Meet Cammodels is a great place for online meetings with virtual girlfriends

Since this website first went online way back in 2012, adult webcam sites and the women who work them have always been a hot topic of discussion. There are a number of reasons that I don’t spend as much time writing about webcams as I do reporting on other subjects but whenever I come across something new or interesting you can be sure that I’ll write about it here.

While I’ve written about numerous webcam sites and interviewed even more cam models over the years I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to everything that is available online.

Things even change from one day to the next with new sites appearing in an attempt to cash in on the cam cow only to disappear soon after. Only a few sites have been around long enough to stand the test of time and only a portion of those are straight forward enough to get any of my hard earned.

Meet Cam Models

Meet Cammodels is a site that has been around long enough to gain trust even though it only really came onto my radar recently when someone was kind enough to reach out to me about it. As anyone who visits will see the site is nicely laid out with clear organization that makes it incredibly easy for viewers to immediately get to whatever it is they want to see.

On the left side of the page is a list of features that users can click to narrow down the field. Viewers can limit the cam rooms they see to those featuring Asian women, “BBWs“, big tittied babes, blondes, unshaven maidens and more. These categories are well organized and accurate. Clicking the Asian category instantly brings up countless cam rooms features Asian babes for example.

Those into Asian women will be happy to see that there are many working on the Meet Cam Models site. These women seem to represent the whole of Asia with Uzbeks, Chinese, Koreans, Thais, Asian Americans and other showing up on the list. There are also many Filipinas which will certainly satisfy those who miss the hundreds of models from the Philippines who were mostly removed from MyFreeCams a few years ago for some reason.

All other groups are fairly represented of course. There are all sorts of Europeans and American ladies on the site along with lots of Latinas and some black babes too. Those into other things like ladyboys or guys will also find models that match their likes. Couples are also there for those who love to view a live fuck.

A few fetishes are also represented. This isn’t necessarily different than other sites in itself but the fact that categories exist on the side of the site allowing viewers to quickly click in to things like foot or smoke fetishes is a nice touch. I would note that I have probably seen more pregnant models on this site than any other I’ve come across. I know there a lot of guys who are into that scene and this site should be right up their alley.

Lilahwolf hot blonde adult webcam model

The main part of each page of the site is filled with squares showing the available models like all other sites. Interestingly a little more info is also included below each box which is not always seen elsewhere. One can find the age, national origin and a few other details about each model before they even enter their room. Some of the short descriptions seen here are absolutely fantastic and give an idea of what’s in store in the rooms. Some descriptions I’ve seen said things like “Thick Asian, professional ball drainer, deep throat artist,” and “I’ll make you laugh, cum & then I’ll make you a sandwich.”

Once a viewer clicks on one of the squares they’ll be transported into the room they’ve chosen. The cam shows are shown in very large displays that take up most of the screen. Many of the shows are broadcast in great looking high definition. Combined with screens of ever increasing size and quality that seem to come out every day this really gives one the feeling of “being there” and makes it all more like a virtual date than the old school cyber experiences involving guys squinting to see small squares in hopes of catching a clear glimpse of a nipple.

Besides the shows which are the main draw the rooms also have other displays including clear details on the show and any goals the model have set along with a list of similar models and the full details of the model in the room including things like height, weight, sexual skills and turn-ons.

One doesn’t have to pay to view the shows but of course the models don’t work for free. The name of the game is “gold” which users purchase on the site then give to the performers in order to show their appreciation, make a request for a certain kind of activity or contribute toward a goal. Models will often set goals for a certain act, for example by promising to do a shower show when enough gold is given. The models are very reasonable with their goals here from what I’ve seen and the shows go down as promised with little delay.

Probably the best feature of the site is the way most of the models interact with the audience. It’s clear that they enjoy their jobs and they spend most of their time having personal fun with those who come to their rooms. It appears that Meet Cammodels gives the gals some tools to see who has been to their room before which pretty much guarantees that they’ll get a more specialized service. Many guys revisit the same models and build a sort of online relationship that provides them with whatever they aren’t getting in real life.

I’ve written a lot before on things like spending money on webcams and pussy, the cost of dating, the reasons guys go to prostitutes and other related subjects. There’s no real reason to get into it all again here. What I can say is that Meet Cammodels will certainly meet the needs of many men looking for a little online release through adult cam shows.

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