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Kamiyama at Tokyo Escorts in Tokyo, Japan

Japan continues to receive extensive coverage on this website. That has been true for years. There is so much to write about in Tokyo alone that one could dedicate an entire website or even a life of research to the place.

Until recently nearly all adult oriented businesses in Japan were off limits to foreigners. In the last few years however several have opened themselves up to foreigners and even gone as far as creating English language websites and hiring English speaking staff.

Still other businesses have opened up seemingly from nowhere that are oriented entirely to foreigners. In a total reverse of an old policy there are even places in Tokyo today that declare themselves open to “foreigners only”.

As could be expected from their English language website Tokyo Escorts is totally open to foreign customers. Their customer service staff is able to speak Japanese, English and even Spanish. In any even they only require minimal information from customers such as their name and hotel name in order to make a booking so I doubt they have much problem dealing with customers no matter what their native tongue or speaking abilities.

There are many women working at Tokyo Escorts. Most are in their twenties with some being in their thirties. Three are in their forties but they actually looks good from what I can see.

The 25 year old Kamiyama is one of the many lovely ladies working at Tokyo Escorts. As her pictures indicate she is very attractive with a slim fit figure and big breasts.




A session at Tokyo Escorts ranges in price depending on the length of appointment and where it takes place. The cheapest session lasts ninety minutes and costs 45000 Yen ($403 USD).

Tokyo Escorts also charges 5000 Yen extra for outcall. That is the equivalent of about $45 US dollars with current exchange rates. Although the company is located in Tokyo apparently they also send their staff members as far as Yokohoma and even some cities in Saitama and Chiba that border on Tokyo for customers who book a 120 minute session.

Tokyo Escorts. Tokyo, Japan. Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Phone: (+81) 80-5494-4689. Website:

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