc. Cheers.

  65. jonny says:

    Could anyone give a name of the girls that will do a little bit of sucking? I know Suzy doesn’t, but are there any that do? I am white, but speak passable korean, so language isn’t an issue.

    • rockit says:

      I think it depends not only on the service provider but also the particular situation and session. Cheers.

  66. LWRC says:

    I really enjoy Belle, been there few times and I generally find the providers warm and accommodating, with range of body types and personalities, got to love those Asian beauties.

  67. Che cavolo says:

    Following instructions i found it very easily. The place is quite rundown compared to Chinese standard but the girl greeting at the door was pretty and make you think for the best. She brought me to a little sad room, quite dark and badly designed. She asked 80000. Got changed with the robe and left my stuff there going for a shower ( a normal bathroom with two showers where you can see the other customer getting showered too). Went back to the room and rang the bell… A pretty 25yo came, the same I crossed in the bathroom, named Suzie she was very nice, had a which talk a massage (just relax nothing hot)… Went on for 10-12 min on my back than she remove her dress staying in bra and panties… Forcing I convinced her to take off the bra… She did some kissing on my back and down to my bum and tights..
    No rimming and no bbj.. Just a nice HJ till the end while rubbing her body against me.

    I asked her to leave with me as her turn was finishing.
    A little disappointing for the sexual part but a great 50mins with a very pretty and nice girl to talk with and cum for…

    All in English with no problems


  68. Anonymous says:

    Hi rockit,

    First of all,hats off for the accurate description about the location and services provided at this place.

    Everything happened as mentioned in your page. The guy asked for 80000 Won. Was provided service by the girl named Tiffany. No oral action. Only massage and jerking. She was very fluent in English. She let me fondle her tits but no kissing. I really enjoyed my experience as I find Korean girls very pretty. Thanks for your page. Cheers!!!

  69. Robert says:

    Hi – I’m wondering if anyone has experienced any STD issues with BBBJ at Belle or Cool. I know it’s low risk and the girls seem clean, but just asking….

    • rockit says:

      No problems here, but at other similar places occasionally. Oral is pretty low risk, but there’s always a certain level of risk. If it’s something you can’t withstand the alternatives are to stick to handjobs or avoid this sort of thing all together. Cheers.

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for the reply, makes sense. You had problem in Seoul, or it was elsewhere? Hopefully not too personal of a question.

    • rockit says:

      Elsewhere. It’s no big deal and nothing a single dose of antibiotics couldn’t clear up. A fact of life, especially of the kind I have lived, and I’ve written about it on this site previously. Cheers.

    • Robert says:

      Ok, thanks again

  70. Dan says:

    Hey Rockit!
    Your sites great and its been a big help on trips to Japan.
    You know anywhere that I could get a good blow? Older women would be better
    I heard some stuff about the barbershops having older women, but im not sure if they offer oral

    • rockit says:

      Hi Dan. That’s usually exactly what is on the menu in the barbershops. If you find a place with two or more poles, it’s located downstairs or in a basement, and it’s open late at night, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. I haven’t visited any specific places recently enough to give you exacts but I have hit quite a few in the past. It never hurts to look inside a place like this and see what you find. Cheers.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks Rockit
      Last question, do you know anything about the scene in Busan? I’m sure there will be barbershops but you know if there are any pink salonish deals around or the like?

    • fm says:

      How much are the barber shop?
      Heard is mostly older women, is that right?

    • rockit says:

      It largely depends on the place and the customer’s ability to barter. In my experience 50,000 Won does the trick. Most of the service providers are indeed older, but there are some exceptions. Cheers.

  71. pvz says:

    Thanks rockit! The directions were spot on and I had no difficulty finding the place. I must say I was quite apprehensive about the whole idea never having done this sort of thing before. After loitering around for a while I finally went downstairs and just stood in front of the door. A man let me in and showed me a room and asked me to pay 80000 won upfront. I paid in cash and then he said only massage and hj and told me to take a shower and ring the bell when ready. She wasn’t very young but I couldn’t figure out her age. Nonetheless she had a pretty face and a beautiful body. She gave me a body massage while I tried to indulge in small talk but she didn’t speak English. After about 15 mins she oiled my balls softly massaging it. She said no kissing and I did abide. She took off her bra and let me fondle her breasts softly and touch other parts of her body. After about 20 mins I exploded and she quite expertly handled everything and cleaned me off. She got me a coffee and a juice and asked to leave. I thanked her for the services, took a shower, got a discount card and left just in time for the last subway. On my was back I spotted cool. Last weekend in Seoul well spent. The service was professional and hassle free. Thanks rockit you’re the man!

  72. TOPPER says:

    I went to Cool last week and I had an okay time there. After that some other day. my korean friend brought me to a very high level lounge in somewhere of Gangnam. We were in a room and we picked the girl that manager leading them to the room. They were really cute and I thought that was only for drinking buddy. After few hours my dear friend asked me if your hotel is available for her. Sadly, I was with my bro that time. So I was led to the room on the upper floor of building. And I had a really good time. Later that day, I asked my friend how much did he pay in total and he told me it was 3000 dollar. I was kinda surprise. Few days later. I went to Ace Anma. I really had a perfect time there. I never had any girl can be that gorgeuos on the superb octopus mouth. Really worth it. Tonight is my last night in Korea. So I think I will visit Belle. Do you think there is a girl on Sunday night I worry. Thanks for all nice details you give. Cheers

  73. Paul says:

    Rockit, thanks for the introduction to this place and others. I’ve been looking for some reasonable action in Seoul for a while, and today I visited Belle for the first time (around 6:00 pm on a Sunday). I told the girl who answered the door that I’d been there before and she asked me for 80,000. After I was shown to the room and took a shower, I got Tiffany, but based on the descriptions above I think it’s a different girl. Anyway, she was thin, tallish for a Korean, and while not gorgeous, definitely easy on the eyes. We had just a little chit chat in the beginning, and then I got a decent back and leg massage for about 25 minutes or so (I’ve had worse massages in places like this, but also better). Then she took off her dress and bra to reveal some very perky apple-sized tits. She then proceeded to caress and lick/kiss my back and legs. After a while, she told me to turn over, and after getting me hard she proceeded with some nice bareback oral action while I played with her tits, legs and ass. She went on for quite a while and I almost unloaded in her mouth but then she stopped and switched to using gel and her hands. After about 10 min. of this, I popped, after which she cleaned me up and got me a drink. Since this was my first time there, I just let her lead, so I didn’t explore the boundaries too much (no kissing, no pussy play, etc.). But I definitely got what I expected, which was a half decent massage with a happy ending. The brief BBBJ was definitely a bonus. Overall, I give this place a thumbs up and will try it again the next time I’m in town. My only complaints would be that it is a bit run down and somewhat smokey inside.

