Interview with a Thai sideline prostitute

Interviews with people in and around the commercial sex industry have long been an integral part of the content published here at Rockit Reports. Some interviews with minor players have gone on to pick up interest and rack up hundreds of thousands of views. Other interviews with internationally known porn stars have gained a lot less interest. There is no way for me to know with any certainty which interviews will be loved and shared and which will be overlooked. All that I can do is what I have always done. That is to publish what I think is interesting and entertaining in the belief that readers will also find it to be worth the time to read.

With that in mind I present the following interview with a part time prostitute in Thailand. This woman is what is known locally as a “sideline”. This is not to be confused with the part time sideliners who work at soapy massage parlors. The type of of sideline woman answering questions here meets customers on websites for short get-togethers. They agree on the time, price and circumstance and make it happen. There are a lot of websites that facilitate this. Since they are all in Thai most foreigners are unaware of their existence.

How old are you where are you from?

I am 25. I am from northern Thailand.

How did you get into this kind of work?

I guess it is a typical story. I needed money. My friend offered to help me out. She would post ads on sideline websites for me to find customers. The problem is that she charged me 500 Baht commission for every guy that I met.

So she was already doing it?

Yes. She was doing the work. I didn’t know. I had some idea. She didn’t have a regular job but I could see she had a phone and a motorbike and everything.

How did you feel the first time you met a customer?

I felt a little scared but I was also excited.

And how did it turn out?

It was good. I got money and it was fun.

How much do you get per session?

I charge 1500 Baht ($43 USD) per session. So my friend was getting 500 Baht. I was only left with 1000. Eventually it became a problem. We had a big fight and we don’t even talk anymore. Now I post my own ads online.

I noticed you ask for the money up front. Most women in Thailand don’t. Why do you do that?

Too many people refused to pay. After we did it they would just give me enough to pay for the hotel room. I couldn’t do anything. I am just a small lady.

That’s terrible. How often did that happen?

It happened many times. It was becoming too common. So I now ask for the money up front. The worst time was when the guy refused to pay but I still owed my friend 500 Baht commission. So it would have cost me money to do it that time. That’s why we got into a fight.

How small are you?

I am just 150 cm (4′ 11″). I weigh 42 kilograms (93 lbs).

Where do you meet customers?

They contact me after seeing my ads on sideline websites.

I mean where do you meet them in person?

I always go to love hotels. Some ask me to go to their homes but it isn’t common. I won’t do that. I feel it is not safe.

What if you knew them well?

If I knew them well I might consider it. But I usually only see the guys one time. I think guys who pay money for girls like to change girls a lot.

Why is that?

Because they can.

What kind of guys do you meet?

All kind of guys. Some guys are in their 20’s. Some are much older.

What was the oldest guy you have been with?

He was 65.

Wow. How was he?

He was normal.

Do you only get Thai customers?

No. I had one farang. He didn’t finish. But he gave me the money and sent me away.

How did he find you? Could he speak Thai?


Why couldn’t he finish?

He said he was drunk. I feel bad he didn’t finish.

Do you want more farang customers?

I don’t care really. Any guy is okay if they have money. They shouldn’t be cruel either.

Could farang who don’t speak Thai book a session with you?

Sure. But I don’t know how. I cannot speak English.

What are your rules?

Everyone must pay first. They have to wear condom. They cannot cum in my mouth. I am not good at being on top. I can try. But I cannot do doggy style. It hurts.

So you do oral sex?

Yes. I can suck or get licked.

Do you use a condom for oral sex?


Have you done anything crazy or kinky? What is the wildest thing you have done?

I met a couple for a threesome. I was so nervous. But I was excited. I wanted to try it. The lady had a sexy body. The guy was nice too. It was fun. I would do it again. Another couple contacted me but they never showed up. They lied to me.

How much did you charge for the threesome?

I charged 3000.

Did you play with the girl?

Yes. I was scared. At first I planned to just do it with the guy while she waited. But we all started to touch each other. She licked me. I did not lick her but I played with her tits and her pussy.

How long will you do this job?

Not long. Now I only do it when I need money and have free time.

What will you do in the future?

I will be an assistant nurse. I am studying for that now.

How long will you study?

The course is six months.

That sounds good. Best wishes for you now and in the future. Thanks for talking to me!

Yes. No problem. Thank you.


  1. Ash says:

    What would be a website that would post, interested in taking a look

    • rockit says:

      The websites are entirely in Thai. Those who speak the language can easily find the websites by searching Google for sideliners in Thai. Cheers.

  2. Monster says:

    Cool interview. Can you post some of these websites? They sound very interesting.

    • rockit says:

      I may cover some in the future. They are entirely in the Thai language and most of the people who use them only speak Thai. Those who speak the language can easily find the websites by searching Google for sideliners in Thai. Cheers.

  3. Jay says:

    Nice. Enjoy these interviews with your average working girl. Would like to read more.

  4. steve says:

    Another good report. Many of these “sideline” girls make their way to Singapore to ply their trade for as long as their tourist visa permits them to stay–2 weeks to 30 days on average. They also advertise on local web sites and usually show their photo and what services they provide together with a phone number to organize a date. They are a mix of “outcall” and “incall” girls and some work with “agents” while others are independent. They mostly come from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Philippines–with a few from Eastern Europe–and sometimes local Singapore girls, but they are rare indeed. Most of the sideline girls are in their 20’s and are university students or work in salons or retail shops back home–or so they say. Many are very attractive and others less so of course. These girls are not working out of the notorious Geylang area, which is an “approved” prostitution section of Singapore, but rather are operating illegally. That doesn’t seem to keep these girls from flocking to Singapore where they can make a boat load of money in a short time. It’s a straightforward business and really the only thing to watch out for is underage girls (Singapore sets 18 as the minimum age for prostitution and if caught with a girl younger than 18, it’s jail time for the customer without exception.) And of course, some girls don’t look like their photo, but you can just decline to proceed before the action starts if you want.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Some sideliners in Thailand actually work with agencies. In that respect they are a lot like escorts. I do believe that some of them go to work for periods of time in Singapore and Malaysia. I have not heard of many truly independent Thai sideliners doing that though my knowledge on the subject isn’t all encompassing. I do know that a lot of freelancers from Vietnam make the trip. Cheers.

  5. guy says:

    i enjoyed the ‘as long as they have money’ followed by ‘oh ya and not being cruel wouldn’t be bad either’ part

  6. Jack says:

    I have a Thai lady I met through one of the app location features who is basically an independent, sideline masseuse/sex toy. Not a stunner by any means but so far accommodating of all my wishes except A+ (and even that is under discussion), plus she has a modest but serviceable cold water flat of her own that she hosts me at. Again, not a beauty I would want to be seen with on the society page, but a really delightful freelancer.

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