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Review: Sexy Sauna Erotic Club — Prague, Czech Republic


Rockit Reports has always aimed at covering the commercial sex scene around the world. Of course this earth is a big place and is filled with things to be reported on. Even a subject seemingly as simple as the blowjob bars of Bangkok can take [...]


Review: Beverly Sauna — Macau

Review of the Beverly Hotel sex sauna in Macau

The many sex saunas of Macau have been covered in detail on Rockit Reports for years. Over the last two years however coverage of the subject has been more limited. There are only so many saunas in Macau though truth be told I have not [...]


Review: Goldentime — Vienna, Austria

Review of Golden time sex sauna in Vienna Austria

Goldentime is the most well known of all of the FKK style sex saunas in Austria and possibly even Western Europe. Nestled in plain sight in the city of Vienna the club is too large and well advertised for most people to miss. While Goldentime [...]


Review: K5 Relax Club — Prague, Czech Republic


Club K5 is an adult hangout that is a sort of hybrid mix of strip club and sauna. It is not exactly like the various “FKK” saunas that can be found around Europe and indeed even in the city of Prague. As well it is [...]


Review: FKK Artemis — Berlin, Germany


FKK Artemis in Berlin is probably the largest and most visible of all the sex saunas in German’s capital city. Artemis made international headlines a few weeks ago when the place was raided by authorities for alleged tax violations along with other charges. As reported [...]


Wellcum Hotel and Sauna in Austria welcomes guys from around the world

Wellcum Hotel and Sauna in Austria welcomes guys from around the world

While the recent news about the Brexit has stunned people around the world and possibly even put the very existence of a unified Europe into question the spirit of international cooperation is still alive in Austria where the Wellcum outfit invites guys from around the [...]


Review: FKK Oase — Frankfurt, Germany


FKK Oase is a large and well known Roman-themed sex sauna located in Burgholzhausen which is just outside of the German city of Frankfurt. It bills itself as being “simply the best” and that is hard to argue with. As noted in previous posts FKK [...]


Review: Red House Sauna — Shanghai, China

Review of Red House Sauna in Shanghai China

Since Rockit Reports went online years ago reporting on the commercial sex scene in China has been limited to the Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong. In both of those place prostitution is legal at least to some degree. While I have had [...]


Review: FKK Mainhattan — Frankfurt, Germany

Review of FKK sex sauna Mainhattan in Frankfurt Germany

Mainhattan is one of the most well known and easy to find of all the sex saunas in Germany. FKK is a common acronym in German speaking countries for the phrase Freikörperkultur. This translates to “free body culture” and has roots going far back in [...]


Review: Caesarworld Sauna — Taipei, Taiwan

Review of Caesarworld sauna in Taipei Taiwan

Caesarworld Sauna (亞太三溫暖) sometimes referred by foreigners familiar with the place as simply Ceasar’s is a men’s sauna located in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. Ceasarworld has been around for sometime. Even though it is located inside a major shopping center it has remained [...]


Review: Alexis Hotel — Jakarta, Indonesia

Alexis Hotel Jakarta Indonesia

Officially the sale of adult services of any kind are illegal in Indonesia. As with Thailand it’s clear to see a totally different reality on the ground with the practice being widely tolerated or even embraced. Like the previously reviewed Malioboro, the Alexis Hotel is [...]


Review: Eighteen Sauna — Macau

Eighteen Sauna Macau Review

Way back in March I wrote a review of Rio Spa in Macau. In that review I said that Rio Spa is one of the most well known saunas in Macau. That is certainly true. Today I’ll review Eighteen Sauna, another one of the most [...]


Review: Malioboro — Jakarta, Indonesia

Review of Malioboro Spa Club in Jakarta

In the time that this website has been online I have covered the commercial sex scenes in numerous countries. Early on I posted a back log of posts I had written up over a period of time that allowed me to quickly build up a [...]


Review: East Sauna — Macau

East Spa Club macau sex sauna review

East Sauna is the anchor of the East Start Group which manages a number of properties including the Sanado Health Spa that I reviewed on this website nearly one year ago. With an easy to find location inside of the Waldo Hotel, East Sauna operates [...]