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Review: Love Merci — Tokyo, Japan

Love Merci Akihabara Tokyo

I’m going to venture into a new part of the sex industry today by reviewing Love Merci, a sex toy shop in the heart of Tokyo‘s Akihabara district. I’ve talked about male sex toys on the site before, but I’ve never done an overview of [...]


Review: TS Music Strip Theater — Tokyo, Japan

TS Music strip club Tokyo japan review

A year-and-a-half ago I reviewed Japanese Strip club “Super Strip Theater” on this site. In that post I explained the way that Super Strip Theater operates and how it differs from the typical American strip club that readers may be used to. TS Music operates [...]


Review: Asian Feeling — Tokyo, Japan

Asian Feeling Tokyo Thai Massage with happy ending in Kabukicho

Over the last few months a couple of regular readers and advertisers have mentioned in passing what they see as a focus on the scenes in Japan and Thailand. In reality this site has a global focus and I’ve reported on places around the world. [...]


Review: Hipness — Tokyo, Japan


Time and time again on this site I’ve written about the widespread xenophobia in Japan’s massive commercial sex industry. While there are still many options for foreigners looking to get their rocks off in Japan, it can be tough for a gaijin trying to enter [...]


Review: Milky Baby — Tokyo, Japan


Milky Baby in Tokyo is a fetish shop providing services that one could only really expect to find in a place like Japan. At least one of those services should be obvious from the name and logo of the place. A main feature at Milky [...]


Review: Dio / Emotion — Tokyo, Japan

Dio Gotanda Tokyo Japan Blow Job Bar

Dio is another pink salon (blowjob bar) in the Gotanda section of Tokyo, Japan. Gotanda is actually home to a few shops but like most of the sex industry in Japan they by and large don’t accept customers who are not Japanese themselves. Dio is [...]


Review: Starcats — Tokyo, Japan


A few months ago a regular poster on this site who goes by the name of Ed sent me a link to a website for a place called Starcats in Tokyo. The site was filled with pictures of Japanese AV stars (AV being adult video, [...]


Review: Darling Harbour — Tokyo, Japan

Darling Harbour foreigner friendly soapland in Tokyo Japan

Several weeks ago I wrote a post on foreigner friendly soaplands in Tokyo. That post was made with information shared by a Japanese fellow named Ryuji who has set up a website of his own. Some of the comments on that post mentioned the rather [...]


Review: Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Style happy ending massage for foreigners in Tokyo

About two months ago I introduced Tokyo Style, a foreigner friendly erotic massage provider in Japan, on this site. While that post gave a run down of the shop and what it offers, this post will consist of a full review that will go a [...]


Foreigner friendly soaplands in Tokyo

Foreigner friendly soaplands in Tokyo

As I’ve written here many times before, Japan is home to one of the largest pay for play sex scenes to be found anywhere in the world. As I’ve also written, much of it is off limits to foreign visitors, either because they are prohibited [...]


Review: Hinomaru — Tokyo, Japan

hinomaru pinsaro pink salon tokyo

Hinomaru is one of the more popular foreigner friendly pinsaros (blowjob bars) in Japan, located right in the heart of one Kabukicho, one of the largest red light districts in the world today. I’ve held off on interviewing some of the better known places thus [...]


More Japanese porn stars becoming prostitutes

More Japanese porn stars becoming prostitutes

The ongoing recession continues to take it’s toll. But while it’s causing serious problems for millions, it is also making the sexual dreams of some of those with enough money possible. I reported earlier that Japan’s prostitution was poised for more action at lower rates. [...]


Japan’s pay for sex service scene set for more availability and lower rates

Japan’s pay for sex service scene set for more availability and lower rates

Gentlemen, Tokyo’s borderline-insane Governor Shintaro Ishihara has finally left the building, taking along with him his morality police according to much of the adult media. In the wake of his departure, there appears to be a renaissance brewing in Japan’s massive sex-for-sale scene. According to [...]