Sex is On Sale Near the Incheon International Airport

Seoul Incheon airport happy ending massageIncheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea is one of the biggest and best airports anywhere in the world. If you fly in Asia, there is a good chance you’ll stop there at least once. But while the airport has plenty to do (from a museum to an ice skating rink), there’s nowhere for a guy to go and drain his balls on a quick stopover. Or is there?

South Korea’s public transportation system is cheap, clean and efficient; and in this case it’ll take you right where you want to go in a matter of minutes. Here’s what to do.

Find your way to the Airport Express train, also called AREX. It’s easy to find by following the signs in the airport or simply asking someone. Get yourself a ticket from the automated machine, which provides instructions in many languages including English. You will be going only one stop to Unseo. This is a small town built recently for airport workers and travelers. It’s full of hotels and restaurants and not much else. The total trip on the train takes less than 5 minutes.

When you arrive at Unseo Station, you will see that there is only one exit. Walk out of it and head straight through the large public square to the only visible traffic light. You want to walk straight through this intersection, toward the buildings. The layout is simple. You won’t get lost. The whole town is surrounded on all sides by trees, trains and the like anyway, so there is simply no way to wonder out of it!

After going straight through the intersection with the station behind you, you will soon see a 7Eleven convenience store on your right.  After passing this convenience store, you will start seeing signs for massage parlors on the street. They will be made of wood or inflated and lit up. They will say things like “Thai Massage” or “Sports Massage.”

The Thai Massage place will be first. It is on the fifth floor of the building with the sign. If look up from the street, you will see that the windows of the entire fifth floor are blocked out with “Thai massage” signs. Just enter the building and head up via the elevator.

There are plenty more places in this small area. If you cross the street, the first building has a shop called “Wellbeing Massage” on the third floor. Again, just enter the building lobby and head up on the elevator.

In the buildings surrounding this place, there are several more massage parlors. Look for inflatable signs, double barber poles (a sign of sex shops in much of Asia), and the numerous advertisements thrown on the ground. Almost all of the big square buildings you will encounter after waling a block past the Thai Massage place will have at least one massage parlor inside.

If for some odd reason you have trouble, there are even ads inside all the elevators next to the floor numbers. They even have illustrations of massage in case you can’t read. The signs are usually in English, Korean and Japanese. This indicates foreigner friendliness.

The prices seem to be relatively uniform. The norm seems to be 150,000 won ($140 US). You may be able to negotiate a bit, but I wouldn’t. You usually pay up front to the same mamasan who greets you.

After payment, you’ll be taken to your massage room. These are clean and private. You masseuse will come in next.

The women that work in these shops seem to all be in their 20’s or 30’s, kind and attractive. It seems the level of English spoken at massage parlors in this area is higher than those in Seoul proper too, probably from the influx of travelers.

You will be told to strip of your clothes. When you get down to your bare ass, you’ll be wrapped in a towel and taken to the table shower room. Here you’ll get a back and front soapy scrub by hand. Extra attention will probably be paid to your tender bits.

When you get back to the room your masseuse will give you a short soft massage followed by standard full service. No hand relief here, you get to go inside (with a latex sheath of course). Oral is on the menu too! After a few positions she’ll have you shooting. After that, you lay back and let her clean you up. Depending on how much time you’ve used up doing the do, she may give you a little more soft massage or chit chat.

When you’ve finished, get dressed and head out the door. Tipping is neither required or expected.

All-in-all, these shops are a lot like the Korean massage parlors in the United States.

Cheaper and possibly better action is available on Hooker Hill and places like Belle. There are also a number of independents available. But those are all the way in Seoul. If you’re stuck in the airport and want to blow your wad, the Unseo massage parlor scene is probably the best option. You can get there from the airport, do your business, and get back in less than an hour if you need to.

Gimpo Airport in Seoul is not far from Incheon Airport and is connected by train. You can also get to these massage parlors by train from Gimpo by simply traveling in the opposite direction. There’s nothing else to it. The total trip from Gimpo should take 15-20 minutes by train.


