Review: Akane (Chidlom) — Bangkok, Thailand

Akane massage is a reputable massage shop in Bangkok, Thailand’s crowded massage parlor scene. Akane has two branches in Bangkok, and they each operate a little differently. This review concerns the Chidlom (sometimes spelled Chit Lom) location, only steps away from the Chidlom BTS Station.

I’m not exactly sure how to categorize Akane Chidlom. It’s certainly not a soapy, but the shop does offer plenty of bath related options. One of the main things that sets it apart from the other branch on Sukhumvit Soi 33 is that it has a “scrub room” (another is the attention the staff gives to your back door, but I’ll save that for later). I suppose it could be called a “fashion massage,” as the website indicates, but that’s more of a Japanese term and there is only one course called “fashion massage” at the shop, so what about the others? Many would consider it to be an oily, but with the fun in showers that doesn’t seem totally correct. For convenience sake, I’ll just say it’s a massage parlor tailored to men and get on to the the more exact descriptions.

Akane Chidlom is easy to find, just off of the main Sukhumvit drag. You can call ahead or book an appointment via the website, but there’s really no need to unless you want to reserve time with a staff member you’ve seen before. No matter when you show up, you will get serviced without hassle. As is usual with massage parlors like Akane, first time visitors will do better to show up and get a look at the available staff members in person as the photos posted on websites tend to be at least a little deceptive.

As to the staff; it’s not the most attractive in the world, but neither is it the worst. The majority of the women working here are solidly average relative to Thailand’s vast commercial sex scene. None are anywhere near revolting and a few are quite attractive. In any case, appearance isn’t the most important thing at Akane since full sex isn’t even on the menu. What matters more is the level of service.

There are a few options at Akane Chidlom. When you enter, you’ll be greeted by a woman in the small lobby and shown a price sheet. This is when you will select your course. The most common selection is probably the sixty minute lotion massage, which goes for 770 Baht ($25). This is an inexpensive and pleasurable way to spend an hour, ending with a nice lubed up handjob. For 950 Baht ($31), you get an additional 10 minutes added to that massage during which you will receive a skin scrub. Those who would rather get sucked than jerked can opt for the fashion massage, which is performed in see-through lingerie and finished with a blowjob (though be aware that it’s performed with a condom, and that is non-negotiable). That “fashion massage” course runs 1110 Baht ($36) for 50 minutes, and also includes a finger up your bum in the shower (“prostate massage”) for those who want it. For 1800 Baht ($58), you receive a body scrub and “fashion massage” with blowjob ending from two masseuses together, which is a pretty good deal. There are other courses available too, which you can see for yourself on the website or in person at the shop. Like EZ Massage 1, the prices at Akane Chidlom are all inclusive.

About the digit up the poop shoot. Since I’ve already alluded to it twice, I guess I might as well “get into it.” As I said earlier, the Chidlom branch of Akane offers more than a wash down. It also seems to specialize in giving lots of attention to your anus. What this means in practice is that your buckeye will get more than the normal cursory wash in the shower session, and you will be asked at least once if you are okay with a finger going inside. Later, when the massage session progresses to the “special stage” you will probably be asked again.

I consider myself a pretty adventurous guy, especially when it comes to sexual escapades. I’m up for trying things out. With that in mind I once acquiesced a masseuse asking for permission to land on Uranus, both in the bath session and later during the massage. Despite being a kinky guy capable of getting into various scenes, I just didn’t get any pleasure whatsoever from that alien like probing. I’ve heard endless commentary on how good the digit in the dung hole can be while you’re getting your pole palmed, but for me it didn’t do anything but take my concentration away from where it should have been to the awkward feeling below the belt. I wouldn’t repeat, but at least I can say I tried it. Getting rimmed on the other hand is quite fun, and many of the women working at Akane Chidlom seem to offer that too. Those desiring that service would be wise to let them clean the backyard to their heart’s desire during the soap session.

Other than the bum plumbing, the service is pretty standard. After you chose your course, you will select a service provider from the available line up. The Akane site sometimes has schedules posted, but they don’t seem to be there at all times. Better just to have a look at whose on staff when you visit. After you select your masseuse, you’ll drop your valuables in a locker and have the key placed on an elastic band around your wrist. You’ll then be taken upstairs by your masseuse to a private room where you will disrobe and get wrapped up in a towel. Then you’ll be led down more stairs into the wash room. This is divided into a few shower stalls, and it can be a bit busy. You won’t see the guys getting washed up next to you, but you may very well hear them. The masseuses sometimes chat amongst themselves too. While this can be annoying, it can also be fun. Once when I was getting my front side scrubbed up, a masseuse from a neighboring stall popped in to grab a bottle of some kind of soap. I smiled at her and she gave me a mischievous smile back before giving the old unit a couple of tugs. Hopefully she didn’t go back to the next stall and begin a face massage.

