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Sex is on sale at Manhattan in Shanghai, China

Sex is on sale at Manhattan in Shanghai, China

The commercial sex scene in Shanghai was first covered on this site in some detail last year but it has been more than twelve months since anything was written about mainland China. The country is massive and loaded with adult entertainment though the nature of [...]


Review: Beverly Sauna — Macau

Review of the Beverly Hotel sex sauna in Macau

The many sex saunas of Macau have been covered in detail on Rockit Reports for years. Over the last two years however coverage of the subject has been more limited. There are only so many saunas in Macau though truth be told I have not [...]


Sex is on sale in Hong Kong’s Fuji Building

Sex is on sale in Hong Kong’s Fuji Building

While mainland China has made international headlines with crackdowns on the sex industry both the sale and the purchase of sexual services remain legal in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. The “one country, two systems” deal isn’t only about the economy. Hong Kong [...]


Review: Independent Escorts — Shanghai, China


China is a huge country that is teaming with commercial sex services. While I have reported on the special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong for years I only started reporting on the Chinese mainland this year. While there are erotic establishments all over [...]


Review: Red House Sauna — Shanghai, China

Review of Red House Sauna in Shanghai China

Since Rockit Reports went online years ago reporting on the commercial sex scene in China has been limited to the Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong. In both of those place prostitution is legal at least to some degree. While I have had [...]


Review: Dragon Club — Hong Kong

A review of the Dragon Club bar in Wan Chai Hong Kong

Years ago when Rockit Reports was still in its infancy I wrote a post on the ease of finding sex in Hong Kong. Although it was hardly my best work that post went on to become one of the most popular on the site. I [...]