  74. TOPPER says:

    I went to Belle last night at around 10.30 PM and found that it is cheaper than Cool which I did not enjoy much that place. It is only 80K which is reasonable for me as the BJ is provided. My girl speaks perfect English. Her name is hard to catch. I heard merely Sio or something. Her face is not as pretty as my imagine gives me. But I would rate 6/10. But BJ is perfect and it was quite longer than I thought. Other services are simple. Nothing is special, no touch and I did not even try for a FK.

  75. TOPPER says:

    I enjoyed and it is okay to go there. Last few weeks in Korea, my top choice is Anma. THANK FOR NICE DETAILS. ROCKIT!!!!

  76. TheCanuck says:

    Hello to y’all!

    I really must add a comment since all of the previous comments played a huge role in this excellent experience.
    First of all, I did not come out from Gangnam but instead, from Yanjae exit #3 since it was quicker coming from my location.
    The place is quite easy to find once you get close to the spot indicated by Google Maps.

    The staff is very courteous, the process is the same as you all described: Cahge, ring the bell, take a shower, ring the bell, then comes the Belle.
    Mine was a lucky day for I got an English speaking hottie with a modest rack but an amazing face!
    For the massage part, she did wonderfully for someone like me who likes it hard.
    For the rest, let me confirm what was previously said, @ Belle, they are not watching the clock.
    Ok, at one point, the guy knocked on the door and it came as a shock to me that almost 50 minutes had passed since my arrival.
    The price remains the same 80 MAN and the 5 MAN coupon is still handed.

    Nice girl
    Clean place (Room AND showers)
    Price is fair

    I’ll go there again and try to find one.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers!

    • TheCanuck says:


      Ok, I went back today.
      A girl was at the door instead of yesterday’s man.
      Got the same girl, but with even better service.
      I know what you are thinking but it was nothing beyond what’s expected in such a place, in THAT sense.
      Acually it was a bit friendlier, like what you would expect from a grilfriend.

      Remains the same
      Hey! I got a free “Belle” branded lighter. How cool is that?

      Nothing, still.

  77. Alphaori says:

    Rockit, First at all, thank you so much for your nice details. I finally found a good place to go in the last day of my three weeks’ business trip in Seoul.
    I’d like to share my adventure today. I stay in Ritz-Carlton where is about 25 min walk to Belle. Your instruction is so clear that I easily reached the Cool first in left side of the road, since my target is Belle I kept going. These two shops are so close that I passed the Belle easily at first time. Another 10min walk made me realize I passed it. I turned back and paid more attention to the “green fence” and easily found the building with the sign “Belle” in front door. Took the small stairs down to the basement and the door was actually opened. It’s 2pm at Korea Labor Day holiday and it’s quite empty. A Korean young guy greeted me with minimal English but no problem to communicate. He asked if this was my first time there. I said I ‘ve been there before (sorry I lied :)). He directly led me to a small room and I paid 80,000W to him. To be honest the room looks kind of shabby, with only a very cheap small bed and a worn small desk with some simple supplies (oil and tissue). By that moment the adventure still looked not that fun. I even worried if the towel on the bed was a clean one :). But it turned out to be a dream trip after put in robe, showered and the girl named Suzy showed up. I actually requested her from front desk guy by telling him I was with her last time (Sorry, lied again :)). I got her. She is such a good-looking girl with natural beauty. The body is stunningly hot, slim and about 5’4″. The bra size is about B or C (fine to me, I am not a fan of cow :)). Her voice is very sweet and English is good enough for chat. Ok, back to main topic. She started the business with simple massage at back, then She took off the shirt and also removed the bra per my request (very kindly ask and she will do it) and started rubbing my back with her body and boobs. OMD, her body is so soft and smooth. She softly kissed my neck, back and legs. Then started oil my ass and balls. Her hands are so smooth and warm. After a while, I was asked to turn over. She oiled my little brother and started HJ. Asked if there is any BJ, she said she doesn’t do it. That’s fine, I am not a fan of BJ anyway and she is so nice, that’s enough. I asked her to lie down with me to do the job and she was happy with it. I cuddled her in my arm like a girlfriend, smelled her scent from hair, kissed her fine face, lips, tried a light French kiss (but she stopped further tough kiss). She allowed me to touch her whole body except under the panty, and let me kiss her body also, neck to back to butt. She actually seemed to enjoy it with a light moan (what! I was serving her instead :)). Under such a EROTIC atmosphere, my volcano finally popped in her hand. She also showed some excitement with her legs tightly entwined with mine. My leg even felt some heat from her puss under the panty. The whole thing was such a natural GFE! After gently cleaning my little bro, she was back to my arm, cuddled me, and chatted from her hobbies, her study of Art at school, her recent ballet class, to a romantic movie she just watched. Her English is good and that’s very pleasant chat until the door was knocked. I hugged and kissed her and said goodbye. Got showered, dressed and back to the spring sunshine of Seoul. My body got so relaxed and this is such a nice first happy-end massage experience. Definitely will try again next time in Seoul.
    Tips: Suzy is a very nice girl. Treat her kindly like to your GF, she will reward you with a true GFE.

  78. james says:


    Do these girls are tested for HIV or any other STD? How safe to go to these places.


    • rockit says:

      I have no idea if they get tested, but if I had to guess I’d say they probably don’t. Not that tests matter much anyway, since they’re done periodically, can be faked or wrong, and don’t account for whatever has happened since the test was taken. I’m no doctor, but as far as I know there are no sexual infections that can be spread by hand and even oral is considered pretty low risk. Of course nothing is entirely safe. Life is lived by a personal balance of risk against reward. Cheers.

  79. casanoa says:

    Hi rockit, i just wanna ask u or other guys here, does anyone knows a private norebang in seoul or gyongido? not normal one just private.
    please let me know as soon as possible we like to hitt a private norebang. i hope u guys must know.

  80. TheCanuck says:

    Hello again.

