How to find sex on Craigslist

CraigslistCraigslist has been around for a long time. It’s the go-to site in many major western cities when you want to buy or sell something, rant or rave, or promote a service you’re offering. It also has a long history of being a place for people to meet up for sex.

After a few nuts went off the deep end and did some bad things to people they met on Craigslist, the politicians, social-conservatives and media went into a furious dash to attack the site for allowing the listing of “erotic services” and “erotic gigs.” Never mind that these services existed long before Craigslist, or that they were and are advertised in any number of alternative city papers like the Village Voice, or uh, Backpage.  Never mind that prostitution should not be illegal. Before long those sections were gone. But did the action itself disappear? Of course not. It just migrated.

You can still get laid through connections on Craigslist, whether you pay or not. I’ll give you a quick rundown.

Pay-for-play on Craigslist

While the official sections are long gone, there is still a lot of promotion going on. Check the “therapeutic services” section of nearly any city’s page to see what I mean. Use your brain, reviews you find online, and of course Rockit Reports to figure out which are good and which are shit. If all else fails, man up and take one for the team.

What if you don’t find anything you fancy? You can always make a post of your own. You could say something like “generous guy seeks companionship”, or “looking for private massage, will pay, first timers okay.” Be creative to get around the community of censors. Some cities are more accepting than others. Usually these things are left alone though as most normal people are not insane. You can make posts like these in the m4w, talent gigs, part time work or miscellaneous jobs sections.

Casual encounters and free hookups on Craigslist

In most cities, the w4m dating and casual encounter sections are shit. They used to be a lot better, but now they are mostly filled with spam, often carefully worded to appear real. If you take your time and sort through the garbage, you can still find some pearls. I’ve successfully boned quite a few women that I’ve met from replying to ads in these sections. Be forewarned for every twenty or thirty replies you write you may receive one response.

So what is a horny guy to do? Place your own ad. If you’re man enough to put your face picture in it and be up front about what you want to do (whether that be dating or a straight no strings attached hook up) you have a good chance at getting some replies. I’ve scored with dozens of women in several cities in this manner. Only a few times did I fail to at least score one meet up. You can keep your cock shots on your hard drive though, as most women will be indifferent to turned off by it.

If you’re willing to experiment a bit, action can be so easy to find it’s ridiculous. What do I mean? Venturing out of the m4w section.

If you already have a woman and she’s up for some adventure, action is incredibly easy to find. Whether you want to engage in some same room sex or swapping with another couple or are looking for a young stud or two to help you pound her out, you should have no trouble at all. You will probably get more replies than you know what to do with. Finding a woman to be a third in a threesome can be a bit tougher, but it is still quite doable. Again, posting face pictures when possible being totally upfront about what you’re looking for is always most effective (as long as it’s not something like “overweight grandpa seeks 21 year old college student to pinch his nipples and shit on his face”).

And that works in the other direction to. Replying to mw4m posts (couples looking for a guy for a threesome) often gets you a lot more responses than sticking to the w4m listings. I’ve stuck my pecker in quite a few slits simply by offering to help a guy work his wife’s hole over or even banging her out while he watches. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to find some tail.

Even with all the bullshit that has come along in recent years Craigslist is still a pretty good resource for guys looking to empty their balls. All you have to do is put in a little time and effort.  It does seem that Craigslist can be more effective for dating outside of the United States, which sounds strange since there are fewer users. Keep in mind though that there are usually also less spammers and frauds.

The more open you are, the more action you can get. Dig in.


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