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Lisa cherry massage bangkok

Beautiful Lisa. Her hair is longer now.

I wrote a review of the services of Ice and May at Cherry Massage back in May (fittingly enough). At the time I noted that I rarely write reviews of individual service providers rather than establishments and services. One of the reasons for that is that women tend to come and go from one place to another and so it can be difficult to keep up to date.

Only a few months after I published the aforementioned review I learned that Ice and May were no longer working at Cherry Massage. In other words my fears were borne out in reality. While it’s always sad to see good providers go all we who appreciate them can realistically do is wish them the best in their future endeavors and take a look at who is presently working. The latter is exactly what I intend to do right now.

Lisa is a beautiful young woman who has been at Cherry Massage for some time. Probably due to her looks she was busy every time I visited the shop for the first few months of her employment.

When I finally was able to meet her I was pleased to see that her face is just as pretty in person as it is in the pictures of her on the Cherry Massage website. This is refreshing since websites for Thai massage parlors usually post heavily edited pictures with lightened skin tones and photoshop-enabled bust enhancements.

Bell joined the staff at Cherry back in May. She also has a very pretty face and she’s one of the most jovial women I’ve ever met in a place like this. To the shop’s credit Cherry posted a photo of Bell when she started that is about as accurate depiction as I have seen on any massage parlor website anywhere in the world. Early on her listed repertoire didn’t include A level service but today it does. One can only take this to mean that she is becoming more open as time goes on. I don’t believe she worked in a massage parlor before coming to Cherry but I could certainly be wrong about that.

Both Bell and Lisa are a lot of fun. Although Thailand is commonly called the “land of smiles” the actual act of smiling seems to get less common every time I visit the country. That’s especially true in Bangkok. Not so for Bell and Lisa. They are all smiles and they love to be playful, joke around and generally have a lot of fun. This makes for a great ice breaker and certainly helps customers to relax. That’s great since relaxation is after all the whole point of a massage.

There’s no point going into another description of the rooms, showers, prices and other details since I’ve already written a full review of Cherry Massage earlier this year. Suffice to say that all those things have stayed the same over the ensuing months. The only new thing besides the addition of Bell and some other gals is that the shop now offers a bonus card that gives customers a free massage after they’ve paid for ten.

Bell from Cherry Massage in Bangkok

A very accurate picture of warm and bubbly Bell.

There’s only so much that can be said about the service that the two ladies in question provide but then again there’s only so much that needs to be said. They are both very skilled where it counts and they are absolutely out to please. There’s no sense of hesitation and they seem open to almost anything. Together they form a great pair that knows how to take just the right kind of action when and where it counts. The fact that they both go at things at the same time rather than hanging out on the sidelines waiting for one another to finish is ideal.

While Lisa is indeed beautiful and young at age 20 I should note that she has had a child and she bears obvious signs of that. It doesn’t take away from things in my book but it is something to note. Bell is older and a little bigger than Lisa (though not big in a general sense by any means) but her body is perky and responsive. Neither would be thrown out of any sane guy’s bed for eating cookies.

I’ve always appreciated Cherry Massage for the level of service provided from the greeting in the lobby to the farewell on the way out.  That’s what makes it stand out the most and Lisa and Bell only build on that and enhance it.

Lisa and Bell are both great gals who are a lot of fun. If they don’t enjoy their work they are great actors. Either that or they simply know what it means to make the most of it. Together or apart they know what they are doing and they should be able to leave any customer satisfied. I give their service a solid four stars. Again this isn’t a review of the women themselves as such a thing would be ridiculous. I’m simply giving their skills a rating in comparison to what else is out there.

As I’m writing this I’ve just noticed that according to the website a new lady by the name of Leo has apparently joined the staff at Cherry Massage. Perhaps I’ll have more information in the future.

Bell and Lisa at Cherry Massage Bangkok, 6/10 Suhkumvit Soi 24/1, Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 10 am to midnight. Outcall available around the clock. Phone: 022 604 576. Website: Map and further directions available on website.

Lisa and Bell from bangkok's cherry massage oily


  1. smoothie says:

    “They are both very skilled where it counts and they are absolutely out to please. There’s no sense of hesitation and they seem open to almost anything.”

    Ok, I guess I will use the occasion of this very positive review (from a reviewer whose opinion I have come to highly respect) of what is apparently one of the better massage parlors in Bangkok if not in all of Thailand to put my pride and ego on the line by addressing an issue and asking some question that risk revealing I am either the most naive or the unluckiest man to ever visit and live (for two years so far) in Thailand…when it comes to the massage parlor scene.