    I’ve done it again, I’ve gone back to Belle this weekend. My usual SP wasn’t there (she never works on weekends) so I went for this tall brunette with hair to the soulders. And what an amazing experience it was! The two time before I was with Suzie, but now, I mean, TAHT girl simply ROCKED!!!
    Without me asking, she got undressed with just her bottom on, nice little round breast. A good massage, then, to my complete surprise, some serious oral action! The following HJ did not last very long, but the girl look like a tall K-Pop star, and for 80k, I do not see how better it could get. Guys, I know Suzie is really something of a GFE, but try the tall brunette. I do not think you’ll regret it.


  81. FA says:

    Hi rockit, thanks a lot man for such good info on your web page.

    I am here for 7 days. After reading your web page and review I decided to go to Belle. I had 2 issues. I am an Indian so was not sure how they would treat me, like they may even reject me. Other issue was timing. I left for hotel around 11 PM so thought it might be closed. But, for my surprise it was open and I was treated like a regular, it was that friendly. In my way out I asked the front man & he said Belle Open at 11 Am to 6 AM (Awesome, man!!).

    Your direction was exactly correct. when I ring the bell and young Korean guy opened and tell me to come in. First he told me to wait in small lobby type area (3-4 min). Then he told me to follow him and take me to room no 4. Inside the room was typical massage type room with a small bed, a table with mirror, hanger to keep your clothes. He asked for 80000 Won and I gave to him. He told me to change into the bathrobe and go to shower and when come back ring the bell on the mirror table. At that time with my hand gesture I told him, I like girls with boobs. He smile little and said not big, I said ok ok ,if possible, I like nice boobs. After he left, I went to shower (just go opposite of the counter from where you come from). Had a thorough shower, then come back to the room and rang the bell. I waiting for 4-5 min then entered the girl.

    Her name was Yummi. She was tall in regular dress and first look I thought wow, same type of girls we see everyday in Seoul’s street and subway. She could say little english, but manage point me to disrobe and lie on my belly on the bed. She deemed the light. When I was on the bed she set on my thigh and ass. I could feel her pussy over the panty over my ass. First she gently massage my shoulder and back for like 5 mins and then get rid of all clothes except panty. Then with my sheer surprise she started to kiss my shoulder with her toungh. She slowly toungh kissed me from shoulder to my butt. Then she told me to flip. Then for the first time I could see her body. My god, she had beautiful natural boobs, which may be C cup, not at all shaggy but excellent firm boobs. Nice figure too. She lay by my side. First thing I did I kissed her neck and then immediately start sucking her boobs. She gave me full access of the boobs and man I had great time with them. I tried to kiss her, she shook her head, no. She also didn’t gave me to kiss on her checks. But, I could touch her ass over the panty. Then she started to lick my right nipple. First gently and then firmly and by one hand she stroke my dick gently. I was touching her ass, thigh and grouped gently her boobs the whole time. Then she get top on me now licking the other nip. My hand were wherever I could reach. I didn’t tried to touch or get inside the pussy. With so many review I got the idea that FS is not here (I love to suck pussy, but hey we have to respect what the rules are. Whole nip sucking was almost 15-20 min. Then she took my dick gently in her mouth. BBBJ for 3-4 mins. I was surprised, so i became increasingly happy. After BBBJ she took some gel in her hand an started to jerk my dick and again lay by my side. I was with the boobs again, Man I liked them so much. After few min she started to increase the speed and again started to suck my nipple. I smelled her, grouping her boobs and touched her belly and ass. I was rock hard but some how managed to hold myself. Then thought a better view may help shooting. I set up and looked her nice figure again, while she stroked me. Then again lay down and pull her towards me to hold her firmly. Smelled her, so nice, kissed and now grouping the firm boobs hard now. She could also sense it and let me do what I was doing. Finally it was time, I started to shoot on the beautiful hand and looking into her face. Can’t believe my luck, getting HJ with a beautiful 24-26 yr (I never got the chance to ask her age) Korean girl who was like a University student. After my shooting was finished, she cleaned it and cleaned her hand. Then get dressed, then told her first english word, pointing shower. I whispered a lot in time of session but she did not say a word. I thanked her and she followed me when I went towards the shower, After that she was gone. After that got back the room, get dressed and get out the room, went to front. The guy showed me the way out and gave me a discount card of 5000 won for next visit. Went out, got a taxi at 12.30 right in parking lot in front of belle.

    I will give her 7/10 for face, 9/10 for figure, 8/10 for performance. I must say I enjoyed the adventure and it was just what I expected. All the above reviews were so helpful to me so I thought I must write a through review which may help the newbies.

    Tomorrow I am planning to go to 7 Kiss bang first. I may have to go there same like today (midnight), will it be open? Do you think I can get a HJ there? I will try 2-3 girls. If I can’t get it then I may again visit Belle. Another option is to go to Ace Anma. But, I think it is too expensive (230,000 W). I think it is same as Massage parlors in Bangkok which I visited earlier. But, If you think they are much better than Bangkok soapy’s then please let me know? Tomorrow is may last night in Seoul, so your recommendation can help me decide.

    Sorry for this big review, Hoped I have not bored anyone. Only because on this kind of website we could find direction and get know the information clearly. Bye.

  82. chris88 says:

    @FA sad to know that, now we got these guys dirting the scene here also, soon whole bunch of these guys would be freaking around these areas, got to find some other places i guess..

  83. Mdiver says:

    Thanks for the solid recommend. Went there yesterday and had a blast. Directions were spot on. Really nice looking girl named Tiffany took care of me. Will have to make a stop back there again for sure. If anyone know of any places like this down in Daegu please share.


  84. travis says:

    Thanks for the report rockit, I had a great time at Belle! Was there 3 times in the last 6 days (short layover in Seoul) and every time it was nice in a different way!

    First time: 6/10 looks, but very cute girl who spoke a little bit of English. Seemed quite fresh and natural. Some light massage was followed by a really nice catbath and blowjob. Handjob was quite decent. No kissing.

    Second time: 4/10 looks, a bit older (I guess a bit over 30). I was a bit shocked by the looks at first, but boy did she prove me wrong! She actually gave a really good massage and the handjob made me cum so hard I had trouble walking afterwards! No kissing / bj whatsoever, but I didn’t care for sure!

