How Korean Massage Parlor Happy Endings Work

how to get a happy endingKorean massage parlors are different than Chinese massage parlors, which I reported on earlier, in that they usually offer “full service” as a standard service. A table shower, which involves you laying on a covered massage table while being soaped up and rinsed by your masseuse, is also standard – a bonus both for the client and the woman servicing him who won’t have to deal with any body odors.

How can you tell if a massage parlor is Chinese or Korean? For those who know the difference between the Chinese and Korean languages and people, this is very easy. For others, there are a number of clues you can look for. Does the spa have a website with pictures of the girls who work there in modeling poses (like this)? Then it’s Korean. Do you have to call to get the location? There’s a good chance it’s Korean. Is it open 24 hours, or at least very late? There’s a good chance it’s Korean. You can also do some scouting online, using this site and others like it.

How can you find a Korean massage parlor? You may see them while driving around, or you can check Craigslist and Backpage (but beware). You can also check some of the various blogs and forums online. The phone book may even be of some help, as a lot of Korean places are permanent fixtures.

Korean massage parlors exist in most major cities, and to a much lesser extent, in some small towns. The prices and service are pretty much standard. In New York and other large cities, customers typically pay 200 dollars all-in. In some smaller cities, they’ll pay 160 or 180. If a guy acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on he may be asked for a lot more. It’s much better for customers to be knowledgeable and prepared.

For a guy’s first time visiting a particular shop, he’ll call ahead to make an appointment. With a lot of places, this will be a necessity since the massage parlors don’t list their exact locations in ads or on websites. Customers will most likely need to call from an unblocked number. In the US cheap prepaid phones are easy to get and guys with discretion issues usually come up with a fake name. If a guy finds a particular woman on a parlor’s website attractive, they can ask to set an appointment with her (though outside of New York a lot of these places do not maintain websites).  They should still be prepared for rejection since some girls are heavily booked or rarely work. If a guy becomes a regular customer he may be able to set appointments much more easily or even just drop in unannounced.

When the customer shows up, he’ll likely need to ring a doorbell. There will be a secure door and a video camera. This is meant to keep out unwanted “surprise visitors” like robbers or law enforcement from just dropping in. Guys needn’t be afraid in most cases, as they can just smile for the camera and wait.

New customers will probably be asked if you have been there before. Lying in these places often doesn’t work, because unlike the massage girls, the mamasans (older female managers) tend to stick around for a while and have good memories. Educated guys usually say that they have been to other parlors before and have decided to try a new location, or they simply say that a friend recommended the place.

After entering the customer will be led into a room, either by the mamasan or the masseuse. The masseuses in the Korean massage parlors are most often much more attractive than those at the Chinese parlors. They will usually be dressed in a revealing nightie. These women come to the United States as visitors or live there permanently and rotate around any number of parlors, usually not staying in any one place too long. In the bigger cities, they will typically be very attractive women in their 20’s and 30’s, quite often with nicely shaped, large fake breasts and nice hair and makeup. In the smaller cities, the women will usually be less attractive, often older women that aged out of the big city scene, but still attractive enough and commonly very skilled at their jobs. At one time, these were the hotties in their 20’s working in New York and Los Angeles.

Customers pay either the mamasan upon entry or the massage gal as soon as they get into the room. The standard rate is 60 per hour, though it may be more in some places. Shops may offer a half hour session or they may not, but guys in the know always opt for the hour to show that they’re serious. They are also prepared and pay in cash. This money goes to the house.

Customers will also have to pay for the extras. In New York, the standard rate for full service is 140 dollars and has been that way for some time. In the rest of the United States, it varies between 100 and 140 on top of the house fee. Either immediately after asking for the house payment, or a few minutes into the pathetic excuse for a massage that’s provided, the customer will be asked what they want. Outside of New York, they will sometimes offer first timers lesser action like a hand job or blow job. This is to test out the customer. Clients can try to ask for full service, but they shouldn’t ever be pushy. Those looking for full service in the future would probably be better served by taking what is offered and coming back again. They’ll develop a level of trust this way.

Guys with experience simply give the total amount together with the house fee all at once, to show that they know the deal and are ready for action. Guys who opt for a hand job or blow job will have to negotiate the rate. They won’t pay more than you would for full service unless they want to go out like a sucker and face inflated rates on future visits.

If a guy makes an appointment with a specific girl, that should be who they get. If not, they will be given whoever is next in rotation. Some guys will ask for a “lineup” of available women to choose from, but this is bad form. It’s common in Korea, but there’s a reason these girls work in the US, often refusing to service Korean customers all together. This kind of thing is a big part of that.

Korean massage parlors are usually clean and neat. The rooms are always private, with walls that go up to the ceiling and locking doors. Some are subdivided so customers can hear what’s going on outside of their rooms to some small extent, but guys won’t run into any paper walls and curtain doors like they’ll find in some Chinese parlors.

Upon entering the room, the customer will be told to take off his clothes. The masseuse may stay in the room and watch/help, or she may leave. When the customer tenders payment, the girl will leave the room to give it to the house mom. The customer will sit tight and wait for her return. He’ll sometimes be given a clear plastic pouch for his phone and wallet. This is so he can carry these with you into the table shower and sauna, to make sure he doesn’t have anything stolen or have an opportunity to pretend that he did.

