Sexual services for women and couples in Bangkok, Thailand

Lesbian couples escort massage in Bangkok Thailand

Julie from Bangkok Escort says: “There’s room for two more”!

In the years that site has been online I’ve received numerous emails and comments about places that service couples and single women. The issue particularly comes up about Bangkok. I think a lot of women and couples travel to the City of Angels and figure they might as well try out of some of the local specialties, and no I’m not talking about pad thai.

While this site is meant for entertainment only I am able to pass on what I know to the readers. I’m not all knowing, but when it comes to adult entertainment in Thailand I do have a decent grasp on things. That’s a plus because Bangkok is probably home to more couple and female friendly places than most other cities in the world. What follows is a list of places that happily offer their services to adventurous couples and single women who may be lesbians or simply in the mood for some experimentation.

Bangkok offers all sorts of services that can range from mediocre to bizarre depending on your personal outlook. One of the most famous places that caters to those looking for stuff that may be a little out of the ordinary is the Eden Club on Soi 7/1. They have a number of women on staff who are more than happy to work with women who show up alone or in a pair with another guy. The places has its own spacious rooms that have everything three or four people could need to have fun. I guess it could be awkward for some females to show up there but it’s really not necessary. The ground floor is just a regular bar and the women who work there have seen and heard it all before. That fact should be obvious when one gets a look at the staff who are experienced and skilled but generally not the most attractive women to be found in Bangkok. A 90 minute session for a solo customer with two women is now 4200 Baht ($128 USD). A couple gets 90 minutes with two women for 5500 Baht ($168 USD).

Many of the oily massage parlors in Bangkok may offer service to couples or single women if they wander into their shops but only a handful openly advertise the service. My educated guess is that places that specifically mention couples and solo ladies are most likely to have women on staff who are into the scene rather than women who are simply doing a job for the Baht and nothing more. One only need look at the closest minimum wage worker to see how much effort comes from those who are simply going through the motions to get a pay check. One Bangkok massage parlor that happily serves a diverse range of clientele is Cherry Massage on Soi 24/1. Dream Heaven Massage is also happy to help couples as I have personally confirmed. Granted these massage parlors mostly serve men so they aren’t luxurious spas like women who have only been to high end massage shops in some of the richer countries may expect when they hear “massage.” Prices should be about 3000 Baht per person for an hour with everything included. Tips are optional.

I understand that a lot of women and couples may be a little on the shy side even if they are open enough to seek out special services. For whatever reason they may not want to venture into what they consider seedy areas or be seen going in and out of well known dens of inequity. It’s no wonder then that escorts are so popular, especially for the discerning customer. There are other reasons too of course, which is also why escort services can charge a premium. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for.

Bangkok Thai escort for lesbians, women, couples, wives

Olivia has what it takes to turn anyone on, man or woman!

In addition to allowing one (or two) to be serviced in the comfort of their hotel or home, escort services also allow for advanced previews and a bit of vetting. There are all kinds of reviews online and poor service is hard to hide in the age of the internet via ubiquitous smart phones. Many massage parlors have some preview pics on their websites. Eden has a few. A lot of women on staff aren’t pictured or are only pictured one or two times. The better escort services have big portfolios of pictures and offer online customer service.

As with the massage parlors there are some escort agencies that openly advertise their services to women and couples. Like I wrote before, they are probably better equipped to handle such customers than agencies that may only acquiesce if a request is specifically made.

Pure Bangkok Escorts is one of the better agencies in Bangkok and they proudly proclaim their openness to couples right on their website. A solo customer can get a two hour session with a lady for 5000 Baht ($152 USD). For a husband and wife or other amorous mixed-sex duo the rate would be 10000 Baht for the same period of time. Longer sessions are available at discounted rates. Pamela and the lovely looking and open-for-everything Candy are available for female customers. Pamela, Candy, Kate and Jazzy are available for couples. No need to worry if your memory is short, the Pure Bangkok Escorts website indicates right on each woman’s profile whether or not they can see couples. There are also customer reviews on each woman’s page which is a nice touch.

Another well-known and very highly regarded escort agency is Bangkok Escort which I have mentioned on this website before. They too welcome female customers and couples. A two hour session for one person is a standard 5000 Baht, and a two hour session for a couple is 10000 Baht. Longer sessions are of course available and the prices go down as the amount of time goes up. Many women at Bangkok Escort are up for the kind of fun being discussed here. Priya, Sophia and Olivia work with female customers. Priya, Sophia, sexy Olivia with her excellent English, Cherry, the fit and feminine Alice, Sophia, Violet, and the genuinely bodacious Julie are all available for couples. The profiles list in detail the services offered by each woman on staff along with user reviews that are clearly genuine since one or two negative comments can be found (which is a big plus in my book, any time I see nothing but positive reviews from hundreds of people I assume it’s fake). has been around for years and their reputation has always been good.

