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Review: Annie’s Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

Annies Massage Bangkok Thailand

Now in it’s fifth decade of operation, Annie’s Massage near Nana Plaza in Bangkok is somewhat of an institution. The place has been around as long as any Asian sexual service provider that I know of, though it has been through a few changes. The [...]


Review: Lolita’s — Pattaya, Thailand (LK Metro) **CLOSED**

Lolita's LK Metro Pattaya, get your cock sucked off in style

Note: This is the review of the old, closed shop on LK Metro. Click here for a review of the new Lolita’s on Soi Chaiyapoon. Lolita’s is a blowjob bar in Pattaya, Thailand, set apart from the multitude of others that exist by its premier [...]


Review: Star of Light — Bangkok, Thailand

star of light blow job bar bangkok thailand review

Star of Light is one of the longest standing blowjob bars in Thailand, which outside of Japan is probably the country that holds the most penis polishing pubs in the world. The main difference of note that the kind of people who read this website [...]


Interview with Thai porn producer Morshe from Asian Candy Shop

Interview with Thai porn producer Morshe from Asian Candy Shop

In yet another installment of my series of interviews with people in the sex industry, I recently asked Morshe, the producer of Thai porn site AsianCandyShop, some questions. Here are the results. How and when did you get into porn? Is the kind of Thai [...]


What it’s like inside a blowjob bar

What it’s like inside a blowjob bar

I’ve written a bit on this site about blowjob bars, one of the many types of adult venues out there that happens to be among my favorites, despite (or perhaps because of) the sleaziness. Basically limited to Thailand, Japan and to an extent Vietnam, there [...]


Review: PP Massage — Pattaya, Thailand


Soi 11 in Pattaya contains so many massage parlors that it’s often referred to as “Soi Honey” in honor of the large and elaborate Honey Massage soapy that I reviewed here.  Besides Honey and one other well appointed massage shop the street contains several low [...]


Review: My Friend You – Pattaya, Thailand

Review of My Friend You Blowjob Bar Pattaya

Nestled at the eastern end of the notorious Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand, sex tourism capital of the world, sits “My Friend You.” An inconspicuous establishment (at least when situated on a street full of half naked ladies and ladyboys like Soi 6), My Friend [...]


Interview with Southeast Asia erotica author Jay Walken

Interview with Southeast Asia erotica author Jay Walken

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jay Walken, the author of several books based in Southeast Asia that would be of interest to many of my readers. You can see a full list of his books available on Amazon by clicking here. Where are [...]


Review: Dr BJ’s Salon – Bangkok, Thailand **CLOSED**

Dr BJs Salon blowjob bar in Bangkok Thailand

Note: Dr BJ’s has closed. Another shop called Wood Bar has opened in same location that offers the same kinds of service. Dr BJ’s Salon is the preeminent blowjob bar in Thailand, a country that has probably more blowjob bars than any other country in the [...]


Review: Honey Massage — Pattaya, Thailand

Honey Body Massage in Soi 11 in Pattaya Thailand

Honey Soapy Massage is one of the most easily accessible if not most well-known soapy massage places in Pattaya, Thailand. That’s so true that the road it’s located on is sometimes referred to as “Soi Honey.” Easy to find a few meters up Soi 11 [...]


Review: The Eden Club — Bangkok, Thailand


The Eden Club is one of the older shops in Bangkok offering the “porn star experience” (PSE) at a moderate rate. The Eden Club is located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, not far from Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage. Getting there is easy, just take exit one [...]


Sex is on sale in Pattaya, Thailand

Sex is on sale in Pattaya, Thailand

If you’ve got some money in your pocket, getting laid in Pattaya is about as difficult as finding ice in Antarctica. Since there is so much information already online, I’m just going to give you the basic rundown. The entire city is geared around the [...]


Review: Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage — Bangkok, Thailand **CLOSED**


Note: Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage has closed. A place called Chrome has opened in its place. Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage on Soi 7/1 in Bangkok attempts to replicate all the fun of the Japanese nuru massage in Thailand, but sadly falls short. Located on a [...]


Blowjob bars around the world: Where they are, how they work

Blowjob bars around the world: Where they are, how they work

This entry consists of a condensed version of the information available in the book “Blowjob Bars: What They Are, How They Work, How To Find Them.” Those interested in visiting a blowjob bar in person should refer to the book. In many parts of the [...]