Why prostitution / sex work should be legal

Legalize prostitution! Decriminalize sex work!“Prostitution is not a monolith. The newspapers use the plight of the most vulnerable women to symbolize the entire field, ignoring the diversity of the sex-worker community.” – Carol Leigh

The continued criminalization of sex work is ridiculous, anti-human and unsafe. It’s time for the world to come to terms with reality and legalize prostitution in every country.

Here’s a list of articles that lay out the case for decriminalizing the exchange of sex for money:


It’s time to legalize prostitution New York Daily News

UN urges Philippines to legalize prostitution Yahoo PH

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte favors legalizing prostitution Sun Star

Why is prostitution illegal? Slate

Prostitution in Australia Wikipedia

UN’s legal push for prostitution New York Post

It’s time to legalize prostitution Salon



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  1. Deca says:

    In S. Korea it was legal until about 10 years ago but is still practiced and if caught(rare), a 3 million won fine for the business and the John now. However, generally it is simple decriminalized with a warning for the first time offenders. The law basically prohibits prostitution on the ground that many girls can be(used to) be kidnapped and drugged into the business and another issue is the sexual culture that is becoming more and more obscene due to porn on the internet.

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