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Review: Sana @ Mitu Massage — Bangkok, Thailand


Hundreds of establishments and adult entertainment service providers across dozens of countries have been covered on the pages of Rockit Reports over the years. This coverage has only scratched the surface of the immense industry that exists around the world. As time goes on this [...]


Exotic Massage Bangkok offers kinky services

Exotic Massage Bangkok offers kinky services

The city of Bangkok is filled with massage parlors of all type. They dot the city along with a host of other places aimed at adult customers. A lot of wild stories are out there and some people who have never been to the area [...]


Review: Marni @ Mitu Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

review of Marni at Mitu Massage in Bangkok

I first reviewed Mitu Massage in Bangkok in September, 2015. That review which was published almost exactly one year ago was viewed by many people. Many also left comments and questions which demonstrated a real interest in the place. When the review went online the [...]


Back to the Thai blowjob bars, again

Back to the Thai blowjob bars, again

I have been covering blowjob bars on this website site it first launched nearly four years ago. One reason for that is that I think the places are totally unique and interesting yet unknown by most of the world. Another reason is that there always [...]


Review: Rose’s — Bangkok, Thailand


Over a year ago I reported that I had finally completed the task of reviewing every single blowjob bar in Bangkok. Today I must report that I was incorrect in that assertion. No new suck shops have popped up in the time since I published [...]


Lots of new ladies at Cherry Massage

Lots of new ladies at Cherry Massage

Cherry Massage in Bangkok was one of the first oily massage parlors ever covered on this website. I first wrote about Cherry over two years ago and I have continued to cover it in the time since. There are many massage parlors in Thailand. Although [...]


Back to the Thai Blowjob Bars

Back to the Thai Blowjob Bars

Nearly a month ago I published a Thai blowjob bar bulletin necessitated by events. That report mentioned the closure of two blowjob bars in Bangkok and the opening of a few new suck shops in Pattaya. In the time that has passed more news has [...]


Review: Pino — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Pino soapy masseuse in Bangkok Thailand

I have written in the past that I do not make a habit out of reviewing individual providers working in shops. Since I have made numerous exceptions to this rule over the last two years the statement may be losing some of its validity. Generally [...]


Just Came In: A Thai Blowjob Bar Bulletin

Just Came In: A Thai Blowjob Bar Bulletin

Blowjob bars have been a topic of interest for me ever since I first found out of their existence many years ago. What sounded like something out of a fantasy land proved to be real and even common in some parts of the world. Japan [...]


Review: Mitu — Bangkok, Thailand

Thai soapy body to body massage

The first mention of Mitu massage in Bangkok, Thailand appeared on this site a few months ago. Almost immediately afterward I began to receive comments and questions about the place. At the time I didn’t have much to go on other than what I could [...]


Review: The Lord — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of The Lord hotel massage in Bangkok Thailand

Now that I’ve finished reviewing all of the blowjob bars in Bangkok I can focus more on other aspects of the adult entertainment industry in the capital. I started reviewing oily massage parlors in the city years ago yet I  have only just started to [...]