So there you have it. This list isn’t exhaustive but I’ve done my best to make it inclusive. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Edward says:

    I am heading to bangkok for a solo travel trip and looking for a female companion as a escort/tour guide/dinner date. Sex can be on the menu but not a must, and preferable a young girl (18-25). Would it be a good idea to simple walk into a go go bar on my first day, and just ask girls down for lady drinks till i find a suitable one? Do the go go bar fine charge me to bring the girl out once, or do they charge the bar fine on a per/day basis? How much would roughly expect to shell out for a 3d2n stint…?

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Most people in the know would probably suggest that go go bars in Bangkok aren’t great places to find a tour guide nowadays. Most of the women, or at least the younger and more attractive women, are only interested in fast money. Many won’t even stay a full night anymore, let alone a long period of time. There are some who will but it’s not like the old days when such a thing was easy. Most also don’t speak much English. If a customer takes a lady for three days he will have to bar a barefine for those three days. A way around it is for a woman to call out sick or take a few days off and meet the customer outside of the bar but that’s generally only possible when the customer has some kind of relationship with the lady since she can get in trouble at work for doing such a thing. All of this is why more than a few guys looking for a long time tour guide and companion go the escort route. Of course this is all speculation and conjecture though. As you can tell by reading this site I don’t recommend anything. The site is only meant to entertain the reader. Cheers.

  2. shreyas says:

    Hi I am a single lady and would be visiting BKK shortly, would love to know if there are any massage centers that cater to women by providing a male masseurs/soap/b2b/yoni. I would like a male masseur specifically. Also heard a boy go go bars are not entirely for gay, would you please make any suggestions?

    • rockit says:

      I don’t make suggestions since this website is for entertainment only. I don’t know of any male massage places open to women. They are usually gay oriented though I imagine a woman might be accepted in some. The same would go for gay go go bars. I don’t information about those kinds of places because I have no interest in them at all. Cheers.

    • Prateek says:

      Hello ,did you find any ??you can have that kind of fun in delhi also ,with very professional care and handsome ,you can even see the pics before

  3. Howhard says:

    I am planning a trip to Bk for February 2016 would like to watch a M/F private show.
    Is this possible?

  4. Boys4Girls says:

    Here’s some suggestions for your wife to try out – –

    Over the past 7 or 8 years, my wife has visited many boy massage parlors in Bangkok. My wife prefers an erotic/sex massage in any upscale shop which is clean and nice, and where she can get a good professional erotic oil massage from a boy, and it is up to her whether or not she decides to go all the way and fuck the massage boy.

    I always go with her, and I generally try to select places where there are also girls on staff (so that I can fuck a massage lady) or if the boy shop is next door to a girl shop, then I will help my wife select her boy, and I make sure she is cool with it, and then I go next door to the massage girl place.

    These are our top 6 selections, your mileage may vary, caveat emptor – –

    (1.) Banana Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 23 – – It’s diagonally across a small intersection from the Chokchai Steak House. This is the newest place we’ve tried, and it was great. You can walk less than 50 meters and find a suitable girl shop for yourself, while your wife is enjoying boy-frolic. This place has women on staff who do cleaning, and who do foot massages on the ground floor, but the old ladies aren’t available for “oil/sex” massages. You walk one floor up from the lobby, and the Japanese-looking manager, whose nickname is either “Kevin” or “Kalvin”, will help you select a boy for your wife. Then, your wife will depart, and she will go one more floor up to the shower/locker rooms and the private massage/fuck chambers. At that point, you can depart, and either go back down to the lobby for a foot massage, or just walk a few steps in the direction of Sukhumvit (towards Cowboy) and find any number of places where girls are giving oil massages plus either boom-boom or yum-yum. We’ve visited only one time, and I’m sure we’ll be back. I was waiting in the lobby when my wife and her “boy” came walking down the stairs after their 90-minutes was over. I didn’t have to ask if it was “good”. My wife was grinning from ear to ear, her legs were wobbly, and the massage boy had that emotionally-shocked look on his face, as if he was thinking “ mommy, no mommy..”.. So, I knew it all went well, and we’ll be back again.

