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Gambling near red light districts

Several months ago a high ranking member of the General Assembly in Vietnam suggested that the country create red light districts to go along with recently approved casinos in a few special economic zones. “Life has such realistic demands,” admitted Phung Quoc Hien.

Asian casino prostitutes

This isn’t the first time someone with a bit of power in Vietnam suggested legalizing prostitution in some form. Back in 2015 I reported that social affairs officials proposed legalizing prostitution in Vietnam and creating regulated red light districts. Obviously that didn’t pan out.

So I don’t know if any red light districts will be actually be created in Vietnam’s new gambling districts but the proposal itself got me to thinking about the relationship between gambling and the sex industry.

It seems to be a recurring theme. Do gambling and sex go together? Casinos and red lights districts seem to at least. I can think of several places around the world where the sale of sex goes on in areas that are also home to casinos or similar gambling spots.


Naga World was the first casino constructed in Phnom Penh and it did very well for itself. The demand for gambling was apparently so high that a new Naga World was opened recently. Now there are two Naga Worlds within walking distance of one another.

Both Naga Worlds are only a short distance from hostess bars and karaoke centers where women sell sex but things get even more connected than that. It is commonly known that freelance prostitutes work the bars inside Naga World like Darling Darling looking for customers every day of the week.

There are also several casinos in Sihanoukville including some that very near to places where working women ply their trade.


Both gambling and prostitution are legal in Germany, at least in some forms. That explains the existence of several gambling centers in the streets around the Bahnhofsviertel in Frankfurt!


In Panama both gambling and prostitution are legal too. In the capital of Panama City the two often combine into one indistinguishable mass.

The casino inside the world famous Veneto Casino is filled with prostitutes all the time. The Veneto seems to have no problem with this setup and the place even doubles as a guest friendly hotel.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the world’s major gambling centers. The whole place grew up around legalized gambling and casinos.

It’s commonly said that prostitution is legal in the US state of Nevada. In reality each locality in Nevada sets its own rules when it comes to the sale of sex.

Prostitution isn’t actually legal in the city of Las Vegas but you’d have a hard time knowing that if you visited. There are prostitutes in and around the casinos, in nearby massage parlors and of course on Las Vegas oriented websites.

The Dominican Republic

The north coast of this island nation is home to the seaside city of Sosua which is known more for its working women than its beaches. The area is also home to several adult resorts like Blackbeard’s in Costambar and Blue Paradise in Cabarete.

Perhaps it goes with the territory since there are several casinos along the coast stretching from Puerto Plata all the way down to Las Terrenas.

The Philippines

Gambling is legal in the Philippines. The sale of sex apparently is not but Manila is another place that’s hard to tell. One wonders why women who are not allowed to sell sex are allowed to dance in bars in bikinis while wearing badges that show they are free of sexually transmitted diseases.

There are several “e game” centers as well as at least two casinos within walking distance of the EDSA Entertainment Center and its mulitple go go bars. There are also gaming centers not far from P Burgos.


If Las Vegas is the gambling center of the Western Hemisphere than Macau is the leader in the east. The small special administrative zone is filled with casinos that often combined with fantastic yet reasonably priced hotels.

I have spent time in casinos in Macau during down time and somewhat surprisingly I have left a winner more times than not. I don’t much believe in luck but it’s tough not to when in a city like Macau. If you win money in one of the casinos you’re up but even if you lose you’re surrounded by some of the biggest and best sex saunas in the world.

Online gambling

How about gambling and websites that cover the sex industry? I have not participated in online gambling myself but I have run into countless people over the years who seem to enjoy it almost as much as they love sex.

During my extended travels throughout Asia I have run into more than a few self proclaimed professional internet poker players. I am always wary of unsolicited advice given by strangers especially when they require “side hustles” to support their “profession” though others who I trust have filled me in on some good options for online gambling. Since winners receive cash money these games of chance seem a little more interesting than other adult games I’ve found on the internet even if those are rather entertaining.

5 Dimes is an online outfit that has a sportsbook and several casino games available. So customers can wager money on everything from sporting events like basketball games and races to blackjack and even bingo. I would guess that the sports book or poker would appeal to more guys than games like bingo that seem more appropriate for elderly women but what do I know? Letting the wheel spin can be quite exciting no matter which form it takes. 5 Dimes is the main gambling website for people in the United States who are often prohibited from using other similar sites.

Tipbet is another online casino that allows customers to bet on sporting events as well as play various casino games. Tipbet also has bingo too which just goes to show that it is probably more popular than I imagine even if I have never seen a bingo game anywhere near a brothel. Europe seems to be the main source of customers for Tipbet but as far as I know they are open to people from most other countries too, with the obvious exception of the US.

Pussy or payouts?

As the readers of this website are obviously interested in the commercial sex industry I have to wonder how many also have an interest in gambling. Do you gamble regularly? If you visit any of the areas mentioned above to spend time with women do you also spend time in the gambling centers? Do you gamble online? Inquiring minds want to know.

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