Review: Annie’s Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

Now in it’s fifth decade of operation, Annie’s Massage near Nana Plaza in Bangkok is somewhat of an institution. The place has been around as long as any Asian sexual service provider that I know of, though it has been through a few changes. The current ownership took over a while back and the shop has been offering the same standard of service for several years.

I don’t need to go too much into the history of Annie’s in this review. For our purposes, the only thing that matters is what is available in the here and now. At Annie’s, you know what you’re going to get before you even get there, and that’s a guaranteed good time.

Annie’s is easy enough to find. You can take a taxi or a the BTS train (which is quite nice, and inexpensive) to Nana Station. Then turn off Sukhumvit onto Soi 4. Walk past Nana Plaza (I know it’s tough, but you have to do it if you want to get to Annie’s). Keep going until you reach the 7Eleven and immediately make a right turn. Head down that throughway a bit and you’ll see the big red Annie’s sign staring you in the face just before you read Soi 2. Enter and head up the stairs and you’ll be off to the races!

Annie’s used to be a more inexpensive place to get off, but today it’s more of a traditional Thai soapy massage venue. What that means for the uninitiated is that staff members are available to soap you up and then hop on and give you a ride or two until you’re spent.

There are all manner of soapies in Thailand. Some are palatial and resemble miniature casinos, complete with places to eat and sleep. Others are run down and dingy. Annie’s is neither a mansion or a complete hole in the wall (though the rooms are definitely a bit dingy). It’s set apart from the rest of the pack by the high level of sexual service its employees are known to provide.

Annie’s also has a few other positives going for it. The mamasan is very customer service oriented and easy to deal with and there are no mark ups for non-Thai/Asian guys, which does unfortunately exist in many other shops.

What about price? Annie’s falls somewhere in the middle of the Bangkok range. For 2500 Baht ($ 78) you get two hours of fun with any of the women on staff.

That’s another positive in my book: one price across the board. Many soapies have multi-tiered pricing with various levels for girls in the “fishbowl” and entirely different prices for “sideliners” and “models.” Sometimes that’s okay, but other times it’s more hassle than I want to deal with when I’m at a place ready to get laid.

If you want to take 2 women it’s 5000 Baht, three women is 7500 Baht, and so on. Tips aren’t required but some guys do give them for exceptional service. If you have special requests that are well above and beyond the normal services, you may be able to get them for a premium by talking to the mamasan on staff about your needs before choosing a girl. In the case of Annie’s the rub, mouth action and full service has always been more than enough.

An added bonus is that the women on staff at Annie’s are all given regular health checkups. This doesn’t happen at every facility, and while it’s no guarantee of anything, it is a real plus.

You can contact the management at Annie’s ahead of time to book a girl, but I don’t recommend that unless you’ve seen the girl in person before. It’s better just to show up and see who is available at the time. Looking over the service providers in the flesh gives you a much better idea than pictures on the internet. Besides, there are always girls who don’t have pictures on the website. Just plop yourself down on the couch and let the mamasan call on the girls to show for you.

I’ve seen claims online that Annie’s has close to 100 employees. I don’t know if that’s true. It seems to me the number is probably half that, but I can’t for sure. I know that I’ve never seen a line up of anywhere near 100 girls at Annie’s at one time, but of course girls do get customers and days off. In any case, I’ve always been able to find at least one woman who tickles my fancy.

The best bet is to take a look at the lineup and feel the vibrations. If a girl is smiling at you or flirting with your eyes, that’s a good sign. If she’s looking away coldly, it’s probably not. Take your time and balance the reaction you get with the level of attractiveness to make the best choice. Don’t be afraid to ask the mamasan for help choosing either.

After you chose your girl, you’ll be led to the room. As I said earlier, these are far from the greatest. I never let that bother me too much though. I remember why I am there, and it’s not for a nice room. Your provider will gather her bag of tricks and get to work.

The routine can change a bit depending on the girl and the way things go, but you’ll always get water play and then the real action. Usually there will be some oral service thrown in with the water. It’s a nice back and forth mix. Oral and full sex are absolutely on the menu. Tongue kissing is available with many girls and a few are even up for anal. You should be able to get two loads off in the allotted time, as long as you’re up for it.

The level of service is fantastic. There’s a reason Annie’s has been around so long, and in my opinion it comes down to that. No matter who you chose, you really can’t lose.

As an okay facility with a pretty good staff that offers amazing service, I give Annie’s Massage a rating of 3 and a half stars.

