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This website has been online since 2012. Depending how you measure it is now going into either its third or forth year of operation. Over the years many people have written to ask how they could help the site. For the most part these messages have gone unanswered. That’s not to say they didn’t receive responses. It’s only to say that I didn’t have any special instructions for the people who wrote them. I only thanked them for their kindness and willingness to contribute.

I did consider creating a premium content section at the end of 2013 but a number of things got in the way. In 2015 a new version of that same old idea will be realized though the terms will be a little different than what was originally imagined. Donations have also been proposed and considered but this site is adult in nature and we live in a hypocritical society where many people, especially those in positions of power, don’t practice what they preach, it is incredibly difficult to find a payment processor to accept monetary gifts.

As this site continues to grow both in terms of content and readers things become more time consuming and energy intensive. Doing new research, expanding the scope of the site and taking time away from more lucrative endeavors all costs money.  The site certainly isn’t in trouble and it will continue on no matter what but in order to keep developing it further and expanding it the help of viewers could be a big boon. Millions of people have viewed this website. I have no way to know how much they enjoyed it other than to look at return visitors. The number of return visitors continues to grow with the number of overall visitors so I must be doing something right. This website will always be free to view and readers don’t ever have to contribute a single second or red cent if they don’t want to. Some have viewed the site and found great entertainment value that perhaps surpasses even their cable television subscriptions. They have told me that they want to contribute. For those people I propose the following:

Purchase affiliate products –  There are a number of links scattered on this website. Some of them are affiliate links, which means the site receives a bit of compensation when a person clicks them and makes an order. I don’t and can’t encourage anyone to click links for the sole purpose of helping this website but if you are interested in some of the products advertised here like the fleshlight or some of the best porn sites or adult webcam sites readers can reach them through the links posted here. I enjoy things like the fleshlight and chatting with hot babes online when I can’t get any real action and I’m sure many of the people who read this site would too.

Donate – As said running the site, doing new research, setting up a discussion forum and everything else involved requires money. Getting a payment processor to deal with a “high risk site” like this requires a $1000 deposit just to get started. Many people have asked how they can donate and as of yet I still haven’t found a legit payment processor that would allow a donation link to be placed on this site. If readers have any ideas on this I welcome their thoughts.

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