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Just how dirty is Britain?


How dirty is Britain? Long gone are the days when human waste flowed openly into the River Thames. While that culminated in a Cholera outbreak in 1853 and “the Great Stink” five years later it is not the topic of discussion here. I am not about the fact that Britain slipped out of the top ten in the Corruption Perceptions Index this year either. Nor am I am not talking about the ongoing Brexit debacle here. I am speaking of the sexual inclinations of people living in Britain.

In my view there is nothing inherently bad about the sexual activities that take place between consenting adults anywhere in the world. Colloquially some of these things are referred to as being “dirty” or “filthy”. Sometimes the labeling is even playful. I am just using the language as it exists. I’m not judging what goes on with adults behind closed doors even if I do call a lady who loves gangbanging a naughty girl.

Sex in filthy Britain

Britain is arguably as clean as it has ever been in modern times. The sewers are out of sight and out of mind for most. Factories and coal fires are rare. It’s like a breath of fresh air, literally. But what does that have to do with the price of pussy in London?

For whatever reason Filthy Britain is home to a lot of randy people including quite a few with various kinks. In some ways society caters to them where it used to drive them into the dark corners of society. Nowadays many with sexual preferences that are out of the so-called norm are free to express themselves openly. Yet at the same time censorship measures against other sexual expressions are being introduced at a steady pace.

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Prostitution is legal in Britain but only in certain forms. The same goes for pornography. Every day society is increasingly open to what years ago would widely be described as wild sexual behaviors too. There are plenty of swingers in Old Blighty. And then there’s the popular practice of dogging! Simultaneously old haunts for the sexually adventurous have gone out of style in an age that somehow combines casual sex internet meetups and asexual university students who prefer to stay home and wank than to try to get laid.

One look at any UK Sex Blog sheds light on the sexual world hidden in plain view. Porn is still being produced in England. Swingers are still swapping partners in London. And doggers are still doing what they do in semi-secluded sections of somewhat public parks. The sky is certainly not falling on any hard British pricks!

What does the future hold?

Looking at the contradictory state of sexual affairs in Britain makes one wonder where it is all headed. Or if indeed it is headed anywhere at all. There doesn’t seem to be any straight line that can be traced from here to there in terms of sex. And that goes for the world at large.

Things move one step forward then two steps back. And sometimes there are sidesteps and giant leaps taken too! In the online age it seems that the commercial sex industry has fallen in some areas. Yet whole others have opened up at least to some people who were previously unaware.

In terms of casual sex it seems the internet has helped bring more people together than ever. Swingers and those just looking to get off have more options than ever to meet partners right from their own homes, or phones as the case may be.

So while the old local porn theater may be shuttered you can believe that people are still getting off in front of each other and with the help of total strangers. Sometimes they pay for it too. And all this will continue to go on at least for the foreseeable future. After all plenty of people in Merry England were engaged in prostitution and extramarital affairs even in the puritan periods of the Victorian Era.


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