    I just don’t get it. I mean, clearly there is something great about this whole massage parlor thing that brings so many men to their doors and inspires so much writing and reviews of them here and elsewhere on the ‘net. But having visited about a dozen of them in Bangkok and Pattaya over the years, MY experience with the massage scene is I will either get absolutely nothing for my time and money…not even a decent massage…or, at best, a middling bj after a buzz-kill haggle that, in the end, pales at a final tally of 2000b or so (including the fee for the so-called “massage”) compared with your average 700b service at a bj bar down the street.

    So why Earth would I go through the massage parlor bit? Is it really about getting the best “ok” oily handjob in Bangkok for 2000b? Again, as far as I can tell from MY experience, that is what it eventually comes down to.

    The reason I ask the question that way is, on top of the decidedly sub-par experience I have had at any and every Thai massage parlor I’ve ever visited (compared to just about ANY other pay-for-play option in town), I just had another in a line of conversations I’ve had with local expats about why they go to massage parlors so often. This young man, a retired military man about 40 years old, could not say enough positive things about the wonderful time he had at the massage parlor next door to my and his usual breakfast diner. I asked him what was so great about it and he said, “The girls are great, they do anything you want!” Oh, I said, they’ll do bb boom-boom? “Oh, no, not that”. Ok. cum-in-mouth bj? “No, they didn’t do that.” uhhh….ok….bbbj until cum? “uh…I don’t remember if they required a condom for bj or not…”

    I stopped the questions at that point. It was getting too depressing. Other than a handjob, I could not imagine what “everything you want!” at this highly touted massage parlor could possibly mean to this young man LIVING for the past year or so in Bangkok. And I swear that is the same kind of response I’ve gotten from every massage parlor aficionado I’ve ever sat and had a conversation with about it. And I have to say that other than perhaps one just “ok” bj I struggled into getting at one massage parlor almost two years ago now (it was probably my 5th visit to a Thai massage parlor out of, so far, at least a dozen), a good handjob was about the most any massage parlor girl was willing to even discuss during our session. Now, I honestly don’t think there is anything about my appearance, age or demeanor that puts Thai pay-for-pay or even civilian girls off. In fact, I would have to say I am about as “prized” a customer as anyone I’ve observed. Not a day goes by where I don’t get several Line messages from go-go dancers, outdoor beer bar girls, freelancers and, yes, even civilian, non-pro Thai girls I’ve already been with lobbying hard to see me again and soon.

    Am I simply not talking to the massage girls enough? Or not saying the right things? Or not asking in the right way?What am I missing here about the massage parlor scene that cannot on its best day (for me, that is) be beaten to a pulp in terms of the girls’ looks and skills by a visit to a bj bar for what most certainly would be a fraction of the cost? With all the other options available, I just don’t understand the attention and focus on finding the best “ok” handjob in Thailand at these massage parlors since, from my personal experience and from all tell-tale signs from the local expats who partake of them on a regular basis, that is what you’re going to get for your money 99% of the time.

    I’m not trying to be confrontational, I would love to have my previous experiences overturned and my to-date impressions destroyed. But having gone to some of the supposed better massage venues where men…other men, apparently lol…routinely get a great experience that pulls them back time and time again to the massage venues…I have to say I am puzzled about what exactly I am doing wrong here.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know your situation, but it sounds to me like you’re going to run of the mill “mainstream” massage parlors. Some women at some of these shops will offer extras but they are usually limited to hand jobs or maybe oral at the most, there’s usually negotiation involved, and the rates are usually higher than they would be at a dedicated shop.

      Guys looking for guaranteed action at a massage shop in Thailand usually go to either an oily massage parlor or a soapy massage parlor.

      Soapies are generally large establishments that look more like casinos or hotels than massage parlors. They have fishbowls filled with women wearing numbered badges that customers can select and often some other “sideline” women sitting outside the fishbowl. Full service comes with the massage. The rates vary from 2400 Baht on up to 10000 or more for “model class” women which are taller with white skin, usually have had some plastic surgery and often appeared in magazines or on television at some point. Thai guys with money frequent soapy massage parlors and though foreigners are welcome they are often charged an extra 500 or 1000 Baht falang tax.

      Oily massage parlors look like mainstream massage parlors from the outside but are specifically oriented toward men. They have line ups of ladies that the customer can choose from. An hour massage usually costs around 500 Baht. Sometimes a hundred baht less, sometimes a hundred baht more. These places are geared toward full service, which goes for a 1500 Baht tip, though oral service is available for a 1000 Baht tip and hand service is available for a 500 Baht tip if a customer prefers those.