If Annie’s was anywhere else in the world I’d give it at least four stars. Alas, it’s not. Annie’s is located within running distance of more massage parlors, go go bars, blowjob bars and streetwalkers than you can shake your dick at. I had to take that into consideration, as well as weighing the place up against nearby competition, when writing this review.

Still, the place is definitely worth a visit. Everyone has their own tastes. Some guys swear by one place and hate another. Some guys are okay with any shop that will take their tool in for servicing. That’s why the phrase “your mileage may vary” is so common. You have my opinion, go out and formulate your own.

Annie’s Massage. Between Sukhumvit Soi 2 and Soi 4, near Nana Plaza. Click here for Google map. Website: Email:  Phone: +66 2 251 5680. Open 10 am to midnight.

Annies Massage Bangkok Thailand


  1. Gravelle says:

    Hi Rockit,

    Once again, I love your site. I’ve read your posts about your recent trips. I enjoyed them all (can’t wait to visit Annie’s).

    I had a question about safety. I haven’t yet been to the pleasure districts around the world that you posted reports on and I wondered if you ever had to worry about safety. From pick pockets, scammers, muggers, sex workers looking to rip a client off, organized crime, etc. I’m neither meek nor naive, but being in a foreign country mongering must put some type of mark on you no? I hope to visit Thailand, Korea, Japan, and definitely Macau in the future and I wonder if I have to be concerned for my safety at all.

    Keep you the great work.

    • rockit says:

      Hello again. The countries you have mentioned are some of the safest in the entire world, with the possible exception of Thailand. South Korea, Japan and Macau are certainly much safer statistically speaking than the United States. These are places where crime against foreigners is almost unheard of. It’s pretty rare in Thailand too, though there are some scams and situations you need to avoid. You’re still more likely to get in a car or motorcycle accident than anything else. The main thing is not to let your guard down anywhere. Don’t be paranoid to the point that you ruin your trip, but certainly keep your wits about you. A few basic rules: don’t talk to people who approach you in the street, don’t display wealth (gold watches, rings, etc), don’t try to purchase drugs, don’t pay in advance for any service (unless you already know that’s the regular procedure), and try to find out the prices for things online before you go. In Japan, Macau and South Korea you could break most of these rules and still have no issues, but they are good practice in general. In decades of traveling dozens of countries I have not been robbed or attacked even one time, though there have been a handful of sticky situations. In the end you have to evaluate the risk and reward and come to a decision based on your own level of comfort. In my case, I’m willing to go the extra mile for pussy. Thanks for your comment. It’s inspired me to make a post on safety in the future. I should say that I did spend some time discussing safety in my book “How to Pay to Get Laid.” Cheers.

  2. Gravelle says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to put it into practice.

  3. vad says:

    no 19 is v good but all girls present with in 2 min it is v bad

  4. Alex says:

    Today the worst experience with lady number 30. She rush in everything. And only want to do sex one time.

  5. steve from australia says:

    Planned a trip to bangkok for 3 months and heard so much about annies it was going to be my first place to visit.
    I noticed some pretty hot ladies on their website and i decided to book lady 21 for starters.
    I told annies in back and forth email i would like a lady every day for 7 days for 2 hours.
    Lady 21.20 .12 and i was really looking forward to this one.

    Booking was made..the emailed me confirming my request for 21 and when i got there
    i was shown the fishbowl girls….there were quite a few rough ones in there and i wasnt interested.

    I mentioned the 3 ladies i wanted and they were not there..oh well i decided to get my cell phone out and open annies
    website and i pointed at several ladies i liked and was told sorry no here.

    I then checked out the fishbowl and settled for a not so roughy in the front row..number 84. i think…
    We walked to a room where i was stripped off and showered..she filled the tub with warm water we jumped in and I
    got in and she jerked me off with soapy hands and then scooped the cum off the water and flicked it onto the matress where we were supposed to be going next….i declined…i then moved to the bed where she climbed ontop and simply went through the motions…i gave hrre. a 500 baht tip took a shower and left..ripped off…i then told the lady running the joint i would pay tripple if sge could show me number 21,,20….or 12….or 4 or 5 of the othere in the photos on there website..they couldnt provide 1 lady and these are the same pictures on all the walls at annies.
    I yhen sent annies an email saying i would spend 1000 dollars over 1 week if the got the girls in the photo.s.
    I got no reply except..oh come down and have a look at the fishbowl each day.
    They were rough..had tattoos…and some looked really fat and worn out..

    Annies better lift its game as these joints are everywhere..the freelancers on the street are better and at 1000 baht a better option.
    Remember dont drink the water and use condoms.
    Steve from australia

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Based on my experiences I can believe it. Luckily there are dozens of massage parlors in Bangkok and many offer fantastic services. I’ve reviewed quite a few on this site. Cheers.