    Third time: 7/10 looks, mid 20s with some fake boobs (nicely done). Her English was quite good and we had a really good time, she had a cute personality. Some talking was followed by a really short pseudo massage, then a blowjob, some kissing and OK handjob. Afterwards she lay down with me and we talked some more. Pretty nice GFE.

    Overall really nice experience which made my stay in Seoul so much more enjoyable!


  85. New Yorker says:

    Went in around 1pm. Directions were great. 80,000price still good. I’m Korean-American but speak almost no Korean. The English if the door guy was good enough. I got Susie. She is very cute. While she is reserved (no kissing, rimming, and she kept her bra on) I did know this was her m.o. Plus she gives a halfway decent massage! But she really knew how to handle my cock and ass. She didn’t actually finger me but it felt great. I unloaded as she gave great suction on my nipple! Nice place, easy access. I may repeat.

  86. Jiminy says:

    I absolutely understand the ‘your mileage may vary’ concept, and I think this site is invaluable, but I’ve been motivated to post in the hope that others may avoid my experience. It’s great that others have had decent experiences recently but I’ve been twice now and my experience has been similar both times. If you are only on a short trip and have time for one experience like this, I’d head to Cool every time. I’ll post a separate review there. Or the anma that was recommended here. I’ll review that too. This site has been an amazing help so only fair that I contribute.

    Rockit – I found somewhere else in Seoul that’s real easy to find, offers full service and is foreigner friendly. Where should I write about that?

    Belle. 7:30 on a Thursday. Was told I’d have to wait 30 minutes and had to wait 45. Didn’t mind that and kinda expected it at that time in the evening. Had a shower, read my phone – no problem. Girl came in, tallish, about 30. She wasn’t interested in talking and gestured for me to disrobe and lay face down. 15 minutes of terrible massage and she lubed up her hands and reached for the goods. After 1 minute I was told to flip where she tried her best (and succeeded!) to get everything over with as quickly as possible. She mumbled something about a shower and she was off. She was in the room less than 25 minutes, closer to 20.

    And that’s pretty much what happened last time! Maybe a bit longer. No interest in talking, no interest in removing any clothes, no kissing or licking of anything and absolutely no BJ action. She wasn’t even that keen on eye contact. Not even a smile at any point. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst half hour of my life, but I’ve come to expect more from providers in this part of the world. Would definitely not recommend. Your mileage may vary too much at Belle these days.

    • rockit says:

      This for posting the report. The proof of “your mileage may vary” is in the pudding. I would say I had better experiences at Belle. For you Cool is the clear winner. In the end I think it comes down to individual providers available at the time you visit.

      You can send me an email about the place you found via the contact link at the top of each page. I look forward to hearing about it. Hopefully it’s something I don’t know about yet.


  87. r grimes says:

    Went to Belle on Friday. Pretty simple to find. 80k was the fee. . This was my first time there. I’m a Korean American and I’m fluent in both languages. However only spoke English to see how they treated my kind lol. Met with Suzy (not requested) she is very very cute with a petite build (my type) stayed with a small chat and slowly she started the massage on my back side. I’m a decent sized athletic build guy. 6 feet 215lbs and told her I like deep and hard massages (all that walking will catch up lol) she straddled my back and used her elbows. She worked my whole back then moved to my legs and worked out some tight spots I had. She got some gel and started on my ass and slowly crept towards my pride and joy. Felt very good while I was on my stomach. Now before the flip she gave me a cat bath and all I wanted to do then was kids her but she was shy and I didn’t want to seem forceful so on the flip she gave a very thorough rub to my satisfaction. Took a while to pop (tried to hold it off to see if she would try to speed it up another way) strictly a rub and tug but she leaned over and kissed my nips and started kissing my shoulders and my neck then she sucked on my nips. Light biting and seemed very sensual. We talked some more while she was still tugging and then went round 2 with the kidding of the body and sucking of the nips. I popped and she cleaned me up and smiled and started chatting me up. I got showered up and she was waiting in my room and asked if I wanted a beverage. As I was putting my shirt and jeans on she comes in with a drink and asks me to sit with her. We talked and she placed her head on my shoulder and we talked for a bit. She gave me a hug and a kid on the cheek and off I went. I plan on seeing her tomorrow but this time will speak Korean. Very good gfe.

  88. jobisdone says:

    Checked the place and paid for 80k. The guy seems friendly. When I got in the guy instructed me to get the robe and take a shower. As advice in this blog. After shower I went back to the room. And ring the bell. I have to be honest here. The girls are not very pretty. I rate 5 out of 10. The first girl came in was not pretty. To make things worst, she was not even wearing make up. To avoid her I told her if she speaks English.She said no. So I told her I wanted a girl that speaks English. So she went out and I waited for 15 mins then the second girl went in. I was surprised that the 2nd girl came did not even look korean at all. But i did enjoy the conversation with her and had a bj n hj. Over all I give this a 6 out of 10.

  89. Anonymous Guy says:

    Went today and was a great experience. I had trouble finding it at first because I thought it would be close, but you do have to walk some distance. Other than that if you read the review, directions are ON POINT. Also on the way (after turning left from spiral building) if you follow that path, you will eventually pass “Cool” (literally on the same path-haven’t been yet, but we’ll see.)

    Got in, friendly guy took me to room and did the whole routine payed 80,000. Got a gorgeous girl (tall, sexy, cute, bold) who could speak passable English.

    I know it depends on the type of girl, but this girl started off massaging, turned me over and immediately started with oral. After oral, quickly followed by HJ. All in all it is great experience. I would recommend.

    Only con is that it is 80,000. If you have the money, by all means go ahead, but for those of you who are on a budget, I would go to Itaewon (hooker hill) and bargain down to 50,000 for FULL SERVICE.

  90. sebastian says:

    went past sunday and it was great experience
    I had a great time with a beautiful korean girl
    she gave me a really good BJ and FK
    the fee is 80000 it’s worth

    After that got back the room,
    The guy showed me the way out and
    gave me a discount card of 5000 won for next visit.

  91. LWRC says:

    has anybody had a girl named “J” as their SP?

  92. brogolli says:

    I had “J” one time. Fun time girl for sures ;)

  93. Tbar says:

    It was 100 k + at anmas 10 years ago so 80k is a steal

  94. Kaberle22 says:

    can anyone tell me the contact (phone number or email) of belle? Many thanks!