      Negotiation is not normal at soapy or oily massage parlors. In fact I’ve never heard of it. Everyone knows the price and nothing really needs to be said. Even new guys usually aren’t ripped off as the mamas and papas are happy to fill them in on the set rates that have become standard in the industry. Some oily places even go as far as combining the tip and massage prices into one total price to avoid an confusion for newcomers.

      As always I don’t advocate anything. I’m simply passing on information for the entertainment of my readers.


    • Deca says:

      There are many oily massage places in Sukhumvi area(not listed at Rockits report) where you can negotiate the tips for HJ, BJ, and FS. These places are not the guaranteed spas for these venues and they sometimes offer after 30 min of good massage. I have had BJ for 700 and FS for 1,000 bt. and sometimes 300 bt for HJ or even free if she likes you. Of course, it is not easy to do that for a farang unless you speak enough Thai to haggle. A lot of these girls insist on using condoms. Cheers!!

  2. smoothie says:

    Yes, I have tried the more “mainstream” massage parlors as you mentioned as well as some that are clearly geared toward the happy ending, such as Cherry and Dream Heaven. But, honestly, the end result was no different between the two types of places; a lot of insinuation about finishing with a bbbj, but within minutes (seriously, less than 5) the idea of performing a bbbj would be totally forgotten and it would drift into that dreaded “ok” handjob to a hurried finish. Which I then decline when I see it is headed that way, as usual, since at my age I am really no longer interested in finishing with a handjob. Not since I turned 21, that is. lol. And can’t see a reason in the world to finish that way in Bangkok. Other than the isolated “fail” you’d expect to encounter from sheer numbers, that is not a problem that I have when it comes to go-go dancers, beer bar girls or, of course, bj bar girls. Only massage girls. Out of a dozen or more tries, the one and only “very good” time with no unpleasant surprises I have had with a massage girl was with a girl I met sitting outside her massage parlor for whom I paid her barfine to take her to my room and did not even enter her parlor. That was some place on Soi 22 as I recall.

    As far as the all-inclusive Soapy Massage venues go, I’ve been to Nataree, one of the places at the Plaza Entertainment Complex, both highly touted by expats I’ve met. Also another one in Pattaya but I don’t remember the name. Anyway, of the two in Bangkok, they were some of the worst experiences. In each case I chose girls who were lovely to look at, lit up like Christmas lights when I smiled at them after choosing, were certainly not too young or innocent to know better (late 20s/early 30s) but in the room seemed not to know the first thing for how to please a man other than give him a bath. No lie, one of them actually told me she had never…never…given a bj before. Her “skill” level supported that claim from the first to the merciful last stroke.

    So that is what prompted this mini-rant, if you’ll forgive me, in that it has been MY experience, and from the reports of expats who frequent the massage parlors, that an “ok” or perhaps if the stars align themselves just so, an above average handjob is the name of the game at these places, but not much more unless it turns out the girl is really, really, really in the mood to do more. lol. I have yet to meet that girl in a Thai massage parlor. As I mentioned above, however, I certainly met one outside of a massage parlor once and found her to be a terrific performer in my apartment!

    • rockit says:

      I don’t have much else to say but outside of a few oilies that only provide hand or oral service (Akane and Analisa spring to mind) full service is always available at oilies, always at the same rate, and always without negotiation. It’s also available at every soapy and though rates vary from place to place or level to level there’s no negotiation involved there either. It has been like this for years and years, and I’ve never heard of anyone being refused a full service finish at any of these places. They wouldn’t be in business long if that’s how they operated. Cheers.

  3. smoothie says:

    Well, I didn’t mean to say I was ever “refused” the option of your typical industrial strength-protected boom-boom or bj. Just that I don’t consider such ordinary and commonplace options to fall into the category of being “absolutely out to please” with “no sense of hesitation” and “open to almost anything”. Or, as the personal testimonials of the expats I know who frequent them would put it, “The girls will do everything you ask!”, when further digging reveals that “everything” for these guys seems to be confined to perhaps a really good handjob. Or, at best, one or the other commonplace industrial strength-protected options. In which case, I still don’t get why I would go through the ritual of a massage parlor with the faux massage in order to get just that when it is so commonplace and ordinarily available everywhere you turn and while girls at, say, the bj bars are truly “absolutely out to please” beyond the industrial strength-protected bj. Just sayin’.

