Lots of New Ladies at Tokyo Style

I first reported on Tokyo Style back in March of 2014. Not long after in May I posted a full review of Tokyo Style. In the time since Tokyo Style has become one my favorite services in Japan. This is not because Tokyo Style runs a banner on the sidebar of this website. It’s because the management is straightforward, honest and openly welcoming of foreigners while the women on staff are hard workers that are absolutely dedicated to their jobs. I truly believe that many of the women, like Risa, like what they are doing almost as much as the money they are making. As they say, a job really isn’t a job if you enjoy doing it. I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply to hand and blow jobs as much as any others.

While Tokyo Style certainly isn’t the cheapest option in Tokyo it is in my opinion worth every penny charged. And those charges are nowhere near outrageous considering the location and the cost of things as basic as a bottle of water in Japan’s capital city.

When perusing the Tokyo Style website back in November I noticed quite a few women who I hadn’t seen before. I contacted the management and they confirmed that there were indeed six new women working at the service. I wrote briefly about those women here and posted their pictures. Some of those women have since moved on while others have stayed. This is the nature of the business though Tokyo Style does seem to keep the real stars on board longer than many other outfits.

I’m updating my post on the new staff today by removing those who have left the service and adding others who have joined. The new crop has some of the best looking women I’ve ever seen at Tokyo Style. According to the people in charge, Saki is the best of the new bunch. In my opinion she’s also one of the best looking. Satomi is said to have lots of experience and beautiful eyes. The others certainly look good to me too!

Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Another addition to the Tokyo Style site is a feedback system that allows customers to make comments about their experiences with women on staff. The old rating system was great but this has the potential to be even better.


  1. John says:

    I made a reservation for two days from now with Momo at Tokyo Style and I’m very excited! However, their manager’s English is not the best, which is totally expected, but they didn’t really explain the process to me, and I’m a newbie. They said to call 2 hours before the reservation to confirm. I can do that, but should I already have checked in to a love hotel by then? If so, then presumably this would be around 5 hours of total time in a love hotel, and not 3. But if I call before I check in, I can’t give them a room number, and sometimes availability for a particular hotel is scarce so I can’t be sure I’ll get a room in that one. Any chance you can give me some advice on this process? I already gave them a general area and time but beyond that, I’m confused what to do and could not clarify on the phone! Thank you.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I can only tell you what my experiences have been like. I call at the agreed time to confirm. Then about 15 minutes before the appointment is set to begin I get a love hotel room in the area and give them the place name and room number. Or if I’m not familiar with the area I call at the agreed time to confirm that the meeting is still on, then I meet them at the agreed area at the agreed time, and we go to the love hotel together. Cheers.

    • John says:

      Thanks, that helps!