  6. Eric says:

    I was 2011 at Annie’s at around noon. I didn’t like her girls very much: too chubby, too ugly. Except of one lady… her name was Puy (or Pui). She had a thin but feminine body, silicone boobs and extraordinary long hair (with extensions). She offered an incredible girlfriend sex experience.

    Of course I took her out for the complete next day (and the fine I had to pay to mamasan was worth it).

    I think I was lucky that particular day!

  7. Sam says:

    I went yesterday and boy this place is trash, fat girls with no interest and filthy

  8. rony says:

    are the interested in pee fantasy?

  9. rony says:

    sry to ask u again, bcoz in pse it is there, so wat aboutt gfe

    • rockit says:

      It would depend on the people involved, but I don’t think GFE is very common in a place like Annie’s. Cheers.

  10. Jack says:

    I went to Annie’s in 2013, a first timer and just determined to see what it was all about. Since I arrived early in the day the pickings were slim, and the girls were not. But the chubby girl I went with was very experienced, patient enough to get me to a second pop on the bed after a quick HJ (too excited!) on the mattress, and genuine enough in her “affection” without any actual GFE. My biggest complaint was that the place is more than worn around the edges, and since I am tall 191 cm I didn’t quite fit in the soapy area without either my head or feet touching the wall.

    Annie’s is an institution and should be visited for that reason alone, and only. Dr BJs Nuru is probably the closest competitor in terms of reliability and stable ownership, and a better selection of girls.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I think Annie’s and DR BJ’s Nuru may be under the same management, but I could be mistaken. Cheers.

  11. Dewey says:

    Thanks for your report but in truth Annie’s is a place for newbie tourists who either do not have the knowledge or inclination to go the other far superior massage parlors in Bangkok – meaning the ones Thai guys go to which have much better looking girls than the skanks on display at Annie’s.

  12. Akshay Gupta says:

    Hi there.Im visiting bangkok his year end with a few of my friends.My only concern before going to these places is the high risk of an STD?

  13. Bobby says:

    Went to Annies today. Picked out beautiful lady – number 59. Tall slim and big (silicone ) breasts. She was useless. No fun, no GFE, no action. Left after 25 minutes and complained to Mamsan. After some discussion I was allowed to select another girl. Went for no 12 – not my usual type but according to Mamasan a good choice. Credit to Mamasan she was good and made up for the first selection. I’ve been going to Annies for 10 years and this is the first time I’ve had a problem but the Mamasan sorted it out. No.12 told me No. 59 very very popular (not surprised she was a stunning looker) and I was her 4th client that day – so she was tired and not that keen for another session

  14. swpc10 says:

    I have been to Annie’s several times, and always had a good time.

    Normal routine is to start in the tub. Well washed and oral action. Most times, I ended up CIM in the tub. I never got an offer of the actual soapy body to body rub. But did not miss it. Then to bed for a massage, ranging from OK to pretty poor, then sex.

    Never had an indication of a time limit and the service was always well done.

  15. Hatty says:

    I picked out this lady at Annie’s last week who looked really pretty from outside the fishbowl, but wasn’t that good looking when revealed. But, I must say she had a great ass, silicon boobs (only turn off) & blowed me like a girlfriend. She used her ass to massage my body. It was unexpected & a great turn on. She kept kissing me on the cheeks throughout & even after the session. I didn’t let her kiss on the lips because of obvious reasons.

    She blowed me twice, once in the shower (jerked me off) & once on the bed (terrific). I loved her moans to the tune of my dick. She hugged me and walked down to the entrance post session. I miss her already.

  16. md says:

    I visited there on August this year & picked out nubmer 4. Frankly say…….. she was the best amongst few fatty and chubby. She is bit of dark skin but body is real perfect. my time was very very good, had awesome BJ in tub. body to body was fantastic. massage was OK. finally special moment that is full course……….. I asked her to show me her pussy & told her that I want to play with it few mnts. she allowed with smile, turned into 69 position on top of me. OMG I found her clit is much visible from inner hood. I could not control myseft to lick her pussy with 2 finger inside to feel her all inner juicy things. within a moment I found my both finger getting slippery & more slippery. after while I just tried to put my both jucy finger in her mount & she accpated, tasted her own pussy juice. I did this quite a few times & everytime she allowed me to put my finger in her pussy & mouth. I dont know how i lick her pussy, dont know it safety or not but i found myself i should not miss this to enjoy her pussy in real erotic way. Finally started our course in variouse positions. during cuming i asked her for CIM but did not allow, so I cum on her boobs.

    she is (number 4) really good and know her job very well.