    No doubt about it, it must be me and I am quite envious of reviewers such as yourself and other massage parlor fans who apparently really and truly do walk into one of these places, point to an item on a menu, point to a pretty girl and, no muss, no fuss, just like clockwork she delivers the goods with a great attitude and consummate skill. That sounds great! Especially since I live near ground zero for so many such places as well as all the other venues re Soi Cowboy, Nana Entertainment Plaza, the bj bars, etc. Unfortunately, that has been far from my experience with these place, where I have found even the most commonplace and ordinary options to be less than worth the time or money vs the other options right down the street…for me. So I thought there might be some code words or secrets I have utterly missed along the way.

    Thanks again.

  4. sevenspot says:

    I have to jump in here because I read smoothie’s first comment and I was struck by his first verbatim quote:

    “I asked him what was so great about it and he said, ‘The girls are great, they do anything you want!’ Oh, I said, they’ll do bb boom-boom? ‘Oh, no, not that’.”

    So my take from that is here is a guy going to massage parlors expecting bareback full service. Maybe he isn’t, but based on the first question out of his mouth that’s what I see. If the first question had been about BBBJ or CIM I think I would have a different opinion.

    Then with references to “industrial strength-protected boom boom” and “industrial strength-protected options” I can only assume that his main goal is bareback full service.

    If you are concerned the condoms are too thick (industrial strength) bring your own. But I think his complaint about industrial strength is more about having any protection at all.

    My two cents.

  5. smoothie says:

    Your take is a bit tortured and way off the mark. If an expat who has had plenty of time to experience everything the Thai pay-for-play venues have to offer gets exited about something very specially different about what happens at a massage parlor to the point of exclaiming that “anything” or “everything” is on the menu, it would be perfectly normal to assume and, most importantly, to ask what was so uncommon or special about it. Hence the question about bb full service (boom-boom). CIM bbbjs are quite commonly available all over the place for as little as 700b. And so is fully covered/industrial strength-protected full service. But not bb full service. I am certain the expats I’ve asked to elaborate on what “anything” or “everything” means when talking about the extraordinary service they’ve gotten at a massage parlor specifically designed to provide a happy ending have enjoyed CIM bbbjs here, there and everywhere yet none of them ever made a big deal about how girls in bj bars will to “anything” or “everything”.

    • James Sam says:

      Not all or even most women working in BJ bars will do things like anal, rimming, cof or prostate massage yet in most oilies all of this is all easily attainable. That’s probably what they’re talking about. Only a complete maniac would go in any working woman without a rubber.

    • Deca says:

      I think it really depends on the girl and the punter. I had some girl(very rare) who did rimming and let me play with pussy, even swallowed c at some BJ bar for free. Most Bj bar girls don’t do any of the stuff unless you pay extra. Cheers!!

  6. smoothie says:

    “Not all or even most women working in BJ bars will do things like anal, rimming, cof or prostate massage yet in most oilies all of this is all easily attainable. That’s probably what they’re talking about.”

    If that is what the expats I’ve talked to who frequent massage parlors are talking about when they say the girls will do “everything you ask”, that would be surprising since none of them have ever talked about looking for such things, would have no reason to couch their discussion with me, but all of them are quite vocal about liking boom-boom (full service) and bjs. Rockit gave this parlor and these girls a rave review without a mention of any of those activities while I have not seem him too shy to mention places where those activities are readily available. And I don’t recall him ever suggesting that those particular activities are easily attainable in massage parlors other than in the few that are somewhat famous for offering them. I’m sure he could and would speak for himself on that detail if he chooses to respond at all.

    “Only a complete maniac would go in any working woman without a rubber.”

    Really? Even for oral?

    I have never requested bareback full service from a working woman in Thailand but have been offered it countless times from go-go dancers, beer bar girls, freelancers, bj bar girls, regular non-working civilian women. In the pay-for-play industry it seems to me it is the first most obvious bonus/extra incentive likely to be offered by a working woman who feels she is at a competitive disadvantage due to age, looks, skill level or interest in providing other services, a woman who wants to close a particular customer, and a woman who wants to maintain a regular customer. That’s why it was the first most obvious go-to question I had for guys giving personal testimonials about how especially different or better than other venues this or that massage parlor experience was. It was as obvious a first assumption as hearing hoofs beating outside your door and assuming it comes horses rather than zebras, the zebras being the anal, rimming, cof and prostate massage activities you mentioned, imo.

    As an aside, I think there must be an awful lot of complete maniacs in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and the like because I suspect the exceptions to “coverage” are happening between working women and their customers perhaps by the thousands every day and night and have been for as long as there have been working women and customers.

