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Review: Kasalong — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Kasalong blow job bar in Bangkok Thailand

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about blowjob bars on this website from its earliest days. While I’ve covered suck shops in Japan and Vietnam, the main focus has been Thailand. The reason for that is that the blowjob shops there not only accept [...]


Review: Cherry Massage — Bangkok, Thailand


There are so many massage parlors in Bangkok that a man aiming to visit them all would almost have to make a career out of it to be successful. When I review a massage shop in Bangkok it means nothing more than I visited the [...]


Review: Dream Heaven Massage (Soi 33) — Bangkok, Thailand

Dream Heaven Massage Soi 33 Bangkok revieww

Bangkok is filled with massage parlors. Even if you could visit one a day it’d take years to get through them all, and by the time you finished there would probably be enough turn over to start all over again. I won’t come close to [...]


Review: Jungle Jim’s — Bangkok, Thailand

Jungle Jim's Soi Cowboy review

Jungle Jim’s is a little go go bar on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok that is notable for offering customers plenty of hands-on service. Jungle Jim’s is easy to find. If you can get yourself to Soi Cowboy you can surely locate the green neon sign [...]


Review: Kangaroo Club — Bangkok, Thailand


The Kangaroo Club is a cozy little blowjob bar on Patpong 1 in the Silom section of Bangkok, Thailand. Well, maybe cozy isn’t the right word. Although the place has been around for a quite while I don’t think dingy is the proper term either. [...]


Review: The Strip — Bangkok, Thailand

The Strip A Go Go Bangkok

The Strip is a go go bar located in the world famous Patpong nightlife section of Silom in Bangkok, Thailand. In a city filled with go go bars, The Strip sets itself apart with the fantastic options it offers in the club. While Bangkok (along [...]


Review: Som’s Haven — Bangkok, Thailand

Som's Haven Bangkok

Som’s Haven is yet another blowjob bar in operation in the Thai capital of Bangkok that opened about a year ago. With so many blowjob bars around it can be difficult for one to stand out over the other. So how does Som’s manage? Som’s [...]


Review: Toy Bar — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Toy Bar Soi Cowboy Bangkok

I’ve dedicated a lot of time and space on this website to explaining, covering and reviewing blowjob bars, in Thailand and elsewhere. Though Rockit Reports has now been online over a year, I haven’t yet touched on the smaller but equally entertaining niche of handjob [...]


Review: Lolita’s — Bangkok, Thailand

Lolitas Soi 8 Bangkok

You may have noticed several reviews on this website for places called Lolita’s in Thailand. The shop under the review today is the original stationed in the heart of the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok. Established fifteen years ago the Lolita’s brand has since extended to [...]


Review: Club Electric Blue — Bangkok, Thailand

Club Electric Blue Go Go Bangkok

Club Electric Blue is a classic (and classy) go go bar located in the famous Patpong section of Bangkok, Thailand. Electric Blue is very easy to find situated next to the well known Foodland supermarket on Patpong Soi 2, only steps away from other places [...]


Review: Akane (Chidlom) — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Akane Massage Chidlom Bangkok Thailand

Akane massage is a reputable massage shop in Bangkok, Thailand’s crowded massage parlor scene. Akane has two branches in Bangkok, and they each operate a little differently. This review concerns the Chidlom (sometimes spelled Chit Lom) location, only steps away from the Chidlom BTS Station. [...]


Review: The Lollipop 1 — Bangkok, Thailand

Lollipop blowjob bar Bangkok

The Lollipop 1 (not to be confused with the Lolipop Agogo) is another blowjob bar in Bangkok. Located in the heart of the Sukhumvit area, Lollipop has a lot of competition to deal with, not only from all the other blowjob bars in the Thai [...]


Review: Mike’s Place — Bangkok, Thailand **CLOSED**


Mike’s Place is another blowjob bar in Bangkok, Thailand that stands out among the crowd of dick digesting dives there due to a few unique features. Mike’s is located in a dark back corner of the Patpong red light district in the Silom section of [...]


Review: EZ Massage 1 — Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is loaded with almost every sort of adult avenue imaginable, from A go gos to blowjob bars. Perhaps most common of all are the massage parlors, which can be found all over the city. Massage parlors in Thailand operate on a few different models. [...]