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A look at adult contact sites


Since the earliest days of the internet people have been using the communication medium to seek out sex. There is no surprise there. In earlier periods we had party lines and sex chat. Before that we had love letters. There is also a whole history of anonymous sex romps being arranged in various ways. People want to have sex. Any new tools that come along are going to be used for that including adult contact sites.

Technology changes all the time. The internet itself changes too as do the people who use. Things are even a lot different today than they were when this website first went online at the end of 2012. In a period of about 7 years all sorts of things have come and gone. This is no surprise. Look at the rise and fall of Myspace from 2003 to 2010.

Remember Craigslist?

A few years ago Craigslist was still one of the major places that people met for sex online. Even back then it was an old website that almost appeared to be outdated in comparison with other sites. But it was popular and easy to use. When people were looking for “casual encounters” anywhere in the world they often went to the local Craigslist site. Prostitutes advertised there too.

First there was an erotic services section. But Craigslist shut that down after a handful of people abused it prompting public outcry. More recently Craigslist shuttered all dating and personals sections completely. Prostitutes still advertise on the website it different areas. But few are trying to find casual hookups there.

Other adult contact sites

Many years ago there were all sorts of adult contact sites on the internet. The internet was often described as a sort of cyber wild west back then. The description was probably somewhat accurate even if those of us involved in the “world wide web” back then had no idea. Comparing things then with the way they are today really makes things clear.

There is a general trend online towards consolidation around big websites and networks. There are still small independent websites around. But they don’t seem to be nearly as common or well known as they used to be. That’s true even as some “old school” sites continue on.

I can remember many sites that were for a time quite popular. Checking now most of them seem to still be online. Some are no longer as popular as they used to be. Most continue to look like they did many years ago. So there are still places for singles, couples, and groups to search each other out for casual sex.

Adult contact sites today

Today there is a mix of websites and apps useful for those looking to make contact with other adults. I am more familiar with some than others. Some seem to have sprung up almost overnight so I have no yet been able to suss out their character.

The disappearance of some major personals sections on the internet probably has had an impact. But it surely hasn’t limited the number of people looking for sex online. And why would it? No amount of censorship or repression has ever been able to eliminate the sexual drive from mankind.

Sites like UK Sex Contacts continue to operate and draw in new users. If there is a need and an opening we can be sure that other websites will also come along. This is the way things generally go. That’s true even if it all occurs in a very round about way after all sorts of obstacles are avoided. Follow the path of water between any wellspring and the ocean for an idea of the underlying principle.

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