  2. John says:

    I recently had a session with Momo and would like to provide a personal review that is as objective as possible. I was personally disappointed by my 2 hour session. Upon meeting me, Momo was standoffish. I was perfectly warm, kind, and gentlemanly, and I am by no means an ogre. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a GFE, but I did not feel that she wanted to be there with me. She was nice, but I did not see much passion for her job. I don’t blame her, obviously, but I did expect that for the higher than average price, she would be a little more enthusiastic. In fact, she was rather awkward and indecisive for the whole session. She went along with the things I suggested, but I would have preferred an experience where I didn’t have to think what we would be doing, I was hoping for a unique experience. When she took off her clothes, she did so in the hallway mostly out of view, in an efficient manner. I would have preferred a more sensual and intimate introduction. She gave me a quick shower and when we came out, we were both freezing, since we hadn’t adjusted the thermostat first. She wrapped me in towels and blankets but I can’t say that shivering for the first 10 minutes was very relaxing. Her massage is okay, nice but neither sensual nor super relaxing. More of a body rub down. It might as well have been any other average massage parlor. After what seemed like a bit too long, she turned me over and worked her way down to giving me a bit of head. I was super horny in general today and I wanted to get off, so she gave me a good blowjob and I came in her mouth. She didn’t seem like she liked this very much, and quickly went to spit it out then gargled multiple times with mouthwash. Again, who can blame her?! But it would have been nicer if she did it more subtly. She came back and sat down on the bed, unsure what to do next. I could have probably gone for another round but I suggested we take a bath to give things a rest. I also had this sense of guilt in the back of my mind that she wasn’t having a good time, which killed the mood for me a bit. We haphazardly got into the bath and sat across from each other a little awkwardly. Momo’s English is very beginner so we just talked about the cold weather. She lightly caressed me and gave me a massage for 10 minutes which was nice. She rinsed me off and we went back to the bed. A lot of the experience felt individual, we didn’t help wash each other or dry each other and she didn’t show me much intimacy besides maybe 5 seconds of hand holding. 15 minutes left but she didn’t offer upfront to do anything else for me and I still felt bad at this point. We just practiced English awkwardly…and then she used her last bit of time to pack up. Is the time supposed to include set up and pack up? This took at least 20-25 minutes, and she wasn’t very quick or smooth about it. The way I felt about the experience in general was, she didn’t want to do much else besides get naked and give ok massages, but for the money, she was willing to take a cum shot. I have a tough time criticizing any woman in this industry, I’m sure it’s tough and they’re real people with feelings too, but I went with Tokyo style because I thought their staff would have really enjoyed their work. You’ve mentioned that Risa does so I guess I could try a round with her before I write them off completely. But for 46,000, I didn’t feel too satisfied. I would have preferred a trip to New Hot Point where the girls at least pretended to be into you for the 5 minutes you had with them, and they’re quite a bit hotter. To be fair, Momo does have a hot body, but her pictures on the Tokyo Style website are deceiving. I would say she is at least 27-28 years old. Her face isn’t too too pretty, but I don’t want to judge her harshly. Overall, she was nice, and the blowjob was good, but it just wasn’t worth it. And finally, I did not receive any sort of testicle massage, which I believe is their speciality? I didn’t want to ask, since again it felt like she didn’t want to do much. Despite all of this, I remained completely amiable and kind to her, and helped her pack up and get changed. I also taught her a few new English phrases. I would communicate all this to the owners but I honestly worry that it might hurt her feelings if she read it, plus I’m not sure if they’d understand the English nor care! Thanks for the reco anyway and perhaps I’ll try my luck again one day.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Bad experiences can happen anywhere. With so many things going into a good experience it’s a wonder the majority don’t fail. My experiences with Tokyo Style have all been fantastic as I was always guided by the provider from beginning to end. I never had the take to the lead. I understand not wanting to cause problems for the woman. I’ve been in that position before. But Tokyo Style has gone as far as adding a feedback sheet on their website so they clearly value the input of customers. After all a service is being provided. How bad would you feel about giving a negative review of a housekeeper that didn’t clean your home to your liking? Cheers.

  3. Dereck says:

    I had a very similar experience with the above poster with Nao. She was basically “sleep walking” through out the appointment. Not friendly or active and the bath was very akward. She simply sat there not doing much. She also had the clock started already before she arrived. Felt like a rip off for the price.

    • rockit says:

      This is much different than what I’ve seen but like I’ve said bad experiences are always a possibility. Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

  4. Paul says:

    Whle this seems a very good and safe joint, I question why one would pay this amount for a message and HJ, while you can get 50 mn of nuru, plus BBBj an CFS at some gaijin friendly Yoshiwara soapland.. My last experience with Natsuko art SDarling Harbour costed me 2700 Yens and was wonderful…

    • rockit says:

      I think you mean 27000 yen. As to your argument it could also be applied to your experience. Someone could question why you would pay 27000 Yen for a single session when you could go to a place like Jan Jan seven times and have money left over. There are a lot of different places around and they all have their own appeal. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be around for long. Cheers.

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