The washes take place on tables, similar to what you’d find in a Korean massage parlor in the States. You lay down on your stomach, then later flip over to have your front side washed. It’s not all that erotic, at least to me (though I may be jaded from so many similar experiences). Some attention will be paid to your twig and berries, but that’s not the main purpose here. The regular soap up is about what you’d expect. If you opt for the scrub, it’s quite a bit longer and more intense. You’re washed with a pretty abrasive wash that feels like it has grains of sand in it before getting a second soap up with a smooth soap. The scrub doesn’t feel that great in my opinion, but it does make the smooth soap up feel that much better afterward.

Once you’re finished getting soaped up and rinsed off, you’ll be dried by your masseuse and re-wrapped in your towel. Then you’ll head back up the stairs (are you beginning to sense a trend here?).

The rooms are of a decent size. They are relatively clean and offer a good amount of privacy, though you may occasionally hear other clients coming and going through the hallways if they are engaged in any kind of conversation with their masseuses. Before the massage begins you’ll be asked what kind of drink you would like. Fear not, this is included in the massage. Your masseuse will leave for a few moments and then return with your drink and her tools of the trade. You’ll take off your towel and spread out face down on the massage table.

The back massage is acceptable but nothing to write home about. That shouldn’t worry you too much, since few are at Akane for serious spine work. After the back is done you’ll be asked to turn over so the real fun can start. The special services are good enough to get the job done. I haven’t seen anything out of this world, but you should get what you came for. If you tend to last long, you may get one of those annoying inquires about how much longer you will take to finish. Now matter how politely they are worded, they are a real buzz kill. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to come with everyone on staff. The service is definitely to get even the most stubborn of guys to the plateau so there should be no worries on that end.

Once you’ve achieved nirvana you’ll be cleaned up and given a bit more massage. The staff seems to be pretty relaxed on the time. I haven’t seen any clock watchers, and that’s always a good thing. Before the session comes to a close, you’ll be wrapped once again in a towel and taken to a small stand-up shower room (though thankfully this is on the same floor as the private rooms) where you will be rinsed off a final time. Then it’s back to the room to get your clothes back on and down to the lobby where you can pick up your valuables and settle your tab.

That’s it.

As a decent massage parlor in Bangkok that offers a standard service with an average staff, I give Akane Childom two and a half stars. As always, I am taking location into consideration. With so many options around Bangkok, I can’t justify going any higher in my scoring. If Akane was in some place like Iowa, who knows what I would give it? Maybe even four stars, considering that the service would be so unique in that sexual desert. In reality, it’s located along a road that leads to hundreds of different options and thus deserves the score it has received.

I should note that today marks the one year anniversary of this website. My how time flies. I hope readers have enjoyed how it has developed so far. I know I have. There is much more to look forward to in the future.

Akane Massage, Chidlom Branch. 1025/18 Phloenchit Road, Lumpini Pathomwan Bangkok. Open seven days a week, noon – midnight. Phone: 02-655-0966 Email:┬á Website:

Review of Akane Massage Chidlom Bangkok Thailand


  1. Ed says:

    Great review and very accurate. I visited Akane- Chidlom in Sept. 2013. It was exactly as you described. I enjoyed the session very much and cannot wait to visit again.

    I enjoy your website very much. Thank you, Ed

  2. SR says:

    I too visited Akane Childlom branch in Oct 2013 and got same experience. masseuse was pretty and standard message. I like their cleanliness though. Nice experience.

  3. Peter cooker says:

    Everything you mentioned was great especially having the fingers up the arse it gave me a great feeling and made me cumm and cumm thanks for the web and the honesty

  4. Johnny says:

    Can I check if we are allow to fondle the girls during the session? example : during their BJ or HJ? thanks

  5. johnny says:

    Did you play manage to touch them during your session there? (like at lease play squeeze their boobs :>)

    • rockit says:

      When I get a massage I usually lay back and relax. The women at Akane that I’ve seen aren’t the type I’d necessarily like to massage back. Cheers.

  6. johnny says:

    Thanks for the feedback! you’re like your nick, you rock!

  7. Jack says:

    Awesome review, I’ve also been to Akane Chitlom and think it is a solid, even great place. Location is good, I too think it is clean, they are efficient at what they do but I think at least most of the girls seem to enjoy what they do,! I’ve been a repeat customer with one or two of them, and each time they get more “friendly” and I’ve been able to do pretty much everything except actual coitus, ie breasts, ass, the Y, and lots of play. Oh and don’t be shy about the rigid digit up the back door. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are quite good at it. I think their “cat bath” and and rimming technique is out of this world.

