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Japan’s pay for sex service scene set for more availability and lower rates

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Gentlemen, Tokyo’s borderline-insane Governor Shintaro Ishihara has finally left the building, taking along with him his morality police according to much of the adult media. In the wake of his departure, there appears to be a renaissance brewing in Japan’s massive sex-for-sale scene.

According to the newspaper Nikkan Gendai, there has been a reappearance of hostess bars offering take-out and street walkers in Ikebukuro.

Beyond its other inane activities, Ishihara’s government was known for shutting down porn shops, strip clubs, hostess clubs, massage parlors, dating cafes and swingers clubs. It was rumored that a massive sweep against the numerous blowjob bars was brewing, but thankfully that never happened.

According to adult media outlets in Japan, the freedom created by Ishihara’s departure will combine with the recent loss in value of the yen and shrinking customer base to create new and cheaper opportunities for men looking to purchase sexual services in Japan. If history is any indicator, this will also mean that more and more shops will open their doors to foreigners.

According to Adult Video writer Kemuta Otsubo, “For full service options, punters must head to big-name chains, where bargain prices are on offer. Gals aren’t being paid much these days, so tacit consent among proprietors allows for them to likely go all the way for an added financial nudge.”

And according to Ore no Tabi magazine, “Prices in the fuzoku industry are going down. Many women in need of cash became employed in the fuzoku [sex trade] industry. So the number of gals on the rolls at soaplands shot up. With escort services factored into the mix, it was no wonder that we experienced downward pressure on prices.”

“Even with hope of an economic recovery, economizing on the part of patrons will continue,” he writes, adding “For some popular girls it is tough to get a reservation. Customers interested in coming to a club for a particular girl will be given the option of sharing her with another customer.”


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