  95. russ b says:

    Things seem to have changed at Belle. They now have a couple of girls that actually can give a professional massage. It is short, and the table is a little challenging, but I had one decent and one that was very professional. Sorry, neither spoke English, so I did not get their names. The second also gave the best HJ of my life. Wow was she great.

  96. FILSRAT says:

    Hello guys, simple question, does the rooms have air conditioner or something, as korea is really hot and humid in August, thanks.

  97. disarmonia says:

    thanks a lot for the reviews!
    I have been in belle 2 times last month. around 1pm I got one very sweet beautifull lady service was nice, licking and kissing all the body. afterwards nice BJ and good Handjob.
    Second time I got ji ae service was same but it was feeling more sensual than first time.
    Anyway both girls really nice…

  98. gtown says:

    Hi, thanks for the reviews.
    As a Korean native, I wonder if you know anything about how a Korean or a foreigner might be treated differently here? Would I receive better service if I speak Korean or English, or would something like that not matter much?
    Also, do you know how frequent and prevalent police crackdown is on places like this in Korea? How likely is it for police to suddenly come busting in and ask awkward questions? This has always been my big fear when considering establishments like these. Thanks

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I’ve written before that much of the commercial sex scene in South Korea is off limits to foreigners. Obviously it’s all wide open to Korean men since that’s who it is targeted at. I don’t have any special insight into the workings of South Korean laws and police. The only thing I can say is that Belle has been open for years and hasn’t had any problems that I know of. Of course I’m not all seeing or knowing and this site is only intended for entertainment in any event. Cheers.

  99. Bacon says:

    Hey thanks for the review, I visited Belle last night around 10pm. The girl that serviced me was below average in looks and the service was really bad…im guessing she was nervous of foreigners but it was really awkward. I tried to comfort her, making jokes, complementing her and it seemed to work half way through. But compared to service i received in my country (Canada) it not worth mentioning. The girl id rate face 3/10, body 6/10, service 5/10 i gave the service a 5/10 because i got a blow for about 5 mins, if it wasn’t for that id rank the service at 3/10. Pretty disappointed but maybe i got the odd one of the bunch, I don’t think i’ll try it again, i’ll stick to escorts, more expensive but the women are supermodels and seoul offers amazing escorts haha :)

  100. Congo says:

    Okay so I follow the direction and instruction of rock it to get to Belle. I was kinda lost at the gangnam exit 4 because couldn’t find the prudential building and the corresponding Starbucks. After 40 minutes follow ur instruction finally I saw Belle and went in at 3am. Wow it still open at late night. Anyway,I pay the guy 80k won and I asked if Suzy was available. He said she was off today. And I asked how bout Tmr. He replied off too. Okay then. So put on a robe and took a shower. Went back to the room. Then this girl around the age of 26 came in. Not that hot like the ordinary girls in Seoul. Anyway,what’s the point of being sad since I paid already. She massage me for around 15mjnutes. Then she suddenly used the gel and rub my butthole. It feels so good and told me to bend over. So she start stroking my dick and I unbutton her so I can play with her boobs. Her boobs was like B size. She kissed my nipple and is kiss her face. I asked for FK but she doesn’t want and also for blowjob she don’t want. Disappointed anyway. She also was kind and nice to me. Like a GFE experience. Until then I cum and she wipe all my body and asked me if I wan a drink. I said yes. Took a shower and leave. Guy give me 5000won discount lool.

    Kinda abit disappointed Becus dint have Suzy as u all said she was amazingly hot.
    Anyway this is my report. Thanks.

  101. TravlinJohn says:

    I went tonight. Here is my report:

    First – I had a good time and would go back.

    The place was not nice or fancy. Compare to FKKs in Germany or other establishments, this place has the feel of a dirty old motel.

    Since I already had great information, I found the place very easily. Coordinates given are excellent and even though I walked for an hour in the rain, I came straight here. Seoul is a wonderful city, even if it is raining a little! Room, change, shower, return, push button. Nothing. I don’t want to seem anxious so I wait; then push button again after some time. Nothing. So I realize the device isn’t working and I hold the button down until I hear a soft doorbell. Very sweet and cute (4-5/10) girl arrives. We talk and I lie down thinking we start with a massage. Nope. We just talk for :05 and have a good time. She is rubbing my legs, back, and gentle teasing while we lay down facing each other. GFE for sure. She eventually removes dress and starts cat bath on my back and legs. She turns me over and gives me a good BJ, fun kissing, and great HJ while kissing deeply. After, we talk for another :20 in a very relaxed environment.

    Overall: this was comfortable and fun. I enjoyed myself and felt very relaxed. No massage. But play and talk. And I DID get the hot tea . LOL.

    For the person asking about Cheers, it is to the right of the Prudential building. And it is just a bar.

    Thank you for the recommendation and the experience. Though my girl was not beautiful and the play was not VERY hot, I still had a wonderful time and I would do it again.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure where you say Cheers mentioned but it was quite possibly in reference to the bar of that name on Hooker Hill rather than the more mainstream place. Cheers!

  102. jeff says:

    thanks a lot for the reviews!
    I met several girls in belle. Four makes me highly satisfied, but one makes me disappointed.
    There seems to be differences between girls in skills and kindness.
    However, overall, their skills seem to be above par
    This is the place where it has high satisfaction on the whole than the other places.

  103. nelson says:

    Having read your writing, I could spend a good time there.

    I have a good mind to revisit if an opportunity arises.

    thanks a lot!!

  104. Gooner says:

    How is the price now? Has it increased ?

  105. jmong says:

    Any advice for one of these types of places in bundang? ive seen a few anmas but am not ready for one. Id like to try one of these jack shacks! any info would be appreciated!

  106. harry says:

    That’s a pretty great review. There’s one thing that i wanted to ask. Do these people have anything against indians?
    I mean, would that be a problem during my visit? I am pretty light skinned, and definitely not ugly, if that’s relevant! ;)

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. Indian guys have reported problems in other places and countries but I don’t know about Belle. Cheers.

  107. Louis says:

    Dear Rockit,

    I just wanted to congratulate you – especially in case you didn’t know yet – for officially being included among the websites screened by the Korean censorship and forbidden access to. I want to believe that it is because of the popularity of posts like this one on Belle that you finally reached the status of public enemy of the Korean moral.
    Will head to Belle right now to celebrate!

