Sex is on sale in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya go go bar shower showIf you’ve got some money in your pocket, getting laid in Pattaya is about as difficult as finding ice in Antarctica. Since there is so much information already online, I’m just going to give you the basic rundown.

The entire city is geared around the sex industry. Although technically illegal, it’s public and prominent and has been for decades. The biggest threat today comes from the hordes of “regular tourism” visitors from Russia and the Indian subcontinent. Why on earth anyone would want to come to Pattaya for “regular tourism” is beyond me, but it’s the reality that it’s happening more and more.

There are a few main kinds of pay for play places in Pattaya.

First are the massage parlors. There are those built only for sex, which are often called “oilies” or “soapies.” There are a lot of these in Bangkok. Here they don’t seem to make much sense. That’s probably why there aren’t nearly as many. Unless you have some issue where you need absolutely guaranteed discretion, I can’t see frequenting these places. They offer everything on premises at higher than market rates. I can’t recommend any in particular because I can’t recommend any.

Next are the regular massage places. You will see these on nearly every block of every street in Pattaya. Officially they don’t allow extras, but what goes inside is often much different. The dozens of women working in each shop receive no wages. They rely completely on massages. Since there are so many of these places, most of them are empty most every day. Go inside and get an oil massage for a few hundred baht ($5-10 US) and ask for a hand or oral finish. A lot of times you will get it. Especially if there is some privacy or you repeat at the same place. The standard tip for a hand job finale is usually 500 baht, but it will be negotiated before she finishes you off. Try to think with your big head before all your blood rushes to your nuts. The massage places on Soi 13/3 near Beach Road seem to be most keen to wax your wang, but you can find it anywhere with the right masseuse.

The bread and butter of Pattaya is the Go Go Bars, especially those on Walking Street. The problem now is that Walking Street has become a tourist spot where moms and dads inexplicably take their sons and daughters to pose for photos with prostitutes in the street. You can still see tits in the go gos here, along with lesbian shoes, bath shows, and the rest. But the atmosphere is a lot different and the prices are now through the roof. Expect to pay (1800-3000 baht!), and remember that most of these girls only want to do short time. You can find the occasional gem, but I just avoid the place all together now unless I’m on the hunt for an absolute porn star style stunner out of a place like Baccara.

The side streets leading off of Walking Street also have go go bars in them, and these tend to be a lot less crowded. The only people you’ll likely find in here are guys like yourself looking for some action. These go go bars, along with the other scattered around Soi 7, Soi 8 and Soi LK Metro offer the best deals. You will have to sort through some of the more undesirable ladies, but there are a lot of hotties still to be found.

Pattaya Thailand bar girls lesbian showAfter the A Go Go’s come the beer bars, and there must be thousands of them in Pattaya. I’m not even going to bother mentioning locations because there are literally everywhere. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, you’ll find another 20 or 30. The game here in these outdoor bars is straight forward. Take a seat, pick a girl, buy her a drink if you’d like. Talk with her, play a game of Connect 4 or pool, then decide if you want to take her out. The usual rate is 300 for the barfine plus whatever you and the woman decide on. My standard offer is 700 short time, 1000 long time. This is rarely refused.

The barfine system in Thailand is more like the one in Cambodia or Vietnam. Whereas in Angeles City the barfine includes everything, here it’s only payment to the bar. You will have to negotiate the rate for the girl directly, before you decide to leave. You pay the barfine before you go, but remember never to pay up front to the girl herself if you don’t want to be ripped off.

It can sometimes be beneficial to ask for short time then upgrade it to long  time once in the room if everything goes well. This isn’t a great move in the go gos though as the mamasan might expect them back.

After the go gos and the beer bars are the in house specialty places. There are only a few of these. The only one I can really recommend is the Devil’s Den. It’s a lot like Eden in Bangkok but with a better looking staff that is a lot more service oriented. This is where you go to live out your porn star fantasies (as long as it’s not ultra-hardcore German porn). If it was anywhere else in the world, I’d recommend the place highly, but with so many options in Pattaya it’s hard to suggest it at the prices it asks (3600 baht or around $118 US for 90 minutes with two girls).

I also must mention Soi 6, probably the most hardcore and infamous street in all of Pattaya, and that’s saying something. This little street is filled with dozens of short time and blowjob bars. Girls (and a few ladyboys) will be trying to drag you in their bars as you walk through and pick out the place you want to visit. In some you can kick back and get your cock sucked while you drink a beer for 700 baht, in other you can go upstairs and plow your new temporary date for 1000 baht. Long time take out is available throughout. The girls tend be a little less beautiful here, but you can still find plenty of pretty ones. Click here for a map.

