Review: 007 Club — Pattaya, Thailand

women working at 007 bar in Pattaya

The babes in the bar.

I haven’t reviewed a Pattaya blowjob bar in nearly a year. After reviewing the last of the blowjob bars in Bangkok a few months ago it almost seemed as if the mission to give an overview of every pickle polishing pub in Thailand was coming to a successful end. Looks can be deceiving. As the recent blowjob bar bulletin published here indicates there are plenty reviews to come and probably even more in depth coverage too.

The 007 club is located a few doors down from Club 4 on Soi Full Love Inn. The ownership, staff and uniform have all changed since Club 4 was reviewed on this site in 2014. I would say that it gone down in quality a little bit especially when compared to the new bar next door that is under review here.

I’m not sure if the new bar is modeled after its neighbor or what but 007 looks and even operates in a similar way to the old Club 4. It is an elongated and private place that requires a ring of the door bell to enter. The lights are dim and there is a nice cool blue color scheme to the place. A few decorations around reference James Bond but it is not overdone or anything approaching cheesy theme bar territory. There is a large bar just inside and to the left with plenty of stools. The wall to the right has a smaller counter and more stools where some of the women on staff like to hang out.

There seem to be at least ten ladies on staff at any given time even in the afternoon when 007 first opens its doors to the public. The working women are generally attractive and there is a nice variation of looks. There aren’t any really old, unattractive or overweight women on the team as far as I can tell.

The gals at 007 wear tight belly shirts and matching short skirts. Colors are rotated so that sometimes they wear black clothes and other times they wear white. Unlike the old set up a few steps over the women at this club do wear undergarments but otherwise the uniform is pretty similar.

The women can appear a little shy toward new customers who don’t belong to the regular customer base which seems to be made up mostly of French and other European expats but they are warm and pleasant once the ice is broken. Most of the ladies obviously like to have a good time and can speak English fairly well considering how unlikely it is that any of them have ever studied the language.

Customers can buy drinks for themselves at the bar at prices that at normal levels for Pattaya. They can also buy lady drinks for the women working at the bar but thankfully the ladies aren’t in the habit of begging for them. Most are quite comfortable chatting with punters without expectation or demand though obviously any effort such as buying them a drink is appreciated.

The shop that houses 007 stretches far beyond the edge of the bar. Past the last stools there is a bathroom on the left and several large private areas on the right. These lounge areas contain big white couches interestingly separated by mirrors. There are also curtains suspended above that allow each couch to be cordoned off from view.

The opening paragraph and the category this post is listed in should give a good idea of the standard level of service that is provided at 007. The going rate for a pole smoking session on the ground floor is about the same as it is in all similar establishments in the area once the sum total is calculated. Spending private time with someone on staff costs 300 Baht ($8.50 USD) which is something like a bar fine plus an additional 500 Baht ($14 USD) payment given directly to the gal after the event. There are also private rooms available for the same cost. Women willing to provide full service will expect 700 to 1000 Baht rather than the regular 500 and all the women appear willing to work together in teams on request.

All in all the 007 bar is a pretty nice place. Even though it is located away from the main action on the beach it draws guys around the clock. It doesn’t get overly crowded but there are enough people going in and out to keep it lively. The surroundings are well done and everything is kept nice and clean. The staff is large enough to handle the task at hand, attractive, friendly and skilled. Prices are reasonable too. There’s really nothing to complain about even if it is not completely perfect. I give it a very solid four stars.

007, Soi Full Love Inn, Pattaya, Thailand. Open 7 days a week from noon to midnight. Phone: 0875 356690. Click here for a map.



  1. mongerplanet says:

    Been away from Thailand and Pattaya over a year now. When I return will be sure to check out this area and 007 and sample their skills. Is this area what they call the Pattaya dark side?

    • rockit says:

      Now there’s another bar next door called Pirate that follows the same model. I will review it soon. This little area has become a sort of “blow row” like Angeles City used to have. The dark side is on the other side of Sukhumvit. I always plan to report on some bars over there but I haven’t gotten around to it yet and might not for some time. Cheers.

    • Pat says:

      Hi, would you have the opportunity to visit “Pirat”, just beside “007” ?
      Thanks for your useful reports anyway

  2. Deca says:

    Because of your review I might have to hit Pattaya for the first time in 15 years. Cheers!

  3. Vegas says:

    As always love your reports, only wish there were many more .. ha ha . But know it is a time consuming task. Have not seen anyone else reply with … so here goes . Rockit … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

    • rockit says:

      As explained in the new Happy New Year post the posts will be much more frequent in 2016. Cheers and thanks for the kind words.

  4. Jake says:

    Now it’s mandatory to buy a lady drink of 140 bht before heading Up with a lady at 007. This was a turn off as its not standard.

    • rockit says:

      As of a recent visit there was no such rule. I guess things may have changed. I will have to check it out the next time I am in Pattaya. Cheers.

  5. Rahul says:

    Hey rockit. I’m visiting Thailand soon and I’ve been doing some research into the pay for play scene. Your website has of course been enormously helpful, and partly an inspiration for this long awaited holiday.
    I have a question about the scene. I’ve been looking it up online a lot; looking up the “independent” women. There seems to be a large number of Thai women who will only see Caucasian clients. I’m an Indian man, and you can imagine how that comes across. Would I run into similar discrimination at the establishments you reviewed? My holiday could do without discriminaton.

    • Dash says:

      Dear Rahul,
      I understand the situation pretty well & nothing much you or me can do about it unless people visiting Pattaya from India try to behave properly as per a country’s culture.
      Anyway I believe if you ask politely, dress properly, smell good & most importantly behave properly the you are not going to be disappointed from anywhere.

      BTW brother I’m also planning a Trip to Thailand very soon. If you don’t have any problem, either you can join me or I can join you. I’m planning alone and a company would definitely be welcome.

  6. Pat says:

    After Bliss Lounge, I’ve visited 007 yesterday around 10:30 pm. There were around 10 ladies and my friend and I were the only customers.
    Some nice girls (between 6 and 8 in my book) welcomed us gently and I chose one within 5 minutes.
    We both had a drink and we went up to a private room.
    A one hour session cost me 700 b for the lady, 300 b barfine and less than 300 b for drinks. I was satisfied and I’ve tip the lady 200 b.
    We left just before midnight as the ladies were closing the bar.
    A nice evening !

  7. deca says:

    Went there a couple nights ago.
    Only 5 girls working no one above 7. I had a coke for 40 bt and wanted to go but a little aggressive got me buy her a drink and had a session. 300bt for the bar and 500 bt for the girl. So so lasted 40 min but can go for an hour they said. I give 3 stars though. The see through net in the session room was strange but still semi private.
    I should have stayed at you and me bar with Hoy who claimed to
    work there for 7 yrs but charges 1,200 bj and FS. Anyone tried her?

  8. Rob says:

    Standard as described by rockit. Girls were not too pushy but mamasan was initially cold. once she knew i am not regular brown (order couple of drinks) It was all good. Had to compensate my brown with some green, buy few lady drinks even if you are not interested. Finally the girl i like passes by and I do the deed. Review is mostly for my indian friends who clai discrimination.

    I found out most of them have some misconception Indians dont spend $$, If only they knew the amount we spend in India for hos and trouble with Cops etc… But overall it was good after i shell out some 360 baht for drinks. the price was not discriminatory, you can pick any available girl no discrimination there either

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