    • rockit says:

      Hi Louis. I first heard that the site was banned in South Korea about a month ago. Others said they could still view the site. In the last day or two many people are telling me they are unable to view the site, so it indeed appears that it has indeed been banned across the country. Thanks for the comment.

  108. med says:

    I want to ask for advice.
    Early in August i visited belle, got a girl calle amin, if not mistaken, and blowjob without candom. The girl was complaing because of her nose itching and also she was exhausted.
    2 days later i started to have burns in mouth area, a week latrr burns extended to genital area and lso during urinating. I made analysis but no urine infection was found. At 6 weeks all these problems disappeared.
    however at 7 weeks i got persistant sorethroat , with fatigue and muscles, articulation pain and weekness still persisting after one week.
    Does anybody had the same experience. Please share.

    • rockit says:

      Sorry but this isn’t a place to get medical advice. If you have health problems your best bet is to see a doctor.

    • chris88 says:

      I too had a similar sort of experience, when I was visiting anma frequently. The girl used to give a real nice blow job without condom. It used to feel so fucking good. After sometime I realized that, I had developed burns around my cap. It troubled me for a long time. Finally I had to give a visit to doc. He gave some medicines and an ointment and I had to stop going to these shops for quite some time. I guess your problem too is very similar and I would suggest you to visit some hospital. If these sores not handled in time than it could develop into STD. One thing you should always remember while getting blow job in such places is that you are not the only person getting this pleasure, and you never know where she has been to just before you. As the hygiene/precaution level is really poor in this country due to lack of sexual education.

  109. Louis says:

    Just wanted to mention another nice experience at Belle, which though not the absolute best I had (my fav girl giving the longest BBBJ and speaking perfect English with great humour is gone for the moment…), definitely deserves a few lines because it surprised me, and I kind of owe the girl an apology for my bad thoughts, which I didn’t immediately share with her luckily!

    It seemed to be a busy evening and I was happy to have asked for someone I didn’t know yet (I was first proposed a girl I met a few times), since the girl was small but with nice round ass and tits, and the cutest face. Funny and friendly as she was, I was surprised to be asked to turn very quickly, maybe 5 minutes into the massage. The usual went on and I was prepared for my ‘after’ shower, with nothing to complain but still thinking it must have been a busy day for the girl to hurry up things like that (well, I also helped by coming quite fast, which shows she was good).

    Instead, she lays down with me talking and joking, caressing me and from time to time playing with the sleeping John. Well, earlier than I expected, especially considering I had not thought at all of that possibility and I’d have been ok to already and happily say goodbye, we were at square 1 with a hard on and nice long play till the second happy end. I thanked for the very nice surprise and complimented her for having literally handled things so well, and she smiled and said something like “deep in your mind you wanted that!”. I thank her even more since at least this time, I had not thought at all of doubling the pleasure, let alone in the relatively short time of a Belle massage.

    I am not sharing the name now because I do not want people to expect the same mileage and I haven’t seen her mentioned yet (unlike the absolute start of Belle who ALWAYS gives her best to all of us!), but I am sure anyone with a bit of curiosity and passion for the place will easily get to meet her one day or another!

  110. LZX says:

    Just wondering is this service time based or over when you blow your load ?

    • rockit says:

      I believe it’s either or. There is a time limit and one can go over it but at the same time the session is usually stretched out so that no one is rushed in and out. Cheers.

  111. FRD says:

    thanks a lot for the reviews!
    I went to Belle & god it’s awesome!
    I was served by a pretty slim Korean girl
    service was nice, licking and kissing all the body. afterwards nice BJ and good Handjob.
    The best handjob I ever experienced.

  112. Joe Bloggs says:

    I visited Belle 4 times over the last 10 days. I met three very charming and pretty gals. The routine was similar as posted above. You arrive and are taken to your room. You change into your robe and then shower. Even if you took a shower in your hotel they want you to shower on site. Wait for your girl and enjoy small talk. Then suggest that you start and you’ll be told to lie face down. The girls seem to be sincere about the massage. Just enjoy it. Eventually she’ll take off her dress and bra. With one girl i had to request she do it. Then you’ll get the hj. Only had one girl who touched her mouth with my rocket but very briefly. I’d say this was an enjoyable experience and the girls were all pretty. Just wish fs was offered.

  113. Rocky says:

    How much now service in belle?still 80.000 won?

  114. suzie says:

    Visited belle last year , had this wonderful girl suzie twice. Does anyone know if shes still working there? Visiting Korea in two weeks time

  115. F.M says:

    Hello readers I am from middle east country and I was in Seoul for job mission at march 2015 , when I was in Seoul I was remembering my experience of body massage in PATAYA-THILAND several years ago. Therefore, I would like to experience massage from another eastern country so when I was free I searched massage parlor in Seoul that offer happy ending massage.
    This website has been filtered by Korean government I had VPN in my tablet, therefore I could enter in Korean weblog by VPN. Massage saloon name was BELLE MASSAGE in Gangnam state of Seoul, and Customer experience has been gathered in web site also you could find its address in website but it seems that address is not very simple to find.
    I decided to find massage saloon. I was free in the afternoon in one day and I said to my colleague that I want to experience METRO transportation in Seoul and I will return to hotel about 2 hours later.
    I get on in metro from station near the hotel and get down at GANGNAM satiation.
    I follow up the address in the weblog by means of google map in my tablet. After searching hard about 30 minutes and when I was disappointed to find address I suddenly find BELLE MASSAGE that has been written on below of the tall tower wall I went on the basement and I see the closed door. I ran the ball and Korean man opened the door. I asked him may I have a massage. He said yes and I entered the house. After paying 80,000 won he guide me to a one room. The room was not very big but has been decorated well, the bed has been located in the corner of room and drawer and mirror was on the side of room. The man said to me take off your clothes and put on bath robe the guide me to bathroom. After getting shower I came back to room and waiting for massage after 5 or 10 minutes a girl entered the room she was tall and had a nice face she could speak English fluently and she was very kind. Her name was tiffany she wore sexy white top and black short skirt.
    I laid on the bed and she steel rubbing my back and kissing every part of my back also she moisture my back and leg with special oil. This section take 20 minutes afterwards she requested me to revolve on the bed then take off her top and black bra but did not take off skirt. Her breasts were in medium size I immediately grabbed her breast with my hand and she smiled I also rubbed her smooth thighs under her short skirt and when my finger went to her panties, she smiled and grabbed my hand and said no I smiled too. She rubbed my chest and kissed my nipples then she went to my penis, she put away my bath robe and see my white erected penis. She was very surprised about my big & tall white erected penis I said her my penis is very tall and big, she agreed me and said it is so big and I asked her does she love tall & big dick? she laughed and said yes and suddenly she sucked my dick very dip when she was blowing me, I was squeezing her medium barest and playing with her nipples after about 2 minutes, she poured some oil in has had and give me hand job after about 1 minutes I came into her hand and even, my semen squirted in my stomach.
    She cleaned me and after that I put on my clothes and she brought me a lemon juice. I asked her age and his career she told me that she is 28 years old and she was working in the SEOUL University as assistant.
    I went back to hotel and it was great experience for me during my job emission time, from Korean parlor massage.

