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From regular Japanese girl to gyaru: The transformation of Riku Hinano

I’ve written before on the greatness of Japanese gyaru. As an admitted fan of these bodacious blond beauties I am interested in the transformation from “regular girl” to full on “Gal.”

There are a few cases of this transformation being carried out in the public. The most well known was probably the scandal around Japanese porn star Mana Izumi, whose before and after makeup pictures leaked alone a while ago (those pictures are available in the aforementioned bit on the greatness of gyaru).

Another probably much less well known case is that of Japanese gal AV star Riku Hinano. While she doesn’t look spectacular in a lot of photos, she is a hot little sex pot in her films, which include a number of uncensored fuck flicks.

Below are her before (when she was a “regular girl” adult model) and after (in full gyaru style) pictures.




I don’t know if her first picture sets were simply photoshopped, but there’s no appearance of any stomach scar in them. Maybe the scar is what encouraged her to tan up and move toward the gyaru market (scars are said to be less visible on dark skin). I can’t be sure, but I like the result.

What a hottie. I sure wish I had a chance to slip her the salami. If only she’d put her services up for sale as Japanese porn star Rola Takizawa recently did. What do you think? Better before or after?


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