  1. Neal says:

    Hello! informative blog site you have here. i was recetly at incheon airport for a layover and what you’ve given me is a fantastic time idea to kill time. But since it’s just a layover, I really don’t have Korean Won except for Canadian $ and Visa. How do I go around this? miney changer in the are, etc.. and you didn’t mention in ur blog how to grt back to the airport. i think I would still need to catch that flight back.. And would there be any issue getting in and out of the airport like visa etc?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Neal, thanks for reading and commenting. You can exchange your money for Won easily at the airport (truly one of the nicest airports in the world, with just about everything you could ask for including plenty of money changers). Alternatively you could hit an ATM machine in the airport. They only spit out Won. Won is an internationally respected currency, so you’ll have no problem switching it back to your home currency if you have any left over. You will have to go through immigration when you land and before transferring to your gate, regardless of whether or not you leave the airport. You can take the same train back to the airport. The distance and cost is same. Just backtrack to the station where you can buy another ticket (if you didn’t buy a return before you boarded). There are machines that have English options where you can buy tickets with cash or you can visit the manned ticket window. The station is tiny so it’s impossible to get lost. Trains come every few minutes (except midnight to 5 am when they don’t run). Here’s the website for the train:

  2. Keshab p Panday says:

    I am comming 24 th Apr. for one night stay in Hotel Hayat .I wants to spend a night with young lady .how much her
    cost for every things.i want to know.Pls reply tome. thank you.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I have no idea about your needs and who you can meet. The only thing I can do here is provide some general info, which of course is all fictional and intended for adult entertainment ;)

  3. isaac says:

    good one bro

  4. Bob Marlow says:

    Do you know if the Thai Massage is just massage or extra’s available?

    • rockit says:

      Hi. All the upstairs massage shops in the area should offer extras. Let us know how you make out. Cheers.

  5. brandon says:

    i will get in at 5 am do you know around what time the Massage buildings open

    • rockit says:

      I’m pretty sure they’ll let you in 24 hours. I’m sure that at least one is marked “24 hours” right on the sign. I can’t guarantee anything though. It’s only a short ride from the airport, you won’t lose anything if you can’t gain entrance.

  6. sanphone says:

    Hey, it’s fun to view your blogs and I certainly benefit a lot from them. I have a layover at Incheon international airport for one night in August, and my flight will arrive about 1am locally and depart at noon, so what do you suggest me to have fun if I already booked a hotel in the airport area? Thank you bro

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Your best bet (in that area with that kind of time frame) would probably be the massage options mentioned in this post. Not enough room for much else. Cheers!

  7. Bob Marlow says:

    I asked earlier about the Thai Massage I have been twice and both times told they do not offer extras.
    I tried Korean place in the building behind The Thai place 180kw and service was very bad, no touching
    below the waist no BJ at all. I just got up and left. The Thai place is good for just massage 80kw for 2 hr.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for reporting back. Sorry about the lack of extras. Did you have the same masseuse both times? I was back in the area recently and seems that at least one of the places has closed. Even with that there are still at least three shops. I can confirm that two of those offer the full course of extras. A report from another gentleman says the same of one of these shops. I haven’t been to the Thai shop. Of course things can change and your mileage may vary at any time. Cheers.

  8. shaqfu says:

    Hi there!
    Sounds interesting since I’ll have a 6 hour layover in Incheon.
    Which one would you recommend?
    Is the payment for one hour?


    • rockit says:

      Hi. The payment is for one session, usually billed as an hour. It may not actually last an hour. I don’t really have any reason to recommend one place over another. Any of the places should do, though there are some recent reports that the Thai place is not offering extra services. Cheers.

  9. shaqfu says:

    Thanks for the info! Are the salons 24/7 open or only at a certain time?

    • rockit says:

      At least one is open 24 hours that I know of. The trains however, do not run 24 hours. Check online for a schedule.

  10. shaqfu says:

    Thx bro!

  11. gass says:

    I have just been in Unseo following your instructions.
    There is no indications in English in the elevators and of course there is no extra service.
    Probably it works for locals soeaking Korean…

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. These places aren’t exactly aimed at locals (as the Anmas and some other operations I’ve described on this site are). The prices and location don’t really match with that. I’ve been to the area and the post was based on what I saw with my own eyes. I know for a fact that at least two elevators in the area contain signage in English (and Japanese). The accuracy of the report was verified by a commenter or two. How many buildings did you try? It seems that at least one may only be offering legitimate massage. It pays to shop around, especially in a small area like that. Cheers.

    • gass says:

      I tried two buildings and not the THAI one given the comment from another guy.
      I will be again in the way back.
      Why you don’t mention the name of the place(s) you visited and got the extra services?

