Foreigner friendly soaplands in Tokyo

movie inside of japanese soapland

“Soap Service High Class Bathhouse” shows what it’s like in a high end shop.

As I’ve written here many times before, Japan is home to one of the largest pay for play sex scenes to be found anywhere in the world. As I’ve also written, much of it is off limits to foreign visitors, either because they are prohibited from entry or because they can’t navigate the system.

At the top of the commercial sex spectrum in Japan is the soapland. It’s technically illegal to charge money for vaginal sex in Japan (one reason why blowjob shops are so prevalent) but soaploands get around that one way or another. Beyond the full service though (and to be clear customers are definitely not guaranteed to get that full service at all shops), what stands out most is the level of service. At soaplands where mat play is practiced, punters can enjoy the feeling of a Japanese service provider sliding her nude body up and down against them in a kind of sexual slip and slide that places like Honey Massage in Pattaya only wish they could execute.

A few months ago I made a post on foreigner friendly Anmas in South Korea. Now I’m going to make one on foreigner friendly soaploands in Tokyo. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

With the aid of Ryuji, expert webmaster of the new Fuzokupedia website, I have been made aware of the following two shops.

The first is Don Juan. Foreigners are accepted as per the management, but unfortunately there is no one at the front desk who can speak English well. Non-Japanese patrons who wish to try this shop will either have to know some basic Japanese or get a Japanese friend to bring them.

The minimum amount of time a foreigner can book is 120 minutes, and there is a premium charge for non-Japanese guys. The lowest you could book a session for would thus be 85000 Yen, which comes out to about 823 US dollars.

See the Don Juan website and take a look at the staff to decide whether or not you think it’s worth the cash.

The second soaploand in our short list is Balubola. Foreigners are accepted here as well, as we’re told by the management, but again there are no English speakers at the front desk.

At Balubola the minimum session a foreigner can book will run 100000 Yen, which amounts to almost 1000 US dollars.

You can see the Balubola website, but note that it shows no schedule or staff pictures. Fuzokupedia explains why here.

Note too that not all women at either shop will accept foreigners, so on top of the extra charge you are also more limited in your choices.

Soaplands in general are expensive places, but in my experience (at some premium shops in the past) they can be worth the expense if you have the money to spare. If not, there are plenty of cheaper options, from spots like New Hot Point to the numerous pinsaros around the country.


  1. White Lightening says:

    broken link rockit !


    • rockit says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. There was an extra space in the link and that was enough to throw it off. It should work now. Cheers.

  2. White Lightening says:

    These new reviews are excellent.

    You have a great feel for the “scene” all over the world.

    It comes thru in your reviews

    Can I steal a phrase ???

    Cheers !

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comments. Glad the readers enjoy it, that’s why I created the site. Cheers!

  3. Mali says:

    Interesting read here. Let me tell you, those would have to be some back spasming, charlie horse inducing orgasms to be worth $1,000 a pop. I’m always up for trying it, but I don’t think I’d make a place like the a habit (my pocketbook would certainly hope not). I’d be tempted to just hop on a plane to Thailand from Japan and get laid multiple times for less than 1 trip I think.

    • rockit says:

      It really comes down to your outlook and your availability. I used to wonder at the guys who I see spending thousands of dollars in NYC strip clubs and not even busting a nut. For the same price they could do ten sessions at a Korean Massage Parlor or fly to the Philippines and fuck themselves senseless for a week. But some of them aren’t actually into buying sex. They just like to show off and get drunk. Others don’t have the time or whatever else. If you’re in Japan it’s a real option. And since my experiences with quality soaplands in Japan (usually costing around $550, though the last time was a few years ago) were among the very best in my long and storied carrier, I could even see making a trip to Japan for it, that is if you have the time and money. Like I said in the post though, there are plenty of other options around if you want to go cheaper. A little over a year ago I reviewed a place in Tokyo where two women will suck you off for $20. Cheers.

  4. kay says:

    Hey I don’t know if you saw my coment in another video but you definitely got to comeback to new york and check out some places in queens.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I’m in New York and I’ve checked out quite a few, but I won’t be reviewing them here. If you’d like to know why check my post entitled “Where to get a happy ending in America.” Cheers.

  5. kay says:

    Rockit I also think I found a Spanish place in queens which seems intresting and I don’t want to come off as weird but im a new yorker it would be awesome to meet a legend such as yourself even get your autograph I also am going to this hole in the wall called body work in flushing main st

    • rockit says:

      I’ve covered those Latin places in my books “How to Pay to Get Laid” and “How to Get a Happy Ending.” Cheers.

