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Red Million Escort in Frankfurt, Germany

I have reported on the commercial sex industry in Germany for years. The earliest posts in 2015 covered the famed sex saunas but I have also written about some of the other parts of the industry. That includes renowned Frankfurt agency Red Million Escort.

I don’t know if the legal status of prostitution in Germany has anything to do with the proliferation of the commercial sex industry in the country. Some other countries that official outlaw the sale of sex also have large pay for play scenes that can actually be even more open. Whatever the case there are definitely a lot of people and businesses involved in providing sexual services in Deutschland.

Red Million Escort Frankfurt

At the same time some of it can be difficult for foreigners to manage the German sex scene if they do not speak the local language. Many Germans can of course speak English and other languages but they often use German when talking about the sex industry among themselves online which only makes sense.

Nearly all adult oriented shops do seem to be open to foreigners in Germany but that doesn’t necessarily mean they make themselves easy to find. It definitely doesn’t mean they are all oriented to foreigners in the way go go bars are in Pattaya.

Red Million Escort Frankfurt

I have no way to know for sure but I would guess that a lot of the customer base in Germany is made up of Germans themselves. After that visitors from nearby countries like Denmark seem to be the most common. Of course there are others from all around the world including Japanese guys who are not an uncommon site in the FKK clubs.

In any event Red Million Escort seems to cater to both locals and foreigners. The Red Million Escort website comes in both English and German versions. In terms of service places that service locals are often the best in terms of quality. At the same time places used to dealing with foreigners are more likely able to deal with differences between customers.

Red Million Escort Frankfurt

There are lots of women listed at Red Million in Frankfurt. They seem to be quite varied too with black women appearing alongside white Europeans. Even among the European there is a lot of variation. There are tall ladies and petite gals. There are English speakers and Russian speakers. There also some curvy and even larger women mixed in. That sort of thing normally indicates that the photographs and listings are likely to be accurate and that the company is not out to deceive.

Each profile at Red Million Escort includes several photographs along with statistical information and a list of the services that the provider offers. Languages and hobbies are also listed along with some other details.

Sessions booked through Red Million Escort start at 180 Euro ($220 USD) for one hour. Other longer sessions are available up to overnights and even 24 hour round the clock appointments. Outcall is standard with incall in an apartment coming with an additional fee of 20 Euros.

Red Million Escort. Frankfurt, Germany. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Website: Phone: +49 (0) 151-7281-1111.

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