    I likes my parter to have CIM but I missed, is anyone massaman from annie’s willing to have CIM….

  17. ravi yadav says:

    Hi rockit,

    Thanks for the info. Any idea about their takeout policy, as in for how many hours can i keep the lady for the 5000 baht takeout? Is it just for a couple of hours or full day?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I have no idea. For that price I’d guess it would be a short time session. Cheers.

  18. roby says:

    Been to Annie’s tonight and i will not come back again…..30 minute for 2.500 Baht!!

  19. Had a great experience with one of the new ladies at Annie’s the other day. Number 28 who has a picture on the web site. She displayed a very professional attitude throughout the two hours and gave a surprisingly good oil massage. Her level of English is not particularly high but was good enough under the circumstances. Nothing was too much trouble for her. If I could find a lady in a go-go bar with her attitude and level of professionalism I would be a regular there.

    Body: 8/10
    Face 8.5/10
    Boobs 8/10 She gets an 8 because they are natural
    Ass: 8/10 nice shapely butt which compliments her slim waste perfectly
    BBBJ: 7/10 very enthusiastic in the process but didn’t take enough of it into her mouth
    Massage: 9/10 Surprisingly good for a soapy girl and did a great job on a trapped nerve I have in my right shoulder from the gym
    Clock watcher: At no point
    FS: Showed a great attitude to this aspect and went at it like a diesel engine for a good ten minutes in cowgirl
    Compliance: Was not only willing but also enthusiastic throughout
    Attention to detail: 9/10 Meticulous in her approach and over all attitude
    Improvement suggestions: Two hours flew by and wished I had longer
    WIR: Booked her again on my way out for the next time I have a day off.

  20. Blackbee says:

    Not the best of the girls in the city, but still nice place. I visited them this Friday 7th Aug. The girl (number 6) was very very cordial. The passion she showed, was almost like a girlfriend no rush, no clock watching. 2 hours of complete relaxation at flat 2500 THB. Not a bad deal at all.

  21. MD says:

    if anybody want to waste 2500bth in a flash then ANNIE”S would be the only place……….. just wonder how I went there where as lost of choice was open there. Requesting all of my friends to set their mind not to head up there…… its a AWFUL place with oldies women….. its better to have masturbate

  22. Pirate of Venus says:

    Annies went way downhill over the years. I used to have so much fun wrestling with those girls 15 years ago. But no more. I went there a few months ago. Harsh, ugly, bitchy Butch Mama-San growls at you as you walk in & prods you to hurry up & make up your mind after one sip of beer. This generation of Annie’s “ladies” are bitchy, tough as nails older women with too much mileage & who don’t even clean your willy & run out & disappear as soon as you cum & show up only later after you are lacing your shoes to leave to see what kind of tip they are going to get for such bitchy service. Too expensive for bad service & Pirate sez give it a miss…

    • rockit says:

      I’m not a big fan of the place anymore either though at least one of my old favorites from the place moved on to another shop where she continues to perform. Cheers.

  23. Pirate of Venus says:

    Don’t believe Dr. BJ’s propaganda. This place is a dud…

  24. Frank says:

    Went there last night 9/18/15. Picked a very cute girl. Service was subpar and rushed. Will not go back

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I would probably give the place a lower score if I was reviewing it right now. Cheers.

  25. frank says:

    I read the reviews and i concluded annies massage is a unofficial brothel with a massage..Since prostitution is illegal in thailand is it risky if i takeout a girl to the hotel i stay?Are there any police raids?Any idea?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t know that anyone has ever been arrested for paying a woman for sex in Thailand. In fact I don’t even know that it is illegal to pay a woman for sex. If it was and if the police arrested people for that half of the foreigners and many of the locals would be in bars by now. For what it’s worth Annie’s is licensed by the government. Of course I’m not lawyer, I don’t suggest anything and this website is for entertainment only. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      China is the only country in Asia I know that foreigners get arrested and deported for 5 years. But even then it is very rare and I know only one guy who got busted by the cop but was released qucily with a fine. Even in Malaysia I’ve seen licenced brothels.

    • rockit says:

      Do you have any links to reports on foreigners being arrested and deported for paying for sex?

    • Deca says:

      There are so many links and stories but in Korean. One of them is

      Also, I’ve been to China more than 10 times and heard stories from fellow travelers and some of the members of our group got busted and we had to wait for him to be released for a couple of ours on the bus. Cheers!