  6. ArtV says:

    I’m a little shocked reading the prices you have written here. I have visited the Yoshiwara soapland area several times and paid in the ¥30,000-¥40,000 range for 90 minute sessions. I’m a Caucasian with very limited Japanese speaking ability…and I find just by appearing polite and pleasant while strolling through the neighborhood, about half the doormen will indicate their acceptance of gaijin by welcoming you in. I’ve been met with limited English but very patient and professional staff. One bit of advice however…never agree to the first girl they suggest. I have taken their recommendation twice with poor results. They definitely try to leave the better girls available for Japanese customers. Many places have websites with rotas and schedules…choose your favorite and ask for her by name…indicate you checked the website. I was once at a place (Kings club) and requested a girl by name, was told she is busy for the next two hours…I started to bring up the schedule page on my phone and the gentleman asked me to wait a moment while he double checked her availability…and she turned out to be available after all. Enjoy!

    • rockit says:

      Hi. A place like Kings Club or New York is on the far low end of the soapland scene in Japan. Hence the lower prices (which are still expensive when compared to a lot of other things). Soaplands are not inexpensive, especially when they are good. In my opinion there’s little point in visiting a soapland at all unless you’re going to get the full experience. Visit the sites I listed here and look at the prices. Yes there are “foreigner taxes” but it’s not cheap for Japanese guys either. A “special promotion” gets them a short session at around $400 at Don Juan. If you can find something for less that’s great. It’s even better if you can get a top level of service. Sadly though, you probably won’t. Cheers.

  7. JerseyMike says:

    Have you heard anything about the foreign friendly status and what services are available at Satin Dolls and Silky Dolls?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I don’t have any info on either of those places, but I will have reports on a few others soon. Cheers.

  8. Lys says:

    Would you say an experience at Don Juan or any other luxury soapland in Tokyo is superior to the experience of the saunas in Macau? I understand everyone has their preferences, but I would love your opinion.

    • rockit says:

      Many people say that their soapland experiences are the best they’ve had. While soaplands can provide a great service, my opinion differs. I don’t think anything beats Macau, although some Korean anmas are up there. There are other great locations around the world, but the legal and stress free atmosphere of the Macau saunas with all it provides is tops. Cheers.

  9. Microchip2202 says:

    I want to try Don Juan, but I’m interested in a particular girl. I don’t speak enough Japanese to be all that useful. Last time I visited a Soapland, it was Darling Harbor. In that case, I showed up around the time a particular girl’s shift was about to start (according to the website). However, when I arrived, I was only shown 3 girls to choose from (even though the site showed there should have been around 8 working at that time), and two of the three girls wouldn’t be available for an hour or two. Any advice how to get a session with the girl I want? I can’t very well call to make an appointment unless their English is decent. Email would be easier, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Should I show up on sight and try to book a later appointment that way?

    • rockit says:

      There’s really no option for guys who don’t speak Japanese beyond taking one of the women offered. Even if a soapland accepts foreigners that doesn’t mean that every service provider that works there does also. There’s also the question of how anything else could be arranged if the parties involved can’t properly communicate. In general foreigners who can’t speak Japanese are lucky to get good service anywhere in Japan. Very good service is limited to those who can speak Japanese. The greatest service of all is restricted to locals. Cheers.

  10. yoyo says:

    This is a great site. Thanks so much for putting it together. Have a different type of question. My wife and I are interested in going to a soapland or some type of japanese sex club together while we’re in tokyo. Do you have any suggestions? Not sure if there are couple friendly places, or if they just won’t accept us if my wife comes along. We’re both asian but not japanese and don’t speak the language. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      None of the regular establishments that I know of accept women or couples. I’m sure there are some commercial establishments that would but I don’t know of any. Some escort agencies targeted at foreigners may offer it. The notable adult entertainment for couples in Japan would be the “happening bars” which are like more relaxed versions of swing clubs. Couples and individuals hang around in these bars and then make arrangements to have fun on the premises. They’re more popular than one might expect in Japan. I don’t know how one would navigate them without a basic grasp on the language however. Strip clubs are happy to welcome couples but there offer nothing more than shows. Thanks for the comment. Cheers.

