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Bored housewives embracing sex on the internet


Internet usage has now become so widespread that is second nature for much of the world’s population. When this website was launched back at the end of 2012 billions of people were already online. Today the number has skyrocketed even further, aided in part by the widespread availability and adoption of internet ready mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Human beings have been utilizing technology and communications to express their sexuality for ages. Anyone who has seen the pornographic paintings in Pompeii or looked over the pages of the Kamasutra knows this. It should be no surprise that people put the internet to use in the same way today.

As soon as cameras were invented people started taking nude pictures. Video recorders led to the creation of the first porn clips. The VCR was responsible for a boom in home porn viewing. Then the internet came along and porn became even more popular. Some people think this has been ruinous. It is more realistic that people always had the same sexual thoughts and only now have the means at their disposal to bring them into reality, whether that means watching porn or making it.

Housewives and sexting

Even a lot of bored housewives are taking advantage of new technology. They’re getting online and meeting guys. Some of them go as far as getting together for real life trysts. Others stay more to the realm of the internet and stick to having cyber sex or exchanging nude photographs with guys they will never meet in person.

bored UK housewife

While some may be bemused about the practice of sexting it is quite easy to understand why guys would want to swap nudes with horny wives. Figuring out why married women would want to send their nude photographs to dirty old men is another thing. Ultimately though it all boils down to the basics of human sexuality. No matter how hard the powers that be have tried the impulse towards reproduction and even sexual recreation has never been stopped anywhere in the world.

Adultery and prostitution exist even in countries where extramarital sex is punishable by death. That was true in England long ago. It is also true in the sexually repressed countries today. Men have penises that get erect. Women have vaginas that get wet. We all have our sexual urges. This is a reality that no power short of the annihilation of the human species can bury.

Sexting through the ages

There is a lot of hysteria about porn. There is perhaps even more written about sexting. When adults are engaged in the practice it is difficult to see where the problem lies. If people in committed relationships break the trust of their partners that is a clear issue. But it isn’t necessarily tied to sexual things exclusively. One could easily engage in any other manner of betrayal too. How many stories exist of financial misdeeds being carried out by one half of a couple in trouble?

Somehow when sex gets connected to anything it becomes easier to denounce. Dishonest behavior in the halls of power and finance is considered by many to be a given. Who is really surprised to find out of corruption in a government or corporate office? Why then is dishonesty related to sex and sexuality portrayed as some sort of monumental crime? If we are for telling the truth then the principle should extend to all parts of our lives.

The fact is that the mere notion of sex is used by various people and forces in different ways. For some it is clearly an easy avenue to control certain sectors of humanity. It is definitely working too. All of that is bound up with the sometimes schizophrenic relationship we have with our own sexuality. And that must partly at least be related to the way we act and act out. One can only wonder how common things like sexting, casual sex, cheating, and even prostitution would be in a society without hypocrisy and the widespread dissemination of anti-sexual information.

Time may tell. Or it may not. We are condemned to deal with the world as it is today. We are here in the present. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. For now we can at least find solace in the fact that so many women around the world are up for exposing their nude bodies. If one can’t find enjoyment in that simple fact, they may want to have their pulse checked.


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