After taking off his clothes, the customer will be given a towel. Experienced guys may make sure the masseuse seems them naked before wrapping the towel around their body. This lets her know what she’s working with and helps relax her a little bit, keeping in mind they have a large number of things to worry about. If the guy is cool, she will be more likely to be too.

Customers will either be offered a table shower or simply led there. They put on the provided slippers and follow their masseuse to the shower room. Korean massage parlors are great at discretion and organization. Although a guy might hear another customer enter, he will probably never, ever see one.

Once the customer enters the shower room he will disrobe and wait for the masseuse to spray some warm water on the table. If he lays on it before it’s prepared he’ll not only look like a newbie, he’ll also freeze his nuts off! After the masseuse says it’s okay, the guy will lie face down on the table. This is the time she will feel out the customer. As she lathers him up, she may get into some small talk. The nicer the guy is here, the better service he will likely get later. After she washes the customer’s back (and usually his butthole) thoroughly, she’ll ask him to turn over. Sometimes they will get playful when they wash the customer’s cock and balls, sometimes they will not. Guys who get hard at this point may give the kind of signal the masseuse is looking for, but it’s not necessary. If an experienced customer is offered mouthwash they take it. That may mean he’s going to be allowed to kiss or more later. If he refuses, he will probably be refused too.

After the customer is washed and dried off, he will either be led to a small sauna room or directly back to the massage room. Sometimes they’ll ask if the customer wants the sauna. If they are busy, sometimes they will put the customer in there while they do some work in another room. If a customer does end up in the sauna, he simply waits there until his masseuse returns.

Back in the room the customer will be given a perfunctory massage. Experienced guys know not to expect any pain relief here at all. It’s almost unheard of to get a decent massage in a Korean parlor. But that’s not why guys visit them! Sometimes a customer will get nothing more than a few seconds of “soft massage” which involves the masseuse gently gliding her fingers on the guy’s skin to get him relaxed and in the mood. Sometimes, they’ll do a few minutes of half-assed massage. Sometimes they’ll get right to work.

If they didn’t get their supplies while the customer was in the sauna, the masseuse will often leave at this point to get them. They will have a small bag with lube and condoms. The customer will be told to lie on the massage table on his back. A lot of times, the more professional girls will already have filled their pussies with jelly so as not to ruin the mood. They will get the customer hard (and by god they are good at it, some guys have been amazed since they have trouble getting hard in other situations) then put a condom on his member. The customer may get a cat bath (licked all over his body, especially around his nipples and balls, and sometimes even his asshole), which is popular in Asia. They typically use Japanese condoms that are very thin and very high quality. In the vast majority of cases they will put the condom on the customer with their mouths, which can be quite an experience. They will then perform oral sex for a varying amount of time. Some will suck their customer and work his nuts with their hands for quite a while; some will only give it a few mechanical up and down motions. A woman who worked at one shop in the Midwest used to do her best to make customers blow their loads at this point with her “magic mouth” (her words, not mine). She wasn’t very attractive, with an older worn face and big, badly installed bolt-on tits, so I’m sure most did not mind. If other, hotter girls get an experienced customer close to coming, they can simply ask them to stop so there will be an opportunity for sex.

When the main event unfolds, the masseuse will get on top of the customer and start riding his meat. If a guy wants to go down on a masseuse, he’ll have to ask before that happens. A lot of guys don’t do this. Some genuinely appreciate it, but others may not. Fingering is usually not welcome.

Some girls will allow all kinds of roaming hands and kissing. Others are princess like and want none of it. Some treat their tits like prize possessions and will shy away from even nipple licking. Others will let the customer have at it. Guys in the know just go with the flow, as even a “bad” experience is usually quite good.

If the customer doesn’t shoot his wad while the masseuse rides him, she will probably lay on her back for missionary. The masseuse are usually quite good at holding the customer’s body with their legs and arms in what feels like an embrace, but is really meant to keep the guy from fucking them too hard and deep. Considerate and caring guys excel here.

Customers will usually only be given doggy style access only if they directly request it during sex. If they do that they still may be denied, though they usually are not. Guys who go crazy and start pounding away will not be warmly received. Many of the service providers who work at massage parlors are tight, even though they fuck a lot, and they don’t want to ruin the goods that they use to make a living or feel pain. Considerate guys can understand this.

After a customer shoots his last drop of cum, his masseuse will grab his cock by the base and pull it out. Then she’ll gently take off the condom and put a wet towel over his pulsating penis. The customer need only to lay there and relax. She’ll leave the room and come back with a warm wet towel to gently clean him off.

This will be followed by some small talk, and she’ll usually help the customer get dressed. Mileage will vary here, even with the same girl. Sometimes they want to lie together and cuddle, sometimes they want to get the guy out the door as soon as possible. A customer may be thanked and offered a drink or candy by the mamasan on the way out. The nicer a guy is, the better his service will be in the future.

It really is as simple as that. A guy makes an appointment, goes in, has a good time with a hot girl, and then leaves.

Korean massage parlors offer the most reliable service, often with the hottest of women, of any adult establishments in the United States.

For even more information check out the book “How to Get a Happy Ending.”


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