  11. curious says:

    Hi guys,
    I read on the Internet that the soap-lands will be required double payments so at first a client have to pay to the reception desk second is directly to the girl as a tip for her “service”. Is it true? If is it true how much will be the tip? Could somebody please explain it?

  12. curious says:

    Thanks rockit. But indeed I read like that somewhere maybe I described wrongly. If I remember correct there is written like “a shop is paid for the use its bathroom and a woman is paid for her service” . It means the client has to pay one time only to the reception or …? I would like to know about it because I confused a little. For instance a shop is advertised that the fee 20. 000 Yen for 70 minutes. Is it for full service and no need pay additional money?

    • rockit says:

      Sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s the system for some oily massage parlors in Thailand, but soaplands in Japan like soapies in Thailand usually have one all inclusive price. Foreigners typically pay this upfront where they are accepted. I’ve never tipped anyone for anything ever in Japan over countless visits spanning decades. It’s simply not a part of the culture. Cheers.

  13. curious says:

    I see, thanks.


    I was wondering where Don Juan is located and how far it is from Tokyo

    • rockit says:

      It’s in Kabukicho. The address is listed on their website along with a map showing the exact location. Cheers.


      Thank you. I have a few more questions if you don’t mind answering them :)
      1. Is it by appointment only?
      2. In your experience what is the best day/time to get serviced
      3. How ‘clean’ are the girls? (not too worried about this just curious)

    • rockit says:

      I’ve never made an appointment at a soapland. I’ve had good experiences at all times of the day and night. The women on the day shift aren’t always as attractive but at night the places get busier. I’ve never fallen ill after going to a soapland but it’s certainly a possibility. Cheers.


    Thanks Alot Man!

  16. Nathan says:

    Hey rockit, thanks again for the report! Would you mind explaining more about what’s the difference between a soapland like Don Juan in comparison to other soaplands? After your suggestions last time at Fukuoka, I visited Ariel Soapland over there and had a great time. So I’m wondering if I should give a shot to maybe Don Juan this time around when I visit Tokyo, but for the price being double to triple higher, I guess I’m just unsure as of what will I be getting that I don’t in other soaplands.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Nathan. The only thing I can think to say that it is “higher class.” It’s sort of like asking why a stay at the Sofitel costs more than a stay at a 2 star no-name hotel. Some people might not think the higher expense at Don Juan is worth it while others spend years raving about single experiences in high end soaplands. Of course the options are limited for foreigners at a place like Don Juan too though some still say they have had their minds blown when visiting. I have reviewed mid-range soaplands here like Darling Harbour where the prices are much lower, and I plan to do more in the future. I would note that I don’t make suggestions or advocate anything as this site is for entertainment purposes only, and I have never written about “Ariel Soaplands” in Fukuoka here. I believe some readers may have mentioned it in comments they left on the site. Cheers.

  17. Realdeal says:

    I tried to visit balubola recently and got rejected as they said only accept japanese. What a shame as I was willing to pay their foreigner rate

    • rockit says:

      They have definitely accepted foreigners before. There could be something more involved. Perhaps no women who work with foreigners were on staff, perhaps the doorman was showing prejudice based on appearance or something else. Or maybe they’ve changed their policies since this report was made last year. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  18. S says:

    Hey Rockit,

    First of all, great site. It’s been really informative and helpful. I am heading to Japan sometime in the near future (probably spending a lot of it near Tokyo) and was wondering what you would suggest for a complete novice. For the record, I have no first-hand experience with the p4p scene (not just in Japan) and any knowledge I have comes from sites such as yours. If it helps, I am a twenty-odd Asian raised in the North America, who unfortunately cannot speak a lick of Japanese. I know that last point can be a pretty big issue, but any advice you have would be great.


    • rockit says:

      Sorry but I don’t give advice or advocate anything. This site is for entertainment only. There are a number of places that accept foreigners in Tokyo even when they can’t speak any Japanese at all. Several are reviewed on this site. Cheers.

  19. Scanner says:

    Someone above mentioned King’s Club, which you said you consider on the low end of soaplands. Could you elaborate on that more? How much lower in terms of experience are these ones? I am asking since I have heard that King’s Club, and some other places, are a bit more forgiving towards potential customers who cannot speak Japanese.

