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Review: Hou Va — Macau

Review of Hou Va inexpensive brothel in Macau

I have written in detail about the sale of sex in the “men’s paradise” of Macau. Most of that coverage has been about the relatively pricey saunas which the Special Administrative Region is known for though I have written about the less expensive Darling 1. [...]


Review: Ace — Seoul, South Korea

Review of Ace Anma in Seoul South Korea

Ace is a foreigner-friendly anma in the Gangnam section of Seoul. Anma is a version of anmo which is a Chinese word for massage. In Japan it typically means just that. When affixed to a building in South Korea however anma typically means that more [...]


Review: Pino — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of Pino soapy masseuse in Bangkok Thailand

I have written in the past that I do not make a habit out of reviewing individual providers working in shops. Since I have made numerous exceptions to this rule over the last two years the statement may be losing some of its validity. Generally [...]


Review: Asia Studio Wien — Vienna, Austria

Review of Asia Studio Wien in Vienna Austria

The number of locations covered on this website has continued to increase since Rockit Reports first went online back in 2012. This is due in part to new travels and the acquisition of new information but it also a result of starting out with an [...]


Review: Liberty 2 — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Review of Liberty 2 massage in Ho Chi Minh City

Liberty 2 is one of the many hotel based massage facilities located in District 1 of Vietnam‘s southern financial center Saigon. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the hotel is called Liberty 2 and the massage facilities are located inside of it. The [...]


Review: Thai Happiness — Taipei, Taiwan

Thai Happiness massage parlor in Taipei Taiwan

Thai Happiness (泰幸福) is one of several Thai style massage parlors operating in Taipei. While they advertise Thai massage the women that work in these shops seem to mostly hail from mainland China. They can do decent body massages but they aren’t necessarily great Thai [...]


Review: Dream Teen — Pattaya, Thailand

Dream Teen Massage Pattaya Thailand

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and energy writing about oily massage parlors in Bangkok, though I have not really begun to scratch the surface of that large section of the industry. As of yet I haven’t written of any oily massage parlors in [...]


Review: Yuzu — Tokyo, Japan

Yuzu masseuse for gaijin in Tokyo Japan

I first mentioned the Tokyo Style massage company on this website in March of 2014. In the time since I gave the place a full review and made a report when they added several new women to their staff. I’ve also done some individual reviews [...]


Review: Pegasus / Sylvanus – Manila, Philippines

Review of Pegasus club massage in Quezon Manila

Pegasus is another Manila “gentlemen’s club” like the previously reviewed Kremlin and Air Force 1. The place is easy to find at its prominent corner location on Quezon Avenue which is the main thoroughfare in Quezon City. Every taxi driver in the metro area worth [...]


Review: Mitu — Bangkok, Thailand

Thai soapy body to body massage

The first mention of Mitu massage in Bangkok, Thailand appeared on this site a few months ago. Almost immediately afterward I began to receive comments and questions about the place. At the time I didn’t have much to go on other than what I could [...]


Review: The Lord — Bangkok, Thailand

Review of The Lord hotel massage in Bangkok Thailand

Now that I’ve finished reviewing all of the blowjob bars in Bangkok I can focus more on other aspects of the adult entertainment industry in the capital. I started reviewing oily massage parlors in the city years ago yet I  have only just started to [...]


A List of Korean Massage Parlors operating in New York City

A List of Korean Massage Parlors operating in New York City

** Note: An updated version of this list has been posted for 2016: ** Way back in 2013 when this site was is its infancy I posted a list of Korean Massage parlors in New York. As time went on that became a popular [...]