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Review: Sana @ Mitu Massage — Bangkok, Thailand


Hundreds of establishments and adult entertainment service providers across dozens of countries have been covered on the pages of Rockit Reports over the years. This coverage has only scratched the surface of the immense industry that exists around the world. As time goes on this [...]


Exotic Massage Bangkok offers kinky services

Exotic Massage Bangkok offers kinky services

The city of Bangkok is filled with massage parlors of all type. They dot the city along with a host of other places aimed at adult customers. A lot of wild stories are out there and some people who have never been to the area [...]


Review: 152 Massage — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Although it is not internationally recognized Vietnam actually has a huge adult entertainment industry that rivals those of some of its neighbors in Southeast Asia. The local government and press recognizes this fact and discussions over things like regulation and even legalization of the industry [...]


Review: Marni @ Mitu Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

review of Marni at Mitu Massage in Bangkok

I first reviewed Mitu Massage in Bangkok in September, 2015. That review which was published almost exactly one year ago was viewed by many people. Many also left comments and questions which demonstrated a real interest in the place. When the review went online the [...]


Review: Sun Massage — Seoul, South Korea


Sun Massage is one of several massage parlors operating in the Unseo section of Incheon in South Korea. Unlike a lot of the anma adult oriented massage facilities in Seoul and the rest of South Korea Sun is open to foreigners. This isn’t necessarily obvious [...]


Review: River Palace Spa — Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Review of River Palace Spa massage in Phnom Penh Cambodia

The sex industry looms large throughout Southeast Asia especially in the minds of westerners. Poon hounds and moral warriors alike can come to see the place as one big brothel. Among all of the countries in the area Cambodia may have the biggest reputation of [...]


Review: Rasputin — Pattaya, Thailand


Over the years I have spent a lot of time covering the famous seaside city of Pattaya. I still haven’t written up even half of what I know what I know about the area and its various businesses but I do have to use at [...]


A List of Korean Massage Parlors operating in New York City in 2016

A List of Korean Massage Parlors operating in New York City in 2016

One of the first posts published on Rockit Reports when this website went online way back in 2012 was about Korean massage parlors in the United States that offer full service happy ending to punters with a bit of money to throw around. Writing anything [...]


Review: Celebrities — Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai brings in its fair share of tourists but the numbers are nothing like what is seen in Bangkok and Pattaya. Chiang Mai is the forth biggest city in the country but it is a little off the beaten path with access usually requiring [...]


Review: Japan Miss — Frankfurt, Germany


The city of Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany. It draws in people from all around the world to live, work and study. As the increasing number of foreigners at places like FKK Oase and Mainhattan show it also draws people who want to [...]


Tokyo Style offers foreigner friendly erotic massage in Japan

Tokyo Style offers foreigner friendly erotic massage in Japan

While I’ve covered the massive commercial sex scene in Japan on this website for more than a year, I haven’t been able to write as many reports as I’d like to on all the fun going down in the land of the rising sun. One [...]


Review: Jinju Massage – Seoul, South Korea


Rockit Reports draws in hundreds of thousands of viewers per month. Some are return readers but others find their way here by following links or search engine results. Since this website covers such a vast variety of locations and venues readers can find it while [...]


Review: Rin @ Tokyo Style — Tokyo, Japan


I have been reporting on the Tokyo Style erotic massage company in Japan since 2014. If all goes well I will continue reporting on it well into the future mainly through reviews of individual women on staff. Tokyo Style continues to be one of the [...]


Review: My House — Pattaya, Thailand


Rockit Reports has been online since 2012. The site has maintained a regular publishing schedule throughout that time. Since the site launched not a week has gone by without the publication of at least one report, review or other post. Many times several posts were [...]