If you were ever going to buy a Fleshlight, now is the time to do it

Varities of Fleshlights

I’ve written once before about the Fleshlight on this site, namely how the stamina training unit can help you last longer in bed and thus get more mileage out of your sexual service dollar (at least objectively — sometimes shorter sessions are just as good or better than marathon mat time). Astute readers may also have noticed various Fleshlight advertisements appearing on the sidebar of the site from time to time.

Now is the best possible time to buy a Fleshlight. The people at the company behind the best selling male sex toy in history say the period from Black Friday (tomorrow) to Cyber Monday (the following Monday) is their busiest sales time of the year. A part of that is surely due to holiday shoppers. I imagine more of them would be buying the gift that keeps on giving for themselves than for others, but I can’t say for sure. One perpetually horny gal that I shagged regularly for a period of years actually bought me a Fleshlight for Christmas a few years ago, and insisted on using it on me to see how it worked. That could be because I introduced her to the wonders of the Hitachi massage wand for women. Another contributing factor has to be the major sales that Fleshlight runs over this period. Your dollar will go further now than it will for any other time over the next twelve months.

For what it offers the Fleshlight is already pretty inexpensive. When it’s on sale it represents an amazing value.

How well does it work? As a man that has stuck his dick into hundreds of pussies, mouths and assholes over the years I have to honestly say that it does not feel exactly like any of those wonderful places of pleasure. It doesn’t feel like a hand either though. The Fleshlight feels like a Fleshlight, and that feeling is quite good. When lubed up it’s a nice, easily accessible and pleasurable place to pop your prick into. The various styles and textures on hand offer all sorts of variance, every bit of it good.

Even with as much action as I get I still break out my Fleshlight collection on a regular basis when I want to blast one off immediately. It’s a nice switch up. If I was stuck in some pussy desert in the middle of nowhere, you better believe that my collection would be getting even more use.

If you’ve ever even considered purchasing a Fleshlight now is the time to pull the trigger. You have nothing to lose by simply checking out the Fleshlight website now and seeing what’s on offer and what kind of price cuts are going on for the holiday season. You might be surprised.

As I’ve said before I never started this site with the intention of making money. It’s nice when it happens, but it definitely wasn’t (and isn’t) the goal of Rockit Reports. Besides, the amount of time I put into creating the content here vastly surpasses any monetary rewards I receive. When you see something promoted on this website it’s not only because I get a certain percentage of sales. In many cases I don’t. I’ve never let a lack of affiliate program prevent me from telling you about something that I think is good.

I do get a percentage of the proceeds of Fleshlight sales from customers that discovered the product through my site, but I’ve used and recommended the product long before this site even existed.

Recently I wrote about the reasons behind the lack of a premium content section on Rockit Reports. In the comments and emails I received following that, a few readers asked how they could donate to the site or otherwise contribute. One way to do that would be to pick up a Fleshlight this weekend (or any other time for that matter). Instead of just ponying over some dough to a guy you’ve never met, you’ll also get the added benefit of having a nice pink pussy on hand available for poking twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

As always though, readers who want to visit the site without digging into their hard earned cash are quite welcome. I hope they’ll continue to visit along with any other who can kick up some dinero.

If you do end up picking up a Fleshlight or you already own one, feel free to let the rest of the readers know how it is in the comment section. For or against, that kind of user review is harder to beat than a sore dick.


  1. HornyInSeoul says:

    Any idea in how I can get one of these in Seoul? Fleshlight doesn’t ship to South Korea :/.

    • rockit says:

      Tough stuff. One option would be shipping it to a US address then forwarding it to your address in Seoul. There are some mail forwarding services you can sign up with online that can do this if you don’t have someone to do it for you. I’ve seen some sex toys in Korea, but nothing great. Next door in Japan you can find really great stuff that even outpaces the Fleshlight. Cheers.

  2. HornyInSeoul says:

    Thank you for the information :D. Actually I’ll be going to Japan really soon. Any tips of what I should look for there?

    Thank you again.

    • rockit says:

      In terms of sex shops, check what I’ve already reported on here. For sex toys, there are some great shops in Akihabara. Cheers!

  3. HornyInSeoul says:

    Sadly I had to cancel my travel to Japan. Do you know if there’s any extra tax or some kind of prohibition for these kind of products in Korea? I’m asking this because the difference between prices of a product like Tenga Fliphole are huge (U$40 in Japan, >U$140 in Korea).

    • rockit says:

      Seems the combination of low demand and few sellers makes the prices so high. As far as I know sex toys aren’t illegal (though porn and prostitution are — doesn’t prevent millions of porn downloads and a $22.5 BILLION US annual commercial sex industry). I’ve been to some sex toy shops in South Korea and they had decent enough selections. You might want to hunt some out, they usually have yellow and red signage on the windows. Of course the prices are about triple what they would be anywhere else, include Thailand (where sex toys ARE outlawed, but still easy to find). Cheers.

  4. Grimlock says:

    do it stamina training unit Fleshlight make penis hold long before cum blow off?

  5. Jack says:

    Always a delight to discover the range of your posts, Rockit. Top notch.

    I’ve never tried a fleshlight but am a big fan of the Tenga line. I think the Egg is brilliant: compact, malleable, soft and washable. I think you can get a three pack for about US$10, even on Amazon.

    But I discovered the line in Tokyo, at a great multistoried sex shop in Akihabara. M-Shop or something like that. Dolls, whips, 10″ real feel dildos and of course those great Tenga devices,

    I particularly liked how normal it feels to stroll the aisles. Some creepy types for sure but lots of casual shoppers, couples giggling and oohing over some toy or another.

    For a country that still scratches out all the graphic content in international skin mags, Japan has a great sex toy industry!

    • rockit says:

      I’d agree that Japan has the best toys and toy stores. Did you read my review of Love Merci? Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

  6. Fk says:

    Stamina fleshlight.. Is it available in tokyo.. If not what’s the alternative option

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