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I first reported on Tokyo Style back in March of 2014. Not long after in May I posted a full review of Tokyo Style. In the time since Tokyo Style has become one my favorite services in Japan. This is not because Tokyo Style runs a banner on the sidebar of this website. It’s because the management is straightforward, honest and openly welcoming of foreigners while the women on staff are hard workers that are absolutely dedicated to their jobs. I truly believe that many of the women, like Risa, like what they are doing almost as much as the money they are making. As they say, a job really isn’t a job if you enjoy doing it. I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply to hand and blow jobs as much as any others.

While Tokyo Style certainly isn’t the cheapest option in Tokyo it is in my opinion worth every penny charged. And those charges are nowhere near outrageous considering the location and the cost of things as basic as a bottle of water in Japan’s capital city.

When perusing the Tokyo Style website back in November I noticed quite a few women who I hadn’t seen before. I contacted the management and they confirmed that there were indeed six new women working at the service. I wrote briefly about those women here and posted their pictures. Some of those women have since moved on while others have stayed. This is the nature of the business though Tokyo Style does seem to keep the real stars on board longer than many other outfits.

I’m updating my post on the new staff today by removing those who have left the service and adding others who have joined. The new crop has some of the best looking women I’ve ever seen at Tokyo Style. According to the people in charge, Saki is the best of the new bunch. In my opinion she’s also one of the best looking. Satomi is said to have lots of experience and beautiful eyes. The others certainly look good to me too!

Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Tokyo Style foreigner friendly massage Japan


Another addition to the Tokyo Style site is a feedback system that allows customers to make comments about their experiences with women on staff. The old rating system was great but this has the potential to be even better.

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