    • James Sam says:

      You listed three countries with high HIV rates especially among working women. So yea, you’d have to be a maniac to go in raw ESPECIALLY in those countries. You say there are a lot of maniacs. There are also a lot of idiots, a lot of people who abuse women and a lot of other undesirables around. That doesn’t make what they do any better or any smarter.

      Not only are the activities mentioned common in Thailand massage parlors its even written on the menus, websites and model-photograph books of many of them.

    • rockit says:

      I think readers can figure out why being totally explicit about the activities at places like this is probably not the best idea. There is sometimes value in discretion. Cheers

  7. smoothie says:

    James Sam, you didn’t exactly answer my question about whether or not you are as adamant a proponent of condom use for receiving oral sex as engaging in vaginal or anal sex so I assume you are totally consistent about that form of “going in any working woman” and wear a rubber when or if you get a bj from a girl in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia or any where else in the world. In fact, why confine it to just working women? The customers who presumably are giving those working women HIV are taking their virus right back to the USA or the U.K. or wherever they hail from to spread it to women in those countries, too, right?

  8. smoothie says:

    “Not only are the activities mentioned common in Thailand massage parlors its even written on the menus, websites and model-photograph books of many of them.”

    But not on the website of the massage parlor in question here, Cherry Massage. And there is nothing about “rimming” or “cof” being an option on any of the menus pushed in my face when I pass by the massage parlors my friends here frequent and speak so highly of. Of course, I am sure those activities are options at massage parlors as they are options with almost any working woman in Thailand who needs the money and is faced with a customer who wants it.

    • rockit says:

      As I mentioned in my initial review of Cherry Massage the photobook in the shop lists what services each masseuse provides. They probably have their own reasons for not posting the same info on their website. Some other shops do list specific services on their websites. Analisa comes to mind but there are plenty of others, like Akane. The post I did on unprotected sex would be a better place to discuss that subject. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      There are some places like DHM and others in Soi 33 where all the options are specified with each girl in Japanese only. I wish they had them translated in English as well.

  9. Jack says:

    heres my take on why Bangkok massage places are so alluring:

    Four years ago I was a total newbie to the LOS, but frequented a place for regular, non sexual massages. Colleagues joked about how it was inevitable I’d at least get a HJ, and being totally new, I nearly jumped out of my skin to assure them that I did everything I could to not get excited or invite anything sexual.

    Then one weekend I had Pom work on me, I was a regular by then, racking up stamps on my point card and getting the one hour free for every ten every few months. Pom had seen me but this was her first massage if me. She took the towel off me entirely when I was in my belly, and I thought “nice, but I’m sure it will be replaced when I roll over”.

    Nope. My erection was impossible to hide, and when she giggled I apologized, put my hand over it, etc. she simply said “it’s okay”, worked around it. Then after finishing with my legs and torso just matter of factly held my pole and said “massage”? No price asked, but I nervously said yes and it was great. I tipped maybe 100b which I later learned was probably very cheap (90 min massage only cost 500), but ever after when I’d go back if Pom was there she took care of me. Never FS but some very good BBBJ, and I became a confirmed mingerer, searching the web and his ting he streets. Pom and her shop sadly closed but the charms of that first encounter remain.

    • rockit says:

      Good stuff. I can still find hand and mouth happy endings for 200 and 300 Baht tips in the right places but not as common as days of old or maybe I just don’t spend as much time looking. Cheers.

  10. max says:

    Thx rockit for i reviews, i used to live in bkk for seven years, but not anymore and this trade is always on the move. I enjoy province sleaze now, but i can’t help going back to the city at least twice a year. Anyway, thanks again, i got to meet Bell after a four nights sex rampage, and still it was awesome and i promess i’ll start with her next time. At the end of the day if what u r looking for is quality sex, these massages, bamboo, cherry, snow white are a blessing.

  11. J-Dog says:

    Thanks to your review of Cherry Massage, I ventured in yesterday and chose a 1.5 hour Nuru session with the lovely and orally talented Lisa and I must say she is a real pleaser. Next time I bring salad dressing

    Girl: Lisa
    Duration: 2 hours
    Shots: 2
    Damage: 2400 (1000 + 1500 – 100 BHT discount deal yesterday)
    Massage: OK
    Erotic: great FS & anything to please attitude
    Repeat factor: extremely likely

    Thanks Rockit, your tips helped a lot.

  12. Deca says:

    Bell and Lisa no longer work here as they moved to other countries. Some girls don’t wash their a clean and you may encounter smell problems during the A level service. Cheers!!

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