  116. jeff says:

    I have been in belle 2 times last week
    I was totally satisfied with doing. Especially, I really thought the special service was pretty nice.
    I am going to visit again sooner or later.I really thank you about your reviews.

  117. Gary says:

    What time do they open now a days? And are there usually cute girls around 11am-1pm?

    • rockit says:

      I haven’t been to the place in years. The information in the post was accurate when I published it as far as I know. Things can change. Cheers.

  118. Gary says:

    Is the entrance inside the lobby of the building or are the stairs behind the sign? I had trouble finding the entrance

    • rockit says:

      Looking straight ahead at the main entrance to the building with the security guard sitting inside the entrance to Belle is off to the right, down some stairs and under the sign. Belle cannot be accessed through the lobby of the building. Cheers.

  119. lakr says:

    I was here yesterday. Its a good experience, but i am not fortunate enough to get a hot girl. But the service was good. Will try my luck again sometime to get a hot girl. Would be good if we can choose girl ;(

  120. chubbyguy75 says:

    this is a depressing question but i can’t be the only guy out there wondering…. i’m a white dude, around 40-years-old, and a little bit overweight. not super obese, and i carry it well, but you know how a little bit of fat to a westerner looks very fat to asians. so my question is, can i still expect to get pretty good service from a place like this in seoul, with really young hot girls? or are the girls going to be grossed out and mechanical with me

    i’ve used that chain massage escort service in japan and had an extremely nice time. last month i had an insanely gorgeous young girl, but i can be really confident and charming, and she liked me enough to let me do a lot more with her than i’ve seen in any reviews of that service. but koreans in general don’t do customer service like the japanese do, they’re a lot less likely to even try to fake it. koreans keep it real. and in this business keeping it real isn’t always pleasant for everyone. anyway i’ll be in seoul several times in the next year and i’m wondering if a place like this is worth my cash

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that things like age or size cause any significant difficulties for anyone. Most women seem to do the job for money and not to meet a husband. On the other hand being young and attractive probably does help ensure better service at least some of the time. Many of the women who work bars in places like Thailand and Manila taking money from older white guys go home to poor local guys at the end of the night. That’s life right? Cheers.

    • EuropeanGuy says:


      I’m 27 and easy on the eye, but my experiences with working girls have been a mixed bag.

      For example, in Indonesia I’ve had some prostitutes fight over me – if you can believe it – and on any given night all I had to do was stand in a bar by myself for a dozen freelancers to approach me, or at least make strong eye contact. One of them bought me a drink, one shared her lunch with me, and with couple of them there was amazing chemistry in the bed.

      On the other hand, in the same country I’ve been refused service a few times, and I received at least one starfish performance. In another instance, the performance was so mechanical that I couldn’t help but throw the two girls out of bed and leave in anger. None of them would ever budge on the asking price by more than a tiny fraction.

      Same country, same month, same guy… vastly different results. No one’s got it all, if that makes you feel better. In the end, it all depends on the provider, and no two girls are ever exactly the same.

      In my experience, being assertive while at the same time gallant yields better results than having good looks. That, and being clean.

      I sure hope that the girls do their job for money rather than for fun… since one day I’ll be 40 too, and staying fit is more and more of a nuisance :)

  121. Ajade says:

    Do they go by the time limit as in multiple pops or one pop only? And is it same with the kiss shops?

    • rockit says:

      As far as I can tell the price is for one session that lasts a certain amount of time and typically provides one pop. Kiss bangs and similar businesses vary wildly. Cheers.

  122. Mitt says:

    Can I slip the girl a few more US $ or Won to go inside her panties just with hand for a few minutes?

  123. revit says:

    I really thank you about your reviews.I went to Belle & god it’s awesome!
    While I was waiting after taking a bath, beautiful girl come in. I was totally satisfied with doing.
    Especially, I really thought the special service was pretty nice. I am going to visit again sooner or later.

  124. Licec says:

    When I lived in Korea, I found myself at Belle more than a couple times… here’s my experience:

    One or two girls were a little robotic about it, but I never left unsatisfied. They may spend a little more time on the massage portion, but they make an honest effort to relax you.

    Some of the other girls will tell you to turn over in 5-10 minutes and will talk/cuddle with you until the 5 minute warning knock.

    I’ve been in the mood to appreciate both at different times.

    Don’t go in with any specific expectation other than a happy ending, and you’ll have a good time.

  125. lucky john says:

    Thanks a lot! I stayed at Belle and I had a great time with a beautiful korean girl.
    She looked like 21 It was really great, she was so sweet and her kisses were delicious!
    I will say thank you so much, because it´s not easy to find such places for foreigners like me.
    it’s awesome!

  126. Doraemuzz says:

    Hey, went to Belle, and I’d like to throw my comments in the hat :

    First, the discount card has an an address of 553-3 B1 “Do Gok Dong” “Kang Nam Gu” (I assume that’s super Korean spelling)

    For the poor sap who had trouble finding it above, the entrance is a bit strange if you’re nervous and want to just get into a door. The signage is a tad hidden from a small hill of concrete. Anyways, you go up a few steps, around a platform, and DOWN a staircase. Ring the totally blank bell by the grey door, and they let you in.

    Anyways, wow. Belle! My first time mongering in Korea. The mama asked if it was my first time, and I said yes, she said “pay up front, put on the robe, and go shower” – I had the 85,000 ready. She looked kind of impressed. Heh.

