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Review: Sexy Sauna Erotic Club — Prague, Czech Republic


Rockit Reports has always aimed at covering the commercial sex scene around the world. Of course this earth is a big place and is filled with things to be reported on. Even a subject seemingly as simple as the blowjob bars of Bangkok can take [...]


Review: K5 Relax Club — Prague, Czech Republic


Club K5 is an adult hangout that is a sort of hybrid mix of strip club and sauna. It is not exactly like the various “FKK” saunas that can be found around Europe and indeed even in the city of Prague. As well it is [...]


Review: Mazlive Studentky — Prague, Czech Republic


Mazlive Studentky is an apartment based brothel setup in Prague. The outfit has been operating in the capital of the Czech Republic for some time and has gained its share of followers. Mazlive Studentky translates to “cuddy students” though I’m not sure how many of [...]


Review: Showpark DaVinci — Prague, Czech Republic

Review of Showpark Davinci in Prague

The Czech Republic is another country where prostitution is legal but the organization of things like brothels is not. While there are quite a few operations that seem to ignore the law completely it has shaped the way that some of the largest and most [...]