    • rockit says:

      Look for the English signs, that may help. There are a few reasons I didn’t post exact info. One is that I visited on separate occasions, before I had this site, and didn’t record and can’t recall exact names or locations. Another is that these places tend to come and go from one location to another, so I didn’t want to post contact info on a place that may not be there. Finally, the area is small enough for people to explore on their own without much hassle. If I get a chance to revisit sometime soon, I will try to put a map together with exact information. I’m quite sure that there are still several places in operation. Let us know how you come out. Cheers.

  12. corei5 says:

    I’ve recently been to one of these joints, but it’s a total waste of time and money. The one I went to is one called “body massage,” one block down from the “thai.” It’s like on the 3rd floor. They charged 150k for full service, in return I had intimacy with a 35+, really far below-average-looking woman (and with almost zero massage skill). Dude, believe me, either you head to Seoul downtown and use the money to bang some young hot chicks, or you stay at the airport to enjoy several rounds of ginseng chicken soups. You’d be a much happier man.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Different people have different views, frames of reference, and experiences. One hit is another miss, and one guy’s gem is another guy’s slapper. That’s why they always say your mileage may very. The action near the airport isn’t the best, but it is action and it’s easily available to guys on layovers. That’s more than can be said for most airports. I haven’t tried the ginseng chicken soup but it’s must be great if you prefer it to women! Cheers.

  13. thatoneguy says:

    Hit the body massage place mentioned above. Introduced to a friendly 32 y/o who did full service. Head and bang with condom of course. Massage was okay but not something you’d normally pay for. Quick and easy to find with the directions listed above. If you’re looking to get laid it was pretty spot on.

  14. Jacob says:

    Are these parlours all girls, any guy on guy service that you know of?

    • rockit says:

      Guys aren’t my scene so I wouldn’t have any idea if there was a male massage service available, but knowing what I do about South Korea I very much doubt it. I have heard rumors that there are places gay guys meet but I’ve never had any reason to investigate them. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Yes. There is a gay boarding house in Hwasung city that local gays go to meet and bang each other. I heard it is free except for the room charge. I also heard some bar like that in Prague. In Madrid, I have seen guys sucking each other in public in a heterosexual porn movie theater.

  15. Jiminy says:

    Great post and instructions. I can confirm for certain that the Thai place listed as the first massage spot you see is not what you’re after if you are reading this blog. You can tell by the lobby. It is a proper spa. If you want a two hour Thai or aromatherapy massage, it’s perfect but you won’t get any extras.

    But Rockit is absolutely right. Wander around and you’ll soon find someone willing to sort you out. I was pretty pushed for time but didn’t have any problems. I can’t remember the building but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. It was fine for what I wanted but she wasn’t exactly hot, or young, or skilled. Better than sitting in the airport though!

  16. walangpera says:

    just had a 12 hour layover and saw this post…. I tried it out and i was back at the airport in 1 1/2 hours. Nice girl,nice for action 150000 won. thanks!

  17. twenya says:

    Just for a bit of extra info, I”ve tried a couple around the area. The 5F green sign near the main intersection always gives good service. I’ve been there a couple times and been quoted between 140,000-200,000. The girls are all around their early 30’s so not as young as you might want but I’ve never had to complain. I went to one with a pink sign on a 5F not far away and I wasn’t at all impressed. Older unattractive woman who couldn’t even get me to finish up.

    There’s a new Thai place opened up in the same building as Dunkin’ Donuts near the Sky Hotel. I have no idea if it offers extra services but I’ve seen it closed in the day and never at night so I imagine it probably does. Hope this helps!

  18. Jack says:

    Wow, great site. I was drawn in by your posts from places I knew, but I’ve transmitted Incheon many times and never knew about the ease of local service. I hope to sample the “boom boom bop” soon and will report back!

  19. J Rider says:

    Have you ever tried the Korean Style Strip Salon’s I see advertised on C* List in Seoul?

  20. bad3dabone says:

    Do you know if there are any kiss bangs near incheon? Thanks

  21. Lee says:

    Hi, any update regarding the latest massage places at incheon with happy ending ? I’ll be there in few days times and hope someone will guide me for that.

  22. Dan says:

    Hey rockit, where would you recommend i go for full service from an older women?
    I know barbershops are usually staffed by them, but are they in Unseo? What other part of Seoul would be worth checking out?