  8. hammieham says:

    Very accurate review bro. After going to the Jack shack – Cool in Seoul which you’ve reviewed, your blog comes in super handy once more during this Bangkok trip. Went through the exact same routine. Thank god for your review I was more at ease when just wrapped in towel I was led down two flights of stairs for the wash down. Wasn’t very busy when I went by at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. Not many choices of girls but I picked the best of the lot and prayed for no buyer remorse. Service was top notch and you feel the Thai hospitality all the way. During the wash down at the basement level however, my girl did not ask before venturing in and just went for it. To each it’s own, it was weird but experiencing it once was enough . After the was down, there wasn’t much of a rub down, just some teasing and before the mouth action. The menu states the girl will be in sheer undies but mine was totally nude. When it came down to action with the capped bj, I took a really long time but she was patient that was a plus point. I also managed to fondle and finger her a little. All in all, I had an enjoyable time and once again I have to give two thumbs up to the level of service . Great joint .

  9. mark says:

    A lot of awesome reviews, but I was wondering is rimming a standard service you can get in Thailand massage parlors?

    • rockit says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s standard but it’s available from a lot of women in a lot of massage parlors and it’s sometimes even listed right on the menu. Cheers.

  10. Jack says:

    Went to the Chitlom branch this week, around 6 pm. Chose the V3 90 min which is basically two girls, table shower, B2B massage and a CBJ. It was phenomenal – I’ve been there frequently but this was my first with the two I chose. One was an experienced gal in her 30s, skillful wih tongue and cat bath. The other was a new, young (early 20s) stunner by the name of Saki who had a truly perfect body. Unblemished, natural B to C cups, really a beautiful face and to be honest – an unusual find at Akane where they are more known for technique than looks. Saki admitted she was in training, but from the rimming and her enthusiasm to try and give me a second pop., I’d say she brought some personal skills to the game if she’s truly a rookie. She encouraged me to DATY while I was getting my rimming, and my only complaint? She did that shrieking sound you get in Japanese porn when the girl is supposedly cumming. I know their clientele is massively Japanese, but that was my ONLY complaint.

    I mentioned your blog to the girls in the lobby after I was finished. The thing I like about Akane is that it is rarely crowded, and they don’t mind you hanging afterwards and flirting with the entire lineup – which is a good way to size up partners for the next time.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ve tried to contact Akane about advertising before but I didn’t hear anything back. Cheers.

  11. Mksub0 says:

    Sorry to bring up this old thread, but just want to update my experience from this shop. I got exhuasted from the dream heaven early that day. 4 hrs later, I got another chance to visit akane as it is only 15mins walk from my hotel. I then realized that walking over there really took my last energy of that day. Anyway, I really want to try the prostate for the first time and I always like rimming. They offer free drinks (soda, tea) and dream heaven only offered me water.
    I sort of regret as soon I chose the youngest girl Miku(she said she is only 20yr old) of the line up. I feel I want a more experience girl to get my first asshole busted. I went upstair to get myself undress, and walk down to get on the shower room. I don’t want to get into detail about probing, but it wasn’t my liking either, but it wasn’t that bad. Not that it hurt like a virgin. After we get into the room, she went out and took shower herself. I waited about 5mins or so. She came back naked. The massage was bad, the rimming feel like someone just probe your body with a cold lollipop. Was disappointed and worst she has a big mark(c-section?) Vertical from her belly. I was so tired and still not yet recover from the early visit from dream heaven. Our session ends early at least now I won’t choose 2hr session for multiple shots. Time for me get a good rest and heading to Chiang mai tomorrow morning.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. There’s no time limit on commenting as things can change from day to day. I appreciate your input. Cheers.

  12. Nanda says:

    Thankz for the review.
    What I want to know is any special service like 69 or facesitting?
    Some kind like mistress?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t think any services like that are offered at Akane though it’s possible that a particular woman on staff could provide them in the right circumstances. There are numerous mistresses operating in Bangkok though. Cheers.

  13. Al says:

    We are a couple going to Thailand. We want a massage where they massage ass and breasts and just stroke privates. Also would like maybe on the beach and all nude or at least topless. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • rockit says:

      Thailand is a conservative country generally speaking. Public nudity would offend most people there. I’ve heard that there are a few resorts and one or two beaches where full nudism is allowed or at least not prosecuted. The Naturist Association of Thailand would know much more than me about this. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a happy ending during any massage on the beach, though there may be some suggestive touching at times that could actually be purely accidental. I haven’t heard of any massage services being offered in places were nudity is common either. Many oily massage parlors have at least one woman who would serve other women or couples but this would obviously happen behind closed doors. Cheers.

  14. Steve says:

    Do they accept credit card?

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