    • rockit says:

      Any stories about Westerners being arrested for buying sex in Korea?

    • Deca says:

      Not really. I think Westerners especially Americans seem to get away a lot easier than other Westerners in prostitution and other illegal activities. But as far as drug related crime( which is quite serious and strict), many Americans and Canadians have been arrested and deported for 5 years or more in the past 10 years.

      I wouldn’t worry about p4p too much in S. Korea as it is semi-decriminalized. I have 3 or 4 Korean friends who got arrested and released with just a warning for the first time offending and some who got involved with underage girls had to go to the John school for 8 hrs ethic or morality classes lectured by the police and specialists, If tried in court, the penalty can be as high as 3 mil won for the John. So better to admit your sin and go to the ethics class if ever arrested. Cheers!!

  26. frank says:

    So can i be sure that am safe once i visit annies…It says its a licensed parlor but else than their website i cant find information anywhere about these soapy licensed parlors…Any explanation would be appreciated and thanx for the reply rockit to my previous question

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      Frank, have you ever been to Bangkok? The sale of sexual services takes place in broad daylight and no one bats an eye, not even the police. You are worrying too much.

  27. hypen says:

    To all customers and management of Annies– Be aware and be careful of number 20 ( Kai) she is a well known rip off artist. Caught her trying to pocket my gold ring when I took it off prior to soapy. Also Western Union Thailand has her flagged after numerous rip off transfers and will no longer accept her to receive money apparently.

  28. sandokan says:

    is it true that the girls are checked for STD’s everyday? Is it safe to go all the way with them?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t think women are checked everyday anywhere on earth. The usual schedule is every few weeks or month. In any case some diseases don’t show up for weeks or months. It’s also possible for a guy to go with a girl immediately after she sees a sick client. There is risk to all aspects of life. People have to decide which risks they are and aren’t willing to take. Cheers.

  29. Roberts says:

    Hello rockit your reviews are really excellent…Recently i read police raid nataree massage …In the wikipedia also its told prostitution is illegal in thaialnd…So am thinking twice before entering a massage like annies…They say in their website its a licensed massage parlor but no information anywhere about it..SO i would be glad if you suggest whether its risky or not to visit annies as i will be visiting annies sunday when am landing in bangkok this saturday

    • rockit says:

      The raid on Nataree was led by a Christian group that is against prostitution. I have no idea whether or not their claims are true. Many of these outfits exaggerate and even lie to make their case and make fundraising easier. A court may later decide what is true and what isn’t in regards to that raid but that is also something that many would question. The story of Somaly Mam says a lot about these sorts of self-appointed saviors. Wikipedia certainly isn’t the final word on the laws of Thailand. They change constantly and can be interpreted in different ways by different people. What is legal and what is illegal is up to the authorities to decide at any given moment. I have never heard of a westerner being arrested for paying for the company or services of an adult Thai woman. I guess it is possible. Each person has to make their own choices in life. Trying to balance risk with reward seems to be one of the best guides but others are driven by other things like maximum safety or maximum enjoyment. I simply report on what I see for the entertainment of readers. Cheers.

      Annie’s is one of a few places that has an entertainment license. What that means is also something only the authorities can decide. Cheers.

  30. MD says:

    it seems ANNIE’S MASSAGE hired few new ladies in their bowl. This time I had a very good time and session there. able to hired number 49 (part timer- available at 6.00pm onward) and trust me she is the best looking in physically. Never thought I will have a good session as most of my previously session was the worst. She speaks English perfectly which is the plus point. She is kinda friendly and frankly. Body to body with soapy was perfect, bath tub duo was excited, bed session was the best part as I never expected something like that. She is blow job master. played with her pussy as much as I can and need. fuck in various position. somehow I noticed she is the lady who can give you A-level play if you nice to her. during doggy position, I took her permission to put my finger to her asshole, she put little jelly on top of my finger afterwhile just took a chance to put my dick on top of here asshole point. now what !! before I started to push little in her asshole she pumped her towards me and make me so easy to try A-level play. it was my pleasant CUM ever. took rest couple of mntits and now she started to play with my dick, I told her to stop but she told me she can give a blowjob if I want and I took the chance. as I informed she is the blowjob master and did this with her best way without condom. afterwhile I feel that i will CUM in any moment and told her to careful so that she can avoid my CUM to here mouth but she continue in her way. finally I no other choice but to CUM in her mouth which is obvious. she never got angry nor misbehaved.

    the reason I giving you all the full story just to let you know and trust me…… she is the complete package for you if you good at her. do not forget to tip her by bit if you are really happy..


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