    • rockit says:

      In Japan higher price often leads to much better quality and service. Low rate places tend to have older and less attractive women and offer less service. Some of them are more like short time brothels or even pink salons than traditional soaplands though most would fit the bill fine for a guy just looking to get his rocks off. Mid-range places may offer a more authentic experience catered to the customer. Some of the really high end places offer services that are hard to match anywhere in the world. Of course there are always exceptions which is why they say “your mileage may vary.” Darling Harbor which is reviewed on this site seems to have no problem with foreigners who can’t speak Japanese and has at least one English speaking woman on staff.

  20. Scanner says:

    Thanks for the heads up. If I wanted to see Japan’s p4p for the first time I would probably be willing to spring for the higher end if it accepted me. I’m just hope that it won’t ruin me so that everything elsewhere seems awful in comparison. With those prices it would probably make an expensive habit. :P

    All jokes aside, I had a few other questions:
    1. Where do the two you mentioned here rank on the scale? High?
    2. How many shots do you get?
    3. What actually makes a high class place that special?
    4. Finally, are the prices you mentioned for everything? I have heard that there can be extra charges that you have to ask about on the phone.

    Sorry for all the questions, but you seem like the person to ask about this sort of thing.

    • rockit says:

      There’s really no scale but generally places that charge a lot more tend to staff better looking women who offer a much higher level of service, at least in this particular part of the industry in this particular place. The service depends on a number of factors including the place, the provider, the chemistry the length of the session and more. Every price I’ve ever been given at a soapland in Japan was totally all inclusive with even a ride back to the train station being including. Tipping is not generally done anywhere in Japan. Cheers.

  21. ottoman says:

    In Yoshiwara there are middlemen you can go to who you tell your budget (“yosan”) and your preference in girls and they call around the dozens of soaplands in the area to find a match for you. The more cash you bring the more likely you will get what you want. Definitely plan for at least 40000 in Yoshiwara.

    You can also just walk around Yoshiwara and the places that are foreigner friendly will invite you in and show you a menu. Places that are not foreigner friendly will just ignore you. The two places mentioned in this post are probably the most expensive in Yoshiwara but each girl will be gorgeous and the service will be amazing. If you can afford it go for it.

    About “extra prices” – these places will post a cost on the web or outside their establishment. That is to enter the establishment. You always have to pay extra to see the girl and they never post that cost anywhere. But they ask for the whole amount when you pay so you only pay once. Anyway the point is plan for like 20000 to 30000 more than the posted price at least. You don’t have to haggle with the girl later or tip her afterward or anything like that.

    Someone asked about how many shots. I always lose it during the slip and slide but am always offered at least one more. One girl I saw tried very hard to give me a third shot but I’m just not that young any more.

    Also, I went to a place called Imperial Fukuoka in Nagoya a few years back. They were foreigner friendly and the girl was super hot and the price was less than half of what you typically pay in Yoshiwara for similar service. I know this post is about Tokyo but I thought I would mention it as an example that soap is often higher quality per yen outside of Tokyo. You can search for places by putting “ソープ” (soap) after your city name in google.

  22. Visitor says:

    Just returned from a trip to yoshiwara. It’s a strange place since the neighborhood is all old bathhouses which are now soaplands. I’m Japanese American, and speak only basic Japanese and I don’t look like a local. I was greeted by about half the doorman and after explaining I only spoke a little Japanese, most were accommodating. Only 1 said Japanese speakers only, but that was the very first one I spoke with. He did point me next door and said they were ok with gaijins, but the women were a little big.

    The most conversation I had was at land mark. I didn’t realize it had AV stars and was shocked at the price. I wasn’t ready to drop that cash this time. He was very helpful and even offered to drive me to an atm if I needed more cash. I’ll have to save it for next time.

    I ended up at one of the dream7000 places. Like others have said, drop 2 stars from the picture. Service was great and it was a memorable first soapland experience.

    So it seems like many places will take those who speak a little Japanese. You just need to be polite and explain that your language skills are limited. I’m not sure how it would go if you didn’t speak any.

    Next goal is to figure out which shop has the hottest girls without the hefty price tag.

  23. Zen says:

    Hi, for soapsland for example if I took the 70min package, is it limit to only 1 shot?

    • rockit says:

      It is normally unlimited but ultimate up to the service provider. Cheers.

    • Zen says:

      Thanks for the swift reply. I spoke/understand close to no Japanese. Is there any soapsland that is gaijin friendly and usually have quality girls(as in you won’t get fat/too old)

    • rockit says:

      I’ve reported the information I have in regards to soaplands in Tokyo on this website. Cheers.

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