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Review: Beverly Sauna — Macau

Review of the Beverly Hotel sex sauna in Macau

The many sex saunas of Macau have been covered in detail on Rockit Reports for years. Over the last two years however coverage of the subject has been more limited. There are only so many saunas in Macau though truth be told I have not [...]


Review: Hou Va — Macau

Review of Hou Va inexpensive brothel in Macau

I have written in detail about the sale of sex in the “men’s paradise” of Macau. Most of that coverage has been about the relatively pricey saunas which the Special Administrative Region is known for though I have written about the less expensive Darling 1. [...]


Review: Eighteen Sauna — Macau

Eighteen Sauna Macau Review

Way back in March I wrote a review of Rio Spa in Macau. In that review I said that Rio Spa is one of the most well known saunas in Macau. That is certainly true. Today I’ll review Eighteen Sauna, another one of the most [...]


Review: Darling 1 — Macau

Darling 1 massage macau

Darling 1 offers an upscale “fishbowl” type of experience in Macau at a rate much lower than what the Special Administrative Region’s famous sex saunas charge. I first mentioned Darling 1 about six months ago in my post on paying for sex in Macau. Since [...]


Review: East Sauna — Macau

East Spa Club macau sex sauna review

East Sauna is the anchor of the East Start Group which manages a number of properties including the Sanado Health Spa that I reviewed on this website nearly one year ago. With an easy to find location inside of the Waldo Hotel, East Sauna operates [...]


Sex is on sale in the “Men’s Paradise” of Macau

Sex is on sale in the “Men’s Paradise” of Macau

Guys who have visited the Special Administrative Region of Macau at some point or even read the reviews I’ve done of Macau saunas on this website will have no trouble understanding why the place is often referred to as a male paradise. Those who have [...]


Review: Rio Spa — Macau

Rio Spa Sauna Macau Review

Rio Spa is perhaps the most well known of all the Macau saunas. I don’t know if that’s because the Rio Hotel is so visible, because the facilities are so large and lavish or because the sauna has such a large and diverse staff. If [...]


Review: Familia Nobre Sauna — Macau

Familia Nobre Sauna Macau

Dollar for dollar, Familia Nobre is probably the best of all of the amazing men’s saunas in Macau in my opinion. What makes it so? Keep reading to find out. As I’ve previously written on this site Macau’s layout can take a little time to [...]


Review: Golden Sauna — Macau

Golden Sauna Macau Review

Golden Sauna is one of the many male-oriented entertainment venues in the Special Administrative Region of Macau where a guy can go for almost endless pleasure. Once you get the hang of Macau’s streets Golden Sauna is very easy to find. In case you have [...]


Review: Sanado Health Spa — Macau

Sanado Sauna Macau review

Sanado Health Spa is another good representation of what makes Macau’s saunas such amazing places for men to visit. Sanado is a part of the “East Start Group” along with the much larger East Spa. I could tell you that Sanado is the low-end little [...]


Review: Emperor Sauna — Macau

Review of Emperor Sauna in Macau

The sauna in the Emperor Hotel is a good example of why Macau has been described as a sort of male paradise by more than one commentator. As readers of this website know, I have traveled near and far sampling the best and worst of [...]