Finally there’s the old favorite: Beach Road, also known as the Coconut Bar. The walking path along the beach here comes alive at night, filled with all sorts of characters, including large numbers of freelance working girls. They’ll try to get your attention when you walk around here. Make eye contact, get the smile, then sit down and chat with them. Negotiate a rate for short time and then either head to your hotel or one of the hundreds of short time places. Rates vary among women but I almost always pay 500 for short time. Beach road girls rarely go long time, which is probably a good thing. In the rare event that a bar or go go girl ripped you off, you could head back to the place you found her. If a Beach Road girl does it, you’re shit out of luck.

There you have it. Pattaya is still geared toward sex shopping, though it is starting to change. If you want to partake, this would be a good time. Stay near the action and you’ll be good. Almost every single hotel will accept as many girls as you’d like to bring. You’ll just introduce them at the front desk. The front desk will hold their ID card until they leave. They’ll call you to make sure everything is okay before releasing the girl’s ID back to her.

And that’s it. Any questions?

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  1. Max says:

    Great post. One thing though that should be added is, although it’s true you can bring girls to your hotel room, it’s important for newbies to know that there are hotels which charge a joiner fee (bringing a guest for the night) which is something like 500 Bt (or even 1000 Bt) and there are also many hotels which do not charge a joiner fee.

    • rockit says:

      That’s true, but I think those tend to be concentrated among the lower end hotels if I’m not mistaken. At least in the $35-75 a night range I’ve never run into that. Thanks for posting and look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks.

  2. shorif says:

    How can I manage to have intercourse with western or russian lady with cheap price

  3. Bzav says:

    I know the question I’m going to ask you is not your field of expertise, but since you have so many years of experience I’ll ask it anyways :
    I’ve heard about increasing number of thefts and pickpocketing on beach road by ladyboys post midnight. Is it safe to leave Walking Street late night around 2.30-3 a.m? We’ll have to travel all the way to North Pattaya from Walking Street since our hotel is situated there. We’re two guys in early 20’s and we don’t want to get into any sort of trouble at night. Thanks in advance.

    • rockit says:

      I’ve been through the area more times than I can count at all hours of the day and night. I always hear about the aggressive ladyboys and pickpocketing but I have never been touched. Then again I’ve never fallen victim to most of the things I’ve heard about. Perhaps it’s my face or maybe I just walk with determination. Even if it was a major problem the easy solution would be to walk on the other side of Beach Road, where the shopping malls and stores are, and that would eliminate even having to pass a single ladyboy street worker. People often ask me about safety and levels of safety. The questions are impossible to answer. People do get ripped off and worse in Pattaya. I just read about an airplane flying into a home in the United States and killing the people inside. You can be caught out any place any time. The best you can do is try to keep your wits about you. Cheers.

  4. sanpachi says:

    nice report. maybe another place to mention are freelancers in clubs. lucifer and so on are full of freelancers.
    and after the gogo-clubs close, party oriented working girls sometimes go to the clubs with their friends.

  5. Grayindo says:

    Great website and very informative, I will be visiting pattaya again in January 2016 for only the 2nd time and like my first I will be traveling alone. My first time I stayed at the LK ROYAL SUITES soi buakhao close to central road, after a while I sort of found my way around (nightmare to begin with) would you say this is pretty centrally located or could I have chosen better? On the fees for taking girls back I was only charged once for taking a girl back however I was charged again when I took 2 back, doesn’t break the bank but if you don’t expect it can be a little unnerving haha, cheers

    • rockit says:

      That area is close to the action on Soi Bukhao obviously as well as LK Metro. Most other popular areas are fairly close too. Cheers.

  6. Tommyoakleaf says:

    Currently visiting Pattaya during the Chinese New Year’s festival. It seems that the Asian men love to go to the second floor of Baccara and thow wads of 20’s and buy tonnes of ping pong balls. The girls are getting lots of quality tips so they aren’t even into getting a client. Plus, I’ve noticed some guys buy a girl drink and they didn’t stay with him long. They kinda left him for a long time.

    Does this happen all of the time or is Baccara always like this? I could call a girl over and buy a drink but I’ve observed some bad etiquette already – such as tag teaming and going back to dance ASAP. I even saw one girl who was with a white old man who was begging some other Asian to buy her a drink and she even gestured her number. I thought that was kinda mean.

    Yeah I’m in sin city and I’m kinda confused by how this thing works.

    • rockit says:

      The things you describe happen with some regularity in Thai go go bars today. That’s especially true of popular go go bars in popular areas and places like Bacara that are big with East Asian guys. I have reviewed some other lesser known go go bars in Pattaya that I find superior in many ways. Cheers.

  7. Jerry says:

    Hey Rockit, You have so many great reports done in Pattaya and Bangkok. But, nothing on Phuket… just wondering if there’s a reason? this is a major tourist destination in Thailand.

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