    • rockit says:

      Hi Dan. I don’t make recommendations here. This website is for entertainment purposes only. I didn’t notice any special barbershops in Unseo but then again I have very little experience there. They could be in existence. It’s more common to find them in Seoul and as you said they are often staffed by older women. Cheers.

  23. SupO says:

    First time posting on your site, Rockit. Great stuff you have here.

    I have an 11-hour layover in Seoul coming up due to horrible ticket planning by my travel agent. Anyways, with immigration and checking it 2-hours before a flight, that leaves me with a whole 8 hours.

    I’m guessing venturing into Seoul will be more useful for me. My question is, do any of those foreigner-friendly anmas offer the full-blown Macau-style spa service? 24-hour lounge area, food, drinks, and of course massage? That would be ideal for me as I can rest it up, sleep, relax, and of course release some stress.


  24. Chris says:

    Is there pubs there in Unseo for a good drink before the massage? I am happy with your blog on a good massage with HJ. I will be trying out this Friday.

    • rockit says:

      Korean pubs are a little different than Western pubs. People don’t usually go to them alone and the seating is commonly for groups. There are many places for people to drink in Unseo but I don’t know if any are set up for single guys. Cheers.

  25. Jay says:

    I am leaving the country in a week and wanted to know if these places are open during the afternoon at all since my flight is in the evening.

    • rockit says:

      The places I was aware of said they were open twenty four hours but I haven’t been to them in years and I have no way to confirm. Cheers.

    • Steve says:

      Jay, I have just come back from a stopover at Incheon international. I went looking for these institutions in Unseo and I couldn’t find them (spent almost 3 has searching). All signs indicating such businesses were not on view. All advertising I saw were for food. Have since discovered that a number of these places in surrounding areas were raided and closed down. Those who paid by credit card now have their details known and they’ve got thousands. I asked several taxi drivers where they were and all I got were blank looks. Hope you have better luck than I did.

    • rockit says:

      I can now confirm that there are many massage parlors still in the area. They are open, functioning and openly advertising with large signs at the street level and on the sides of the buildings. I will report more soon. Cheers.

  26. Steve says:

    PS for those who wish to look for these massage parlours using the directions at the top of the page, I suggest you print it out as a Korean government website for the reporting of offensive material blocks you from viewing them.

  27. TID says:

    Update for you mongers:

    To above directions, they are absolutely accurate and you cant go wrong (if you do then you should not be allowed to travel alone!).

    However posted that there was nothing there after 3hrs of looking must have been in the wrong place (I counted at least 6 probable locations in one loop of the area – its not that big).

    I only ventured into one (5F) – it looked clean and safe, though the lady wouldnt show me the girls until i paid 150k kwon and had gone to a room. She had a choice of two but would give me no details until I paid and, after i asked, she said she would not return my money if i didnt like (i could change the girl/woman/granny but if I chose neither then my loss) – sorry but I couldnt agree those terms … I have been conned enough times to know better. Instead I left.

    I walked around the whole area, some bars and restaurants looked nice but again, I didnt try.

    I called one of the big billboard massage places but they confirmed just massage.

    If you need to unload and have no issue with pot-luck with you money then try or at least have a look around.

    I am on route to KL, where for this money I can get a hottie of my choosing for the night or two for a couple of hours.

    Doing the maths, weighing the risks, i decided to let my brain lead for a change and kept johny safe and money in my pocket.

    Cheers anyway – maybe next time i will look.

    • rockit says:

      As this report and a post I will soon publish confirm sex is still on sale near the Seoul Incheon airport. While anything is possible it is almost unheard of to be ripped off in South Korea with the exception of Filipina staffed juicy bars near US army bases that are organized to extract money from soldiers. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      I went to check out the district. It’s got many shops, restaurants and even a jjimjilbang sauna at really reasonable prices. Groups of Chinese tourists seem to spend hours before going back to China. I’ve seen very few westerners and 7or 8 massage parlors and some of them seemed like closed down but seem to be in operation secretly. I’ve not seen any advertisement of the hankypahnky places here online even in Korean and I am surprised Rockit has found the town so convenient and fun near the airport. Keep up the good work!!

    • rockit says:

      There are probably a dozen shops just up the street from the train station advertising massage in Korean and English (and usually a few other languages) with signs on the sides of buildings and in streets. In fact there seem to be more now than when I wrote the original report years ago. I will probably report on this area again in the near future. Cheers.

  28. Geo says:

    How do you get to Hooker Hill from Incheon Airport?

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