    (2.) Oasis Massage (formerly Casanova) Soi Convent – – Directly across from BNH hospital. Woman-friendly, rooms vary in quality, the shop has mostly old women with a few boys. The women and the boys are all very user-friendly, and anything goes, no limits, if you’re a big tipper. The quality of the boys is very unpredictable, as their boys seem to come and go, but the old women stay. Very good professional and erotic massages are available, performed by men and women for men and women. My wife has only rarely received a good fucking at Oasis, but she has always gotten her clit licked and her pussy massaged, by both the boys and the old ladies. For you guys, prepare to tip big (2,000 to 3,000) to fuck any of the old massage ladies. On the plus side, while these old ladies are of course in it for the money, they also crave a good fuck, and the wet cunts and the pussy contractions and the screaming orgasms seem quite genuine. Overall rating, “Very Good”. We’ve visited Oasis about 30 or 40 times, losing count (LOL)

    (3.) Adonis Massage, Soi Convent – – Has massage boys only, no women on staff. Adonis is woman-friendly, and the rooms vary in quality, and the boys really vary in quality from the non-satisfying 3-inches 3-minutes, to the other extreme, including a few real stallions who can fuck for a good long while. Emphasis seems to be more on sex than massage (LOL). Overall rating, “Good”. We’ve visited Adonis about 4 or 5 times.

    (4.) BBB Inn Gay Hotel (Rama 4 Road, near Surawong intersection) – – Has massage boys only, no women on staff. BBB is woman-friendly, and the rooms are excellent in quality. The rooms are in fact standard hotel rooms, with big beds, and full baths, very nice. The boys really vary in quality from paedo-erotic twinky 20-year olds, to the other extreme, including a few big boys who can bring huge meat to the task and fuck for a long while. Good sex and good massage are both available. Overall rating, “Very Good”. We’ve visited BBB Inn 3 times.

    (5.) Arena Spa (Silom Plaza, Silom Road) – – Has massage boys only, no women on staff. Arena is woman-friendly, and the rooms vary in quality, and the boys really vary in quality from non-erect bottom boys, to mediocre big boys. Emphasis is definitely more on sex than massage. However, management emphasis is more on sales than on quality. (Management understands what we seek (and that is rare) and management talks the talk, but the boys they recommend have thus far never performed as promised.) Overall rating, “Fair”. We’ve visited Arena 2 times.

    (6.) Urban Male Massage (Sukhumvit Soi 23) – – (Next door to “Banana”) Has massage boys only, no women on staff. Urban Male was previously woman-friendly, but is no more.. The rooms are small, but very nice and new and clean in quality. The boys seem to all be a cut above average in terms of cleanliness and appearance, and they are all good-quality high-performers. Good sex and good massage were both available. Overall rating, “Very Good”. We’ve visited Urban Male 4 or 5 times, but no more. The new manager wants his “gay-for-pay” boys to pretend as if they don’t fuck women, so cross this previously good one off your list. (Note: When the local economy slides further downhill, you can be certain that Urban Male will accept women again..)


  5. Shobhit says:

    I want for my wife &me sex massage with boy & ledy on one bed both see anther doing sexy message

    • m077 says:

      @shobit i also want sexy couple massage with one male and one female massager in a single room.

  6. Ajjj says:

    I am planning a trip to Bk for February 2016 would like to watch a M/F private show.
    Is this possible?

    • rockit says:

      I guess that anything is possible but it’s not a commonly offered service. There have been touts around Patpong pushing “sex shows” for years though those who are gullible enough to follow them usually find a boring dance accompanied with vastly overpriced drinks that must be paid “or else.” Cheers.

  7. david and apinya says:

    hiw we are a good looking couple looking for male to join us for first time 3 some wonder if you can help
    david and apinya

    • rockit says:

      Unless you want me to do your lady I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. I simply write what’s on this website for entertainment. Cheers.

    • Sam says:

      I’m ready to join you guys and have the best time ever

  8. M.K.DUTTA says:

    I am going to BANGKOK and PATTAYA on19th OCTOBER2016 for 7days, I want male massager for my wife, and I want to watch this from orther room. Is It possible?

  9. Threesome says:

    Looking for a nice male for my wife to get lick and fuck her pussy while either I join in to guck my wife together or get another girl and fuck her while watching the guy fucking my wife. Not sure they have this service

  10. Naresh agarwal says:

    We are a couple & want massage and happy ending in bkk

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