    My experience was the definition of YMMV. Cute girl came in. Kind of thick, just my style. Said hello. English was bad. Didn’t get her name. She gave a really great massage, then undressed and laid by me. I gave her a few pecks, and she laughed and said I was cute…then we full-on made out. She gave me a BBBJ for a long time, let me do whatever I want in strictly that regard, changed positions for me, licked my balls upon request. Even caught my seed in her hand. It was probably the best experience I have had in doing this type of thing.

    I know this isn’t the norm, but damn. I will be back. Probably helps that I’m a young, attractive, nice / patient guy. That probably goes a long way.

    She then laid back down and patted for me to do the same. Some funny back-and-forth, and she led me out.

    I hammed it up and thanked the mama on my way out for letting in foreigners, for keeping their prices low, and for the nice service. She seemed like she appreciated it.

    BTW – COOL seemed open for business as my taxi sped away…at least, the sign was lit up. Just an FYI.


  127. Doraemuzz says:

    Went again.

    Like I said above, the first time was thee definition of YMMV.

    This time, boring and very short massage, nothing extra, boring HJ and she kept saying “hurry”, like that would help, and “my arms aren’t strong.” …. ha! Bummer.

    Hopefully that girl won’t last, because she was pretty bad.

    First girl – A
    This girl – D+ (great body)


  128. X says:

    Do people ever report getting STDs here?

    • rockit says:

      I haven’t read any reports but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. Oral is pretty low risk but that doesn’t mean no risk. Cheers.

  129. Q says:

    Whats the rule of thumb for cumming? Facials okay?

    • rockit says:

      I imagine most women at Belle would frown on that. Guys lay on a table and get finished off by hand. Cheers.

  130. jeffbeck says:

    checked last week I went to belle . There is one lady. And she is really kindly
    she explained that it cost 85.000 Won and I get a massage and happy ending.
    I had a great time with a beautiful korean girl.
    She looked like 21 but she was 24 . service was nice, small massage, licking and kissing all the body.
    it was feeling sensual time, (like GF experience

  131. joe says:

    Hi Rockit,
    I find your review is very informative.
    From the comments section, I understand that weekday is the best time to visit if you prefer faster waiting time, but just wondering what to expect if I come on Sunday afternoon around 1-2 PM? Will it be many people, and how long is the waiting time approximately. I will be in Seoul for company event and the time I can visit Belle will be on Sunday around that time

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that there is any way for anyone to predict when places will get busy but weekends tend to be busier times for Seoul establishments. That even goes for places like coffee shops. But it all depends on any number of circumstances that can’t be foreseen. Cheers.

    • joe says:

      Guess I will need to go and find out myself :) Thank you for your reply…

    • Deca says:

      Sunday is not as bad as Saturdays or week nights when lots of locals tend to reserve.

  132. Soul says:


    Last month i came across rockit’s review of these “happy endings” in seoul, there were several, but i ended liking the review of Belle. So i went there. it wasn’t hard to find and is exactly as described. Knocked on a steel door, a lady asked me if its my first time and, yes. She led me to a room and asked 85,000 won up front. I had that ready, based on all the info i got here. She led me to the bathroom, i took a bath and came back to the room. after around 5 mins, a tall sexy lady came in. dimmed the light, took off her dress and bra. Very little english, but it wasnt difficult. She had me lie down face front, started the massge, which is not expert level but good enough rubbing to make you feel relaxed. Then, she had me turn around and laid down beside me. Small talk, and cant help but touch her exposed breast. She started the HJ and kissing my body at the same time she made the position possible for me to suck her tits. Can help but also attempted to reach her panties, she said no. But after a while she gave in and allowed me to explore and eventually allowed me to remove them. We were both doing HJ for each other. She probably liked what i was doing that she had to stop her service, moaned and spread her legs further. She gave me full access. I wanted to F her but i didnt have condoms with me, so i had to settle with her doing HJ again till happy ending. I jokingly told her that she should have paid me instead, she just laughed. Overall, the experience was more than expected and great just like most of the reviews here. It could have been much better though if i was prepared

    Thanks Rockit, if not for your reviews i wouldnt have found that “happy” place. Is there any similar establishment in tokyo, Japan? it will be my next stop

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I don’t know of any places that follow the same model in Japan but there are certainly a lot of hand job services available there including some that I have reviewed on this site. Cheers.

  133. Tt says:

    1. Do they use oil on ur body?
    2. Can I shower again after happy ending?

    • rockit says:

      They don’t always use oil but at least in some cases they do. I don’t know why a customer couldn’t ask for a massage without oil if they weren’t interested. As far as I know customers can shower after their sessions too. Cheers.

  134. Don says:

    Do u get to choose masseuse?
    Also…how do they know im a return customer to get 5000off?

    • rockit says:

      I have never heard of a customer selecting a masseuse at Belle though it may be possible. I believe they give cards to customers to show that they are return clients on future visits. Cheers.

  135. JB says:

    I have lived in sK for almost two years and your reports here are pretty well on. My favourite part of Korea is the overwhelming number of places that have sex on sale. I live in a high end neighbourhood and within a three block radius of my condo I know of eight different places where you can go get some strange (and I am a white guy). The only places I have had trouble are some of the red-light districts where most girls won’t take foreigners for fear of losing their korean clientele.
    With that said, I had been to Belle numerous times but haven’t been in probably six months because of the hike, there are closer places that are better/cheaper. I always liked Belle though so I had the day off and decided to take the trip to Gangnam on July 14, 2017.
    Wow has it changed I am sorry to say. Now known as Belle Aroma Therapy with a fancy new yellow and blue sign. A place that used to cost me 65,000 won, had a menu with 90,000 for an hour massage, 120,000 for hour massage “with special ending”, and 160,000 for two hour massage with “special ending”. Needless to say, I was not happy but opted to go for the 120,000.
    I had to wait almost an hour, which I never had to wait there before. I will give them credit, they remodelled and the place was nicer. But they changed their routine to be more like Cool’s across the street. You got the massage from one girl, then directed to shower, then another girl came in and went down to business. I am not a fan of this model. Also, I felt both the masseuse and the other girls I saw working there were significantly less attractive than the ones before. I also bumped into a few other customers on the way to the shower, the whole thing seemed real sloppy to me.
    Its ashamed but I wouldn’t recommend this place anymore, there are tons of other places to go. Just look for the side by side double barber pole, or any barber pole that has hearts or stars on it, and you are good!

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